Chapter 1. The beginning.

Let's be level about this-I'm young [well mid-twenties], free, single and quite importantly these days clean! Oh and also importantly filthy rich! In my student days I'd had a brilliant idea-so good that that I'd patented it and have recently sold the rights on the patent to a major manufacturing company for a goodly sum. Down side being that their HQ was basically on the other side of the country from where I lived and as part of the deal I had to give them consultancy for 6 months. Ho Hum!

So... Here I was in a strange hotel in a strange[ish] city-it was a good hotel; possibly the best in the city and I was in the 'Presidential' suite. I didn't care-I wasn't paying: they were-but I did feel more than a little heavy hearted as I made my way down to the bar for a couple of drinks before dinner. A couple of Scotches later things didn't seem so bad and I would have to have been blind not to notice a couple of young honeys sally into the bar. They did their best not to appear to be together but I guessed that they were in all probability and probably hookers to boot! Not that I minded paying for my pleasure-especially for the little one in the cute white cocktail dress. My cock was starting to rise even as I ogled her but I bided my time until she was nearly finished her first drink. She was looking around her probably looking for her mark but the place was very quite-basically just me, her mate and the lady I been talking to when the pair of them had arrived. I'd made a half-hearted pass at her but she'd made it quite clear that she was of the other persuasion so I let her be. Ho Hum!

Anyway... I now had another target even if it would cost! Ever had a woman where it didn't one way or another? So I went up to the girl and asked if I could buy her a drink. She said sure and having ascertained her taste I ordered a white wine sprinter for her and another Scotch and soda for myself. We did introductions [I'm Dave, she was Abigail] and chatted-nothing significant, just small talk but we got on really well. Drinks done, I asked if she'd like another but she replied "Sure! Provided it's in your room-it'll cost you mind!"

So... A hooker just like I'd suspected but what the hell? "There's Champagne in the mini-bar. That do?"

"Do me fine. 100 for an hour. 500 for the night. OK?"

"Let's go for the night-and I'll buy you dinner too" I replied leaning over to kiss her gently. I gave her my room number [and key] and she agreed to meet me there in a few moments. We kissed again and she left as if she was going to the loo. I noticed her giving a thumbs up to her pal who was sitting on a bar stool looking rather glum as she left. I smiled and before I left I had the barman give her another drink. That done I went up to her and asked quietly "Do you go both ways?"

"What?" she gulped.

"Like do you go for girls as well as guys? You know!" I continued.

"What? Like a threesome with you and Abby?"

"Not actually what I meant-though it's an interesting idea for another time. But no-see the lady over there? She would probably pay for a little female company." I smiled to her.

She smiled back saying "Think I could manage that! Thanks for the tip! Have a nice time with Abby-be gentle with her, she's not been on the game long." Just then I heard a beep like a cell phone receiving a text-it wasn't mine and the girl ignored it.

As I left for my rendezvous upstairs with Abigail-Abby apparently-I saw the girl glance at her phone before making a move on the older woman. "Good luck!" I thought but just before I was out of sight, Mandy, the dyke, having sussed what was going on, winked at me and blew me a kiss.

So... A short lift ride later saw me at the door of my room-suite really. Perhaps strangely in the circumstances I knocked only be told to come in. This I did and quickly went through to the bedroom. Quickly, but not so quickly that I didn't take the time to hang the 'Do not disturb!' label on the door knob and close over the latch on the door! What I saw when I reached the bedroom just about blew my mind! Abby was lying stark naked in the super king sized bed with one hand playing with her [shaven] pussy lips with the other was running over her bite sized breasts. Instant, instant boner!!! Now I should say that I like my women to be on the small side and I don't like big tits on the whole [mind you when I'm with a large breasted woman I do quite like a tit fuck! Ever tried that? It can be fun!] However, Abby was small, petit even, maybe 5'2", very slim and with the most gorgeous small tits you could possibly imagine-I was salivating at the thought of just kissing them, let alone the joy of actually fucking her!

"500 we agreed plus Champagne and dinner" she pouted suggestively.

"Wait right there!" I declared, my dick achingly hard, as returned to the other room to get the girl her money and to retrieve the bubbles from the mini-bar. Quite a decent brand I noticed as I stripped! I returned to the bedroom stark naked with my bloated cock proceeding me and bearing the money, the bottle and two glasses-dinner would have to wait.

Abby turned to me and gasped as she saw the size of my tool-well with all due modesty he is rather large. I laid the money on the table and opened the bottle. I poured two glasses and handed one to my 'conquest' I toasted her and she me. Gingerly, too gingerly, she laid a hand on my dick. "That's it Honey-stroke him a bit then give me a blow job! Can't wait to taste your cunt!" She smiled and proceeded to do just that. After wanking him for a bit, she kissed him right on the pee-hole tickling with her tongue before taking my bloated knob into her mouth. "That's good Abby-very good!" And it was but I could tell that because of his size it was quite a strain for her so I continued "Take as much of him as you can in your mouth but don't worry if you can't take him all-not many girls can." She began a slow bob gradually taking him deeper and deeper until my balls were lapping of her chin on each rep and I was ready to blow and blow big time. This I did without giving her any warning in case she pulled me out and finished me by hand. I wanted to come in her mouth and I knew I was clean even if she didn't. So I consigned wave after wave of my sperm directly into Abby's belly before I pulled out. I was slightly sparkly eyed-it had been a while since I'd been with a girl and that had been a hell of a blow job!

I pulled Abby to me and kissed her, tasting the saltiness of my cum on her tongue. I complemented her on her technique saying it had probably been the best oral sex I'd ever had.

She smiled saying "Bet you say that to all the girls! Didn't think I'd be able to take him all at first but I got there!"

"Sure did Honey!" I replied before kissing her again and starting to make free with her tiny tits.

As the kiss broke Abby said "Sorry they're not very big-guess I was at the end of the queue when these were being handed out! Love the way you touch them though-sends shivers all the way to my puss!"

"Abby-lets put it this way, downstairs I could have chosen either you or your mate and I chose you. Know why?" She shook her head. "I love little tits-I thought they looked pretty good when I first saw you but I was wrong, they are quite the most perfect breasts I have ever seen far less touched and I can't wait to wrap my lips round your rock hard little nipples!" I assured her giving one of her nipples a squeeze to emphasise the point.

She giggled and blushed making her appear all the cuter. "Why wait then? I'd love you to kiss them." Not being the type to pass up such an invite [OK-I was paying but a bit of romance never goes amiss, somehow it makes the encounter far more satisfying] I kissed my way down her neck and over her chest until my lips were fastened round one of her nipples and I kissing and sucking for all my worth. Abby seemed to like what I was doing as she was softly moaning and stroking my hair as she pressed my head to her breast-I had the impression that it wasn't an act like a lot of Pros would give you but genuine enjoyment. I swapped sides and continued my actions but this time I let my right hand gently find its way to her pussy. As I caressed her labia I discovered her to be dripping wet.

Breaking my lock on her breast I informed her "Abby I want to taste your pussy. OK?"

"OK-use your lips and your tongue but don't go sticking fingers up me. OK?"

Point taken I shuffled down the bed until my head was between her legs and I was looking right at her cute little cunt from a very close range. She looked so small and tight I knew she was going to be one hell of a lay! The smell of her musk was heady enough as I gently parted her labia using both hands and began to lap and explore with my tongue. She tasted incredible, every girl has a different taste but Abigail redefined sweet! I lapped for as long as could stand drinking her juices and then let my tongue play over her clit which I'd been deliberately avoiding 'till now and just as I thought she might, she came instantly, her juices flooding into my mouth. Pro or not I was damned sure I was in for a good time when we fucked-what we'd already done are more than earned her her fee in my book-so I said "I want to fuck you properly now Abby." as I kissed my way back up her body until I felt my knob graze her outer pussy lips.

"Ok then, wait until I get a condom." she replied.

"Abby-I know these days we shouldn't, but I can guarantee I'm clean and I'm prepared to take a bet that you are too. Can we do it without? I'd like to feel you against my cock just like nature indented! Pay extra if that's what it takes." I pleaded.

"OK. Go for it Big Boy-I guess I can trust you." she demurred.

So... Bearing in mind the wishes of her friend from the bar I pressed my knob gently between her pussy lips only to get the fright of my life! I could feel the girl's hymen pressing back against me! Now by her general manner I wouldn't have been surprised to know that this was the first trick she had ever turned but not only that she was actually a virgin! "Abby!" I exclaimed.

"It's OK! Just do it!" she demanded.

I was probably too far gone to stop anyway so as she thrust up at me I bored down into her, the feeling as her vaginal walls parted and expanding to accommodate me like nothing on else. To boldly go where on man has gone before... Anyway I didn't stop until every last millimetre I could give her was buried in her tightest of tight pussies. I'd been with plenty of virgins before dating from was when I'd lost my own virginity to my childhood sweetheart at the age of fourteen but I knew fuck all about what I was doing then! However my sexual career progressed from there on. For the rest of high school and college the size of my dick made me _very_ popular with the sexually active girls around. Lately work had meant that romance had had to take a bit of a back seat. Hence my not minding paying for tonight! However...

"Starting to feel good Dave-now fuck me-make me cum and let me feel your cum in me!" Abby demanded thrusting up at me again so I fucked her for all I was worth using the full length of my cock to take long pounding strokes into her velvet cunt. She was well up for it quickly finding her natural fuck instinct and quickly exploding into orgasm much to my delight. As she came I switched positions slightly hitching her legs onto my shoulders making her take my weight and allowing if anything an even deeper penetration. This freed up my hands and so I started to massage her chest. This seemed to really do it for her. "Yes, Dave, yes! Get them hard-fuck me hard!" she demanded. It didn't take much of this action before she came again, her cunt muscles clutching at my cock trying to milk the cum out of me it seemed but I was not ready to cum yet. I decided that the blowjob had been a brilliant idea taking the edge of my appetite otherwise I was sure I'd have cum by now and I wanted this to last as long as possible. So, so good, believe! Slight change of tack again, leaving her legs where they were but discontinuing her chest 'massage', I lubed the middle finger of my right hand with Abby's copious juices and pressed it against her anus. At first she flinched but as I persisted just resting the tip of my digit on her pucker she gently pressed back at me, so taking this as a good sign I pressed my finger into her. "Uh-uh! Uh-uh!" was all I heard as I continued my assault on both her holes. Her arse felt so tight on my finger which was now pistoning into and out in an asynchronous rhythm with my cock I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have my cock up there but it wouldn't be this session. I was close to boiling point but was determined to hold out until Abby got off again. Sure enough she wasn't far off and soon over her laboured breath I heard "Dave, Dave! I'm going to cum-cum with me! Let me feel your stuff in me! I can't take much more of this! Cum with me! I'm cum....". Abby absolutely detonated into orgasm-never, ever have I known a woman orgasm so hard-and I just had to join her jetting off into her depths time and again before I was done. Although spent I continued the fuck action [and still finger-fucking her rear] until just before all the erection giving blood had drained from my cock Abby had another small climax. Now I really was done and rolled the pair of us onto our sides on the bed together. It was a long time before either of us spoke.

"Abby? That was the best sex I've ever, ever had!" I finally declared still struggling to get my breath back.

"Bet you say that to all the girls!" she said again. "Best sex I've ever had-only sex I've ever had!"

"No I most sincerely mean it and as for you! Want to talk about it? Turning a trick when you're still a virgin?"

"Didn't mind did you? I mean I've obviously no experience or, or... technique but a girl's got to do something to get some money together and I've no qualifications or anything."

"Honey with a body like yours and a tight cunt like yours who needs technique. Ask me you're a natural born sex-kitten. Loved the way you came and I loved the way it obviously not put on to entertain me! But I think you sold yourself short in the bar-a lot of guys, probably including myself, would pay one hell of a lot for the privilege of deflowering a cutie like you After all you could have got as little as a hundred bucks!"

She blushed. "Well like I said I need the money and a hundred would have kept me going for a while but five is obviously better. In the bar I took a bit of a shine to you-you seemed like a decent bloke who wouldn't beat me up or anything nasty so I didn't want to scare you off by making the price too high. Besides I had to prove to myself that I could do it!"

"Fuck or turn a trick?" I teased.

"Both but mostly the latter." she shrugged. "If I hadn't taken a liking to you I'd have refused the second drink and Clair and I would have moved onto another bar. Wonder how she's getting on-didn't look like she had any prospects by the time I left."

"Well I wouldn't worry about her-she had certainly more than a prospect by the time I left." I laughed.

"But there was only that woman left in the bar...." Abby's voice trailed off.

"Yeah Mandy's a dyke but your friend-Clair is it?-didn't seem to mind" I laughed again looking at Abby's shocked face. "Come on-let's have a shower to clean up and then I'll buy you that promised dinner-you've more than earned it!"

So... With the prospect of a very interesting night ahead I went through to the rather grand bathroom and turned on the shower before ushering in Abby-if that her real name; Pros often use aliases of course; I kinda hoped it was 'cos I liked it and it seemed to suit her. Maybe not an Abigail but certainly an Abby-young, bubbly, fun!

Anyway... Muse over I climbed in beside her and proceed to soap her simply gorgeous body paying especial attention to her chest, puss and arse. "Much more of that and you'll need to fuck me again!" she simpered, melting against me. "And what was that with the finger in my arse? Would it hurt to take your cock up there?"

"Well I'm glad you liked my finger there and no-done properly-it shouldn't hurt to have anal sex. If it hurts somebody is doing something wrong. Right here in the shower is a very good place to try if you're game."

"I'm game" was Abby's reply "but Clair says I should charge extra for things like that-not that she's ever done it from what I can gather."

"Don't worry about the money-we'll work something out amicably in the morning" I assured her.

"But Clair says..."

"Never mind about what Clair says. I'll see you right"

"Yeah but what if you turn mean in the morning and we've not agreed anything?" Abby protested.

"OK! OK! If you like, name your price and I'll waddle out all wet and get it for you!"

"We'll talk about it later-I'll believe you!" she giggled probably thinking about me strutting around with a painfully hard dick trying to find my pocketbook! "Now what do we do?"

"Well... bend over, brace yourself against the wall and show me your buns!" I commanded in reply. With another giggle she did just that and waved her arse provocatively at me. Man, oh man what a sight! I took the liquid soap and sprayed a generous dollop on both her anal pucker and my cock. With one hand I worked the cream all over and into her arse using two fingers for the latter to stretch her a bit while with the other I wanked myself just enough to lub all of my cock. After a bit of this action I asked "Ready?"

She nodded and replied "Ready-your fingers feel so good in there! Do me and do me good!"

"Honey I don't do bad but tell me if anything is sore for you and we stop immediately! OK?"

"OK but I'm sure I'll manage!"

So... I took her at her word, withdrew my fingers and set my knob in place. Taking advantage of her still being a bit dilated from the actions of my fingers I thrust gently into her, my knob gaining admission with perhaps surprising ease but the soap [plus my fingers] seemed to have eased the passage. "OK?" I asked with just[!] my knob lodged in her back passage before proceeding.

"Yeah-it's a bit sore but it's a kind of sore I could get to like. Try going deeper-I'll tell you if I need you to stop!" she grunted as she tried to ease herself back on me.

Good enough for me so I slowly pressed my fully engorged cock into her. Apart from Abby's laboured breathing and the sound of the running water which was playing over us both not another thing did I hear until she had taken all I could give her up her smooth tight rear. It was absolute heaven for me to be there-not as good as her tight pussy but anal fucking is quite a different experience and one which I rather like. I'd had anal sex with plenty of girls before but few had managed to take me all the way up their rear and none had been as exciting as Abby. "Still OK Abby?" I asked again. "You've got him all!"

"Uh! Have I?" she queried as I felt her hand reach back under herself to grope my balls. "Gosh! Go for it!"

As I withdrew a little Abby's hand returned to its bracing position and ever so slowly I began to ream her. Damn what Clair had to say-Abby really could name her price for this! I was up on the edge in no time and knew that I couldn't last long but I needn't have worried as Abby came just as I did, her anal sphincter clamping down so hard on me that my cum was released as a long, slow, almost agonising stream. Sated I made to pull out but Abby's still fluttering muscles made it into a kind to tug-of-war but eventually the blood in my cock subsided enough to let him escape her clutches.

"Wow! I'm game for that any time!" she declared.

I laughed "Pretty damn good for me too! Come on-lets get cleaned up and get that dinner!"

"OK!" she smiled coyly rinsing off before stepping out to dry herself. I joined her a moment later after making sure my cock was scrupulously clean. Once we were both dry Abby sat down, still naked, on the stool in the bedroom to dry her long blond hair.

"Abby?" I ventured "If you thought there was a chance you would be spending the night here, did you, like, did you bring anything with you?"

"What? Oh, yeah I've a small duffle in the cloakroom. You could get it for me while I finish off here-the check's in my bag in the other room."

As I was already dressed I agreed and went to get the check. Now I wasn't prying and she had given me permission to look in her bag but when I did I couldn't help noticing the contents were remarkably sparse-a packet of condoms [of course], a cell phone, some breath mints, a key, a few dollars, ID indicating that her name was Abigail Dupont who was barely 18, a couple of porno DVDs[!] and some cheap cosmetics. Perhaps she just didn't want to carry much when she was 'on the job' but it seemed a little odd to me.

Anyway... By the time I returned with the duffle [which I'd also had a peek into in the lift-all it contained was a toothbrush, a change of undies and some day clothes] Abby was dressed and ready to go. "Hungry?" I queried as I laid the bag down.

"After all that? Famished!" she declared so we rode down in the lift and were given a pretty good table in the fairly busy restaurant.

I noticed Mandy and Clair not too many tables away fairly far through their meal and obviously getting on famously. Abby noticed too "Let's order," I told Abby "then you can go and powder your nose and compare notes with Clair if you like. I. Did you text her?"

"Yeah just after I left to go to your room. Gave her your name and room number and sent her your photo-bet you didn't see me take it!" I shook my head. "Actually she sent me the same about Mandy but I hadn't checked it by the time you told be about the two of them. That was silly of me as its meant to be a kind of mutual security-still I'm new to all this"

So... We proceed to order both agreeing on the Assiette Froide as a starter but then Abby declared she was going to have Steak Tartar. I queried her. "You sure?"

"Yeah, fancy a steak." she asserted.

"Know what it is?"

"Well... steak! In some sort of sauce I suppose."

I laughed in a kind-hearted sort of way saying "Its actually ground beef bound together with egg and served raw."

She grimaced "Like a raw beef burger?"

"More or less!" I nodded "You'll either like it or you won't but if you fancy a 'traditional' steak you can't go wrong with the Steak Au Poivre here-that's steak cooked how you like it although I'd suggest no more than medium as its so tender served with a creamy pepper sauce."

"Sounds good to me!" she declared so that is what I ordered for us both together with a half-bottle of a decent French red [I was mindful of what I'd already had to drink and the half-drunk bottle of Fizz still on ice upstairs-no way was I going to let booze spoilt tonight!]

So... That done, it happened that Clair and Mandy had just finished their main course so it was a good time for Abby and Clair to have a confab. Pretending to stumble slightly as she rose so that Clair was sure to look up and notice, Abby left first with Clair following a few moments later. I slipped over to Mandy. "Have fun?" I teased.

"Oh yes-she doesn't have much experience with women but somehow that makes it rather sweet and she is more than willing to learn. She's staying the night." Mandy smiled in reply. "And you?"

"Definitely plenty of fun! Again not much in the way of experience but willing to learn. She's staying the night too." I replied.

We left it at that because I could see the girls coming into the room. Once we were re-seated I asked "Well what did Clair say?"

"Well... she's having a great time with Mandy-never knew girls could be so much fun-says she'll teach me a few tricks if I'm willing!"

"And are you?" I queried thinking of my initial encounter with Clair where she thought I had meant a threesome.

"Maybe-we'll see." was Abby's non-committal reply.

"And what did she have to say about us?" I had a sense Abby was hedging by talking about Clair and not herself.

"Well... she's both pleased for me and angry with me." she replied in a low voice so that no one could possibly overhear. "Pleased that I've actually done it, pleased that I enjoyed it so much, pleased that my inclination that you're a nice guy was right but angry that I didn't get her security message 'till later than I should-not that that is always going to work anyway; I mean if you're in the middle of it with someone and you hear the phone you can hardly say ''Cuse me-I've got a text' can you?" I laughed mainly at her indignation but Abby went on "Angry about other things too-like kissing on the mouth and with tongues, having anal without agreeing a price-things like that. More importantly, in Clair's mind at least, she's livid that I did it without a condom telling me I was a fool to believe any guy who says he's clean-you are aren't you?" She looked at me questioningly.

"You bet I am Honey. I'll get tested tomorrow if it puts your mind at rest-too late I know but there you go. And it is a felony to have unprotected sex if you are knowingly HIV positive." I'd had a scare with a girl a few years ago whom I'd been screwing who turned out positive but it also turned out she contracted the virus well after we had split up but after that I'd generally been most careful about such things. Not with Abby however...

"Anyway, that won't be necessary. Maybe I am a fool but I do trust you Dave. But then again you had no way of knowing I was guaranteed clean at the outset did you? You didn't know I was a virgin did you? And what was it you said-something about feeling me in the way that nature intended? That struck a cord-after all it was my first time, natural sounded about right." Abby blushed-she was dead cute, even cuter than normal when she blushed.

The waiter approached with our starters so the conversation was held in abeyance while we were served. Abby dug into the platter like she hadn't seen food in a week-as you will see as you read on that was almost true. After we were done I took up again trying to change tack. "Well never mind Clair..."

"But I have to mind Clair-she saved me from a very tricky situation."

"Want to tell me about it?" I gently prompted.

"Well... I'm from up north [around here that generally meant Canada] and I lived with my Mom and step-Dad. Mom died a couple of years back-cancer ..."

"I'm sorry to hear that." I mumbled but she waved that away continuing.

"Afterwards Dad went to pieces and fell in with a bad lot. He got done for drug running and sent away for a long time. The farm got repossessed and I got turfed out. Knowing there was little for me where I was I scraped together what little cash I could, loaded my gear into a holdall and caught the bus down to here-I was supposed to have an Aunt who lived over the south-side."

The main course arrived. Abby just about licked her lips as she saw the mouth-watering steaks and the accompanying tastefully arranged array of veg-no way was this nouvelle-cuisine, the portions were too big for that, but it was all very nicely presented. Again the main conversation went on hold as Abby dug in-she certainly had a healthy appetite for all her diminutive size. Until she was finished all I heard about was how good the food was, how tender the steak, how hot the sauce, how tender the veg... Despite my burning desire to know more of her story I knew better than to press as I slowly sipped my wine waiting for her to finish, my appetite being satisfied well before hers. I didn't mind as it was somehow refreshing to see a young girl tuck into her food without wondering about the consequences on her figure-but there again there had been times recently when Abby didn't know where her next meal was coming from after her mother had died apparently.

So... Finally Abby pushed her plate away, replete. "Sorry Dave, you'll want to hear my story but food that good just couldn't wait!" she smiled across the table at me. "Anyway just after I'd arrived and still in the bus-station some hood barged into me pushing me into the gutter as he slit the strap on my holdall and made off with it. I was too dazed to do much about it-hope he was able to get something for a bunch of what I'll admit were cheap clothes-but it was Clair who picked me up saying something like 'Come on hon-let's get out of here!' as she indicated a couple of mean looking guys who were closing in on us. I didn't know who they were then but I know now that they were what are called 'Talent Scouts' for the big time pimps-seems they frequent all the bus and train stations on the lookout for out-of-town girls like me to put into 'service'. Anyway, Clair and I split back to her bed-sit where she said I was welcome to kip on her floor 'till I got sorted out. I am so grateful to her for that so that's why I have to 'mind' Clair-if it weren't for her I'd probably be in some seedy brothel down town somewhere turning who knows how many tricks a day and no doubt after 'Mr Big' had had the pleasure of showing me the ropes! Probably in more ways than one!"

Abby paused as the waiter appeared with the sweet menu but Abby declined saying that coffee would be fine for her so with two coffees ordered she continued. "So next day Clair and I went looking for my Aunt but it seems the address I had was well out of date as the whole neighbourhood had been flattened and redeveloped 5-10 years ago. Asking around the few older looking cafes and bars that remained drew a blank as did a check on the voters' role at city hall. I was about in tears but Clair said 'What the hell! Stay with me for a bit until you get sorted out.' I'm so, so grateful to her for that.

"Anyway that evening she put on a party frock saying 'I'm going out-sorry but you can't come but don't wait up for me 'cos I'll be late, might not even be back till morning if Lady Luck is with me! Watch something on the box-there are plenty of DVD's in the corner. So after she left I took a look through the stack-most of them were unlabeled, pirate copies I guessed, no real surprise there so I just grabbed one at random and put it on. It was a full-blown fuck video-I'd never seen the like but somehow I found it strangely compelling and soon was sitting naked in front of the thing fondling my tits and stroking my pussy as I watched girl after girl take cock in probably every way you could imagine. I got myself off time after time as I watched-I'd played with myself before but never like this, normally one climax did for me but not that night.

"Well eventually I crawled off into my sleeping bag on the floor well before Clair re-appeared but she must have smelled me when she did-the place reeked of my odour but the next morning she said nothing. She slept most of the day but the next evening the same thing happened-Clair went out in her glad rags while I watched another movie or two. I must have fallen asleep in front of the telly stark naked for that was how Clair found me the next morning. This time she gently guided me to my sleeping roll saying something like 'We'll talk about this later-right now I'm bushed!'

"So sometime we both stirred... Dave! Stop that!" Abby almost shrieked. I'd taken off my loafers and, having not put any socks on as I dressed after our shower was now massaging her clit with my big toe under the table-likewise I knew she had never donned her knickers again. Despite her protestations she made no move to stop me as my toe rubbed away. However like a good trooper she kept up her story...

"Clair told me bluntly that she was a prostitute but that she did it on her own terms-normally just the one guy a day, someone she would have picked up in a good class bar, and that there was no pimp involved. She asked if I would be interested in earning some dosh the same way.

"Well... Dave-really stop that! You'll make me come!"

This made me redouble my efforts to push Abby over the edge and I took great delight as she came just as the waiter served the coffees! She was very controlled-quite the reverse of the scene in 'When Harry met Sally' where Sally faked an orgasm at the dinner table! Abby was however clutching onto the arms of the carver style chair with such intensity that her knuckles turned white while she struggled to keep her breathing under control. The waiter raised an eyebrow [but no more] so I just brushed it off saying "The smell of good coffee always has that effect on her-personally I wouldn't drink it without her approval. You must be doing something right!"

The eyebrow went again as the waiter made to leave saying "Thank you for the complement Sir."

I laughed softly as Abby threw a napkin at me. "Bastard!" she mouthed.

"No my parents were happily married." I said before realising that it was perhaps not the most appropriate thing to say given Abby's circumstances.

However... Abby made light of it and continued "Anyway I had to confess I'd never done it before..."

I cut in "You've got to have blown a guy before if nothing else?'

"Uh-uh! No I never have! You see Clair taught me all I needed to know as we watched the DVDs together today. She sort of talked me through all I needed to know. Must have listened to her OK I suppose!"

"Yeah, I suppose!" I agreed without admitting anything I hadn't already told her.

"So... I agreed to try, we went down to the charity shop to get me a dress and well... here we are! Clair lent me the money for the dress, condoms and whatever plus she's been giving me board and lodgings for the past few days so, yeah, I owe her."

"Don't worry about Clair-your cash is your cash, I'll see her OK." I kissed Abby's hand and she smiled.

Coffee done I suggested Abby go back to the room where I would join her in a few minutes. She looked at me strangely but agreed. As I left in due course I timed it to catch Clair coming out of the loo and, out of sight of Mandy I pressed three 100 dollar bills into her hand. "Call that a 'finder's fee' for Abby-and she's quits with you OK?"

Clair glanced at the notes I'd pressed into her hand before saying "OK-but tell her she still has my door key and is still welcome to crash there if she needs to. OK?"

"You're a good friend to her-I appreciate that." I said leaning forward to kiss her gently. "How are things with Mandy?"

"Fun-but its not like having a good hard shaft between your legs is it?"

"Wouldn't know!" I laughed in return.

"By what Abby tells me, you're huge!" Again I laughed but Clair pulled me into a dark corner of the cloakroom and hauled down my zip. "Come on David-take me" she said as she slipped a condom onto my rapidly hardening dick. "Abby won't mind! Nor will Mandy!" she breathed just before I took her. What the hell I thought. "God-you are huge! Lucky Abby getting her cherry popped by such a monster-bet she was as tight as hell!"

"Yeah-she's tight and she has fabulous body." I confessed as I took my pleasure in Clair. "Not that you aren't tight but I prefer my girls small like Abby-no offence?"

Clair didn't reply, her orgasm overtaking the power of speech momentarily. Having cum herself she pulled me out of her haven, stripped off the condom and finished me in her mouth drinking down wave after wave of my cum until she was sure there was no more.

"What about the HIV thing?" I asked as I put my now limp dick away.

"Aw! What the hell-if Abby trusts you, I trust you. And, by the way, no offence-about Abby I mean-we all have our preferences and lucky for me most men prefer bigger boobs than Abby's. Also by the way, not many blokes can make me cum-I usually have to fake it to satisfy their ego-but not right then! Lucky Abby-bet she cums for you!"

"No bet-she does! Maybe I'll take you up on that offer of a threesome sometime, but not tonight. Take it the pair of you have never made out together?"

"No! Our hands were kept strictly to ourselves as we watched the movies and I told her all about everything. Dropped some none too subtle hints though-especially during some lessy scenes-I'd have loved to have eaten her out." Clair adjusted her clothing and went off in search of Mandy while I took the elevator back to my suite. Abby was waiting for me spread-eagled on the big bed stark naked one hand fingering her puss while she read a text on the cell phone.

"So fuck Clair did you? I don't mind-in fact I told her too. How do we compare?" Abby smiled up at me as I undressed.

"Well... She's good but not as good as you or anything like it." As soon as I laid down beside her Abby started to stroke my cock.

"Bet you say that to all the girls!" she said again but I shook my head. "Love the way he get so big and hard so quickly. Can you teach me some different positions?" So I did just that and we spent the rest of the evening and well into the wee small hours fucking and sucking in all manner of positions and places until we were too exhausted to continue and fell asleep in each others arms after one almighty cum in Abby's hot little arse.

To be continued...

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