The following is fiction. Any relation to real persons or events is purely coincidental.

It happened during my last semester of college. I was 21 at the time and living at home with my dad and my 16 year old brother. My parents split up four years before that and my mom thought that Dennis and I would be better off being raised by another male than by her. I was sitting upstairs in our family room when Dennis' 15 year old Asian girlfriend, Aiko Furusato, knocked on the door looking for him. "Sorry Aiko, but he's at the Dodgers game with my dad," I informed her. "They probably won't be home until around midnight with the traffic." "Oh shit," she said, making a facepalming motion." He told me he was going to some game today. Tell him I came by," she replied.

"Hey look Aiko, you're welcome to come in and hang out if you want," I proposed. Over the course of my brother's relationship with her, she had always seemed to like me and I definitely liked her. She was 5'1" probably about 90 pounds with a smoky caramel-ish colored and flawless skin with dark brown eyes that were about the size and shape of pumpkin seeds, a button nose and a little mouth that was perfect for sliding a dick into.  She had her shiny jet black hair pulled back into a little pony tail that highlighted her incredibly cute face.

"That's cool. I don't have anything else going on," she agreed and followed me up the stairs into the family room. I sat next to the righthand armrest on the couch and had the Comedy Channel on the television. I had just finished rolling a blunt before she came to the door, so I opened the window of the room and sparked it up. After taking a long toke off of it, I handed it to Aiko, who did likewise. As we exchanged draws on the joint, I snuck peeks at her skinny little body, her B cup breasts covered by a bikini top and her pussy by the bikini bottom and a pair of jean shorts. Weed gets me aroused so easily and by the time we finished smoking it, I had a skin rupturing hard on happening thinking about how Aiko and her tight little pussy would feel on my fuck stick.

My brother had been nailing Aiko for a while. In fact, I bought Dennis his condoms for him so he wouldn't run into any problems obtaining them from prudish store clerks. "God, I really shouldn't smoke pot," she said in a very languid voice. "it makes me so horny," she added through eyes that betrayed how high she was now. She took a deep breath and then let out a long, peaceful sigh. I put my left arm around her shoulders and pulled her into me while I leaned my head over. She smiled slightly and then closed her eyes as my lips met hers. I felt her lefthand on my right cheek while I continued kissing her softly, letting the THC continue to deepen its spell over her.

I wrapped her up in my arms, feeling her warm, smooth skin under my palms. She actually moaned during one of the kisses and so I began to give it to her more passionately, my tongue exploring the furthest reaches of her mouth and her red little tongue sliding under mine. I pulled the string that held the bikini top around her neck, causing it to hang by the backstrap and giving me access to her luscious nipples whose chocolate color and shape reminded me of the tips of Hershey's kisses. "Oh fuck Greg, ohhhhh," she slowly and softly moaned. I undid the backstrap and pulled the top off of her while my mouth continued to apply suction to those cute milk ducts of hers, her arms cradling my head.

I popped the button on her shorts and pulled the zipper down before I snaked my hand under her bikini bottom and into her warm, moist snatch. She was positively dripping and I could feel that her slit wasn't very long, so I stuck just my middle finger into her and found her g spot as my lips and tongue tantalized her nipples. "Oh Godddddddd, Greg, oh fuck," she gasped,  her eyes rolled up into her head. I kept fingering and sucking her and she started to breathe rapidly and mix in some grunts amid the sighs. I upped the pace of my strumming of her g spot and she held my head tight as I saw her body jerk and heard her release an extended sigh before she announced in a choked, high voice, "Oh God, I'm cumming!"

When the orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes slightly. It was pretty apparent that she was higher than ever. I slipped on to my knees in front of her on the floor and pulled her jean shorts and bikini bottoms off. I cupped her bubble butt and pulled her forward a bit. I attacked her vulva with my mouth, taking all of it between my lips and sucking and licking it, tasting her wonderful, almost perfume-like juices before focusing on her clit. I reinserted my middle finger into her neatly trimmed cunt and added my ring finger as my mouth enclosed her clit in it, battering the little man in the boat with my tongue and tossing in some sucking, too. "Ohhhhhh fuck, gooooddddd," she moaned, as she was feeling the sensations from the marijuana and my fingers and mouth. She had her righthand on the back of my head and her ankles crossed on my back, her pacified sounding moans telling me she was totally lost in a mixture of the high and what I was doing to her.

My tongue flicked and darted at the head of her clit repeatedly before I did some extended sucking on it, distending it and provoking more gasping from her as her climax approached. "Oooooooohhhhhh Goooodddddddddd," she leisurely exhaled. "God, thaattttsss soooo gooooddd," she enunciated slowly. Those reactions were in combination with puffs of air as sudden jolts of pleasure hit her and those jolts were increasing in frequency and intensity. "(Pant pant pant pant), oh yessss, don't stop," she ordered in a whispy tone of voice. Her body froze for an instant and then she screamed, "OH SHIT!" and then she had a shuddering, convulsing orgasm, pulling my head hard into her crotch trying to get me to do as much with my mouth to her as possible.

I was leaking precum at a prodigious rate by then and I pulled the clasp of my pants apart and eased my zipper down as I stood up. I grabbed her legs and kissed her cute little feet and then her skinny calves before I pointed my love missile at its target and leaned in, which caused my cock to penetrate her tiny slit. She emitted a long moan as my cock burrowed deep into her. "Oh fuck, your bigger than Dennis," she notified. I had about four inches in height and 30 pounds on my little brother, so it made sense that my dick would be larger, too. God, she was so tight that it felt like I had put my engorged manhood into a vacuum cleaner nozzle. At that point, both of us were so horny or high or both that we didn't give a shit about using condoms. I eased my flesh pipe in and out of her pleasure hole, gradually building a head of steam. I saw her eyes flit back up into her head and her eyelids close while I reamed her. "Oh fuck oh God,  oh fuck yes!" she desperately called out with every round trip of my meat tube in and out of her. I was looking down on her and fuck me, she was just so gorgeous. I could feel my balls becoming heavier and my dick was exhibiting greater sensitivity, her love tunnel a marshy mess of my precum, her heat and her pussy's dampness while I banged her furiously. "Oh fuck oh fuck, oh fuck," she puffed, exerting more strength with her legs on my back to take me as deep and as often as she could.

"Oh yes, oh yesssssssss," she sighed, still receiving rushes from the dope while I drilled her snug hole. And God, her pussy felt so good with its embrace of my plonker I can't even describe it. Her breathing was now a gumbo of panting, gasping and squeals and I grunted as I endeavored to hold off my ejaculation. She froze again and then let out a guttural scream of ecstasy while her body twisted and writhed. That was it, I couldn't hold back any longer and I pulled out and shoved my cock within an inch from her face and bathed her nose and cheeks with my cum.

I grabbed her hand as I collapsed next to her on the couch and kissed it while my semen dripped down her face. She had this little half smile on it and made no move to try to wipe my manjuice off, that is how high she was. I don't think she even fully realized her face was glazed with spunk. She let out another long sigh and then turned her body to lay in my lap. "God, that was so amazing," she faintly pronounced. "I feel so good right now," she extolled.

We sat like that on the couch for a couple of hours, my cum drying on her cute little Asian face and both of us naked before I suggested she should get dressed and go home. She went to the bathroom and cleaned her face and then I walked her home, which wasn't far, maybe about 200 yards or so. I saw her the next day when she walked home from school with my brother and she gave me a little wink. As far as I know, my brother never found out about it. I moved away four months after that when I graduated and then found a job out of state. I still masturbate thinking about that night or I pretend on occasion that my current girlfriend is Aiko when we have sex. 
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