I was living with Linda for 7 years, we’d bought a townhouse together and everything seemed to me to be just fine…little did I know. Linda was so voluptuous, big fat tits, thick creamy thighs and a fat wide ass. She had long brown hair, big brown eyes and milky white skin. I was so attracted to her sexually. I thought she was a brunette Marilyn Monroe.

Nine years before, when I found out she had divorced her first husband, I gave her a call. She was so happy to hear from me. I told her I was still married. She didn’t care. She wanted to go out with me. Well that started an affair that eventually resulted in me divorcing my wife and moving in with Linda. I should have been smarter, here she’s fucking around with me a married man, and as I get to know her I find out she’d been fucking a married man while she was married to her first husband. What a fucking fat ass slut, but, I never thought she’d cheat on me…dumb ass that I was.

Turns out 5 years into us living together she meets, big surprise, a married man and starts getting fucked by him. She’s meeting him in hotel rooms on route 1 during her lunch and fucking him and sucking him off. How’d I find out? One night I get a knock on the door, and no lie, a man is there and he asking me to step outside he has something private to tell me. Turns out he was a private eye; he gives me copies of all these letters Linda had sent to her married lover. She telling him how she loves to suck his dick even though his wife doesn’t, how she loves the way he rubs his hands across her big tits. Well guess who found the letters to send to me, her lover’s wife and she was pissed, but that’s another story.

I didn’t know what to do; I walked back in the house in a daze. Linda says, Who was that honey”? "Oh", I say, just some training buddy of mine who was in the area. He just wanted to say hi”. I go downstairs read all the damn letters and plotted my revenge. I was pissed and still in a daze, but I knew what I wanted to do. I walked upstairs by now she’s in the bedroom, and showed her the letters. She knew immediately what they were, the lying slut gasped, and said, get this, "That’s just bullshit it’s only fantasy”. Fuck you I said, it ain’t bullshit and you’re a lying cheating whore”.

Revenge was near. I’d never fucked her fat white ass and always wanted to, when I read those letters downstairs; I thought here’s my chance. I said “If you don’t let me fuck your fat ass as punishment I’m going to beat the shit out of you, you fat dirty whore and kick you out of the house. “

The cowardly slut jumped at the chance. She started to strip, and her thick white body, did what it always did give me a raging hard on. She’d put on weight since I first met her so now she was about 190 pounds of soft white flesh. The lazy pig never worked out. As a result she had big soft tits, a thick waist, thick soft thighs and a wide white ass, along with the best dark brown bush you’d ever seen.

“Bend over whore" I said, and of course the fat piece of shit did, her big udders hanging down, fat white ass spread before me. With her thick cheeks spread wide I could smell her ass musk wafting up. It excited me so much,  I jammed my fingers into her dry fat ass. The fat cow she started to scream and cry. She felt humiliated. Grabbing her hair to keep her in place, I slapped her fat ass hard, and watched as her fat cheeks and thighs shook. Her fat ass turned bright red.

“You fucking human pig”  I thought as I jammed my cock into her stinking white ass but she was so afraid and so dry I couldn’t get it in too far. She was squirming like the fat sow she was, groaning in pain. I knew I wouldn’t get my cock in any further like this so I yanked my cock out as she gasped and farted loudly. God what a sow. I pulled her hair hard again as I pulled her fat face up to me. Her mouth hung open, the fat assed piece of shit was scared to death.

“OK pig, well get on your knees and suck my cock, NOW”.  I'd never spoken to her like this before. The stupid two bit whore got on her fat knees and opened her mouth wide, she didn’t even care that my cock now stunk of her fat ass as it had been half way up the dirty cow’s shitter. I grabbed the back of her head and jammed my cock down her throat. The fat piece of shit started gagging, drool now running out of her mouth.

She did catch me by surprise, because she managed to yank her fat white face back, and gasped  “You can’t jam it down my throat like that, it gags me”. OK, I said, "Get back to it, I won’t do that again." "Bullshit”, I thought. She opened her slut mouth wide, I put my cock in her mouth, and let her go at her pace. The dumb pig always tried to put my cock in her cheek rather than down her throat. As I pulled my cock back a little, Linda opened her mouth a wider. I took the opening and jammed my cock all the way down her throat, while locking my hands around the back of her head. She started gagging and struggling, her big tits jiggling and fat fleshy white ass shaking.  She used her hands to try and push me away,  but I held her in place, the fat hog was just too weak to escape. I kept driving my cock further down her throat.  

Suddenly Linda stopped pushing, her hands slipped slowly away from my thighs and she completely sagged. Linda had fainted. “Christ, I thought, "the fucking whore couldn’t take it, she passed out.”

I held the fat titted whore up by her hair, until I’d shot my complete load deep into her slut throat. I released her hair and the cheap slut collapsed to the floor fat tits splatting first, her head making a satisfying crack as she landed in a heap on her belly. I looked at her fleshy body lying inert in front of me. Her long brown hair was under her face, cum oozing from her slack mouth. Her fat tits oozing from under her chest, her arms lying limp alongside her wide hips with her fat white legs spread wide. Linda you fat assed piece of shit. There was only one thing left to do. I pissed all over her fat ass before I walked out the door.

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