It was noon and I had just gotten home from a structure fire, my wife was laying in bed topless wearing a

thong.  my wife went nuts when she smelt the smoke on me and in my hair.  I laydown in bed and spoon with

her.  As my cock got hard i spread opend her ass and started to push at her bown hole.  while rudding my cock in

her ass i was rubbing her clit and tits.  then she turned over and got on her knees.  i got behind her and started

to fuck her pussy. I then got some ky and her dildo and lubed up her ass hole.  i stared to fuck her ass with the

dildo and fuck her pussy with my cock at the same time.  a short time later i pulled both my cock and the dlido

out and switched them around.  i took the dildo and shoved that in her pussy and shoved my cock into her ass. i

fucked her ass with my cock while she road the dildo.  i shot stream after stream of hot thick cum into her ass.  I

then pulled out of her ass and removed the dildo from her pussy and started to fuck her pussy with my cock.  i

parted her ass and was watching my cum ooz out of her ass.  I then started to lick her ass and my cum, i had her

turn around and kiss her with a mouth full of cum.  as we kissed cum started to ozz out of our mouths and down

her chin and on to her tits.  afterwards  we both went to shower off.  she bent over in the bath and i stuck my

again rock hard dick into her ass and fucker her again.  this time i pulled out if her ass and fucker her pussy were

i shot some more cum in her pussy.  she then got out of the shower, got dressed and went to work with an ass

and pussy full of cum.  

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