It had been a great night out on the town, in the nightclub with a group of friends including my girlfriend Sarah. It was around 2am and we were all thinking about calling it a night, my mate Dean had been handing out Viagra he pinched from his Dad’s nightstand. As I had not intended for me and Sarah to sleep much when we got to my place, I went into the toilets and swallowed two tablets down with the dregs of my beer bottle.
I made my way back to the group to say my goodnights; Sarah was on the phone with a concerned look on her face. After she hung up she broke the news to me that her Dad had taken ill, nothing serious, but she had to go. Her Dad didn’t like me much so it was a trip she was taking alone! At this point I was solely concerned and I didn’t even think about the pills I had just taken. I only had enough money for one taxi; obviously I had no choice but to give it to Sarah. We said our goodbyes and I proceeded on my way.

It was mid January in England so it was pretty fucking cold out; I put my head down and set out on a power walk to keep warm. After around 20 minutes of walking the Viagra I had taken began to take effect, my heart beat had increased and my cock grew steadily. I was still a good 15 minutes away from home and I couldn’t get there fast enough. My hard cock rubbed on the underside of my tight jeans which resulted in a steady flow of precum. I could even feel the wetness in my underwear as my helmet moved from side to side in unison with my fast walking pace.
It was at that point I made the decision to relieve myself quickly before I got home. I dashed into a nearby ally I knew well, I used to smoke there when I was younger so I knew it was secluded enough. As I got halfway down the alley though I was stopped in my tracks by the biggest fucking dog I had ever seen! I froze on the spot as the dog neared me. To my relief though I could see the dog’s tail was wagging. It looked like a Great Dane; it was defiantly great in size, tan coloured with a black muzzle, standing proud.

I knew if I showed fear I would make him/her nervous so I boldly reached out my hand to stroke the fine animal. The dog showed no signs of aggressiveness as his/her ears were flat to the head which I knew to be a show of submissiveness. The dog’s tail continued to rapidly wag as I offered my attentions, but I still needed attention so I went in for one last stroke goodbye before I needed to stroke myself to orgasm. As I offered my hand, the dog’s large warm tongue lashed out at my palm, which was a bit of a shock as I couldn’t see much. But it was that one lick that would change my life for the better.
To suggest the thought of using this dog to fulfil my overpowering need wasn’t the first thing that popped into my head would be a huge understatement. I had never thought about animals in that way, ever, but in the heat of the moment it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I kept my hand there as the dog’s massive tongue bathed my hand. With each lick my cock throbbed, it felt like the thin skin on my shaft was about to tear I was that hard. It was too much torture to take anymore; with shaking hands I unbuttoned my jeans as I glanced around for passersby.

The alley was very tight with both of us there and I literally had to lift my right leg over the dog to accommodate us both. After I was set I pulled both my jeans and underwear down passed my thighs, the cold air hit the wetness around my cock cased by the amount of precum I had been leaking. I was a nervous wreck as I didn’t know what to anticipate, I said it was cold but I was trembling with excitement, and I was right to. I had just about set my foundations when I felt this delightfully warm lick along the shaft of my cock. I gritted my teeth as it happened again, and before I knew it I was awash with a sensation that was foreign to me. The large tongue was as big as a slice of ham and delightfully warm. I think the contrast of the hot tongue and the cold air was a major factor, it was better than any blowjob Sarah had given me and she was good at oral.
I could feel the precum still leaking from the tip of my penis; I pushed down at the base of my shaft and offered my swollen head to the wanton tongue. I was not disappointed as it went to work on my sensitive helmet, wrapping around it with ease. I could feel the cold air once more as it mingled with the dribbles of precum that had made their way down my heavy ball sack. I pulled my shaft away from the lashing tongue and pulled it away, begging for my blue balls to get the attention they so desperately needed. Without fail, this wonderful dog expertly made his/her way down to satisfy my wishes.

I moaned with pleasure as my whole sack was being taken care of with each lick. I was in such a state of arousal I let go of my shaft and rested back against the wall with my hands at my side. The dog continued its oral assault regardless, my cock was dancing all over the place as the tongue swiped out at any part it could. My legs were like jelly as I could feel an itch deep in my loins, I didn’t know how much longer I could last, but I knew I didn’t want it to end. Reluctantly I pulled away and began to stroke the dog with vigour to let him/her know what a good boy/girl they had been.
I reached under the dog to rub the belly and could feel the distinct feel of HER nipples. To be honest, at the time I couldn’t give a monkey’s what sex the dog was, looking back I feel bad that I just thought of her as ‘just a tongue’ Intrigued, and highly aroused I moved my hand across her flanks and over her meaty thighs. I rubbed her ass and snaked my fingers around to where I thought her special place was. I was surprised how much heat I could feel on my fingers as I continued to move them around. It was very dark and I was doing it all by touch alone.

My cock was screaming at me to become bolder, so I placed my whole hand under her tail and probed. I was greeted by a soft mound of warm flesh that protruded below, and also greeted by a short sharp hump in my hands direction. That was all the fuel I needed to continue, so continue I did, and move the soft mound of flesh in circles with my fingers until I could feel her distinct opening. After finding her treasure I brought my fingers to my mouth for lubrication, I could smell her musky scent and taste her bitter, almost metallic flavour which was surprisingly pleasant.
I moved my fingers back to her soft flesh and rubbed her with my saliva, I changed from a flat hand to a double finger point as I felt for her entrance. I was frustrated when my attempts were failing, only to deduce that a dogs channel is an incline as opposed to a human female which is pretty straight. Thankfully my new friend was ok with my clumsy attempts and remained mostly still apart from the occasional hump. Finally I achieved my goal and pushed my fingers into her soft hot tunnel to the base of my hand with ease. I pushed and pulled them in and out with a twisting motion, her contractions clenched my fingers with every pull as if to keep them inside her.

The sheer ease of her acceptance of my fingers only felled my desire to feel her pussy around my cock. Just like the first time she licked my hand, it was like a switch being turned on in my head, my cock was also twitching with acceptance of the idea. With that in mind I shifted my body around to her rear as I continued to finger her bitch pussy. I kept my fingers inside as I squatted a little and shakily took my cock in my other hand. I shuffled forward and pointed my cock head in the direction of my fingers. This wasn’t going to work, so I stopped fingering her and gave her the reach around; I used my fingers once more to find her entrance and aimed once again with my cock. Using my fingers as a marker I prodded her flesh with the tip of my penis and pushed upward. With a gasp of breath I pushed my meat inside her hot pussy, the feeling was something that has been burnt into my memory forever, and unless you have savoured it you will never know. I’m sure the Viagra, the danger of being in public, and the sheer fact that I was bottomed out inside a female dog had allot to do with it, but it was the heat and the tightness that was overwhelming.

I held onto her muscular thighs and started to fuck her with steady long strokes. Her walls were gripping my shaft like I was getting deep throated by my girlfriend. I was not going to hold on for long so I continued to fuck her steadily, savouring the wonderful feel of her smooth, hot insides around my throbbing cock. My legs began to tremble as I came ever closer to orgasm; each stroke felt like it was going to be the penultimate one as my balls began to churn. I wanted so desperately to cum inside her and have her milk me dry, but unfortunately I wasn’t well schooled in animal biology. Don’t laugh at me, but at the time I didn’t know what effect human sperm had on animals which put me off blowing a load inside her, a decision I have regretted to this day.
I had little time to make a decision in any case; my orgasm was imminent as I fucked her at a faster pace. My sloppy strokes became laboured and through gritted teeth and clenched eyes I pulled out at the last second before I blew the most violent and most satisfying load of my life. I gripped my cock as it pumped out hot spunk; I even heard the first shot splat into the floor it shot out so fast. I tried hard not to cry out, and became light headed due to holding my breath; I fell to my knees and dropped my head as my orgasm still washed over me. Once I regained my senses I dressed myself and set about a plan on how to get me and my secret lover home.

Part 2 To Follow...

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