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[#367] Kenji000 ( 666 days ago )
Kenji000 avatar Thank you for taking the time to add dialog that sounds authentic. The fact that "our heroine" feels so real is what makes me cum so hard
[#1273] dragonscythe ( 684 days ago )
dragonscythe avatar Best stories I've read so far.
[#47] PaperCuts ( 686 days ago )
PaperCuts avatar It's cumming! Sorry for the delay.
[#91] Ballahack ( 690 days ago )
Ballahack avatar Great story and very well written. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
[#97] TheDarqKnight ( 692 days ago )
TheDarqKnight avatar WOW!!! I've read a lot of the stories here and few have held my interest like this one. It's complete, thorough and extrememly entertaining! I agree with FuzzBuckit, why isn't the next chapter done yet??? :-)
[#467] xmissamerica ( 693 days ago )
xmissamerica avatar Fucking hot x please more
[#3] FuzzBuckit ( 694 days ago )
FuzzBuckit avatar Great work PaperCuts! I love the story, it's quite believable, seems like the kind of thing that could be true and I like that. An abrupt ending, but I realize you gotta hold some back for the next one, which I am eagerly anticipating. Hurry it along, will you ;)
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