This story is not true and 100 percent made up

My dad’s girlfriend, Melissa had finally moved in with us. My mom was furious about their relationship. My parents had gotten divorced almost a year ago. Neither of them explained why, but I knew it was because Dad finally stood up to my Mom. Mom thought she had complete control over him until one day he kicked her out of the house. It turned out that Dad was having an affair with Melissa, a 25 year old teacher at an area high school for over a year, and he couldn’t take being bossed around anymore.
I was angry at my father for breaking up my parents. Dad got custody since he made a far greater amount of money than Mom. Once Dad just custody, I finally got to meet Melissa, she was a bombshell. She had brunette colored hair, with blonde highlights, a great ass, and a great set of boobs, probably a large C-cup. I went and visited Mom and told her about Melissa. Mom was very upset and I gave her a hug. Mom was still a great looking lady, for being 44. She had curly blonde hair, a big ass, and a set of 34D’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of her traits. I was 18, had curly brown hair, an athletic body with a small, but tight ass, and a pair of perky 34B’s.
When I told Mom that Melissa would be moving into the house next month, Mom told me she had a plan. I quickly drove over to her house and Mom let me in. Mom went into her room and came back out carrying a large black strap-on, “Mom” I yelled, “where did you get that.” Mom just chuckled, “A porno shop, Grace” she said. “I got it a month ago and I thought I would find Melissa and shove it inside her” Mom explained, “but I think you can do better” she said, handing me the strap-on. It was the first I ever held, it was decently thick and probably a good 8 inches long. “What do you mean” I asked. “Well honey” Mom answered, “as you probably know, I owned your father. Anything I wanted, he would do it. He was by bitch. Now I want you to make Melissa into your bitch.” I looked at my mother, “how am I supposed to do that, I’m not a lesbian.” “It doesn’t matter” Mom explained, “it is quite fun and your father will be destroyed and he may even give me custody over you.” I agreed to the idea and Mom filled me in on the rest.
A couple of weeks after Melissa moved in, Mom told me to go ahead with the plan. Dad had gone back to his long work hours, so Melissa and I had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours. I usually got home about 10 minutes before Melissa, so I had time to get ready. I got completely naked and put the strap-on as I heard the front door close. I waited for a couple of minutes before I walked downstairs, “oh Melissa” I yelled when I got to the bottom of the stairs. “Yeah, Grace” I heard Melissa say from the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and saw her standing behind the counter looking through the mail. “Grace what the fuck are you doing” Melissa asked nervously. I walked around the counter, “making you into my bitch” I said. Melissa was frozen with her eyes popped out, staring at the strap-on. I grabbed Melissa’s modest black skirt and yanked it down, “Grace don’t do this” Melissa pleaded. I turned her around so her ass was facing me and pulled her pink thong down, “I know you fucking want it” I said sternly and pushed the strap-on inside her pussy. “Oh fuck” Melissa screamed. Melissa was very wet, so I had no problem pushing more of it in, “you fucking love this, don’t you slut” I screamed at her. Melissa moaned a little bit before saying, “I do… I fucking love it.” I pumped the rubber cock in and out causing Melissa to yell loudly, “you fucking whore” I yelled, “take that cock.” “Don’t fucking stop Grace, don’t fucking stopppppppp” Melissa yelled while cumming.
I continued to pound her pussy and Melissa kept on begging for more, “you like that slut” I asked, “is it better than my Dad’s cock.” “Yessssss” Melissa yelled, cumming again. I was extremely turned on by making this woman my slut and I fucked her even harder. “Ahhhhhhh” Melissa continued moaning, “this is crazy, so fucccckkking greattttttt” she came for a third time. I stopped and Melissa rested against the counter, “please no more” Melissa begged. I leaned up against her and slapped her ass, “Melissa, you are my slut now” I told her, “do you understand.” Melissa said “yes”, “you’re my fucking bitch and my Dad no longer fucks you, got it” I said sternly. Melissa told me yes and I pulled the strap-on out of her soaked cunt. “Good” I said, spanking her ass, “now, clean off this cock” I demanded.
Melissa dropped to her knees and took the rubber dick in her mouth. She sucked like a pro. “That’s right bitch, clean it all off” I said grabbing her hair. Melissa moaned and started to deep throat the cock. I let her suck on the cock for a couple of minutes and I told her to get up. She stood up and I grabbed the back of her head and gave her a long deep kiss. Our tongues went in and out of each other’s mouths and I knew that she was all mine. “Me and you are sleeping together tonight” I told her, “in Dad’s bed.” “Ok” Melissa said. I walked upstairs and went into my bedroom and called Mom.
Mom told me to come over right away and tell her all about it. I ate dinner at Mom’s house and we chatted about the experience and what needed to happen tonight. I drove home and found Melissa and Dad sitting on the couch watching television. “Hey honey” Dad said. “Melissa come with me” I told her. Melissa stood up and I led her up to Dad and Melissa’s bedroom and told her to undress. I walked to my room and put on the strap-on and walked back to the master bedroom. “Dad, get up here now” I yelled downstairs.
Melissa was lying nude on the bed and I was pushing the strap-in into her cunt when Dad walked into the room, “Grace” he yelled. I turned to face him, “hey daddy, I just wanted to let you know that Melissa is now mine and you are no longer allowed to fuck her” I said, “isn’t that right Melissa.” Melissa nodded yes and I slipped the strap-on into her cunt. Dad could only watch as his girlfriend was getting fucked by own daughter. Melissa moaned and gasped as I pushed the strap-on deep inside of her. I then started fucking her, “that’s it, fuck me” Melissa yelled. I looked back at Dad and he was playing with his cock. “You like watching me fuck her daddy” I asked. Dad didn’t answer, but Melissa continued to moan. “Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh, fuck” Melissa screamed as she came. I pulled the strap-on out of her pussy and pulled it off. I jumped on top Melissa’s face and yelled, “eat my cunt slut.” Melissa buried her tongue in my cunt and went to town. I moaned loudly, “that’s it slut.” Melissa sucked on my clit causing me to let out a loud shriek. This was enough for Dad to shoot his load onto the floor. “That’s it, here it comessssssssss” I screamed as I came all over Melissa’s cute face.
Melissa and I panted on the bed. I looked over at Dad who was now looking at the floor, “Dad” I said, “I want you to know that you will not fuck me or Melissa as long as I say so, is that clear.” Dad nodded his head, “Good” I added, “now go sleep on the couch, this is Melissa and my room now.” I gave Melissa a good kiss on the lips as Dad walked away silently. Soon after, Melissa and I were both asleep in each others arms.
The next couple of days Melissa and I fucked constantly. She was almost a nymphomaniac. We would wake up and we would fuck before we left for the day. She would rush home, go over her papers from school quickly and then we would fuck. She would make dinner when Dad got home, we would eat, and then we would fuck. We would sit on the couch after dinner and play around with each other in front of Dad, then went upstairs and fucked while Dad sat downstairs alone. This was exactly what Mom wanted to happen.
Mom called me about a week after Melissa and I started fucking and told me that she was going to visit Dad in two days, and that me and Melissa needed to be gone for a couple of hours. I told her it wouldn’t be a problem and she glad to here that Mom was trying to get back with Dad. Before Mom hung up she told me that she was sending a surprise to the house tomorrow and she assured me that I would love it. I hung up the phone and got excited.
The next day, after Melissa and I had got done fucking, we heard the doorbell ring. “Who could that be” Melissa asked. I got up and through a tank top and a pair of shorts on and went downstairs. Melissa stayed in bed and told me to come back soon.
I opened the door to a good looking girl, “hey” the girl said, looking me up and down. “Umm, hi” I said back. The girl wore a green shirt and wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were probably a large b-cup, and she had a tight looking ass. “Can I help you” I asked, she looked at me, “I think so” she said stepping into the house and giving me a kiss. I then realized that this was Mom’s surprise for me. I pulled her in the house, closed the door and pulled the girls top off. She had gorgous breasts and I started licking her nipples. The girl pulled my top off as well, “Grace” we heard Melissa yell from upstairs, “come back up here.” I stopped sucking the girls tits, pulled down my shorts, and pulled the girls skirt down as well. I took the girls hand and ran upstairs to the bedroom.
The girl and I got to the bedroom door and she started kissing me again. Melissa sat up in bed, “who is this” Melissa asked. I broke the kiss and realized I didn’t know the girls name. “I’m Kayla” the girl said, dropping to her knees. She then started licking my pussy. I leaned against the wall and let out a moan as Kayla found my clit almost instantly. I looked over at Melissa who was already rubbing her own pussy. This clearly wasn’t the first time Kayla did this, “fuck Kayla” I yelled, “your incredible.” I took my right leg and placed it over Kayla’s left shoulder and began fucking her mouth. “Ohhhhh please baby” I moaned, “make meeeeee cum.” Melissa was moaning on the bed watching me and Kayla go at it. “Fuck here it comes” I announced, “ooooohhhhhhh” I moaned loudly as I came all over the girl’s cute face.
I went over to the bed and put the strap-on on. Kayla jumped into bed and started kissing Melissa. Once I got the strap-on on, I laid Melissa down on her back and shoved the cock into her pussy. Melissa moaned and Kayla straddled Melissa’s face. Melissa licked Kayla’s cunt wildly, causing her moan loudly. I pounded Melissa hard and she started moaning into Kayla’s cunt. “God your fucking great” Kayla moaned to Melissa. I could hear Melissa moaning into Kayla’s cunt as I kept on fucking her. “Here it cums” Kayla moaned, “I’m cumming” she said moving her cunt away from Melissa. Suddenly, a long stream of cum flew out her pussy and all over Melissa’s face. Melissa screamed in delight, “of my god” Melissa screamed and she came as well.
Kayla sucked on the cock and licked the juices off of it. Kayla then turned around and got on all fours. Melissa moved to the top of the bed and Kayla started eating her pussy out. Kayla stopped for a second and looked back at me, “put it in my ass” she demanded. Kayla went back to licking Melissa’s cunt and I pressed the cock against her tight asshole. This was the first time I had ever fucked someone in the ass, and I was extremely horny. Kayla obviously had been fucked in the ass before because the cock slipped in quite easily. Kayla let out a yell as I started pumping in and out of her ass. Melissa moaned like a horny school girl as Kayla did great work on her cunt. Kayla rubbed her cunt as I pounded her ass. Melissa shrieked loudly as she came in Kayla’s mouth. Kayla’s ass was a great fuck and Kayla announced she was going cum again. I picked up the pace, “ahhhhhh” Kayla yelled as another large amount of cum shot out of her pussy and all over the bed.
I pulled the cock out of her tight asshole and laid down on the bed. Melissa started sucking on the cock that was just in Kayla’s ass. Kayla kissed me and started playing with my boobs. We were all sweating like pigs and I couldn’t help but fall asleep.
I awoke several hours later and saw Kayla was laying on top of Melissa. I pulled my strap-on off and went downstairs nude. Dad was sitting on the couch eating dinner alone, “Hey daddy” I said. He looked over at me, “who’s your new friend?” “Just a friend I know” I said going to the kitchen and grabbing a drink of water.
When I got back upstairs Melissa woke up and rolled Kayla off of her. I got in bed and Melissa and I started making out, “that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my life” Melissa said between kisses. I caressed Melissa’s tits and ass and told her “your welcome.” Melissa and I soon went back to bed for a couple of more hours.
Kayla woke us up and told Melissa and I that she had to leave but she was going to stop by and do it again. Melissa and I each gave her a kiss and thanked her. Kayla put her clothes back on and left the house. Melissa and I looked at each other and then began to fuck each other.
The next morning Mom called me and told me to be out of the house with Melissa from 4 to 6. I told Melissa I wanted to go to the mall with her when she got done with school. Melissa told me she would go and that she would pick me up when she could.
When we got back home from the mall, Mom’s car was parked on the street in front of the house. Melissa didn’t think anything of it and we entered the house. Melissa and I went to the kitchen and set down our shopping bags. Mom then came in from the family room completely nude. “Hey Grace” Mom smiled, “Mom” I stammered. Mom looked over at Melissa, “and you must be Melissa” Mom said, “I’m Milly, Hal’s ex-wife” she added holding out her hand. Melissa looked at Mom, then at me, then ran upstairs up to her room and slammed the door. Mom laughed “the plan is actually working.” “Wait, what” I asked. “Grace, the plan” Mom smiled, “you made Melissa your bitch, while your Dad sat here and watched you fuck her. When your Dad got lonely I gave him a call and we fucked.” I looked into the family room and saw Dad asleep on the couch. “Now your Dad and I can get back together” Mom smiled. Before I had a chance to respond, I saw Melissa standing in a black pushup bra wearing the strap-on. “Melissa, what are you doing” I asked. Melissa walked right past me, grabbed my mom and slammed her down against the kitchen table. “get off me bitch” Mom yelled. Melissa looked possessed and Mom couldn’t break free from her grip. “Grace help me” Mom yelled, but I stood in the same place. Melissa shoved the strap-on right up Mom’s ass. Mom screamed in agony as Melissa slammed Mom’s tight ass. “You fucking bitch” Melissa yelled over Mom’s screams, “don’t you ever fuck my boyfriend.” Mom was now crying and begging her to stop. Melissa fucked her deeper and harder until Mom suddenly went limp and fell to the ground. “Mom” I yelled. Melissa looked at me, “get over here” Melissa demanded. I don’t know why, but I walked over to her. Melissa turned me around and pulled my skirt off and pushed the cock against my virgin asshole. I looked behind Melissa and saw Dad jerking his cock furiously. “Please Melissa, don’t do this” I pleaded. “You knew all about this, didn’t you ho” Melissa yelled pushing into my ass. I started to cry as my ass started to open. “I’m going to make you pay” Melissa told me as she started fucking my ass. I screamed in extreme pain. It was worse then anything I had ever felt before.
Mom started to move, “get the fuck out of here” Melissa told her while fucking me. Mom quickly got up, through on her clothes, and ran out of the house. Melissa continued pounding my ass until I could no longer scream. Melissa pulled out of my ass and told me to take my clothes and stay away from her. I cried as a quickly threw on my shorts and shirt and ran out the door. Melissa just watched me, standing there with the shit stained strap-on still on.
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heartbeat avatar good story,but needs a little more to the ending.
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Interesting story. Thanks for posting.

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