Well you will know from previous stories that my wife loves me to watch her with other men. We went on holiday over Christmas to South Africa and before we even got into the hotel she'd flirted with a South African couple. She told the guy quite openly in front of me that he could come to our room and I would make myself scarce. We'd hardly unpacked and he knocked on the door. I opened it and saw his eyes go to Diane who was standing the other side of the bed. She slowly dropped her skirt and took off her blouse licking her lips as she did so. He stood there transfixed and as I turned around again I saw her start to slowly rub her pussy thro her panties. I looked back and saw the guy trying to disguise the growing bulge in his pants. Di called him in and turned to me saying huskily "lose yourself for an hour Dave, I want a real cock"

I went for a drink or two in the bar giving them a good hour and a half and then crept back slowly to the door and listened to see if I should go in. From the sound they were still hard at it so I sat down on a balcony looking at the sea. Suddenly my phone rang and it was Di. From her panting he was still fucking her but she managed to blurt out, "y....you....c...can....c...come...b...back....n...now..........u...use.....you....you're.....k....key!" I opened the door tentatively to be greeted by the sight of her kneeling on the bed with him ramming her hard from behind.

He called out "you are a lucky guy...your wife is a fantastic fuck!" Di grinned at me and in between thrusts which made her gasp for breath she told me he had made her cum four times and he hadn't cum once yet. As she finished telling me that she shrieked out and I saw her body spasm again as she came for the fifth time. She collapsed on the bed gasping..."god...no...no..more!" He pulled his cock out and I saw for the first time how big it was and why she had been moaning. He grabbed her by the hair and told her if her cunt had already had enough then she'd better find another way to finish him off. I watched awestruck as she took the huge cock deep in her mouth and pumped her head to make him cum. He closed his eyes and put his head back and said " that's it slut...suck it...suck and swallow every last drop!" It seemed aqes that she was pumping her head like crazy but finally he let out a long moan and grabbed her hair again holding her head in place as he clearly emptied his balls into her mouth.

After he'd left Di told me how wonderful it had been. When we got to dinner he and his wife joined us and arranged for us to go back to their room afterwards. We had a foursome but I could tell I disappointed his wife and after wed had sex once and both cum she clearly wanted more. I sat and watched her husband still going hammer and tongs with Di and after a while his wife Laura joined them and played with Di's clit to make her cum again. Her husband, I'd found out by now his name was Kurt, came in Di's pussy this time and they took great delight in making me lick her out while she licked Laura's pussy to make her cum. We finally went back to our room just before breakfast and even Di seemed to have had more than enough.

Di was in her element beside the pool in revealing swimsuits and she attracted more and more attention. Kurt seemed to enjoy introducing her to various other guys and i could tell from the sly glances that he was telling them what a goer she was. Each evening we seemed to meet up with more of their friends and Di would get taken of somewhere to rejoin me next morning looking well and truly shagged out. It didn't bother me too much as I had as much sex as i wanted with the various wives, although I don't think I really satisfied any of them. Di would sometimes tell me how she'd been fucked by three or even four men and each morning before she showered she would make me lick her pussy to taste their juices.

It came to the last evening and the guys had been chatting about a memorable last night party that they were going to hold in one of the reception rooms that opened out onto the beach. As soon as we got there Di was immediately grabbed by half a dozen guys. I watched her dancing in the middle of them as they slowly undressed her till she was naked. A couple of the women grabbed me and started to undress me too and I had quite a little fun with them outside on the beach but they didnt let me cum, they said they were saving me for something special. They were really teasing me getting me hard and not letting me have my clothes back. I caught sight of Di from time to time bent over one of the tables and each time she had a different pair of guys having her, one in her mouth and one up her pussy from behind.

It must have been the early hours of the morning by which time I was really aching to cum. The women had handcuffed me now to make sure I couldn't masturbate and they even took me to the toilet when I wanted to wee so I couldn't play with myself. They took me across to Di who I could see had now had all she could take and was almost unconscious. They made me lie on my back on a table and lifted Di on top of me in a 69 position. They told me to lick her pussy which was absolutely running with her and the various guys juices. One of the guys shoved his cock up her pussy so his balls rubbed against my nose and started to fuck her vigorously. I could hear her moaning no...no...please...I'm too sore. Laura whispered in my ear..........you wanna save Di's cunt from any more offer him your ass! I couldn't believe what I heard so she laughed and yelled out loud. "DAVID SAYS PLEASE DONT FUCK DI'S CUNT ANY MORE YOU CAN HAVE HIS ASS INSTEAD!"

I felt my legs being lifted up and something cold being worked into my bottom. I tried to resist but I was helpless and the next thing I knew I felt a searing pain as something was shoved hard inside me. I screamed but they just kept shoving it in and out. I heard Laura tell Di to suck me and I felt her warm lips close round my cock making my shrieks turn to a moan of pleasure. I couldn't see who was fucking me, but I could tell from the exertions he came quite quickly. Then a second one entered me and fucked me long and slow, telling Di to make me cum so he could feel my ass clench on his cock. Once he'd um then another one entered and I kind of lost count. Di told me afterwards that two guys fucked me and then Laura fucked me with a strap on and then some more guys. Once I'd cum a couple of times my cock got soft and the guys started to fuck Di again even tho she protested. They even held her so one guy could fuck her ass, told her she should feel what I'd felt! She really screamed when they did that and I was scared she might bite my cock.

God knows how long it lasted. I woke up beside Di in bed next morning, we'd both passed out I guess. I was covered all over with dried semen and Di was an equal mess. We didn't bother with breakfast but when we boarded the transport to the airport we both blushed at the comments we got about what a good fuck we both were.

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still waiting for my wife and her collegue part 4.
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