Well it happened again... I'd been away for a business trip and once I got back, my slut wife Ellen whispered in my ear, "I've been naughty." I was instantly hard!! She gave me her best "Little Miss Naughty" look, jammed her hand down my pants and started her story...

Ellen had been out with some girlfriends to a Mexican Restaurant that just happened to be having a Tequila promotion. They got stuck into the "lick-sip-suck" routine and before they knew it, were a little bit pissed. Before long, the group of girls were surrounded by half a dozen very handsome men, and feeling no pain, they started playing up to their obvious advances. After a while two of the girls had to leave, so that left several of the men competing for Ellen's attention. One of them asked if the girls wanted join them back at their apartment to continue partying, and next thing you know, Ellen and her friend Tammy found themselves in the back of a car being driven to some stranger's place in the city. Giggling at each other, Tammy asked the guys where they were going, but they never answered, spending most of the time on their mobile phones...

When the group arrived at the apartment, they went straight back to downing more shots of Tequila. Ellen said there seemed to be an awful lot of men in that small apartment, more than she remembered being at the restaurant? Soon, Tammy disappeared with some guys to another room, which left Ellen alone in a room full of guys playing drinking games. Not being very good at the games mean't that she had to down extra shots as penalties. Ellen was feeling the buzz of the Tequila, but also loved being the centre of attention. That's probably the reason she didn't notice one of the guys move over and lock the front door. Two guys moved either side of her and started to rub her breasts through the material of her blouse. She told me she was extremely horny but scared at the same time. There were a lot of guys in that room, and each and every one of them were sporting a hard on!! Having had so much to drink though, she was finding it hard to stay in control. In a half hearted effort to stop them, she showed them her ring and told them she was married, but instead of being put off, it only seemd to spur them on. It was obvious the thought of gang fucking this slut was turning them on big time, and married or not, she was going to get well and truely fucked!!

Once it dawned on her that it was going to happen regardless of what she said, she gave in to her desires and began kissing one of the guys rubbing her breasts. His tongue invaded her mouth, swirling around her own as the other put his hands up her top. Her flimsy blouse was ripped open, baring her tits as the buttons flew across the room. Her top now hanging in tatters, she kept making out whilst being fondled and having a hand slide up inside her mini skirt. The guy she was making out with then unzipped his pants and started pushing her head down towards his crotch.

Ellen was soon on her knees as he sat on the couch. She took his cock in her hands and slowly began licking and kissing his shaft. Cheering broke out amongst the other guys as he put his hands on the back of her head and forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Ellen started bobbing her head up and down, taking his entire length with every thrust. Soon he sped up his thrusting and held her head firmly in place as he shot his load into her willing mouth. Cum dribbled out of the corners of her mouth as he pulled his cock out. Cheering broke out again as he got up from the chair and high fived one of his mates! Ellen said she was aroused by the attention of all these hot and horny men. Next she was taken and bent over the arm rest of the couch. A man sat down on the couch and pulled her head down to his cock. She began to lick and suck it eagerly. From behind, she felt her skirt being lifted onto her arse. She was wearing her favorite brightly coloured thong under her mini and felt it being roughly pulled aside so a cock could be forced into her. Since becoming a wanton slut wife, Ellen had been fucked by many guys she hardly knew, but this was the first time she had fucked by someone she couldn't even see!! The thought of it turned her on immensely. Her body rocked as he slammed her cunt hard and fast and it wasn't long before he too was shooting his load into her.

At this point my eyes opened wide as i knew Ellen had gone off the pill because I'd recently had a vacectomy!! Thhinking about her taking his load inside her pushed me over the edge and I blew a huge load all over her hand. She said she knew I'd like that and shot me a devilish grin. She then made a show of licking the sticky mess from her fingers, one by one. Once she'd cleaned each one up, she continued with the story...

Ellen said that when the guy fucking her pulled his cock out, she felt his warm spunk oozing out onto her upper thigh. Another cock quickly filled her pussy just as the guy fucking her mouth lost it and shot his hot cum down her throat. She struggled to take it all and the guy laughed as she let some of his cum dribble down her chin. She smiled at him, wiped it up with her finger and sucked it clean. Shortly, the guy in her pussy let out a roar as he came hard inside her, adding his load to the one already in her unprotected little box.

My cock was like an iron bar once again and she bent down to take it in her mouth. In between sucking and licking my shaft, she told me more...

At this point, the rest of her clothes were removed and she was made to straddle a guy sitting on the couch. Her cum filled pussy settled down onto his hard shaft whilst two more guys jumped up onto the lounge either side of her. They offered her their big dicks and she alternated between them, sucking each one as she rode the guy below her. Ellen said she then felt another cock press against her arsehole, forcing it's way into her tightest opening. Despite having been with a lot of guys recently, she had not done much anal sex and to be honest, wasn't all that keen on it. She clenched her butt cheeks in a vain attempt to keep out the head of the invading penis, but he just pushed harder and sank deep into her arse. Finally it filled her completely and she found herself being rocked back and forth on two throbbing cocks. Giving in to the inevitable, Ellen turned her attention back to sucking the cocks either side of her. One of those guys soon pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load on her face, then the other rammed his deep into her throat and shot his load. Again she struggled to take the load and as he pulled it out, he shot the last few spurts onto her tits.

By now, her arse was being fucked hard and fast. The guy below her pinched her nipples and caused her have a powerful orgasm!! In the throes of passion, she reached back and wrapped her hand around the stranger's cock as it slammed into her tight arsehole. This caused him to explode inside her. The guy below her then followed suit and added his load to the cum cocktail in her pussy. Sperm covered her face and was dripping from her arse and pussy. Up till now she had been running purely on adrenelin, but at this point the Tequila took over and she started to feel a little woozy. Lying face down on the couch, she thought she might get some time to recover but this only served as an invitation for another round of guys to use her arsehole and fill it with their cum. As soon as one guy finished and pulled out, another would plunge in and furiously fuck her stretched out hole. It was impossible for her to keep count of how many guys used her body, but they left her feeling numb from the waist down.

After a while the guys all ran out of steam. Ellen heard the front door slam shut and slowly scanned around the room. Everything was spinning. She said she must have passed out because hours later she woke up lying on the floor. Her head was pounding as she gingerly picked up her clothes which were scattered around the room. Her pussy and arsehole were aching and cum was dripping down her legs as she walked. She wiped the cum off her face with her panties and put on her clothes. Opening the door to the bedroom, she found Tammy lying passed out naked on the bed with several guys. She woke her up and they slipped quietly out before anyone noticed them.

The story over, Ellen went to work on my cock. She had me so worked up I lasted all of thirty seconds before I blasted my scalding hot jism down her throat....

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