Aaaahhh, it’s Wednesday and time to go back to my kids’ class.  I still cannot believe what has happened.  If someone would have told me that a month from now you would have slept with three women in the class, I would have told them that they were crazy.  But here we are and it has happened.  Now, I just have to hope that the secret does not get back to my wife.  But I also know that they have just as much to lose as I do if not more.

So, I go to the class feeling pretty confident that I am safe.  It turns out to be a typical day in the class.  I notice that my daughter is not sharing a toy with one of the other kids.  My wife and I have taught our kids a code to get their attention when we are in public.  We have seen parents yell at their kids and we do not want to do anything to publically humiliate our kids.

So what we do is we will clap one time.  We have found that this will get their attention and immediately focuses our way.  Then we will wag our finger back and forth and mouth either “No” or “Stop” depending on the situation and they do.  They also know that mommy and daddy do not play when it comes to consequences and they hate the time out chair at home.  So it works.

Going back to the situation at hand, I clap.  My daughter looks at me.  Then I mouth the word “Stop” and immediately she hands the toy to the little girl and then goes to pick up a different toy. 

Unbeknownst to me, one of the moms was watching me and came over.

“How did you do that?”

I turned and there she is looking right into my eyes.  She is a beautiful blonde who had a baby later in her years.  She looks to be in her upper 30’s or low 40’s.  She is thin but not skinny.  You can tell that she works out and that her body is very toned.

“Do what, Michelle?”

“Get your daughter to listen to you so well.  I have noticed that both of your kids listen to you very well.  I wish that I could get my daughter to do that.”

“Really, with some work you can do it as well.  It just takes some consistency and follow through and you can make it happen.”

“Do you think you could help me?”

“Sure, what would you like me to do?”

“Can you come over to my house and watch me for a day?  Then you can give me pointers on how to get better.”

“Sure, let’s set up a time and we can make that happen,  I would love to be of some help.”

So we set up a time after the class is over. 

“So, we are on for Friday?”

“Yes Michelle, I am looking forward to it.  I can just go in a little late for work but we will make it happen.”

Friday rolls around and I knock on the door of another fabulous house that is just blocks away from the beach.  I can hear the daughter yelling inside of the house.  When Michelle gets to the door, she already looks a little overwhelmed. 

‘Hey Michelle, how are you?”

“We are already off to a rough start.”

“Really, well I will just hang out and watch.”

I was amazed to see what I saw.  Michelle was busy running around the house while her daughter sat in front of the tv for two hours.  After two hours, her daughter started to get antsy.  But rather then engage her daughter, she is making more phone calls and refuses to leave her computer.

She finally does when her daughter throws a huge tantrum and begins to throw toys around the room.  Michelle finally walks into the room and says, “When I count to three you had better stop.”

“1-2.  I am counting now. 1. Do you hear me? 1-2  I mean business.  Don’t let me get to three. 1-2…”

This went on for another fifteen minutes.  I never knew that I would ever desire to hear the number three so much in my life.  And by this time, her daughter is bouncing off the walls.

Then there was nap time.  I kid you not.  It took her three hours to finally get her daughter to sleep.  By the time they were done, you could tell that Michelle was exhausted.

We both sit down on the couch and start talking. 

“Wow, you are exhausted.”

“How long does it take you to put your kids down for a nap?”

“Once we start the process, it takes about 15 minutes top.”

“How do you do that?”

I won’t bore you with the details but we got into an hour discussion on parenting techniques.  It really was a break through for Michelle.  She realized that she needed to engage her daughter more, establish a schedule so that they both know what is happening, and to really mean what she says.

“Thank you so much for coming over.  You don’t know how much this has meant to me.  I am so tired.”

Right then, she puts her head on my lap.  Out of instinct, I rubbed her head.  I think it was more out of compassion for Michelle.  From what I could see, she closed her eyes and was just relishing in the minute.

“It just feels so good to lay my head down to rest.”

Did I just feel her hand squeeze my cock?  I could have sworn I felt something but of course I was not going to ask because what if I was wrong.  I would be so embarrassed.

She actually rolls completely over so that she now faces me.  However, she makes it a point to keep her hand under her head.  Again, I resume rubbing her head.

“You don’t know how good that feels.”

Then, there is no mistake this time.  I do feel a squeeze and immediately my cock reacts.

“Jamal, I have something to ask you but I don’t want to be offensive.”

“Well, I would hope you know Michelle that I am not easily offended.  Especially if it comes from a place of a truly genuine heart.”

“There has been something that I have always wanted to know.”


“What is that Michelle?”



“Here goes.  Is it true what they say about black men?”


“It depends on what they say.”


“You know.”

Squeeze and now my cock is rock hard.

“I am not sure what you are getting at Michelle.”


“So you are going to make me say it?”

Squeeze, rub, squeeze, rub.

“Is it true that all black men are well endowed?”

“Michelle, have you been watching porn?  Cause that is totally a porn stereotype.”

“So not all black men are well endowed?”

“Anytime you throw the word all into any sentence, it is not usually true.”

“That does make sense.  But I do have to admit that I like what I feel in m hand.”


“So, I did feel what I thought I was feeling.”

“Yes, it is just that you are so nice.  It is hard to resist wanting to have you in me.”

“Really Michelle, are you sure?”

“Yeah, that and Stacy told me what happened.  Don’t worry.  She had to tell someone and she knew that her secret was safe with me.  But I have watched you in class and now to have you here with me, I can see why she did it.”

Then, Michelle lifts up her head and unzips my pants.

“Michelle, this is a big step.”

“I know.  But you feel so good and I just want to feel good.”

She fishes my cock out of my pants and lowers her head onto my cock.

“Oh Michelle, that feels good.”

“You may not think that you have a big cock but you are definitely bigger than my husband.”

She lowers her head and takes half of my cock into her mouth.  She sucks and then raises up to the head of my cock and lowers her face again. 

“Well, your husband is definitely a lucky man because you know what you are doing.”

She lifts her head off my cock and says, “Thank you.”

“Denise is going to be up soon.”

Michelle sits up and straddles me.  She pulls up the skirt she is wearing and moves her panties to the side.

“Jamal, I want you in me.”

She grabs my cock and lowers herself right onto my cock.

“Oh my Michelle, you are so tight.”

“I told you that you are bigger than my husband and you are stretching me nice and wide.”

Once she gets all of my cock into her, she leans forward and shutters on my cock.

“I am cumming Jamal.  I am cumming.”

“Enjoy it Michelle.  Enjoy my cock.”

She begins to rock back and forth on my cock.

“It has always been my fantasy since I was a teenager to have a black dick inside of me.”

“Well, now your fantasy is reality.  What are you going to do with it?”

That was all she needed to hear.  She begins to impale herself with my cock.  I have never had a woman ride me so hard.  This was proof to me how in shape she was because she was riding my cock like no other and showing no signs of slowing down.

“Give me that black cock.”

She leans back and begins to squeeze my cock each time she rises.  This woman has amazing vaginal control.

“Michelle, I am going to cum.”

“How close are you?”

“I am about to cum right now.”

Michelle jumps off of my cock and takes it in her mouth.

She jacks my cock while sucking my head.

I grab her head and shoot my cock into her mouth. 

She takes all of my cum and swallows every single drop.

She lifts her head and looks at me. 

“I just had to taste your cum.”

“Thanks for coming over today.  Again, you do not know how much this day has meant to me.   

If you enjoyed this then check out parts 1-3.  Parts 1 and 2 are called "Mrs. Listen" and part 3 is called, "Playdate."

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