The Threesome I Didn’t see coming


Ok, while I was away for my deployment. My wife Jennifer and a battles wife jordyn got really close. Jennifer and I found out that jordyn wife has been curious about being with another female. Well while Jordyn’s  husband and I was gone they got close, and Jennifer helped jordyn with this fantasy jordyn and Jennifer kept it going for a while, and they would send me pic's, and both would tell me about their adventures. My battle had no clue about any of this. Well I was able to get a pass to come home. I didn’t think anything of it. At first it was just like usual. Jennifer, kids, and myself. Well the first weekend came and I guess ever since we left, jordyn was staying with Jennifer every weekend. So jordyn kept with their routine. Well we were all sitting on the couch, watching a movie and they started to touch and pet each other. Jordyn told Jennifer to stop because I was home. I told jordyn they didn’t need to stop because of me. I informed them I would love to watch them put on a show. Jennifer and jordyn looked at each other and said ok, and started to strip. They lay on the floor in a sixty nine. I watched as Jennifer licked and sucked Jordyn's pussy and as jordyn did the same to Jennifer. I started to get aroused, so I dropped my pants to watch them, go at it. Now I know jordyn is married and she is a battles wife so I was respecting that and wasn’t planning to do anything unless it was to Jennifer.  I asked Jennifer how jordyn tasted and was surprise when I was told to taste for myself. So I bent down behind jordyn to lick and finger her pussy. Jordyn tasted freaking fantastic. When I got done eating Jordyn’s pussy, I sat back up, and now my penis was above Jennifer’s mouth that she used her hand and started to suck me off. It felt great. After a few strokes, Jennifer popped me back out of her mouth, and went back to licking Jordyn’s pussy. I went to the other side, and asked jordyn if I could help her with Jennifer’s pussy. Jordyn said sure, so I bent down to lick and suck on Jennifer clit and pussy. When I was done, I sat up and I told jordyn to hold on a second. I placed my cock head against Jennifer’s pussy lips and put myself into her. Jennifer moaned and I told jordyn to go back to eating. I started to slide my cock in and out of Jennifer. I had Jennifer’s juices coating my cock as I kept going. Jordyn was eating away, and so was Jennifer. I popped out of Jennifer’s pussy and hit jordyn in the mouth with the tip of my cock, I said sorry and as I started reaching to put it back, jordyn surprised me and said its ok and stuck my cock in her mouth and started to clean Jennifer’s juices off me. I was amazed. I didn’t see that coming. I figured that was all I was going to get. I went back to Jennifer’s side and asked if I could have another taste. Jennifer said yes, and I bent back over and started to lick and suck on Jordyn’s lips savoring the taste. When my back started hurting I sat up again. I figured Jennifer might do what she did before and suck my cock a little, but no, was I surprised. Jennifer took hold of my cock and when I thought she was going to pop it in her mouth; she put the tip of my cock at Jordyn’s pussy. I looked down at her, questing her with my eyes, and she pushed me into Jordyn’s pussy. Oh my, she was tight just like Jennifer and her pussy formed all around my cock. It was amazing. No wonder Jennifer kept things going with jordyn. Jordyn’s pussy was hot, her lips and pussy walls just clung to my cock in her. I sat there in shock not moving, jordyn let out a gasp, and Jennifer was smiling. When jordyn didn’t jump off me, or ask me to pull back out, I started to slide my cock into her moist, tight, hot pussy. I saw Jordyn’s juices building on my shaft every time I pulled out, I started to move myself faster and faster pumping into Jordyn’s pussy. Jordyn started to moan and push herself, back onto my cock. We kept this going for a bit and I still couldn’t believe it and when I popped out, this time Jennifer popped me into her mouth to suck off Jordyn’s juices off it. After Jennifer was done cleaning me off, I had them get off the floor and kneel next to each other on the couch. I got behind Jennifer and placed my cock back at her eager pussy, and inserted myself once again into her. Jennifer and jordyn started kissing, and I took my hand and started to finger jordyn as I fucked Jennifer. When Jennifer started to moan and scream she was cumming, I picked up the pace fucking her to let her ride her climax to full. Once Jennifer was done I pulled out, and got behind jordyn, and lined my pussy soaked cock up to her pussy again. I inserted myself once again into jordyn with no resistance. I started to pump my cock in and out of jordyn as she started to moan, and started to finger Jennifer’s pussy. We continued till jordyn screamed she was cumming and once again I picked up the pace to let her ride the climax to full. When jordyn was done, they both dropped to their knees and started to share and suck my cock and balls together. Jennifer would feed it to jordyn and jordyn would feed it to Jennifer. It felt so amazing. When the two of them had me cleaned off I sat on the couch and this time jordyn walked up and said she wanted the first ride. Jordyn straddled my lap and eased her pussy back over my cock. While jordyn started to ride me, Jennifer got down and was licking Jordyn’s ass and my balls and rubbing us to. I was in bliss. I have never felt anything like this. Jordyn got off once again and they swapped places. Now Jennifer was riding me and jordyn was licking Jennifer’s ass and my balls and rubbing us. We continued on again till Jennifer had another orgasm. Now jordyn and Jennifer said lets, take the action upstairs to the bedroom, so we can get more comfortable and better positions.

 I followed the two upstairs and once we hit the room they threw me to the bed. They both came up the side of me and once again shared my cock between them. They were kissing, licking, and sucking up and down my shaft and the tip of my cock, while kissing once in a while. Then Jennifer hopped up and sat back down on my cock, while jordyn worked her way up my body, to sit on my face. Now I had Jennifer riding my cock, and jordyn riding my face, I couldn’t imagine this would have ever taken place. Jennifer was going frantic on my cock that a few times I had to re shift jordyn back up on my face. When Jennifer got herself off again the girls swapped places again. Now jordyn was riding my cock, while Jennifer rode my face. Jennifer’s juices were so freaking tasty. Jordyn was riding my cock so hard I thought she was going to break it. Jennifer kept sliding back down my chest, she finally just stopped fixing herself and I stuck with fingering her and spanking her ass. When jordyn got herself to an orgasm, she just sat there on my cock not moving. Jennifer rolled off me and told jordyn to flip over and lay her back on my chest. Jordyn did as she was asked. I started to once again pump my cock into jordyn and Jennifer once again started to lick and suck Jordyn’s clit. I was pumping so hard I popped out. I asked Jennifer to fix it, and when she did Jordyn’s pussy felt even tighter around my cock. I was pumping her so hard and fast, I finally felt my first orgasm building. I told jordyn to hold up a second. I paused my pumping, and Jennifer and jordyn asked me while I stopped. I told them I was almost ready to explode. Jennifer told me to go ahead because my cock was buried deep into Jordyn’s ass. I asked if she was for real and they both said yeah. Well that’s all I needed to hear. I started to pound the shit out of Jordyn’s ass, with my cock. I felt myself explode into Jordyn’s ass. She was moaning crazily while I filled her ass with my cum, and she was being eaten out by Jennifer. When I finally stopped pumping into her, jordyn slid of my cock. I laid there for a second. Jennifer slid her pussy around my cock, did a few pumps, then got off and both girls once again went back to cleaning my cock off with their mouths. When they had me hard again, and cleaned off, Jennifer hopped up on me and lay against my chest and told jordyn to insert my cock into her. Jordyn did as she was asked and once again I was fucking Jennifer, while this time, jordyn was licking and sucking Jennifer’s clit. I was slamming home into Jennifer pussy when she told jordyn to take me out and put me in her ass. Jordyn did as she was asked and now I was fucking the second ass of the night. I was slamming it so hard. I felt Jennifer shudder to a orgasm. When she was done she said she had to stop. She got off, and as soon as she was clear, jordyn jumped up into my lap, putting her tits in my mouth as she crammed my cock back into her pussy. Jennifer got behind her and was licking my balls and shaft when she could and jordyn asshole. Jordyn’s tits felt great in my hands and in my mouth. I was going back and forth working her tits into my mouth and sucking on her fantastic nipples. Jordyn rode me to another orgasm, and Jennifer and jordyn once again changed places. Now I was sucking on Jennifer gorgeous tits, while jordyn sucked and licked us both. When Jennifer got off again, she got up. This time Jennifer lay on her back on the bed, and I mounted her, jordyn got on her face and Jennifer ate jordyn out while I fucked her. Jordyn and Jennifer came together and swapped places again. Now I had jordyn on her back mounting her while Jennifer sat on her face. I was pounding into jordyn when I felt my second orgasm build. They girls announced they were cumming again soon, and I told them so was I. jordyn told me not to pull out. I asked her if she was sure and she said yeah it would all be good. I looked at Jennifer and she smiled and said there you go fill her pussy with your cum. I went right back into fucking jordyn with all that I had. We all three came together and collapsed on the bed. The girls had many orgasms, I had two, we were all sweaty, and worn out. The girls got up and barely could walk as they said they were headed to the shower. When they finished I showered up and kiss them both and thanked them. I laid in bed next to both of them and they started to go at it again with each other in a sixty nine. I must have been worn out because I fell asleep to them eating each other out. But wait till you hear how breakfast went for us. That will have to be the next story. I hope you like this one. I know I did.


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