Fucking Her
By Dave Harris

[There is an illustrated version of this essay available. Please contact the author to receive it by email.]

This is a detailed account of how I am going to fuck you. You know who you are, and you know that I’m going to fuck you. When you read this, there will be no doubt in your mind exactly what I’m going to do to you.

The account is divided into three chapters, describing what I will do to various parts of your body, and in what order:
Chapter 1: Against Your Breasts
Chapter 2: In Your Mouth
Chapter 3: In Your Cunt

Chapter 1: Against Your Breasts

This chapter describes the things that I will do to your breasts. The fuck session will start with you stripped to a black thong which will barely cover your cunt lips, and you will wear a black leather choker around your neck. You will otherwise be nude, and your breasts will be bare. I will also be nude, except for a cock ring on my erect penis.
First, your tits will be punished, both to sensitize them for the erotic treatment to come and to punish you for the painfully hard erections you have given me by flaunting them. You will be placed with your back against the wall, and your wrists bound to the wall above your head, so your bare tits thrust forward. I will spread your les and press my erection against your crotch as I crush your breasts in my hands. I will knead them firmly, pinching your stiffening nipples. I will pour a little warm massage oil onto them and work it into your tits with my hands as I rub my hard cock against your thong-covered pussy.
Your bare breasts will taste the lash, directly across your engorged nipples. The whip has several broad leather flails, which will strike the oiled skin of your tits with a sharp crack. First, your left breast will receive four lashes, then your right breast four lashes. The final lash will strike across both breasts, from nipple to nipple.
After your tits have been flogged, I will release your wrists and bring you to your knees. I will press my hot throbbing cock against the globe of your left tit, stroking the nipple with the tip, moistening it with pre-cum, then do the same to your right tit. Then I will squeeze them together until both of your nipples touch the shaft of my cock, and thrust it between your oiled globes.
When your bare tits have been thoroughly fucked, I will lead you to the bed and lay you on your back with your arms up over your head and your legs spread wide apart. I will press my throbbing hard erection against your thong-covered sex, then take your breasts in my hands and roughly crush them, rolling your swollen nipples between my fingers.
Next I will bring my hot mouth to your tits, running my tongue around each of your engorged nipples before engulfing them in my mouth, sucking them and flicking them with my tongue. All this time, you will feel my throbbing cock stroking against your barely-covered cunt lips.
I will move my cock from your crotch back to your oiled tits and fuck them again, first against your hot globes and swollen nipples, then thrusting between them as I squeeze them together. My thrusts will come harder and harder as my orgasm erupts, my cock spurting hot semen which drenches your heaving breasts. I will use my still-hard cock and my hands to massage the cum into your tits, working it in deeply as your nipples stiffen even more against the shaft of my cum-drenched dick.

Chapter 2: In Your Mouth

This chapter describes the penetration and fucking of your mouth by my erect penis. This will immediately follow the fucking of your tits described in the previous chapter, so I will be massaging hot semen into your breasts with my cock. As I am stroking it against them, I will thrust towards your lips. You will open your mouth and the head of my dick will slide between your full lips. You will taste cum on my cock which will lubricate your lips as the hot shaft penetrates your mouth and slides over your tongue. I will pull back and stroke your cum-drenched tits with it again, then repeat the penetration of your mouth. In this way, both your tits and mouth will be fucked together.
Then I will put you on your knees and stand in front of you with my throbbing member against your wet lips. You will take my cock into your mouth and slide your lips up and down the hot shaft, sucking it and moaning as you rub your pussy through the thong. When I am at the edge of cumming, I will pull it out of your mouth and prepare you for the next stage of mouth fucking.
For this, I will strip off your thong, fully exposing your wet and soon to be fucked vagina. I will rub your mouth lips with a little flavored massage oil to lubricate them, so that the shaft of my cock will slide smoothly between them. Then I will put you on the mattress on your back, with your head tilted back over the edge of the mattress and your arms stretched over your head, down to the floor. This will thrust your bare tits upward, and I will crush them roughly in my hands as my cock penetrates your mouth. I will fuck your mouth with hard thrusts, pulling it back to your oiled lips and thrusting it in as deep as it will go without gagging you.
With my left hand still crushing your left tit, my right hand will reach down to your hot cunt and my fingers will slide between your engorged lips, penetrating you with two fingers. Thrusting my cock deep into your mouth, I will put my tongue against your swollen clit, first flicking it, then stroking it, then sucking it. As your nude body heaves and your orgasm is about to explode, you will feel my cock swell and throb as I continue to thrust it into your mouth. As I make you cum with my tongue on your clit, my own orgasm will pump your mouth full of semen. The orgasm will rip through your sweating body as my cock explodes in your mouth.
This concludes the fucking of your mouth.

Chapter 3: In Your Cunt

This chapter describes the hard fucking that your cunt will receive from my cock. At this point, your tits have been fucked and drenched with cum, your mouth has been fucked and pumped full of more cum, and my cock is still hard with anticipation of fucking your hot cunt. This is because you are such a delicious hot slut I just can’t get enough of fucking you.
Since you’ve just had a body-wracking orgasm from being clit-whipped by my tongue, your pussy will be quite tight . I will need to stretch it a little to accommodate my cock which, as you’ve noticed, is huge. I will position you on your back and spread your legs wide apart, stretching open your wet sex lips. My fingers will slide between them, thrusting deep as I lift your hips and raise your cunt to my lips. As I stroke your cunt with my fingers, my tongue will caress your swollen lips, only lightly flicking your clit.
When your cunt is ready to be penetrated, I will raise your sex to my throbbing cock, and stroke the hot shaft against your steamy lips. The bulbous head of my cock will slip between your vaginal lips, spreading them and sliding over your engorged clit. My cock will slowly penetrate your quivering cunt, working it slowly and stretching it around me, until it is buried to the hilt. Then I will tilt your hips back and thrust it even deeper into your belly. You will feel every inch of my huge, throbbing cock rammed to the hilt in your stretched cunt. You will feel my cock ring pressed against your hot lips.
I will hold it in you as your sweating body writhes under me, for about a minute as you get used to the feel of my cock buried in your cunt. Then I will pull it back, all the way, until the head of my cock is just touching your sex lips. Then I will take your breasts in my hands and crush them roughly as I smoothly thrust the entire length of my rigid cock back into your cunt. You will groan and arch your back as your cunt is stretched and your tits mashed. I will begin to fuck your cunt, pulling my cock all the way back and thrusting it to the hilt. You will feel the full length of my cock with every thrust, like a new penetration, as I knead your swollen tits in my hands.
I will pull you up by your tits, on top of me so you’re impaled through your cunt on my rigid cock pole. Your naked tits will bounce with every thrust as I ram it up into you. I will turn you around, bend you over and fuck your cunt from behind, ramming against your butt cheeks as I tease your clit with a finger. I will flip you onto your back, with your shoulders tilted back against the mattress, and raise your ass as I pile drive fuck you, ramming every inch of my throbbing cock into your now well-stretched cunt as your body heaves and you moan with the approaching orgasm. Your body will stiffen and your cunt tighten around my cock as the shuddering orgasm rips through you. With your hips in the air, I will ram my cock so deep into your cunt that you’ll feel it in your throat. You’ll feel my cock swell and throb as I come buried in your cunt, pumping you full of even more hot semen.
Our straining bodies will spasm together in ecstasy as I try to pump every ounce of cum as deep into your cunt as I can shoot it. Gradually, we will relax, and take a short break to catch our breaths.
This concludes the fucking of your cunt, for now.

After reading this, you should have no doubt at all that I am going to fuck you, and that your tits, mouth, and cunt are going to get the hard workout I’ve described. Your nude body is going to be sweating and spasming in ecstasy. I suspect that you will have many more orgasms from what I will do to you than I’ve described here.
I will rent a fuck chamber with a bed and the few other things we’ll need. You will need a thong (a very small thong) and choker. The thong will probably be torn off, so it shouldn’t be too elaborate. You will be nude except the the thong as I fuck you. My costume with be a cock ring, which I’ll bring, along with the massage oil for your breasts and lips.
I will inform you where and when I will fuck you. It will be soon.
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[#436] LitNymphoSlave ( 605 days ago )
LitNymphoSlave avatar Holy fuck. I'm a submissive little cumslut slave, and this was amazing. I mean, dude, this was bordering on rape fantasy. I am absolutely soaked. That woman is SO lucky
[#70] skinnylauren ( 1180 days ago )
skinnylauren avatar How is that pleasuring her? If a guy can't go down on me, I ain't blowing him. Probably ain't fucking him either.
[#130] de_gr ( 1401 days ago )
de_gr avatar I like the writing style of your story but i think you overestimate your capabilities as a lover.

PS: Send me the illustrated version.

I am qurius.
[#2876] Zurtok ( 1476 days ago )
Zurtok avatar Give me a break
[#99] LOIS ( 1498 days ago )
LOIS avatar The best is chapter 2 .
[#145] PureMeat ( 1536 days ago )
PureMeat avatar I'm a Male and I'm turned on by you describing how you'd fuck me!

Please! Send me the illustrated version!

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