Let me share with you my story. This happened when I was a sixteen year old boy living in England. It is true. It is factual. It expresses my fears-and feelings at the time. I am over it now and do not have any demons. I have to tell it because I find some of the story's on here so wide of reality they are a joke.

I was brought up by my single mother after my dad walked out on us. At the age of sixteen my mother died from cancer and I was taken in by my uncle and aunt. My Uncle was my Dads brother. My aunt was under his thumb and never argued with his decisions. We were never close before this but he offered and to be honest the thought of going into care as an alternative frightened me. I always felt uncomfortable around him and looking back now his sexual interest in me started within a few week. He would walk into the shower when I was naked. Or when I was getting changed he would be there. I thought it odd but didn't worry too much. Then it would get a bit more intense. He would talk to me about sex and if I was interested in girls or boys. I used to get embarrassed but laughed it off. He used to joke with my aunt that I was interested in boys and she would make comments about me being gay. I used to deny it because I wasn't but it made no difference. I was totally confused by what was going on.

One day things took a turn for the worst when he brought home a pack of 6 girls panties and told me I had to wear them in bed. They were the only things I could wear in bed from now on. I was stunned and my aunt just grinned. That night he stood there and watched as I put them on, pulled them up and got into bed. My pajamas were removed and thrown out that night. It was like he was humiliating me, and the bastard was enjoying it. This went on for a week or so and then it got worse.

This time the real sex abuse began. My aunt was out at a friends that night and this was the opportunity he was waiting for. He didn't waste any time. I had just been in bed for about 5 minutes when the door opened and he was stood there in the doorway naked. The light went on and my eyes fixed on his cock which was hard. My heart raced because I knew what was going to happen. The question was how far would he go. I couldn't fight him off he was 15 stone against my 9." What's up" I remember saying." I thought you might like a bit of company" he said as he walked to my bed. He pulled the quilt back and I laid there in my girls panties whilst he just stood and stared. "Get them off" he ordered . I pulled them off and as soon as I had, he got on the bed and started to kiss my mouth. At the same time he grabbed my hand and forced it onto his cock. "We are going to have a bit of man on boy gay fun" he said. I was terrified and shaking by now. He continued kissing me for what seemed like ages. "I am not gay" I said, It made no difference. He stopped kissing and moved down to my cock and began to suck and lick it. I wasn't erect and knew I wouldn't be. I was not turned on at all. However he was.

Shortly after sucking me he told me to suck him."No please I don't want " I said. It was no good though. My head was forced down and I could smell stale cum and sweat on his cock. I opened my mouth and he pushed it forward till the tip was against my lips. I opened my mouth and licked his cock. It tasted horrible. "Suck it" he said. I moved my head up and down his cock in a way I thought it was done. "That's nice gay boy" he said. This went on for ages. Eventually he seemed to get bored and I was thank full he hadn't cum. The thought of him cumming in my mouth was a horrible thought.

I thought he was finished but what he said next made me really scared. "Don't go away whilst I get some KY jelly from our room for your arse" he said. I just lay there in shock. This would hurt I thought. When he came back I again pleaded with him not do it. He ignored me completely and squeezed some KY jelly onto his cock. His cock looked massive and I thought he will never get that in. Once he had lubricated his cock he told me to get on all fours. I did, and his hand pressed my head down so my arse was exposed and stuck up in the air. I started to cry at this point. I could feel his finger probing my arse and then the head of his cock. At first he just pushed it at my arse and the force moved me forward. This made me think that maybe he just wants to simulate anal sex. This thought didn't last long. "He grabbed my hips and started to pull me back onto his cock. I could feel the head forcing it's way in and my arse tightened in response. "Stop resisting" he said. " I am going to fuck you if you like it or not" He kept on pushing it in and the pain was unbelievable. I thought my arse would tear open. Wider and wider it stretched and I was crying and pleading for him to stop. I felt his cock slide up my arse. A really weird sensation it was. My sphincter hurt like hell and I could feel his cock inside. It felt like it was hitting my stomach. I didn't realise how deep a cock could go. He must have been 6 inch up.

He started thrusting and to my relief this didn't make it hurt anymore. My arse was sore but not getting any more pain full so I kept still and let him fuck me. When he thrust up I could feel the tip hitting my insides and the sensation was like I wanted to crap. However I knew I couldn't with my uncles cock in there. I closed my eyes and let him do it. I realised I had stopped crying. He carried on for what felt like for ever. All the while he was grunting and talking dirty. " Fucking little gay slut, You have a mans arse" he said. "It's made for a man" I never said a word and the fucking continued." I am going to cum" He shouted and with one big thrust he shoved it up my arse and held it still. I couldn't feel the cum but after he pulled it out I rushed to the toilet and cum was leaking out. I just sat there and cried. I couldn't believe it. When I came out he threw the girls panties at me and said "put them on little girl" I put them on and laid in bed with my arse so sore I couldn't begin to describe it. This abuse went on for about two years till I left at 16.
So this is my story. It wasn't enjoyable being raped. However I am over it.

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[#10] nmsteve ( 1190 days ago )
nmsteve avatar Who cares about numbers ? My cock is hard thinking about my mom letting older men have sex with me.Great experiences !!!
[#53] oldbluiii ( 1583 days ago )
oldbluiii avatar Where is your "fountain of youth" ?

Your mother died when you were 16 and you to live with your uncle, you were with him for 2 years and then left when you were 16. ??????
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