She was always talking about when she was growing up how she had fucked the family dog from time to time. This made me wonder if she still wanted to do it. I asked her one day, would you like a dog so he can fuck you? She smiled and looked down. I asked her again that if that is what you want than say so and we will get one. Looking up still smiling and nodding her head yes.

We picked up a doberman pup for her to train the way she wanted him. She did so every day having him lick her pussy as she played with him naked on the floor. When he was around six to nine months old he was mounting her. At first just quick humping but as time went on he was knotting with her for up to twenty minutes or more.

I enjoyed watching her and the dog preform there sex acts and was allowed to watch it as often as I liked. Tho she was humping the dog daily she would give me a show whenever I asked. I told her that I wanted sloppy seconds and from that time on I insisted the dog have her first than I would take my turn on her. The dog always licked her clean when we were finished.

I kept her humping the dog for eight years until he was hit one day by a car. She cryed for about a week on the loss of her fuck buddy. I offered to have him replaced but she did not want a different dog, she loved that one. I finally brought her around and told her that I was going to take her out to have sex with some one else.

Stories to follow.

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breeder09 avatar You need to get her another dog!
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