I arrived home mid-morning today unexpectedly and noticed there were 2 cars that I didn't recognize parked in our driveway. I thought that Carol probably had some of her friends over. I went inside and there was no one in the kitchen, which I thought was strange. However I thought they were probably in the backyard because of the warm weather. I looked in the backyard and didn't see anybody. It was then that I that I heard noises coming from our bedroom! I went down the hall and noticed our bedroom door was almost all the way closed. As I got closer to the bedroom I heard the distinct moans of at least 2 different guys. I froze in my tracks and started to slowly approach the bedroom door. I looked in through the opening and couldn't believe what I saw.
There was Carol lying naked in our bed in between 2 guys! Each of her hands were wrapped around a cock, jerking them off. As she did this, her big breasts jiggled back and forth. My cock immediately got hard. I undid my zipper and pulled it out and started to play with myself while I watched her. Each cock was much bigger and thicker then mine, which made me somewhat jealous. In fact the guy that was on her left had a cock the appeared to be at least 10' in length and thick enough that Carol's hand could not close around it! Each guy got up and kneeled next to her head. One on the right side and the other on the left side. Carol turned her head to the left and started to suck
on the guys cock while wrapping her right hand around his left butt cheek. She looked so hot that I almost lost it right there! The other guy got up and moved over on the bed kneeling right beside his friend. With this Carol wrapped her free hand around his cock and moved it to her lips. Carol had to open really wide to fit his massive member in her mouth. She was really going to town on this large cock, taking as much as she could into her mouth. She continued sucking on his massive member while ignoring the other guy for quite a while. The other guy then went behind Carol and started to rub her breasts. She seemed to enjoy this immensely, as in gratitude she turned and sucked on him! She stopped and removed the sheet from over the top of her and that's when I noticed that she still had her panties on. She lifted up herself up to remove them and as she did I could see that she was thoroughly soaked.
From the doorway I got a great glimpse of her big breasts as she reach over for the KY jelly. The guy with the huge cock was laying on Carol's left stroking it as he waited for her. She lubricated herself and then turned to him and coated his cock with the KY. She got up and while still facing the door she straddled him, reaching down between her legs she positioned the bulbous tip at her opening. She slowly started to lower and raise herself on his thick cock, each time she did this, more and more of it would disappear inside of her! Carol continued to slide up and down on it until she was able to fit it totally inside of her. I could tell that from the way she worked it that this was not the first time she had taken in a cock of this size. Once she had it all the way in she began to rub her breasts as she rocked back and forth on it. With this the other guy got up on the bed and stood in front of her, cock in hand. She leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock each time she rocked forward on the big cock she was sitting on. She was teasing the hell out of this guy! The next time she came forward he put one hand on each side of her head and held it while he started to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. She was being thoroughly fucked and didn't seem to mind it one bit. Wow, this blew my mind, as for the longest time I had been trying to get her to do just this and she always acted like she was not interested. No wonder, because she was doing it all along! She spent quite sometime cumming & servicing both of the guys before she pushed the guy that was standing in front of her away and got up, slowly withdrawing the large cock she was sitting on. She laid back on the bed and led the guy with the huge dick in between her legs. As he was positioning himself she looked over at the door and noticed me standing there peeking in. I thought that would freak her out, but she just gave me a smile as she helped her well endowed friend to enter her. Her breasts looked nice and full, engorged from the excitement of her escapades. Her nipples hard and protruding. She turned her attention back to her lover as they both worked to fulfill their mutual desires! By the look on her face, Carol seemed to be struggling just a bit trying to fit that massive member inside of her!

Her lover then started to slowly move himself up and down on top of my beautiful wife. When he had fully entered her she started to pant and let out short deep breaths each time he had the full length of his cock inside of her. I noticed that she started to rotate on the bed so that I could get a better view of what was going on and was amazed when she finally swung around and was facing the door! The cock she was taking in was very large and very thick and she was enjoying every inch of it. The guy then got on the balls of his feet and lifted his body away from hers so that the only contact he had with her was his large cock! I watched in amazement each time her lover withdrew and then plunged it back inside of her. Carol lifted her legs and positioned them on the inside of her lovers legs, giving me total unrestricted access to watch that giant cock penetrate her. The other guy swung around on the bed and moved his cock to Carol's mouth. She opened and let him fuck her throat until he came. I was surprised that she did not pull away, but continued deep throating him, swallowing every drop! She turned and looked at me and winked---the guys still didn't know I was watching, but she sure did! She got up from the bed and walked over to the end, sat down as her very large friend came over and stood in front of her. She parted her lips as she guided his large cock into her mouth. She stroked it with one hand and cupped his balls with the other hand as she lubricated it with her saliva. Carol then turned around, placing her feet on the floor and her hands on the bed, spreading her legs as wide as she could she maneuvered his tip to her opening. He started to slide back and forth, each time advancing a little more into her. With that the other guy laid down on his back on the bed with his cock directly beneath her head. She leaned down a bit and with her lips only, took his now hard cock into her mouth. Carol continued to fuck and suck them until I heard her start to moan louder and louder. With that, she started cumming, moving faster between the 2 cocks! The guy behind her started to explode, as did the one in front of her! Her large dangling breasts flailed wildly as the cocks were pumping her full of hot cum! The cock behind her glistened as it withdrew and plunged back into her and the cock in front of her also shone with Carol's saliva as she moved her mouth up and down on it. It appeared they were just about done, so I left and went out into the backyard. When I saw their cars drive away I went into the bedroom and saw Carol laying on the bed. The sheets were pulled down exposing her big breasts as I walked in.She looked at me and said, I hope you're not mad? I told her I wasn't mad, just a little disappointed that she hadn't let me in on her secret! I asked her how long this had been going on and she said for about 4 years. I told her that I knew it wasn't the first time by the way she handled those guys, to which she just smiled. I took off my clothes and laid down between her legs. She grabbed my rock hard cock and positioned it at her opening. I had no problem entering her as she was still very wet and filled with the warm cum of her lover. As we fucked I went over in great detail with her how I enjoyed seeing her with those 2 guys and how proud I was of her for exploring her sexuality. I asked her how many times she had fucked like that in the past and she said she couldn't remember?She said she would do it at least once a week on her day off. She told me that after she had her first orgasm with a large cock that she had to have more. As we climaxed I asked her what the largest cock she ever had was like and Carol told me that it was 12" long and very thick and she was thinking about it right now!
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[#835] DocFreakNasty ( 884 days ago )
DocFreakNasty avatar this story reminds me of something that happened years ago with an ex gf .. i sort of set it up and then "accidentally" walked in on it but man was it fun ... great story
[#99] LOIS ( 946 days ago )
LOIS avatar It took my husband 16 year of marriage ,and I had to tell him, I kiss another women tongue, and told me he would,NT mine me sleeping with women, I told him I prefer men cock big.
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