My sister was one hot piece of ass while we grew up and I always shot glances at her whenever I could the second I started to notice girls. She was robust like our mother and the perfect height I thought with a firm sculpted ass. My sister is older than me by three years and in college and during the final week of my high school life I finally decided checking her out my entire life was not enough.

Our parents were gone for that week, they were always out traveling because they were both popular novelists and they had signings and other things to do it seemed, and they never much cared for me so missing my graduation wasn’t something that weighed heavy on their minds. Instead they left me and my sister alone in our house that entire week and from day one I was starting to get restless thinking about her.

She liked to wear very tight shorts and skirts and her body was of perfect build to me, large breasts and a nice ass that was firm from being in dance and gym over the years. Now she was a junior in college and she was staying at our home because our house wasn’t far from State. Today when I came home from school I dropped my things off in my room and went to the living room. That’s where she was playing on her video game consol; she liked the games and especially the motion controller. Right now she was hooking up some of the wires and as she bent over her ass seemed to almost show from right under her skirt, but I couldn’t see it. As much as I wished she would bend over just more it just didn’t happen and then she noticed me walking into the room.

“Hey Rick.” She said and then turned back to start playing on the entertainment system as I said hello back and then sat right back down into the couch. My sister and I had never had sibling rivalry, whenever she had gotten mad I always left the room and I had always been nice to her that she eventually as she grew up just liked me and never argued or told me to go away at home anymore—she even let me date one of her friends once. As I watched her play I continued to stare at her bouncing tits and her ass and legs under that skirt, it was obvious I had my eye on her and didn’t take long for her not to notice me.

“You’re checking me out!” She said and turned to me cocking a hip and planting her hand on it, her features in a frown now. I couldn’t deny it and shrugged moving to stand up and leave the room, turning red in front of my older sister. “Where are you going?” She asked and then grabbed my arm pulling me towards her. “Come with me.” She said and then pulled me to her room. I started to explain myself but she didn’t seem to want to buy any of my bullshitting.

“Have you ever had sex Rick?” She asked quietly, her soft voice turning into a seductive sound and I gulped before I nodded and spoke. “Yeah, with that girlfriend of yours I dated.” I was actually lying to her and she moved up to me her hand moving to rub over the crotch of my pants.

“You’re Lying, she said you guys never even went passed kissing before you broke up when she moved!” She said and I looked away ashamed now as she rubbed on my pants, what the fuck she was turning me on so bad in my jeans and then she stopped and I looked at her. “Oh you want me to keep going?” She said quietly and I nodded. “Yes.” I said and she didn’t start up but instead she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers hole, I was a good eight inches and she smiled as her hand wrapped around it.

“Your dick is big… want me to jack you off?” She asked and I only nodded, my back against the wall as she started to pump her hand on my cock, the feeling exhilarating as I started to pant and she giggled, I turned even redder then before she stopped and I gasped. “I want you to touch me.” She said and grabbed my hand and put it under her skirt where I started to rub over her panties, they were a little damp and she started to breath faster as I rubbed her before I took it upon myself to slip my hand into them and rub over her pussy lips them, feeling her get wetter while I rubbed her clit with my fingers.

My sister started to jack me off more before she moved me to her bed and sat me down getting on her knees in front of me I didn’t say a word as she put my dick in her mouth. She was so moist and wet and her lips clamped hard I thought I would cum right there and she slurped a bit as she took me out, jacking me off as she looked up at me with wanting eyes, her tongue dragging on her lips. “You want to come in my mouth?” She asked. “Yes” I panted and that’s when she moved to suck on my cock some more, her tongue swirling in circles on the tip before she moved to take more of me in me—my sister was deep throating me! I couldn’t believe it as she didn’t even gag as she slid me down her throat. While in there her throat muscles contracted and I couldn’t stop myself, my hand grabbed her hair and held her down on my cock as I shot waves of cum down her throat and mouth, dribbles leaking out the corners of her lips as she moaned and then coughed when I finally stop and she took me out of her mouth.

“Fuck…” I said with a slow breath, my dick still half hard and twitching as she rubbed herself looking up at me from her kneed position. “I’m so wet Rick, want more?” She asked and I was hard again, and nodded faster which told her yes. That’s when she pulled her shirt off and her bra revealing those large succulent tits for me and then she spit down her cleavage before sliding my cock in between them. My sister pushed them hard together and then started to pump her tits down on my dick, the plush mounds wrapping me and I moaned loudly for her making her go faster as she gave me one hell of a tit fuck. That’s when I knew I wanted her pussy.

I stopped her and she blinked wondering why I would do that before I lifted her up and pushed her onto the pink sheets of her bed and she gasped. “Rick what are you doing?” she breathed but I said nothing and only grinned at her as I pulled her panties down and ran my fingers over that wet pussy of hers, she moaned out of instinct but pushed me back. “Let me go!” She screamed but I didn’t stop as I slid two of my fingers deep into her wet cunt. She clenched around them and I started to thrust them fast into her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her fighting slowed but continued even as she panted and her hips lifted to my thrusting fingers. She came hard them, rolling her hips against my hand as she convulsed and her pussy got drenched in her juices. That’s when she really tried to fight me off but I was stronger and crawled on the bed between her legs.

“Rick, don’t please!” She said but I didn’t listen to her as I pushed my cock into her pussy then, deeper until I was balls deep into her, her warmth making my moan and she cried out grabbing the sheets from the sudden feeling of being filled and I started to fuck her, fast movements into her as one thrust came right after another and she began to cry, tears of pain from how hard I was being. Her body seemed to liked it though as she matched my strokes, slamming her hips into mine as I continued to fuck her wildly. I knew she was enjoying it because she was such a lewd girl the way she sucked my dick and I fucked her harder and faster, her body writhing under me as she came again then. The way her body felt I could only let myself go and squirted my cum deep into her pussy then. After a moment I pulled out and she was crying still having been raped.

I wasn’t done. I turned her over and while she was crying into her pillow I grabbed my phone and started the camera, taking pictures as I started to fuck her from behind, the thrusts hard and deep and she screamed out grabbing the sheets and protesting as she felt my dick use her pussy a second time, cum and cunt juice wetting her bed and I only continued to take picture as I did. After what seemed like ten minutes I had to cum again and pulled out of her this time pulling her by her hair to me and I shot my load all over her lips and face, the creamy liquid mixing with her tears as she looked up at me and I took the perfect money shot picture. “You’re going to be my fuck slave now, anytime, anywhere and if you don’t I will show these pictures to everyone, making you look like one dirty tramp.” I said quietly and she only looked away wiping my cum off her face.

After that day, the next week was definitely going to a blast—Especially when I use her in public places… but that’s another story.
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[#293] lovherpanties ( 1168 days ago )
lovherpanties avatar I grew up with a sexy teasy bitchy older sister that even the old guy next door wanted to fuck.. Teased our visiting farm boy cousin a bit too much. He raped her with no quarter on her bed and floor when our folks were out...Cried like the spoiled bitch she was!
[#5571] pussypumpingcock ( 1232 days ago )
pussypumpingcock avatar my sister is a slutty whore also..want to share
[#5571] averybaa ( 1580 days ago )
averybaa avatar great story
[#600] thomas1226 ( 1588 days ago )
thomas1226 avatar nice use of a sister as a fuck toy
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