My teenage son Brad was like I was in High School,popular,in all the sports teams a real hit with the guys and the girls.

Its no wonder he got himself a girl like Mandy, she was gonna be a real stunner when she was older,you could see it.

She was still caught in that place between a girl and a woman but she new what she possessed all right.

All summer Brad and his friends hung out at my house,I lived alone.

Brad split his time between me and his Mom. Although when the holidays came I got the pleasure of his company, I guess cos my place had a pool. This summer I saw a lot more Of Brad which meant I also saw a whole lot more of Mandy. Strutting around in her bikini by my pool always checking to see if I was looking at her.

Of coarse I was she had this tight little ass,long slim legs,good size titties for her small frame,they were pert and firm. I found myself gazing out of the window at her one afternoon while I was at my desk doing some paperwork. I was mesmerised by this girl splashing about in the water,all the boys vying for her attention.

My son didn't seem realise what he had. He never seemed to be that interested in Mandy. as the weeks went by I couldn't stop thinking about that body of hers.

What it would be like to Fuck that teenage pussy.

Everyday she was in my home,sitting on my sofa,hanging by my pool,eating from my fridge.

Mr.Arden this and Mr.Arden that...was she flirting with me?

one afternoon in my kitchen she dropped her purse on the floor right by where I was working, she bent down to pick it,her short denim skirt riding up so I could see her white panties. As she came up she turned her head to see if I was looking,I looked away.

This sort of scenario happened a lot after that day,she would reach up to the cupboard and her top would reveal her flat tanned stomach,she would lounge on my sofa sucking on ice pops.

Dam this girl knew what she was doing to me all right. Then one hot afternoon she asked me to put lotion on her back. At first I was hesitant,Could I touch her without wanting to touch her more?

I put the lotion on my hand and began to rub it over the soft skin on her back,she flinched as I smeared it on.

Mr.Arden that's cold

I rubbed it right in over her shoulders then down her lower back,she leaned forward slightly and stuck her ass out a little.

was I imagining it?

I rubbed the lotion down as far as her bikini bottom.

Can you do the back of my legs please Mr.Arden?

Dam....I knew this was wrong. I put more lotion on my hands and began to smear it down the back of her legs her ass was right there,she turned to look at me.

Mr.Arden do you think I have a fat Ass?

No Mandy you have a grate Ass.....

She turned around then and asked me if I thought her breasts were to small.

All the other girls have bigger breasts than me,I think that's what boys like.

Well Brad must like you Mandy just the way you are.

Do you like me Mr.Arden?

What could I say, I did like the girl, I liked her a lot.

That's when she reached round and untied the string of her bikini top. It fell to the floor.

This hot young thing was standing in front of me with her pert titties out.

My cock was instantly hard.

God I wanted to bang her.

I reached down and rubbed her titties,I squeezed her pert little nipples until they became hard.

she gave a little moan when I put my lips on her nipples.I sucked on them hard, they were so soft.

These little teenage titties, I couldn't wait to see what was down below.

I pulled her bikini bottoms down slowly exposing her snatch.

I ran my finger over the opening of her pussy,slowly I slipped it in,she was slick and moist she gave a little gasp as my finger found her clit.

I rubber her there until I felt her shudder and her pussy tighten around my finger.

Mr.Arden that felt so good,can you do it to me some more.

I lifted her up on the table where I had being doing my paper work.

I parted her legs and made my way to her pussy with my tongue, she was so wet,her cum tasted sweet in my mouth.

I released my throbbing hard on from my pants.

Mandy looked shocked when she saw my cock

Mr.Arden its so Big,how will it fit in my tight virgin pussy.

I told her to relax,I had got her pussy nice and wet.

I stood between her legs and slid my wood in to her tight,tight pussy, she gave a whimper as I pushed myself inside her.

Man it felt good,her pussy gripped my cock like a hand, she was so tight.

I went slow to start with, I could see her wincing underneath me with every thrust.

Then I thought fuck it, I banged that girl so hard.

I couldn't help myself.

I leaned over her my hands on her titties,my cock deep in that tight pussy.

This was the best fuck Id had in a long time.

Man, Brad didn't know what he was missing.

I banged her hard for as long as I could,but it was hard to hold out.

She was moaning with pleasure under me

Soon I was filling her snatch with Cum.

Mr.Arden that felt so good,will you do it to me again?

Whats a guy to do!?

This time I was gonna take her from behind,I bent her over the table and spread those legs of hers as far apart as they would go.

I took in the view and man what a view it was.

I stuck it in her Pussy and my finger in her ass, as I fucked her for the second time,she squirmed under me as I thrust hard in to her.

my hands on her hips as I pulled her wet pussy down on to my cock

Fuck me, Mr.Arden, Fuck me, she moaned.

I did as she asked.

we got dressed I told her I had work to do,she said she could still feel my cum seeping out of her pussy.

She was a tease.

Can I "cum" again tomorrow Mr.Arden?

Mandy I'm gonna make this a summer you will never forget.

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