I was 19 and working in a low paid boring job. The only exciting thing at work was my 37 year old boss, married with 2 kids. He was the typical boss. Never flirted with anyone, even though I knew he checked me out everytime he passed by my desk. But he never made a pass at me. My gf knew I found him hot and she dared me to fuck him.

It was getting close to month end and I knew he will be working late. By 6PM as everyone was leaving, I went to his office and asked if he needed any help before I left. he refused. I mentioned casually that I was going to a party at 9PM and since that place was close to work, I will just hang around at my desk.

I went to the bathroom and changed into a tight dress, sexy thongs and no bra. I pulled out my 6 inch fuck me heels. Put on some makeup, perfume and walked out. I passed in front of his office and he noticed me. I stopped and smiled and told him I decided to change here at work for the party. He smiled back.

I dropped my bag at my desk, walked around to make sure everyone had left. I walked back into his office and offered again if I could help. He said no, but this time he was staring at my tits as my nipples were hard and clearly noticeable against my dress. I walked around to his side of the desk and bent over by his side, my hair falling all over to stare at his computer and look at the excel sheet he was working on and said, 'So is this exciting work for you Dan? I mean working late on numbers while your wife waits for you at home.' I knew he could smell me. He whimpered some answer back. So still bent on his side, I turned my face to him, inches away from his lips and gave him a sexy smile and said, Dan is there anything else that is more exciting than this work for you right now? He knew where I was going but he was hesitant. After all I was 19, worked for him and he was married.

I licked my lips still staring at him. My butt bent over. I put one hand on his chair, the other on the table, and looked him straight in his eyes and leaned in close to his ears and said, 'No one needs to find out what else you find interesting!'

I stood up and slowly started to turn when I felt his hands on my ass. I took a step away, pushed my ass towards his hands, turned my head and asked him seductively...do you like my ass better than numbers? He nodded. I laughed and walked and closed his office door. He was on his feet, pushed me against the door and started to kiss me while pushing his body into me. My hands were in his hair as we deep kissed, his hands exploring my ass while his hard cock pressed against my pussy. He kissed so well. We stayed there what felt forever, when he pulled back and started to unzip my dress. I stopped him.

I asked him to go sit in his chair. I walked and squatted between his legs. Pulled his pants and boxer down and saw a good 6 inch hard cock. Mmmmm. I sucked him as he sat there moaning. He had his hands on my head and was pushing me down on his cock. I took all of it in and sucked him till he was about to cum. I stood up and sat on his desk, each leg on the arm of his chair in which he sat. He could see right up my dress to my sexy thongs. I asked him to eat me.

He hiked my dress up, pushed the thongs to the side and had his face buried deep in my pussy. I really enjoyed him eating me and my legs were wrapped around his neck, my body quivering as he made me cum. I fell back on the desk, legs still open. I asked him to fuck me. I stood up, pulled my ass down to the edge of the table and had his hard cock deep in my tight pussy. I asked when was the last time he fucked a pussy that has not spit babies out and it was 14 years back for him. I asked him to enjoy a teen pussy.

He was good. Really good. He knew how to fuck me slow and fast. Soft and hard while he used his fingers to play with my clit. He fucked me well, pulled me down and turned me around on his desk and fucked me from behind. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I told him. He picked his speed and when he was about to cum, he pulled out, I turned, went down on my knees and had him blow his load in my mouth. Mmmmm...he tasted good too. He fell backwards in his seat and I kept at his cock till i cleaned him.

As I stood up, he said he has not seen me completely naked nor has he seen my tits. So I pulled my dress down seductively for him and did a little walk around. He got excited seeing a 19 year old girl naked in his office. I could see his cock getting hard again. So I did him another favor. I walked to him, sucked him hard again and this time I sat on his cock with my back towards him and fucked him on his chair. He had his hands on my small tits and body as his cock used my pussy again. When it was time for him to cum, I grinded down on his cock to get the hot cum deep in me. As I felt his cum, it made me cum too.

After lying back on him as we sat in the chair exhausted, he asked if we could do this again? I told him depends on how good he is to me. I worked there all summer and fucked him 3 times more.

Cindy4u (personalinbox@mac.com)
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[#5571] armaggedon2001 ( 1243 days ago )
armaggedon2001 avatar Good story. Enjoyed it. Hopefully will read more from you in the future.
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