My wife's sister Marie has always been a sexy piece, and still now in her lste 30's she is totally fuckable. Cute smile, big tits and shapely ass, I have jerked off thinking about her on many occasions. A couple of months ago she was invited to a costume party, but her husband was going to be out of town on business so my wife and Marie arranged for me to take her instead. It wasn't unusual as we were good friends, and my wife was working so it gave me a night out as well. It was going to be a big party so we decided to crash at her place afterwards.

Marie decided to dress up as a female pirate, and when I turned up to meet her I was instantly turned on. She was wearing a 3 cornered hat, a loose sleeveless and shoulderless blouse, with a thin strip of elastic holding it up over her tits. Her strapless bra made sure she was showing plenty of cleavage. The skirt she was wearing had a 8 or so inch waistband, laced up at the front, which turned into a 3 layer ruffled skirt which finished a couple of inches above the knee. The outfit was completed with fishnet stockings and high heels. Stunning.

After a short time at the party I noticed her talking to a couple of guys at the bar. It seemed pretty harmless, maybe a little light flirting but nothing else. A little later I saw her dance with each of them for a few minutes while I was having a drink. At that time I wandered outside to get some air, and while standing in the shadows Marie and the two guys wandered out, sneaking off to the other end of the building where it was dark. After a couple of minutes they wandered off behind another building. As the party was at a school gym, there were plenty of dark areas around buildings. I couldn't help but be curious and followed them.

The ended up in a small outdoor courtyard with lunch tables in. It was surrounded by waist high brick garden beds so I had a few places to hide while spying on them. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, Marie was married so I didn't expect much. She had only had a few drinks so she wasn't drunk. There were a few security lights on the buildings so although dim I could see what was going on.

Marie leaned back against on of the tables, and one of the guys reached out and gently started squeezing her tits. I thought maybe I should go and stop them, but it wasn't my business and I was interested in what would happen. The guy then pulled her blouse and bra down, exposing her tits. He continued to squeeze them, letting one go so the other guys could feel. Marie was smiling and laughing as they played. Then they took turns tongue kissing her for a few minutes.

Marie then leaned forward and started stroking their crotches. They unbuttoned the pants and pulled out their cocks, and Marie bent down and sucked each of them in turn for a couple of minutes each. She stood up, and took a cock in each hand and played with them gently, before slipping her hand up under her skirt, and pulling her panties down and off. She hitched up her skirt and sat on the table, with one guy taking up a position between her legs. She had one hand around his neck, the other guided his cock into her pussy and he held her legs apart. As he thrust in I could just hear her first moan above the party music off in the distance, but most noise was drwoned out. When he was in, she leaned back on that hand, while pulling his head down to kiss her again. She then leaned back on both hands, with the guy holding her legs under the knees, and thrusting in slowly. He gradually built up speed, eventually fucking her at a quick pace. Her beautiful titties bounced around and he fucked her hard. Every 5 or 6 strokes Marie moaned a little louder, so that I could just hear it. She laid flat back on the table, and the guy really started pounding her hard. Marie reach up and played with her nipples, her audible moans being constant now, interspersed with a couple of "FUCK MEs". All of a sudden the guy let out a loud grunt, followed by and "Oh Yeah!" as he blasted his load of cum into her. He continued to thrust, slowing down until he had fired his complete load. When he had finished he stayed inside her for a few seconds, and she sat up and said something I couldn't hear, but both of them chuckled.

The first guy pulled out and the second lined up for his turn. Marie did not hesitate, putting her arms around his neck and he guided himself in to her cum filled pussy. He started fucking at a fast pace from the start, obviously well turned on by the action. Marie leaned back on her hands again, as he pumped hard and fast, making her tits bounce around violently. After a couple of minutes he pulled out, turning her around. She bent over and rested on her elbows on the table, and he lifted on leg up on the table so he could get in deep, holding her thigh with one hand, the other on her shoulder. He went back to fucking her hard, Marie moaning loudly again, before calling out YES YES YES! as her body shook to an orgasm. This was closely followed by the second guy spurting his load into her, signalled by a few animal grunts.

He pulled out and zipped himself up, and then the two guys returned to the party, leaving Marie on her own. I ducked down low behind the wall, and luckily went unnoticed. I had a raging hard on in my pants, hugely tempted to go and ask Marie for a turn. I hid for a minute or two until I heard Marie walked off. Returning to the party, all concerned acted like nothing had happened, but the night wasn't over.

MArie and I had a few more drinks, getting a little drunk but not too much. We caught a taxi back to her place, where she casually suggested I could share her bed instead of the couch. After what I had seen I wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but as we were friends it seemed harmless. She went to the bathroom to get changed, I stripped down to my shirdt and jockeys, not really sure how far to go. I had the surprise of my life when Marie returned, stark naked. She strolled in casuallly, as if there was nothing unusual, and slipped into bed. Of course I undressed totally, not knowing what was going to happen, or if I wanted it to. I didn't want to cheat on my wife, particularly with her sister, and wife of a good friend.

I got into bed, and Marie asked "It would be alright if you and I played a little wouldn't it?". Sensing my hesitation, she followed up with "No sex, just fooling around." I agreed, not really sure. She smiled, moved closer to me and we started to kiss. She ran her hand down my stomach and played with my cock, teasing it to fully hard. For a few minutes we tongue kissed, I played with her tits and she stroked my cock. Then she slipped down under the covers, pulled by foreskin right back and gently slid her mouth back and forth on my cock. She went down further and sucked harder each stroke, stopping a couple of times to tease the head with her tongue. I reached across and started fingering her pussy, still a little wet and sticking from her earlier action. I have no doubt at that point if she had decided she wanted to fuck, I would not have been able to resist. I think she might have been the same if I had suggested it. She stopped sucking for a moment to offer some encouragement to my actions, so I fingered her harder and rubbed her clitoris, bringing her to orgasm. She then returned to tongue kissing me, while jerking me off until I came, covering my stomach on cum. I went to the bathroom to clean up, we kissed a little more on my return before going to sleep.

I guess for Marie fucking strangers is OK, but not her sister's husband! A blowjob is acceptable though! That was a few weeks ago, and life has gone on as normal. I have been a bit worried though, especially when the party is talked about, but hopefully it will be a great memory for me in future and nothing else.
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