My Boner Stops Time – Part 5 By Jeffrey Freemont

“I have a brother?” asked John.

“Yes, and a sister. We are all in danger. We must rescue her as well. Come on, we don’t have much time.” Said Theodore.

“I have a sister?” John exclaimed. Melody just stood there, silent.

Theodore sighed “Yes, when we were children, we were all split up and sent to different foster parents, bearing the name of Logan. We each have a special ability. Mine is controlling Time.”

“Prove it.” John demanded.

Melody and Theodore both sighed.

“Anyway we have to go now, I can train you to use your powers but you’ll have to come with me.”

“Ok.” John said casually. “We were just leaving anyways. We can go with you and save my twin sister that I only heard about just now from a complete stranger who claims to be my biological twin brother, who mysteriously hasn’t heard of phones. Ok, let’s go.” Neither Theodore nor Melody could tell if he was serious or not.

“I’m afraid your girlfriend can’t come, it will be safer for her here.”

“John! You should go! Save your sister, become a super hero, like from all those comic books you read.”

John adjusted his glasses, as he stepped closer to Theodore and put his hand on his shoulder. “let’s go.”

They both stepped outside leaving Melody standing alone in a room full of time shifted people. As they stepped out the door, time started again, noise poured out from the lunch room. It felt cold and clouds had begun to fill the sky, leaving everything grey. I was heading out to save a sister I never knew with a brother I just met, John thought to himself.

“You’re a bit taller than me to be my twin.” John said as he looked him up and down.

“Oh, that’s just because I trained for a year to use my powers, inside of a time vortex.”

“So like a Pokemon?”

“Sure… Let’s go with that.”

“It is really cold all of a sudden, huh? It was sunny a minute ago.”

“John and Theodore Logan!” A voice boomed through the darkening cold. “I am Sarco; the Snake Man!”

“Where is he?! Wait… Snake man! That’s the guy Captain Gordon said was coming after us.” Theodore exclaimed.

Suddenly a flash of lightning struck Theodore sending him flying. John looked around the place wildly. Oh my god! He just got struck by lightning, John thought. Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere, he was dressed in black silk robes and a hood.

“John Logan, join us!” His voiced burned through the cold, stinging John’s ears.

“I don’t really want to, but thank you.”

“Then you will die.” Sarco said as he raised his hand.

Suddenly a woman in a silver disco ball jump suit appeared next to him and a man who was completely naked and completely shaved appeared on his other side. The naked man raised his hands to the sky, light swirled and formed a ball. John quickly tried to think of Melody naked. He felt dizzy as blood suddenly rushed to his dick. The man threw his arms forward. John jumped to the side, invisible. A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, just missing John. A car exploded as it hit it.  He landed on the rough concrete hard, the pain turned off his boner and he became visible again. John looked around for Theodore.

Theodore shook himself off and stood up. He snapped his fingers and stopped time just as another lightning bolt shot through the air. John stood up and looked around. The lightning bolt was frozen in mid-air.

“Who the hell are they?!” John asked firmly.

“They must be the bad guys Liz mentioned.”

“Ok. Who are they and stuff?”

Theodore explained everything he knew very slowly, until on his third try John finally got it.

“I guess now is as good a time as any to train you.”

“How are we going to do that?”

“Um…” Theodore paused for what felt like a long time. “Good question… Liz told me that sexual stimulation was the best way to bring out someone’s abilities, but I am not fucking you!”

“I agree, you are not going to fuck me.”

“I got, let’s masturbate together.”

“Does it have to be, together.”

“No. I just thought it would be a good bonding experience since we just met though.”

“I see…”

“You know; we can talk about all of our sexual experiences and stuff.”

“What was your name again?”


“Ok, Theo. Say why don’t you just go get those guys now.”

“I can’t hurt them without pulling them into the time vortex.”

Me and Theo awkwardly sat on a nearby car and started to wank together. I told him about all the things that I saw and did. I turned invisible and we continued to wank together. He told me to focus on the way I felt when I was invisible. We trained for six months. We only masturbated together the once. John finally understood his power, it was so much different than he had imagined.


Suddenly John and Theo appeared behind Sarco and his two minions.

“Hey! You guys!” John yelled. The three people suddenly spun around, as their lightning bolt struck another car, causing it to explode. “I’m gonna kick your ass’s!”

“John and Theodore Logan, you know once I kill you both, I will go after your sister; she is currently in Toronto, Canada, sitting in a therapy session.”

“Thanks for telling us where to find her!” Theodore said as he put his fists up to fight.

“I’d like you to meet my friends. This is the Disco Ball Ice Princess and over here is Steve; the lightning flasher.” Sacro’s voice was deep and haunting.

Suddenly the woman in the disco ball jump suit raised her hand. White mist shot out. Theodore stopped time and we moved over to the side. John and Theo appeared behind them again. The three evil doers spun around quickly. The white mist flew into a car and it turned to ice.

“You know, I think you can handle them by yourself, Ice Princess.” Sarco’s voice was cold.

“As you command, my master.” Her voice was smooth and silky. The ice princess’ breasts were contained tightly in her jump suit, but you could tell she definitely had big ones. Her hair was long, dark and perfect looking.

“I have never hit a girl, but I have sexually forced myself on one before, so get ready.” John said as he turned invisible. His dick got hard thinking about forcing himself upon this perfect looking woman.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Sarco’s laugh echoed as he suddenly disappeared with his other minion into the fog.

“No one has ever taken me by force! I am the Ice Princess, I’ll give you the cold shoulder before I let you get any of this!” She screamed as she ran her hands up her body.

She raised her hands and shot out another blast of freezing mist. John and Theodore moved out of the way.

“Theo! I’ll handle this!” John shouted. Theodore teleported away into a time vortex.

John moved around behind her while being invisible. His foot accidently skidded on the ground. She spun around and screamed as she shot another blast. John quickly dodged again. He reached out and grabbed her head. Her clothing miraculously tore apart. John’s clothing was gone too. The world around him seemed to disappear into whiteness.

“I’ve got you!” John shouted.

John’s penis became a whopping 11 inches long. She seemed to float towards him. He shoved himself deep inside her, filling her completely. She cried out in lust. He continued fucking her hard as her juices ran down her legs. He grabbed her breasts firmly.

“I’m gonna cum!” John shouted as he thrust into her as hard as he could. Cum filled her pussy. He pulled out still hard and thrust into her ass. She cried out in pain. He fucked her until he came again. The white light around them faded, and everything turned back to normal. John appeared suddenly fully dressed. She laid on the ground, still naked. Cum dripped out of both her holes.

“Nooooo!!!” she screamed as ice formed around her body. She suddenly exploded, sending shards of ice flying in every direction.

Theodore appeared next John. “Well, I guess that’s one way to handle her.”

“Come on! Let’s go save our sister.”



John and Theodore Logan Will Return in: My Pussy Controls You


Bonus Sex Scene: Melody’s Lesbian Lessons #1

Jane and Missy were sitting patiently on Melody’s bed, nervously waiting and anticipating what their first lesbian sex lesson would be like. Jane and Missy were only 15 and had had only one lesbian experience before this and were very new to the concepts. Melody was in another room getting ready.

“Should we take our clothes off, Jane?” asked Missy, shaking nervously.

“Ya, why don’t we.” Jane said, trying desperately to keep her anxieties contained.

Jane pulled off her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Jane’s breasts hadn’t fully developed yet and were only B-cups. Missy pulled off her shirt and a pair of huge C-cups fell out. Missy blushed when she noticed her long-time friend starring at her tits. Jane looked away embarrassed, she then moved her hands to her pants. She pulled them off and dropped them on the floor. She was wearing hello kitty panties. Just then Melody walked in, completely naked except for a purple, 8 inch strap-on hanging from her crotch.

“Come on! Hurry it up” Melody spoke sharply and impatiently as she crawled onto the bed and violently pulled Missy’s pants off. Missy was wearing pink panties. 

“Ok. Lesson one; strap-on!”

“Uh… Me and Missy are both virgins.” Jane spoke nervously.

“Actually I’m not a virgin; I broke it when a kid on a school bus fingered me one time.”

“Good, then you’re first!” Melody said as she pulled Missy’s damp panties down her legs.

Melody grabbed Missy’s thighs and slowly inserted the dildo into her tight pussy. Missy instantly became wet. Jane just sat there staring at her friend being fucked. She’s not a virgin?! Jane thought to herself.

2 years ago. Missy was sitting humming quietly to herself. She had a huge smile on her face. She still had her long and curly brunette hair. She stared out the window, it was her first day of middle school and she was nervous. The bus stopped and picked up someone. It was a boy, he had dirt on his face and had ratty looking clothes. He walked down the isle of the bus, until he got to Missy. He sat next to her and smiled.

“Hi, I’m Reggie.”

“I’m Missy.” She smiled warmly.

Missy gasped softly as she felt his hand touch her thigh. It moved slowly towards her crotch. He felt her deep heat as he inserted his hand under her dress. He pressed his hand against her dampening panties. He began massaging her entrance through her panties. Missy looked around to see if anyone noticed what was happening. She was shocked when she looked in the seat next to her. A girl was giving a blow job to a boy. Well fuck it then! Missy thought. She pushed him away and sat herself against the window. She opened her legs and pulled her dress up. Reggie jumped at her hungrily. He pulled her panties to the side violently and inserted a finger into her soaking wet virgin pussy. She moaned softly. He suddenly inserted a second finger and went as deep as he could, she felt a scorching pain as her virginity was ripped from her. They sat quietly for the rest of the ride, they never spoke to each other again.

Present day. Melody continued to fuck Missy hard as Jane watched intently. Jane slid her hand into her damp hello kitty panties and began massaging her tender clit. Missy started to moan as her orgasm neared. The bed became wet as she came hard. Melody pulled the dildo out and started to remove the straps. She threw it onto Missy’s exhausted body.

“It’s your turn. Fuck Jane… Hard!” Melody said sharply.

Missy carefully and slowly buckled herself up with the strap-on. She began blushing as she looked down her body, embarrassed of the huge purple penis shaped dildo extending from her crotch. Melody pulled Jane’s panties off and stepped aside to watch her two whores play together. Missy cautiously positioned herself up to Jane’s soaking wet cunt. Jane opened her legs wide in anticipation of the huge dildo that was about to strip her of her virginity. Missy pushed forward, Jane’s lips parted and her walls slowly expanded to fit the dildo. Jane screamed as she felt the pain of it tearing her hymen.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” Missy kept repeating herself as she slowly pulled it out before pressing it in again. Her rhythm slowly increased as Jane became slightly looser. The pain subsided and Jane began sighing in ecstasy. Missy didn’t say a word as she began pounding Jane with the strap-on. Jane cried out as she came hard. Mini-orgasmic seizures gyrated through her body. Missy threw herself next to Jane, both exhausted. Missy grabbed Jane’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Eh-hem!” Melody said as she stroked her wet pussy.

The two girl’s hands released each other’s as they sat up and stared at Melody. Jane and Missy both looked at each other and then back to Melody. They suddenly jumped forward onto Melody. Melody yelped as she felt the tickle of their tongues all over her body. She began giggling and every inch of her tingled. Jane rammed her tongue into Melody’s pussy, causing Melody’s expression to become serious and content. Melody Began moaning as her orgasm built. Missy climbed up Melody’s body and started sucking on her hard nipples. Melody was in heaven. Jane slowly inserted two fingers into Melody’s pussy. Her two fingers formed into a fist that she twisted into Melody’s soaking wet cunt until it was as far as it would go. Melody cried out as her pussy squirted all over Jane. Her body fell limp and then suddenly contorted as she squirted again.

“That was interesting!” Jane exclaimed.

The end.

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