When he was 16 he was more than aware of the looks his single mother got from his friends, and other men, especially when she was in bikini at he pool. She was a very lovely woman, and he had admitted long ago that he'd love to be more than just "her son". He'd been peeking at her for a while and then going and jacking off while the sight of her nearly or fully nude body was fresh in his mind.

One afternoon, while they were at the pool, he and a couple of his friends were sitting behind her and one of hers, when they overheard her tell her friend how'd she love to have a couple of "the young studs here break in and use me". While they laughed it was obvious that overhearing this had a different effect on the teenagers. They looked at one another then at him, and he at them.

Later, over a joint, they were talking about the pool and one asked him what he thought of the comment his mother made. Without hesitation he said "as long as I was one of them, it'd be hot". This caused a few laughs and a few comments like "man, you want to fuck your own mother?". He said "hell yeah, don't you?" After they finished the joint a couple of them left but there 4 that were still there, him and his 3 best friends, shared another joint and then started talking about her.

He admitted to them that he'd been jacking off after watching her dress or undress and really enjoyed getting a big hug from her, especially if she was in robe or bikini. They all agreed it would be fun to fuck her and actually started talking about how it could be done. He said "hey, didn't you hear what she said. She didn't want it to just be done, she wanted them to rape her." They all got a kick out of this when he looked around and seriously said "want to?" The idea got all of them excited, and about then she walked by, yelled "hey boys" and went on to there place, her ass wiggling in front of them. It had the effect on all of them that it did on him, they all watched her and said "wow". The he said "Hey man, I'm going to do this. you in or not?"

You could've heard a pin drop. They all looked at each other and said, one behind the other "yeah, I'm with you". He knew that after spending time at pool she would go home, shower and lay down for a nap, and quickly came up with a plan. They'd give her enough time to get asleep then quietly go home. While they waited they finished the plan. including the pecking order. They all agreed as it was his mom, he'd be the first to fuck her and then they'd each take a turn.

When he figured she'd be asleep they walked to his place and he let everyone in. Quietly they waited in living room while he crept down the hallway and peeked into her room. She was asleep alright, on the bed with nothing on but her panties. This removed any doubt her had about what he was going to do.

He went back in and told them that she was asleep and only in panties. Asked them if they were sure and they all nodded. He told them "ok, lets get undressed out here. we'll sneak in and get as close as possible to her. you guys grab her arms and legs while I blind fold her." One of his friends offered him a rubber, which he turned down saying he was going in bare. This appealed to them all and the rubbers got tossed.

The were able to sneak into the room and got positioned around the bed without waking her. The site of her laying there and knowing what was coming next had all 4 of them hard. At a sign from her son they each grabbed her and he was able to get a pillow over her head to hide her face. They used sheets to tie her spread eagle to the bed then he got a towel over her face, lifted the pillow and was able to get it tied.

She was kicking and jumping around but the ties held and she lay still as he took his knife and slowly cut her panties away. Two of them were fondling her ample breasts and watching as her son peeled her cut panties from her body and knew he'd been speaking the truth about watching her when her freshly shave pussy came into view.

She was pleading with them to stop as they started to unties her ankles, Two of them held her legs apart as her son climbed between her legs and touch his dick to her entrance. She tried to move but he grabbed her waist and the two holding her ankles forced them further apart. There was no stopping now as her son plunged himself into her for the first time, not heading her cries not to. A he did she arched her back, which actually made it easier for him.

He lay there for a bit and then started to fuck her. The friends were watching in awe as this was happening and started to cheer him on with "damn man, tear it up" or "Hurry, I'm next". She was mixed between crying and moaning as he fucked her deeply and hard. then it happened, he drove deep and at the same time pulled her hips up and released his built up cum deep inside of her. She let out a half moan and a half "No" as he did.

Spent he pulled out and looked down at her. His cum oozing from her actually made him smile. Everyone switched places as he went up and started to fondle her tits and the next one entered her. She was crying and moaning as they took turns inside of her, each depositing more cum in the pussy that, to their minds, had unmercifully teased them for years.

By the time the 3rd one was inside of her it was more moaning then crying and her son had rehardened. He climbed onto the bed and, holding her head to keep her from moving it side to side, forced his cock, still wet from her, into her mouth. A the 4th one was mounting her he was face fucking her and shot a load down her throat. She had gagged several times while he was doing this and had no choice except swallow as it was that or drown in it.

When the 4th guy finally made his final thrust in her and shot his load, they all looked at each other and smiled. She was moaning and sobbing a little bit as they left her, tied by the wrists to the bed. As they were getting dressed he told them to go ahead and leave. He would wait a little and then "discover" her tied to the bed and let her go. they all agreed that they were together at the movies in case she called the cops, and with that they left.

After they had gone her son, still undressed walked back to the bedroom. She was there as he'd left her. He walked up beside her and asked if she was alright. Hearing his voice she sobbed out "Son, be careful, they might still be here". He looked down at her and realized he'd become hard again, then told her "No mom, they're gone..." and as he was untying the towel he'd used to blind fold her 2 hours earlier he said "but you have to be careful what you wish for."

She blinked and said "hurry untie me" and then saw that he was naked and hard. She cried out "what the hell?" as he climbed onto the bed and back between her legs he said "no, not yet mom, I'm not quite finished yet" and plunged himself into her a second time. She cried "Oh my god" as he started to fuck her well used pussy again but her body betrayed her sometime during it and, perhaps a little against her will, she came as he did.
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nmsteve avatar What a great pay back.Bet see will ask for more from those boys
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