I am sitting here with my cunt still throbbing because my kitty cat has given it a really good licking two days in a row. I mean 45 mins at a time! I was amazed at how she got into it. The tiniest bit of tuna to get her going, then she really got into it in a way I'd never have believed. She started slowly just darting her little tongue between the hair on my outer lips, then burrowing her small face deeper, so I held myself open for her and then she REALLY got going. She licked my whole cunt so thoroughly, and for so long I came numerous times, and each time I came she kept licking up all my juices and cum, like they were better than tuna to her. I couldn't believe how she was loving every second of it! She did two things that drove me wild! She kept licking my clit from below, little darting licks that lifted the hood and grabbed my clit itself. Jesus! The sensation. When I really held myself open for her, my inner lips too, she buried her tongue inside the hole of my cunt and reamed me with her tongue for ages. I couldn't believe how deep she was going, and she was licking all sides of my cunt hole over and over and over again. It felt much better than being fucked! A cock doesn't grab at my cunt walls like that. I'm cumming again just thinking about it. What I couldn't believe is that yesterday was the first time that my two pussies had ever enjoyed each other like this, yet today I just had to lie back and open my legs and she came right back for more! And she was so incredibly gentle with my cunt. In over an hour and a half (yesterday and today combined) she never onced nicked me with her teeth or got her claws involved ... just that sweet tiny tongue darting and licking my outer pussy lips, working over my whole cunt, grabbing repeatedly at my clit (cumming again now at the thought), and deeply reaming my hole with her tongue. I love my pussy! Both of them actually. I'm going to have to give it a rest for a day or two because her little sandpapery tongue worked me over for so long that I'm a little raw right now, even deep inside my hole, but it was worth it!!! And I know I won't be able to deprive either of us of this wonderful pleasure for longer than a couple of days. I'm going to have to disappoint her tomorrow ... she'll have to wait before she can enjoy my cunt juice again. Poor kitty.
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