"Owww dad that hurts, what was that for?" i asked. "for being a bad lil slut" he had told me. Confused i looked up at him as i was bent over his knee and said "um im 18 years old, i can have sex ya know". but daddy said i was a slut for running around the house in a lil skirt with no panties on and the whole world could see my ass. the whole world? i was only walking around the house. even tho i didnt mind him bending me over his knee and lifting up my skirt showing my cute lil ass and spanking me.

About the 3rd swat on my lil butt cheeks, i was starting to feel his big dick grow harder under my body, he must not have minded that i could feel it because SWAP another smack. by that time i started to enjoy it and began getting wet. i wanted him to do more, and i know he wanted to also. he grabbed my head asking me if i had learned my lesson, but i didnt want him to stop, so in a smart ass tone i said "what, to wear a shorter skirt next time?" back over the knee i went. SWAP omg daddy harder i thought to myself, his dick was getting harder beneath me. i was so wet i thought it was going to run down my thighs.

just then he pushed me off him. "what the fuck" i yelled at him, hoping to make him madder. he said "oh im not done with you ya lil whore" as he stood up to take off his belt, ahhhhh the belt, yessssss much better i thought. "oh yea, cus thats really gonna teach me shit" i smart assly said to him. then he told me to bend over the table, the dining room table??? really, what if the neighbors seen?? oh hell what did i care who seen, i just wanted him to see my ass in the air. so bent onto the table i went. daddy hesitated for a minute, and then WHAM across my ass with a leather belt. oooo did it sting, but omg my pussy got even wetter. then i felt my juices acually run down my thighs. omg what if he sees and gets mad or thinks im a sicko?? i tried to get up to hide it but he pushed on my back making me bend back over the table. omgg im in so much trouble i thought.

"soo someone is getting excited over all this huh? wow you are a lil slut" he said in a firm voice. all i could think was this is gonna get bad....but little did i know, it was about to get good, greater then good acaully. WHAM with the belt again, this time hitting the backs of my thighs, it sent shivers all thru my pussy and more juices began flowing even heavier then before. then i seen the belt get thrown to the floor." dammet" i thought," its all over, hes gonna stop because im getting excited". then i felt his hand rub up between my thighs, rubbing into all the juices soaking his hand. instantly and without even meaning to, my legs spread, wanting him to go up further. he grabbed both my thighs and pushed me up onto the table the rest of the way until my pussy was on the edge of the table.

he slid his fingers up and down my pussy slit, feeling my wetness. then he got to my pussy hole. omg i wanted him in it soooo bad. and before i could finish thinking about it, in he went with a finger, pushing it all the way in and holding it at that spot. "OH MY GOD" i yelled, almost cumming instantly. shivers went all thru my body as he started to finger fuck me. moaning louder then i ever have as he brought me to an orgasm, just with a finger. as i began spasming from orgasm, i felt his breathe on my clit. he began licking me, flicking his toungue on my clit. "OH MY GODDDD, DADDY IM GONNA CUMMMM AGAINNNNN, OHHHHH YEAAAAA" just as i started to cum he pulled his finger out and stuck his toungue so deep inside me, wiggling it and fucking me with it. "AHHHHH DADDDDYYYY" i screamed in the best orgasm ive ever had. "yess princess, cum in daddys mouth" he moaned to me.

After cumming in my daddys mouth, he pulled his face away wiping my juices out of his mustache, then with his wet juicy hand he smacked my ass and said "now, you are to be daddys lil slut and only daddys, you are to never wear anything short out in public, when you are home with me, you are to wear a skirt, a short skirt, no panties and a tight shirt with no bra. and whenever you want sex of any sort you are to ask me, no one else. do you understand me?" "yessss daddy, but can i have some of your dick, its very hard and i really want it?" i begged, hoping hed give it to me. he scolded "no! now take ur lil wet pussy upstairs and take a shower while i go jack off so we can go longer then a few hours". "yess daddy" i whined. "and put on that little jean skirt that you dance around ur room in that shows ur lil pussy, and yes i know you have it. put it on and come down here to pick up the living room so i can watch you bend over" he said firmly.

So i pulled my skirt back down over my now reddened and wet ass, and ran upstairs. I was sooo excited i almost fell down the stairs. I looked back to see daddy watching me walk up as he started to rub his cock thru his pants. I "accidently" fell so he could see a perfect shot of my pussy, i heard him grunt in excitment. so i hurried to the bathroom so i could take a shower and hurry to get back downstairs to him. how did he know i had that jean skirt?? i never even wore it out of my room....was daddy spying on me?? the thought of him watching me dance around in my lil skirt, which always ended in me masturbating, was enought to send my pussy back into fuck mode. i wanted to masturbate, but i knew i should save it all for my new master, daddy. after all, he did say it was gonna be a long night!

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[#148] daddydays_58 ( 1233 days ago )
daddydays_58 avatar cant wait to read part 2
[#5571] pussypumpingcock ( 1236 days ago )
pussypumpingcock avatar exellent little slut you have there...cum share her!
[#467] HarleyBuff ( 1236 days ago )
HarleyBuff avatar Yes, agree. Good beginning. Looking forward to part 2.
[#35] lonewolf694u ( 1238 days ago )
lonewolf694u avatar Great start, waiting to read part 2!
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