This happened in 1998 when I was 16.  It takes place after school at my high-school friend Pete’s house, with his sister, Heather.  

Heather was 14 years old, two years younger than Pete and I.  Pete and I were best friends and hung out almost every day.  At this time I had a broken arm that happened to be the result of a dare by Pete, which was a pretty dumb story in itself. I knew Heather since Pete and I first became friends, when we were 12 and she was 10.  Heather had historically been the annoying sister who bothered us, so we just avoided her as much as possible.  However, in these last few years she kind of grew out of her annoying-ness, but was otherwise not around much since she was always out with her friends.

This event happened on a Thursday, Pete and I agreed to hang out at his house and his parents would drive me home, they were great about that.  He would usually show up a bit after me since he had some basketball thing at school, so I would typically wait at his house for him.  Ray, Pete’s 18 year old brother, usually drove him home from school.  Bus-wise, I was the second stop and Pete was the second-to-last, our houses were about a 20-25 minute drive apart, a bit too much to bike.  The problem, or good fortune in this case, was going to be that today Pete wouldn’t make it home on time since Ray didn’t show up to drive him.  

I got off the bus and walked to Pete’s house and Heather let me in, she explained her mom had to stay late at work and their dad was out of town.  “Whatevs” I said, I’ll just wait for him.”  “She was turning around ready to dart away, not really caring, but then she noticed my cast and laughed, and asked if it hurt.  She knew the dumb story of how I jumped from a roof top at Pete’s dare, but maybe she felt bad for me, who knew.  “Not really” I said, it just itches a lot.  “Pretty stupid”, she said, “but at least you got balls!” she quipped.

She told me I could play XBOX in the family room if I wanted, and there were sodas in the fridge.  “Thanks” I said, “what have you been up to?” I asked, trying to make some conversation.  “Just hangin, nothing much.  Sorry I’m on a phone call” she said, and disappeared up the stairs to her bedroom.  

I went to their extravagant kitchen, opened the door to the huge stainless steel Zero-G refrigerator and helped myself to a coke, then hiked down the hall to the family room and switched on the XBOX and started playing.. After about 20 or 25 minutes and a few careless deaths I started to wonder how long Pete was going to be, when I heard the phone ring. Then I heard Heather’s feet on the stairs. She yelled to me that Pete was going to be at least another hour, maybe two, since Ray was hung up with something. “Crap!” I said, “I don’t have anybody to bring me home!”  “Well I can’t help you!” she responded, and then said “sorry, you’re stuck here with me, nobody will be home for a while.”  “Can I make a quick phone call?” I asked loudly.  “Gimme a min”, she said, and a couple of minutes later she came running back down the stairs and said it was ok for me to make my call.  I called home hoping my older sister would be there, but I knew the chances of that were nil.  “Crap” I said again, “You’re right, I’m stuck here.”  

“Bummer” Heather said.  She paused a bit and then playfully jumped in front of me and said “let’s hang out - I can score us some beers!” I told her we’d get busted, but she said Ray had a stash of like 6 cases of budweiser in his bedroom in the basement.  I hesitated, but figured this would be a cool way to kill time and score a buzz, so I agreed.  

“Cool!” Heather gave a big smile and jumped up and made for the door to the basement.  I followed her as she gleefully hopped down the stairs.  Ray’s basement bedroom was more basment than bedroom.  In the dark grey concrete bunker, he had an old couch with a blanket, a small TV that had its own cable, a queen size bed and an old night table next to it with a small lamp that came on when Heather flipped the switch.  There was a small wooden door in the wall next to the night stand that Heather went to and pried open and then half disappeared into.  In the small storage alcove Ray had his beer stash, and she grabbed 4 cans, and she hooted at an unexpected discovery, Ray had some magazines!  She handed me a can and plopped on his bed, laying the mag out.  “No waaay!” I exclaimed, a bit taken aback by this whole unexpected, but very cool, turn of events.  I arrived expecting a typical night of watching tv and playing XBOX with Pete, and instead I was in Ray’s forbidden abode drinking a beer and peeping at porno mags with Heather!

I popped open the beer and began chugging it down quickly, like a wolf ravenously devouring the meat of its prey before scavengers got to it.  “Whooa! check this out” Heather giggled and pulled out the center fold, turning the glossy picture to face me.  It was a hot naked girl bent over with a guy’s large cock half way in her ass while she was sucking the dick of a second guy.  This obviously got me totally aroused, and I realized for the very first time that this was actually a really dangerous situation, since I just now for the first time noticed how good looking Heather was, her matured body, shapely and well defined breasts, and for all intents and purposes there was no reason, other than her being the sister of my best friend, that something couldn’t happen here and now.  

As I was guzzling my beer Heather turned some pages and then began reading some dirty article.  “Listen to this....” she said, and began playfully reading a raunchy story in a throaty, sexy but playful mocking voice.  I quickly finished my beer and crushed the can and put it on the night stand.  “Come get another” she said, in between reading the lines of the story, and held a can out to me.”  I sat down next to her and took it and popped it open, and she stopped reading so she could concentrate on her own beer.  “Ahhhhh” she sighed after taking a bunch of big gulps and downing half the can.”  I was then painfully aware of my awkward position in that my cock was now rock hard, and I was certain that it must be noticeable through my jeans, especially sitting so close to Heather.  

Heather was in some sort of stretchy exercise outfit, and I just then noticed I could make out her nipples through the fabric.  I had not noticed them before, so either I was oblivious, or she was getting aroused too.  “Let’s get fucked...UP!” she said, and popped open her second beer and started drinking it, but she was no longer able to chug so she set it down.  “I’m totally buzzed” she laughed.  She leaned her back against the headboard and put her socked feet up to my side and pushed me.  “Hey” I said, stopping myself from falling off the bed.  “Doesn’t this stuff get you horny?” She asked, in a more serious voice this time, like she was sincerely interested.”  “You don’t wanna know...” was all I could think to respond with.  “Hmmmmmm.” she replied, and grabbed her beer and continued to drink down the rest of it, at a bit slower pace”  

As I was working on my second can, Heather rolled around on the bed, giggling. “Truth or dare!” she blurted out suddenly, “have you ever had a blowjob?” she asked in an alluring, inquisitive voice.  I wasn’t sure how to answer the unexpected question.  I hadn’t, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to admit it, so after a short but awkward silence, I said”, “uhhh, kinda”.  “Really?!” Heather asked, what does “kinda” mean?  A bit stuck, I fessed up and and admitted, “well, I’ve had dreams about it, but never in real life”.  Exposed and a bit embarrassed, I wanted to push back, and play the whole scene up a bit, so I asked “why?  have you ever given one?”  I got worried that she might get pissed and this whole thing could be ruined, but she responded “ummm, yeah, once.”  “No way!” I said, “when?”  She said it was last summer at camp, and that she and a group of girls sneaked over to the boys tent in the middle of the night and she hooked up with some puny guy.”  “Did he - you know?” I asked, and she quickly said no, he didn’t, she stopped after less than a minute when he started making weird loud noises and pushing her head down onto it too forcefully.

“Wow”, I said, “what a jerk!”.  “Yeah, she said, “why are you guys all such dicks?” she asked.  “I don’t know”, I said, “but we’re not all like that...”.  She finished her beer, put it down, and sat up, looked me in the eyes and asked “do you want one?” My mind raced and I couldn’t believe she said that.  The moment wad electric, my brain rapidly trying to process what was going on.  A possible once in a lifetime opportunity, an incredibly  lucky turn of events had put my perpetually horny self alone with this hot girl that I never noticed before, yet who happened to be in a situation where she was also horny and alone with an available and willing tool, me!  “Ummmmm, are you serious?”  I asked, in a nervous, shaky tone.”  “Yeah,” she answered, “I really like you Joe, I’ve kinda, y’know, had a crush on you for like ever - and now I finally have you here to myself!”  “Shit” was all I could say, and she smiled, “You never noticed?”  she asked, “I’ve wanted to have you for a few years now - I totally can’t believe I’m telling you this - I’m so totally buzzed!”  I didn’t say, couldn’t say, anything, I just looked at her, staring blankly, and then she kicked me again, “you jerk!” she yelped, but playfully.  “Wha?” I droned stupidly, and she locked eyes with me for a second, then shyly looked down.  Crap, I thought, I blew it, but then she quietly rolled onto her side and maneuvered closer to me.  “Tell me this slut mag doesn’t have you hard...” she said, and before I could think of how to answer she reached out and slid her hand along my thigh and then up along the side of my erection. The feel of it made my cock jump.  “I thought so” she said in an almost whisper, and then she got up out of the bed.  “Jesus”, I said, as she walked away from me in slow motion, and then quickly spun a circle around a support column like it was a stripper pole.  She proceeded to do some alluring stripper-like moves, squatting down with her back against the pole and back up again slowly, her arms gliding along the curves of her hourglass body, tracing her figure and then moving along the contours of her breasts.  My mouth was agape, in awe.  There was no music, and only a single dim lamp, but it was enough.  My dick was so hard it ached.  I was lusting for her now, wondering what was going to happen.  “Take off your shirt and I’ll take off mine” she said, so I did, and she did.  But she did it much more sexily, removing her pink top so that all that stood between me and the magic visage of her sweet budding fourteen year-old breasts was a taught blue sports bra, which betrayed a more prominent outline of her nipples.  

“Do you want to see them?” she asked, and all I could say was a desparate “Yessss”.  She smiled, and said “ok, but you totally gotta take off your pants and show me what you got.”  I was not used to this, and I felt really self conscious about exposing my embarrassingly hard nakedness to this girl, but fear made way to lust, and I fixated on her eyes as I took off my belt, and unsnapped my jeans.  “Wait”, she said, “stand up and let me...”.  I stood up awkwardly, and she came up close and pressed her body against mine and looked at me while stroking her hand up and down the fabric of my jeans, swelling my hardness even more.  I groaned a bit, took in a deep breath, and she unzipped my fly and tugged at my jeans, which quickly fell half way down my legs and stopped uncomfortably just above my knees.  She then grabbed at the waist band of my briefs and slid them down to meet my half-mast jeans, totally exposing my full-mast pole.  This was the first time it was ever bared to anyone, in such a state.  I was afraid she might be grossed out by it, especially since there was a good amount of sticky pre-cum sloppily glistening on it, and a small strand stretched from the tip of my cock to my underwear.  “Wow” she exclaimed and stared at it, “your cock is pretty big”.  Just her using the word ‘cock’ sent a rush through me. Her hand touched it, and she began to stroke it slowly between two finger tips, and she kissed my chin lightly.  I breathed hard, and my cock was threatening to explode already.  “Wait” I said suddenly, trying to avoid premature disaster, “I want to see you now”.  So she stepped back and slid her bra over her head, and I fixated on her beautiful breasts, exposed to my view.  Pretty pink nipples popped out, erect, where the sloping curve of the underside of her breast met the straight line of the upper half.  They weren’t very big, but definitely were beautifully formed and big enough to fill a hand. She grabbed them and giggled, juggling them a bit in her hands and then tweaking her nipples for me playfully.  “Feel them” she beckoned, and moved toward me as I reached out and cupped them in my inexperienced hand, moving all around to enjoy the soft fleshiness and lightly pinching her nipples between my fingers. She smiled and pushed me down to the bed, and I leaned back awkwardly on one elbow to catch myself.  “I want to give your cock a complete examination” she said, and she knelt down in front of me so she could get a good close up look at my member.  “I want to see everything,” she said”, “I wasn’t able to before...”.  She took hold of me, gently, felt the skin of my shaft, the bulging veins, up to the fleshy pink head, and teased it as she explored every inch from my balls to the tip.  I groaned, the feeling of her touch was bringing me to ecstasy.  “Mmmmmm” she uttered from her throat, aroused by my reaction. Her breath became noticable, as mine was, and her free hand crept down to touch herself.  I saw her and wanted badly to feel her pussy and give her the same pleasure.  I leaned forward and boldly placed my hand on her inner thigh, right against where her own hand was rubbing.  She didn’t protest, instead she moved her hand and opened her legs a bit.  Taking her cue, I greedily touched her, rubbing her sex like she just had.  I could feel her anatomy under the thin stretchy fabric.  I could feel the depression between her pussy lips that led to her hole, and most of all I could feel her warmth and how her wetness was letting the fabric slide sloppily against her skin as I rubbed.  She moaned a “yes” and slid her workout pants and panties down just enough to expose her mound.  “Finger me” she gasped, and I unexpectedly was confronted with her bare smooth skin, all of her anatomy.  My fingers traced the edges of her lips hiding in the crevace of her pussy, like a runway to guide them inside her eager hole.  She was moving her hips slightly as two of my fingers stroked up and down and then, slick with her wetness, penetrated completely inside her.  My throbbing cock distracted me as her groans and undulating waist begged me for more. Her breathing became eratic as my probing found her little button at the crest of her slit.  Her sudden moans of “yes .. fuck .. yes..” got faster as I sped up massaging that spot, her wetness allowing me to glide over it smoothly and rapidly until finally I felt her hips start to convulse fiercely and she let out a gasp and muffled a cry.  Her hips convulsed a few more times, and finally she relaxed, and then wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight, pressing her head into my chest.  “Woooow” she purred, and I realized I had just given an orgasm to a girl, for the first time in my life, and perhaps her first from a guy.  Even though my cock was still aching I felt content in this knowledge.  I was happy and realized I had never felt this type of satisfaction before.  I strangely just wanted to stay frozen like this for as long as possible, not giving up the moment, or so I thought.  After a minute or two of silence, she said “I want you in my mouth”, whispering into my ear, and then repeating “I want you to cum in my mouth”.   “Fuck yes” was my stupid reply, but she was happy at my eager response.  I was dumbfounded that she was so willing to gobble my sloppy dick, but the ecstasy I felt when her tongue moved up and down my shaft, then flicked around the head of my cock was indescribable.  After a bit of this teasing and torture, she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, and sucked, drawing her mouth half way down the length of my shaft.  Her head slowly bobbbed up and down a few times, and then she gently cupped my balls in one hand, and massaged them.  With all of this stimulation I quickly realized I was going to cum and there was nothing I could do to stop it or even slow it.  “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” I groaned, expecting her to pull away to avoid the nastiness, but instead she blew my mind and just throated an excited “mmm-hmmm” and sped the rhythm of sucking on my cock.  It stiffened even harder, a fore-warning to her of what was imminent, but she kept her mouth on it as I felt my member spasm, and released a stream of cum.  I groaned as I shot my load, and Heathers mouth remained fixed, wrapped around my shaft as I ejaculated into her mouth.  There was so much of it, I kept shooting load after load; first, second, three, four, five.  I made gutteral sounds and let forth a last stream.  There was so much cum it leaked from her lips down my shaft.  She tried to swallow it, but could only manage so much, and the rest drooled from her lips and down her chin.  She smiled wriley and looked at me.  The sight of her cute face next to my cock and my cum dripping down her face was awesome.  “We should do this again” I said, and she just looked at me with a content look that said “Yes!”.
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rocksinhead ( 564 days ago )
rocksinhead avatar thx for the comments all, i didnt expect anybody would actually like it enuf to comment(!). This story was technically a fiction but was derived from several different life experiences, so basically like an 'inspired by...' kinda thing. I will post a comment again when I put up a new story, probably closer to true/actual life experience.
[#52] ScorpioStud ( 678 days ago )
ScorpioStud avatar Very hot. Continue with part 2.
[#2216] kawalkada ( 677 days ago )
kawalkada avatar I've been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.
[#135] Enaught ( 705 days ago )
Enaught avatar can't wait for part 2...where you two go all the way?
[#86] tbone123 ( 710 days ago )
tbone123 avatar Thanks for this hot story! Reminds me of yesteryear....
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