Im 14,tall,chubby,long brown hair and green eyes.I love older men.just somthing about there big hands all over me makes me wet.

One day i was walking around when a big white van pulled up.A sexy older man about 30 long black hair pulls up and asks if i want a ride.Of course i know its wrong,but i get in anyways. I get in the back of the van with him and his friend Josh,o by the way,his name is Chris. Chris starts rubbing my tits.
"Damnnn Josh look at this big ass tittys"
"mmmm i know Chris,i want those big things in my mouth"
I giggle and injoy them touching me.
2hours later we get to an abandoned house.chris drags me out by my hair,up the stairs and into the living room where him and Josh sat beside me grouping me more. Chris puts on some sexy porn as they got me undressed.
Josh throws me a little school girl out fit and yells at me to put it i go to the bathroom to put it on Josh slaps my ass as hard as he can.
i come back after with the outfit on. Chris grabs me and starts spanking me "you bad bad girl! Your such a dirty little slut!! SHOW ME THAT ASS NOW BITCH!"
i turn around fast and put my ass in the air.I hear there pants coming off as i shake my ass up and down side to side.
"HUMP THE TABLE U DIRTY SKANK!" Josh starts yelling
"mmmm ok baby anything for you" I place my soaking wet pussy down on the eadge of the sharp table and hump my pussy into it. Chris grabs my hair and rubs his dick on back and hair. josh humps the couch moaning as his dick gets harder and harder.
"you boys should fuck my tight 14 year old pussy all nite;)"
"Good idea whore"Chris smiles
"Damn Chris we picked a good one"Josh yells from the bedroom
josh walks out with a video camera,sets it up then turns it on
josh lays down on the couch.Chris picks me up and places me on Josh's cock.
Chris gets behind me and rapes my tight little ass as i scream for more and more.
they both give it as hard as they can. They both smack me and pull my hair for about 3 hours.The camera still going.
The finally josh starts screaming.
i start screaming and moaning begging him to cum.Chris gets turned on and starts cumming himself.
Once there down i showed the camera all the cum coming out of my ass and pussy.
It was the sexyiest porn ive ever watched ;)

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