I had never been away for a night with a boy before.

In fact, at seventeen years old, I had never allowed any
boy to do more than touch my breasts and feel my mound with
his hand outside my knickers. Now here I was on a Saturday
afternoon, sitting alongside my very attractive new boyfriend,
Robin, whom I had met at the local pub two weeks before, and
we were heading out of town in his car on the way to some place
he had arranged. We had managed to achieve this by getting
my girlfriend to tell a quite believable story to my parents
that I was spending the time with her.

I had packed a small case without anyone at home noticing,
and just hoped I hadn’t forgotten anything. Most of the
contents had been bought the week before and hidden so that
my Mother couldn’t see the sexy underwear and ridiculously
short nightie.

Robin & I had already had a couple of dates, but only
with the rest of the crowd, and in the car on the way home,
I had managed to restrain his quite forceful attempts to
do more than I was prepared to let him. In a moment of weakness,
and with the veiled threat that he might ditch me, I had agreed
to this venture but made him promise not to do anything I
didn’t want and he had agreed. I must have been very naive.

After about an hours drive he pulled into a Hotel and stopped.

Here we are, he said with a grin, Our love nest for the night!I
was scared stiff as we entered the lobby, but he registered
without turning a hair, and nobody seemed to be worried
that we were a bit young to be Mr & Mrs.

The room was lovely, with a vast bed, a telly and a separate
bathroom. I unpacked my things and got quite embarrassed
when Robin came and inspected the panties and nightie I
had bought.

Cant see why you’ll be needing those he said casually, and
turned to kiss me.

He was very accomplished at kissing and I melted into his
arms as his warm lips crushed mine and his tongue wormed
its way in to my mouth. I did have quite nice feelings inside,
and when his hand grabbed by breasts I have to admit it felt
rather exciting. After a few seconds he moved his hand and
I felt it on my leg, sliding slowly up my thigh under my skirt.
I let him reach the top and cup my panty-covered mound but
that was as far as I wanted him to go.

No Robin, no more I said, pulling away.

I suppose it is a bit early he remarked calmly, moving back,
Still, the Bar will be open in a bit and we can get a drink.
I will just go and spy out the ground & find it

So saying he left the room and I sat down to read the various
brochures on the table. I heard the door open and he came
up behind me, reaching down over my shoulders to clasp my
breasts We are in luck they are open now he said, giving my
tits a squeeze, Come on!

He led me down the corridor into a spacious Bar that fronted
the restaurant, and ordered drinks. The Vodka he brought
me looked rather big but he drank his whisky quickly and
ordered a refill for us both. By the time we had finished
the drinks I was a quite mellow and wished I had had some lunch,
but he suggested we go back to the room before we had any dinner.

In the room he started to undress and suggested we should
take a shower. I turned away and let him strip to his underpants
as he chuckled, There doesn’t that make you feel sexy

I glanced round and saw him standing totally naked with
one hand on the most enormous erection I had ever seen. I
put a hand to my mouth and gasped, but felt a funny tingling
sensation between my thighs.

Go and have your shower, you naughty boy I tried to sound
casual, but suddenly had nagging feelings of doubt about
the rest of the day. They didn’t last because I think the
vodka had lowered my inhibitions.

Robin was in the shower about five minutes, during which
time I had only taken off my shoes and blouse. When he emerged,
wrapped in a towel, I quickly went into the bathroom and
shut the door before I took off anything else. I was slightly
surprised to find my panties were quite damp and when I touched
myself briefly, found I was very slippery between the legs.I
showered and dried myself, replacing my panties, bra and
skirt before returning to the bedroom.

Robin was lying on the bed, his towel draped casually over
his thighs, inadequately masking the small mountain that
was evident beneath it. Come here he ordered and I went to
sit on the bed.

He reached behind me and expertly unclipped my bra before
I realized what he was doing. Christ, they are beautiful
he said, gazing at my naked breasts as I tried to cover them
with my hands.

He pushed me onto my back and leant over, his mouth coming
down to kiss the hardening nipples and sending little shivers
right through me.

He stopped and glanced down at my waist, For goodness sake,
take that bloody skirt off, he said, slightly annoyed.

I scrambled off the bed and unzipped it, trying to hide my
near-nakedness. When I climbed back beside him he immediately
kissed me again and I felt his hand return to my thigh. I could
feel what he was doing but my brain wouldn’t tell him to stop.

Then his hand was under the nylon of the panties and stroking
the soft hair on my mound. I enjoyed the sensation but knew
I should tell him to desist. It was when I felt his fingers
prise apart the lips of my vagina that I came to my muddled
senses, jerked away and clamped my legs together, NO, Robin,
you mustn’t

Holy Shit, you cant stop now he almost shouted, Look at this
its waiting and ready and he grabbed the protruding cock
that was now oozing a little colourless liquid.

You promised not to do anything I didn’t want, I whimpered.

Do you think I paid for a bloody room here just to have you
prick-tease he retorted angrily.

Well that’s your fault I replied crossly, wondering what
I could do to avoid further humiliation.

He calmed down and kissed me again, concentrating his caresses
on my breasts. I have to admit I was beginning to feel very
relaxed inside, and even when I felt a hand stroke my pubic
mound again, I didn’t object. The vodka seem to be working
as I felt slightly helpless. With a sigh he lay down again
and I could feel his erection pressing against the crotch
of my panties. He kept moving to & fro, just as if he was
inside me, and in an attempt to control him, I pulled away
and turned over. His hands encircled me, fondling my breasts
again and I just lay there, secretly enjoying his caresses
as I drifted off again into a vodka induced floating feeling.
He was feeling all over me and giving pleasant sensual feeling
between my thighs. I lay still, forcing myself to full consciousness
and then felt movement behind me. It seemed to be connected
to the feelings in my groin, and with a flash of panic I realized
the Robin was sliding my panties down. I suddenly realized
I was naked. I try to close my thighs immediately he gripped
my legs and parted my thighs and pushed my knee up to my chest.
I could see his eyes looking straight into my virgin pussy.
Gosh no one ever looked into my pussy. I began to blush and
my whole body became hot. He smacked his lips and said oh
baby what a sweet pussy. He bend down and kissed my pussy
and I buckled out of surprise as no one has done that. Holding
me firmly he placed his mouth in my pussy… I tried to wriggle
but he held me firm and darted his tongue inside my virgin
pussy. I could feel something coming out of my pussy … I began
to moan and he licked more vigorously. My ass was bouncing
and shaking but he continued to lick. Suddenly he pushed
my knees up and he began to lick near my rear hole. Electrical
waves went over me and I was moaning

Before I could realize his prick was right between the bare
lips of my vagina, I couldn’t stifle a low moan of pleasure
and Robin must have taken that as an acceptance, for he bent
his body around me, forcing me to draw up my knees and offer
a better angle for him to thrust against.

My brain was in turmoil. I knew I should stop him, but the
words wouldnt come out.

Then it happened. Quite suddenly I felt his prick force
itself between the slippery lips and enter me. At first
it was only a sensation, then with a loud grunt he pushed
harder it hit something in me and I felt the pain

No Robin no I pleaded.

I heard him say don’t worry in a sec I will break your cherry!

He shoved his hands under my ass and lifted it and with one
mighty thrust he pushed his massive prick inside I felt
something tearing inside and a sudden searing pain shot
through me, making me tense & cry out.

Don’t move, just relax, he whispered, That’s the only pain
you’ll feel, I promise and I felt him sliding right inside
me without hurting.

He was now deep inside my pussy and little tremors of absolute
ecstasy shuddered through me as he touched all the sensitive
nerve endings on the virginal walls of my vagina.

I knew I couldn’t stop him now, everything had gone too far
and I became extremely worried. I wasn’t on the pill and
I knew he hadn’t taken any precautions. At the same time
I could feel my body gradually submitting to his intimate
caresses and wanted it to continue. My self-control was
ebbing at every thrust of his prick although I began to agonize
I would get pregnant if he continued.

My whole body, my sensitive nerve endings and uncontrollable
hip movements took over and I lay there reveling in the breathtaking
sensations that riddled my whole being.

Robin started to moan and his thrusts became more urgent.

Thats right, baby, nearly there, he groaned, his hands
squeezing my breasts to the point where it hurt. I felt him grow even bigger in my over-stretched vagina
and knew that something was going to happen. At the same
time I started to lose any semblance of control and my body
seemed not to belong to me any more. It was suddenly too late
to do anything. I felt my muscles contract around him and
with a great roar he rammed into me with one final thrust.
My vagina seemed to explode, sucking him in as the warm jets of semen gushed into me and I screamed
with the intensity of my first complete orgasm, pushing
back against him and sobbing with a mixture of ecstasy and

He withdrew immediately, rolled away and gave my bottom
a stinging slap. How was that virgin fuck he said triumphantly, as pinkish-tinged
semen ran from me like a river in spate.

My body was wracked with sobs as I realized what I had done
and I sat up.

I am frightened, I am bleeding & I may get pregnant.
He looked at me in surprise, You’re on the pill, aren’t you

No I said, sobbing uncontrollably, Why should I be I didn’t
know you were going to do that

You stupid fucking cow he said angrily, You going to be fucked
again and again and I am certainly not taking the blame for
your bloody irresponsibility

I crept off the bed, saddened by his sudden outburst, and
ran to the toilet. I peed and strained to contract all my
muscles in the hope of evacuating all his seed. Then I climbed
into the bath and directed the shower rose at my vagina,
feeling the warm water course inside me, and hopefully
cleanse me.

When I returned he was already dressed and wanting to go
down to the Bar again.

I am not sure I can, I whimpered, feeling sore and dirty where
he had taken my virginity.

Course you can, you stupid tart he said, And I want you there
with no knickers on

I sat on the bed and wept. What had started out as an exciting
adventure was developing into a nightmare. I had never
been anywhere without knickers and the thought horrified

Oh, stop being a stupid baby he exclaimed, You’ve just had
your first fuck and should be pleased I have made you into
a proper woman at last. Later on Ill show you another way
- one that wont be risking anything.

I put on my bra and a blouse, wondering how I could at least
get one of the flimsy thongs on without him seeing, but it
was no use. I wrapped my skirt around my bare waist and repaired
my stained make-up.

We left the room and walking down the corridor he put a hand
on my bum, under my skirt, his fingers seeking the place
he had already desecrated.

I wrenched myself away and walked on, beginning to wonder
how I could avoid any further contact with this man who had
seemed so pleasant but had now revealed himself as a sex

There were armchairs in the Bar and he insisted on sitting
opposite me, prompting me to part my knees so that he could
get a view of my most intimate place. Luckily there were
few people in the Bar and to avoid his anger I did as he asked,
feeling like a Call Girl on a commission!.

Looks as though you’re still leaking from that virgin cunt,
he commented with a lecherous grin, That looks promising
for later on. He looked at me and said gosh I will like ramming
into your pussy now. I could see the bulge in his shorts!

He ordered few drinks for him and me. I began to feel light
headed and was looking forwarded for some dinner and sleep.

He said lets go to the room. As we were walking to the room
he put his hand my skirt and squeezed my ass. As I tried to
jerk forward., he said bitch stay still and held me tightly
with his other arm. He began to fondle and squeeze my ass.
I was so paranoid someone will come.

Mercifully we entered the room and before I could do anything
he grabbed me and shoved me on the bed with my face hitting
the pillow. He yanked my skirt up and begin to kiss my ass.
I just stayed without moving and with a jerk he pushed my
legs apart and spread my ass cheeks . Then I felt a strange
sensation as he begin to probe into my ass. My body shuddered
and I heard him smirk so bitch u like it baby. Lifting my open
thighs with his hands he licked between the cheeks of my
bottom, tickling my asshole with his tongue. He pursed
his lips around my little puckery depression and put saliva into it, then thrust his tongue up the lubricated

He rimmed my super-sensitive asshole, his tongue widening
it, and I was thrilled. I had never been licked or fucked
back there, but had often thought about it. Now he did the
next best thing to fucking as he twisted a middle finger
up my butt. He watched my pretty face contort in pleasure
as he diddled my tight little hole with his digit, stroking
in and out, in and out...

“Ooooooh...!” I moaned. “That’s wiiild! Dooo it! Ooh,
fuckin’ doooooo it!” (Where was the “shy girl” now)

He suddenly pulled me up by the shoulder and I winced and
said “what the hell”

I was shocked to see him crouched on the bed beside me, his
great erection only inches from my face. He shoved his husky
whang in my mouth. I held the prick between my thumb and forefinger, and commenced licking the smooth,
tasty head. I made little sounds of pleasure and looked
up at him. Now I glided my lips over and around his bulging
knob, opening wide to take him in. It was too big for me to
attempt to take it into my throat so I simply sucked his knob
with my tongue He said, “Kiss my balls, baby.” I did that,
then licked his wobbly nuts all over and sucke done into
my mouth. I felt his cock growing bigger and bigger and he was murmuring oh baby oh baby....oh baby oh baby......

Suddenly he pulled it out of my mouth and went behind. In
a flash of a second he hoisted me on all fours and my ass was
swinging in the air. Then I felt his massive cock probing
me.He mounted me from behind, his big dick glided into my
slippery pussy, sinking all the way and totally stuffing

“oh god I couldn’t help screaming! His cock was
throbbing in me. His thick cock had total possession of
my pussy. Using his hands he held my hips , he controlled
me as if I were a rag doll while fucking his thick cock in and
out of my pussy. Each stroke of his piston surged all the way up my cooch,
stretching me wide and making for a tight, slippery fit.
Every nerve in my pussy danced with delight. I moaned in
ecstasy and worked my cunny on the man’s marvelous drive-shaft
which stroked, stroked, stroked.

I gasped as he pumped his big prick inside me.

“Yeah! Ooh fuck it! Damn!” he said and I felt his cock swelling
“Ooh Christ, don’t cum inside me! I don’t want to get pregnant!”

“Don’t worry, ” he said. “I’ll finish in your ass!”.

What! No! He was way too big for my little rear hole! I just
held my breath as he pulled his prick from my pussy with a
sucking pop, stuck his middle finger into my cunt and got
it very wet, then applied that finger to my ass as he had done
before. Only this time it was with a different purpose,
and he twisted his finger, greasing my rear hole and spreading
it in preparation for his cock.

I screamed as I felt his cock desperately trying to get in.
The pain was unbearable. I was pleading but he was in pure
animal lust. He pushed pushed and suddenly the cock entered
my ass. I thought my ass will be split open. I felt his prick
head inside. I was holding my breath but he stayed still
and began to feel all over me. He felt my pussy he squeezed
my tits and he rubbed my clit. As his strong fingers squeezed
and manipulated me everywhere, a new wave of heat rushed
through me and he shove a finger up my pussy viciously .........and
to avoid his finger I pushed my ass behind with a force and
that’s what he was waiting for ……. ….. he rammed his cock all the
way in. “Noooooh!” I cried. “Ooh, for God’s sake, I can’t taaake
it! “Owwwwww!”

I heard him moaning and saying oh baby you are tight. With
that he began to ride my ass in out in out. I felt his balls
slapping my upturn pussy. He fucked my ass deeper and harder,
in between lifting my ass up in the air and thrusting the
entire length of his prick up my bum. I writhed, but he couldn’t
care less. He was pounding my ass and squeezing my tits.

His cock began to swell and I thought he would split my ass
open. His rhythm increased and involuntarily I squeezed
my ass And I heard him say oh god ..i am going to come Take it, baby!” Take it, baby!” Take it, baby!” He shot his
hot spurts up her ass in wave after wave. Then with a plop sound he pulled his prick out of my ass…..
and I went down on my bed totally exhausted.

I slowly climbed out went to the bathroom . I realized my
virginity is all gone. I sat and cried for a minute for my

When I returned he was already dressed and wanting to go
down to the Bar again. I am not sure I can, I whimpered, feeling

Course you can, you stupid girl he said, And I want you there
with no knickers again. I want to walk into the bar with my
hands in your sweet ass hole!

I put on my bra and a blouse, wondering how I could make this
sex maniac stop his urge. I wrapped my skirt again around
my bare waist and repaired my stained make-up

As I walked the corridor to the lift I felt the cool air caressing
my naked pussy and my ass. As we waited for the lift I looked
down and was horrified to see my nakedness being reflected
on the glass floor. I turned around and saw robin starring
the floor. God.

As soon as we entered the lift to go the lobby. He suddenly
stopped the lift. Yanked my skirt up

I said oh no not again

He didn’t care to reply and began to lick my pussy. He made
me spread my legs and he probed his tongue deep inside me.
He told me to hold the railing and lifted my legs over his
shoulder. Gosh I was hanging by the shoulder in the lift
and this guys licking me! He began to probe with his tongue
from my pussy to my ass hole. He rimmed me and I began to shake
with excitement. He went on and on till I violently climaxed.

He let me down …I couldn’t even stand …he wiped his mouth
and pushed the lift button and said lets have a drink and
winked at me I just gave him a small smile.

He held me by shoulder squeezing my tits we walked into the
bar. He took me to the dark corner of the bar and we sat on a
sofa. He lifted my left legs and put it over his thighs. I could
feel my pussy stretching. Before I could say anything he
slided his finger and with his thumb he began to press my
clit. I felt shocked with this behaviour. I asked why are
you doing this to me Robin.?

Oh baby you don’t get virgin pussys these days… its rare…
now I got you I want to fuck your virgin pussy till my heart
content !

Oh god I thought with my mind in turmoil, I excused myself
to the Ladies. Once clear of the Bar, I ran along the corridor
and into our room, thankful that we had been given two keycards
for entry. I hurriedly threw everything in my case and left
the room, locating a Fire Exit that allowed me to get to the
Reception Area without passing the Bar.

Quick I said to the girl on duty, Get me a taxi I ll be waiting
outside.She looked at my worried face and dialed a local
Firm. Within five minutes the cab arrived and gratefully
I sank back into the seat after telling the driver to take
me to the bus station, from where I knew I could get home.

The end of the story came some five days later when I was at
work. I went to the Ladies Room at lunchtime and sat on the
toilet crying with happiness after doing the requisite
test... I am not pregnant!. Now I knew I was completely safe
from everything he had done to me, and in the future I would
be much more careful about nights away from home with boys.

The sexy underwear I had bought will be saved for a special
occasion with the right man that I am sure will come one day
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