A girl has a sweet sixteen party, and has her wish granted. Then her friend joins in on the celebration.


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[#2216] Smackdatttt ( 959 days ago )
Smackdatttt avatar haha this is random but is this about a girl named Jamie Kennedy?! the description fits her all too well! l
[#2216] jones555 ( 980 days ago )
jones555 avatar whens the next part coming and i agree with ironengle, tell us what happens to ashley
[#918] hostboy29 ( 980 days ago )
hostboy29 avatar Yepp, I tried putting in paragraphs... My computer I guess doesn't do it quite right. I need to go back and fix it.
[#3] FuzzBuckit ( 984 days ago )
FuzzBuckit avatar I agree, paragraphs would make it a lot easier to follow. The story itself is good though. Please continue.
[#24] IRONEAGLE2 ( 984 days ago )
IRONEAGLE2 avatar put paragraphs in not a bad start next tell what happens with ashley
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