GR-2330 Horny Balling Mother by Kathy Andrews

Chapter 1

Joan watched her 14 year old son watching the girl floating in the pool.
She didn't blame Ted. The girl was very pretty, with long hair and aluscious body. But Ted was still too young to be interested in girls, atleast she felt he was. But looking at his expression now, she wasn't sosure.
The girl, with a honey-colored hair that fell over the air float anddangled in the water, was the prettiest in the apartment complex. Herskin was a creamy, golden color, her body slender but with some verybeautiful hollows and hills and curves. Her bikini was almostnonexistent. The bottom was a simple, tiny patch of bright red and thetop hardly a band a cloth that covered her flawlessly shaped tits.
Joan enjoyed looking at the girl, too. Joan had never denied the beautyof the female form as some women would. She had always enjoyed lookingat pretty girls as much as any man.
The only thing she knew about the girl was her name, Fawn. It was apretty name for a very pretty girl. Fawn looked to be perhaps eighteen,nineteen at the most. Apparently she was independent in money matters.She was never seen going or coming from work.
Joan's apartment was on the second floor, with a tiny balconyoverlooking the pool and patio area. She sat out there on the balconynow looking down at Fawn and her son. Ted was in a lounge chair,pretending to doze, but his interest in the girl was obvious. It was themiddle of the day, and all the tenants were at work except for Joan, herson, and Fawn.
It wasn't long before Joan noticed the front of her son's bathing trunksbulging. She frowned momentarily as she realized her son had a hard-on.But her frown changed to amusement when she noticed that Fawn was,evidently, teasing and tantalizing Ted with her lovely body.
Joan didn't mind a little flirting. She enjoyed flirting herself. Thegirl on the raft seemed to know just what to do with Ted, working on histender young emotions to arouse him to the point of that hard-on. Fawnwas on her back as she floated lazily in the sparkling water, her legsparted.
It was exciting to watch Fawn tease her son. Watching them, Joan foundthat she, too, was being turned on. She wasn't sure it was because ofher son's cock or the sweetness of Fawn's body, and didn't really care.A ripple of heat flowed through Joan's body and she found herselfbecoming wet between her thighs, her nipples straining.
The ringing of the telephone irritated Joan, especially when it turnedout to be a wrong number. Sighing, she stepped back onto the patio andlooked down.
Fawn's tits were naked!
The girl had taken her bikini top off, and it now floated on the surfaceof the water. Her firm tits rose up into twin points, with fantasticpink nipples. Joan noticed Ted was no longer trying to sneak peeks atFawn, but was gazing at her openly, his mouth open with fascination.Joan had evidently missed something important when the phone rang.
Fawn was not in the least bashful about letting Ted see her lovelytitties. Joan saw the girl was watching Ted, a smile playing about hermoist lips. Either Ted was so awed by what he was looking at, or hismind had suddenly become numb--he sat there with his cock straining athis trunks, making no effort to conceal it. Joan's reaction to this wasa deep burning sensation between her thighs, and she was acutely awarethat her clitoris had become intensely swollen inside her panties.
Fawn was circling her fingertips beneath her tits, drawing them up theswollen curves and around her rigid nipples. Joan gasped, knowing Fawnwas going out of her way to tease Ted, being bold and blatant andwanton. She felt a moment of hatred for Fawn. She shouldn't tease a boyTed's age! A man would be different, Joan felt, but to a boy of Ted'sage, something like this could be extremely traumatic.
Surely Fawn would not tease a boy that way unless she was willing tofuck them. Fawn didn't look like a prick-teaser at all. Joan wondered ifher son would be eager to fuck the girl, or if it would embarrass him.From the expression on his good-looking face, Joan didn't think itwould. She grinned to herself, thinking Ted would be like a raging bullif he could get his hands on Fawn's lovely tits. His cock seemed readyto burst the seams of his trunks and Joan gazed at the outline of herson's prick. But she was too far away to really see it.
Why do I want to see his cock? she asked herself, unable to make hereyes move from it.
A hand movement from Fawn brought Joan's eyes to the pretty girl. Fawnwas looking at Ted, too, her eyes steamy even from this distance. Joanwatched Fawn drawn a pattern along her flat stomach, just above the topof her bikini bottom, then down along the crotch and briefly caress theinside of one thigh.
Joan found she was being turned on as much as her son by this wantondisplay of open sensuality. She could not resist touching one of her owntitties, molding her palm around it and squeezing gently. The pressureon her tit sent waves of steamy desire down her body, causing her cuntto twitch. The crotch of her panties were wet, almost soaked, with theseeping fluids of her excited cunt.
Joan's eyes began to blaze with passion, watching Fawn now more than herson. Fawn was tracing her finger about the crotch of her bikini, openlystroking her pussy as Ted gawked with desire. Fawn pulled her fingeralong the bulge of her cunt, right where the slit would be, and Joanheard her son grunt. Ted was almost sitting up, braced on one elbow. Histongue was hanging out of his mouth as he drooled over the lovely girlfondling herself.
Fawn slowly shoved her fingers under the top of her bikini bottom andJoan watched. It was obvious to her that Fawn was playing with the hairof her cunt.
On an impulse, Joan looked around. There was no one else at home in thesmall apartment complex, she knew, still she darted her eyes frombalcony to balcony, then back to the pool. Ted was too absorbed inwatching Fawn, and the girl was much too busy to look up at Joan.Lifting her skirt to her waist, Joan ran her palm between her legs andrubbed at her cunt, feeling deliciously wicked and exposed. If either orboth of them at the pool looked up, they would have seen Joan's long,slender thighs and the crotch of her panties, seen her rubbing her cunt.But they didn't look up.
Again Joan heard her son grunt. It came out more as a moan of tormentthan anything else. Immediately after the grunt, the sound of Fawn'stinkling giggles drifted up to Joan. It took a moment or so for Joan torealize what had happened.
Ted had come off in his trunks!
She saw the wet spot at the tip of his cock inside the trunks. Her sonhad come off watching Fawn tease him.
"Was it a good one, Ted?" Joan heard Fawn ask. "Did you come nice andhard?"
Joan saw her son nod his head.
"I told you I'd show my titties to you one day, remember?" Fawn said toTed. "Now do you believe me?"
Ted nodded his head vigorously as Fawn retrieved her floating top andput it back on.
"I came too, you know," Fawn said as she tied the halter over hershapely young titties. "I usually come, too."
This had been going on a while, Joan realized. She had paid noattention, and here this pretty young girl was playing around with herson, making him come off inside his trunks. But it was so open! Rightthere at the pool with the sun burning down on them. Of course there wasno one home to see--except Joan. Still, someone might.
Joan felt admiration for Fawn, admiring her boldness and wantonbehavior. Fawn was doing things that Joan had only fantasized about.Somehow Joan felt very close to Fawn. She hardly knew the girl, but feltas if they were very close, almost like sisters.
Joan had forgotten her dress was at her waist and her hand was betweenher thighs. Quickly, she shoved her skirt back down and smoothed it overher hips. She watched Fawn paddle to the edge of the pool and climb out.The back of her tiny bikini had snuck into the crack of her ass, and thewhite, creamy ass flesh was an erotic contrast to the golden color ofher thighs. Fawn wiggled her ass at Ted before she pulled the bikini outof the crack of her ass and blew him a kiss.
"We'll do it again later, honey," she said, picking up her towel andstepped into her own apartment on the bottom floor.
Joan watched her son stand up, his cock looking as if it were still veryhard. She watched him gaze in the direction where Fawn disappeared,rubbing the front of his trunks. Then he started for the stairs to comeup for a late lunch.
As Ted ate a sandwich and drank a glass of milk, Joan found herselflooking at her son in a different way. Ted was quite young, butapparently not so young as to not notice a pretty girl like Fawn. Norwas he too young to get a hard-on and come off in his pants. Joan stillfelt excitement rumbling through her body as she looked at him,visualizing his cock gushing creamy come juice. The scene in her mindcreated a beautiful storm between her thighs, and she was surprised tofind that she almost came.
After his late lunch, Ted mumbled something about changing out of histrunks. She watched him go down the short hall to his room, her eyes onthe tightness of his young ass and strong thighs.
When he didn't return to the living room after about ten minutes, Joanfollowed him. He wasn't in his room, but his trunks were on the floor.She picked them up, turning them inside out and looking at his still wetcome juice. Taking them to the bathroom to place them in the hamper, sheshoved the door open and stepped in--stopping suddenly.
Ted was sitting on the toilet, his legs spread and his cock hard. Hewas, or had been, jerking off frantically. The boy gave a yelp ofsurprise when his mother entered and saw what he was doing. He tried tostuff his hard cock down between his legs, but it jerked upright again.He tried once more, and the same thing happened.
Joan laughed, a low, throaty sound. "I guess you can't hide it, canyou?" she said.
"Aw, Mom," Ted blushed.
"A hard-on isn't anything to be ashamed of, Ted," Joan said, surprisingherself with her choice of words. "Nor should you be ashamed of playingwith it."
Ted lowered his eyes, but his cock kept standing up straight and hard.He closed his thighs, but it didn't help at all. His balls squeezed upfrom them.
Joan stared at her son's cock and balls, an itch tormenting the palms ofher hands. "I know how good it can feel," she went on, her voicedropping to a whisper. "I understand the feeling very well, honey. Iknow you can't leave it alone when you get hard like this. I know youhave to touch it, play with it."
As she whispered, her eyes burning on his cock, she was moving fartherinto the bathroom, getting closer and closer to her son. His trunks haddropped from her hand, forgotten. She was a foot away from him now, herknees shaking as she stared down at his cock. The head was swollensmoothly, and he was dripping from his piss-hole, the shaft visiblythrobbing.
She hardly realized it when she began to sink to the floor, bending herknees, squatting at her son's side, her hand resting on one of his hotknees. She licked her lips as she stared at his cock and balls, seeingthe wiry hair at the base.
"I know the feelings a boy gets sometimes," she murmured with athickening voice, her hand moving slowly up his trembling thigh. "It'sdifficult to ignore, honey. Girls get that way, too. There's nothing atall to be ashamed of."
The tip of her fingers barely touched his balls and she heard Ted gaspand lifted her eyes to his. Ted was looking at her now, his eyesunfocused but very, very hot. She felt his balls writhe against herfingertips, and she lightly brushed at them. Just as he had beenfascinated with Fawn's beautiful titties, Joan now seemed fascinatedwith his cock and balls.
Joan's fingers trailed past his balls and moved agonizingly slowly upthe underside of his throbbing cock. She was breathing hard as shewatched her hand, her gasps matching the pants of her son. She felt theheat of his cock against the tips of her fingers and, reaching theswollen head, she swirled one around the smooth head and finally overthe wetness of his piss-hole. Ted was shaking, making strangling soundsin his throat as he watched, disbelievingly, as his mother caressed andstroked his hard cock.
Joan squatted at his side, her knees showing as her skirt slipped back.A few inches of her thighs could be seen, and Ted snuck peeks at them.Joan very lightly enclosed her son's cock with her fist, moving it upand down slowly, feeling the hardness, the heat, the powerful throbbingof it. Her cunt was on fire again, and she could feel the wetness in thecrotch of her panties.
Tightening her fist, she started jerking her hand up and down, twistingit. She squeezed her son's cock, feeling it swell and burn against herhand. Joan began to whimper softly as she stroked Ted's cock, littlesqueals coming from her. Gripping Ted's cock tightly now, she pumped inshort, jerky thrusts, watching his cock drip more and more. She lickedher lips as excitement burned through her body. The pulsations of hiscock seemed to be increasing significantly as she jerked up and down,but she was so fascinated to be holding his cock she paid no attentionto it.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, Ted came.
"Ohhh!" Joan cried out, watching his come juice boil from the piss-holerapidly, spurt after spurt. She jacked furiously now, moaning as comejuice began to smear on his lower stomach and upper thighs. "Oh, my God!Look at it, Ted! God, you're coming so much, honey!"
Running her fist up and down his spewing cock fast and hard, Joan gave alow squeal as her cunt went into fiery convulsions of orgasm.
She beat on his prick until he finished cumming. Then, without anotherword, she stood up and moistened a cloth. She wiped his stomach andthighs, then his cock, and last her own hand. Tossing the cloth into thebathroom sink, she left her son sitting on the toilet, a very surprisedand delighted boy.

Chapter 2

Joan was not bashful about jacking her son's cock off. On the contrary,it not only excited her to the point of orgasm, but it made herseriously consider fucking him.
They had moved into this apartment complex two months ago, finding itthe best of any they inspected. It was small--only ten or twelve units,built in a square around a nice pool and patio with built-in barbecuewith two tables. Ted was the only young one there, all the rest beingadults. Most, as far as Joan knew, were single men and women, all ofthem working during the day.
Being without boys and girls his own age did not bother Ted. He hadalways been a loner. He didn't even seem to miss his father, and Joansometimes wondered if he would miss her if she were suddenly gone fromhis life. He never seemed to have much interest in things. He was a goodstudent, but thought sports were stupid. He preferred his books tochasing balls or trying to hit one with a piece of wood. Hisintelligence was far above average, and he had dreams of becoming anastronomer some day. He had a powerful telescope set up in his room thathe studied the heavens with, and his bookshelf was filled with materialon the subject.
Joan had been a widow for over five years before they moved into thisapartment. Before that they'd lived in a house on the other side oftown. But the place was much too large for just the two of them so shesold it at a good profit and they located this apartment. There was ashopping center near-by, and Ted walked to the movies when he wanted. Heshopped for his mother when they needed something she had forgotten, andhis generous allowance was spent on lenses and books about the stars andplanets.
Ted was at the movies this night, and Joan was alone in the apartment.She was pleased that her son acted no differently toward her since shehad jacked him off earlier in the day. In fact, once he got over hissurprise, he seemed to act as if it were something his mother did forhim on a daily basis. She was delighted that he showed no feelings ofshame, or treated her as if she was something to be ashamed of.
She went into his room, suddenly eager to use his telescope to look atthe stars. He actually had two of them set up. The larger, more powerfulone, and a small one next to it. Both, she noticed, were not aimed intothe sky now but downward. Curiously, she peeked into the largertelescope.
It had been adjusted to peer into a window directly across from theirapartment. All she saw was a closed curtain with shadows moving behindit. But it had been set in place for some reason, Joan knew. Turning tothe smaller one, she peered into it and found herself looking directlyinto Fawn's living room!
A shiver went through Joan as she saw Fawn sitting on the couch,apparently reading. The girl was in her robe, with her long legs proppedup. One lovely tit was exposed, as were her thighs. Ted had shown hismother how to adjust the focus and pull in a bright, detailed image soas she peered into the eye piece, Joan turned the focus knob and foundshe could see Fawn's tit perfectly. With her pulse racing and her owntits swelling, Joan moved the telescope slightly, focusing it uponFawn's thighs. The image seemed close enough for her to reach out andtouch!
Fawn moved a hand along her thigh, sliding her robe away from her bodyas Joan watched. Joan noticed she could almost count the pores on thatcreamy, exciting flesh. As the robe parted, Joan began to moan softly.She was looking directly at the honey-colored curls of Fawn's cunt. Eachstrand seemed to leap out at her. She began to breathe heavily when Fawndrew her hand up her thigh and toyed with the lip of her cunt. There wassomething intensely erotic about watching Fawn without the girlrealizing she was being seen.
As her cunt started twitching, Joan watched as Fawn parted the pink lipsof her cunt and exposed her tiny, but obviously swollen clitoris. Fawnstroked it slowly, spreading her legs widely, her book forgotten now.Joan's eyes were straining with eager pleasure as Fawn slowly dipped afinger into her cunt and moved it back and forth, her rounded hipswrithing in self-induced pleasure. The image of Fawn was so sharp andseemed so close, Joan was sure she could hear the soft moans of ecstasyFawn must surely be making. She could see that wet finger glistening asit went in and out of her pink, hair-rimmed cunt, and could almost hearthe moist sounds of it.
As often as Joan had used her own fingers on her pussy, she had not oncethought it would be exciting to watch another girl finger-fuck herself.But as she watched, her own cunt was having fits between her thighs,boiling with wet heat. This was the girl who had only this afternoonwantonly teased her son into discharging inside his bathing trunks, andnow she was finger-fucking herself with the drapes open. Remembering thethings she had heard at the pool, Joan wondered if Fawn was aware thatTed had his telescope trained on her window, and that she finger-fuckedherself as another means of teasing him at night.
She watched Fawn with pleasure, seeing the rounded hips arch up as thegirl apparently came. Fawn pulled her finger from her cunt and Joanwatched in amazement as the girl licked it, running her tongue about thewetness and finally plunging the finger in and out of her mouth rapidly.
When Fawn finally turned out her lights and went to bed, Joan turned herattention back to the larger telescope. This time she saw that she hadmissed the opening in the curtains across the way. Through a two-inchslit she could see the bed there, and she gasped loudly. On the bed wasa woman she knew who lived on the bottom floor, spread out with herhairy cunt revealed. Then she saw a man move between the woman's thighs,his cock hard and his hairy balls swinging. Joan's pussy throbbed as shesaw the woman grasp the man's cock and stuffed it into her cunt. Theman's cock slipped all the way into that hairy cunt, and the woman'slegs wrapped around his waist. Joan watched his balls bounce up and downas the couple started fucking vigorously.
Joan shoved her hand under her skirt and inside her panties, finding hercunt wet and hot to the touch. She rubbed at the puffy lips of her cuntas she watched the man and woman fuck. She could almost feel the man'scock thrusting into her own cunt as she rammed two fingers into herself.
With her hand flying under her skirt, Joan panted with steamingexcitement, watching the man and woman fucking so eagerly, wishing shewas there on her back with his cock plunging so powerfully into herpussy, probing and stretching and filling her. His balls bounced about,banging against the woman's lifted ass, and then a hand came down andaround and started twisting and squeezing his balls. Joan was so excitedshe could almost feel his balls in her own hand. The woman's face couldjust be seen past the man's shoulder, and Joan was certain the woman wasscreaming out her ecstasy. At least her mouth was open and her eyes werewide and glazed.
Joan spread her feet on the floor and half bent her knees as she fuckedherself frantically. Her panties were causing her some troubles, but shewas so excited she didn't want to take the time to remove them. If shedid she might miss the finish of the man and woman across the way.
She was disappointed when she saw the man's naked ass slam hard betweenthe woman's legs and his body go stiff. He was coming, and it was overmuch too fast for Joan. She kept watching them as they relaxed, and thenthe man lifted from between the woman's legs. The woman stayed on thebed, her legs wide, and Joan watched her hairy cunt drip with the comejuice, her hand moving about the thick curls of her pussy.
Still excited, Joan turned from the telescope, her hand still inside herpanties. She pulled the drapes and turned on the light, looking abouther son's bedroom. She seldom had reason to enter it. Ted always madehis own bed and kept his room neat and clean. Now she looked around.Near the telescopes she saw where her son sat as he jacked off while hewatched either Fawn or the couple. The fact that her son was peekinginto windows at night did not disturb Joan. She, too, had found howexciting it could be. She wasn't sure she wanted anyone to peek in ather, but it was fun to watch others in secret.
Turning off the light, she went back to the living room, and just intime because Ted came in as soon as she sat down.
"Enjoy the movie, honey?" she asked him.
"It was okay," he said, flopping down on the couch and slumping forward,his legs apart. Joan found her eyes moving to the front of his pants,wishing his cock was hard. "It wasn't as good as I thought it would be.Hey, it's a good night to study the stars."
He jumped up instantly and went to his room. Joan knew he would bedisappointed. Fawn and the couple across the way were all through forthe night.
"Mom, have you been in my room?"
She looked up. "I was there, honey," she said. "I thought it might needsome straightening up. Do you always leave your curtains open?"
She looked directly into his eyes, letting him know she had discoveredhe was looking at more than stars. Ted gazed back at his motherunflinchingly.
"Some stars you see," she said in a low voice.
"You saw?" he asked.
Joan nodded her head. "I saw Fawn and I saw the couple across the way,"she admitted. "How long have you been peeking on them, Ted?"
"Long enough," he said boldly.
After a moment, Joan smiled at her son. "Kind of exciting, isn't it?"
A grin spread over his face. "Did it excite you, Mom? I mean, watchingthem do those things?"
"Very much," she replied, her eyes moving down his body to the front ofhis pants, noticing he was swelling up there. "I sort of, you know,enjoyed it."
"Want to see someone else?" Ted asked.
"You mean there's more?" Joan asked, getting to her feet. "In thiscomplex?"
"No, over at that tall building," he said. "It's an office building."
"At night?"
"Come on and I'll show you," he said excitedly. Before he turned, Joansaw that his cock was bulging out hard now.
She walked into his room, seeing he had left the lights off but hadpulled his curtains open again. She watched him work with the powerfultelescope, getting it adjusted on the tall office building a block or soaway.
"There. Take a look, Mom."
Peering into it, Joan saw a man, apparently a janitor, his cock out ofhis pants, one hand jerking on it as he dusted about desks. Soon, theman stood behind the desk with his cock over it, and she saw him comeoff, spurting come juice onto the polished desk top.
She laughed. "That's one way of getting back at the boss, I guess."
"He does that every night about this time," Ted said, standing close tohis mother.
She could almost feel the heat coming from her son's body and it madeher shiver. She stepped aside as he made another adjustment with thetelescope, and then she saw he had aimed it farther away from the officebuilding. It was a very powerful telescope, and she found herselfpeering into some bedroom window. A young boy and girl were there, bothnaked and feeling about each other. She watched until the girl wasspread across the bed, her legs wide. When the boy started to shove hiscock into her cunt, Joan let her son look.
Ted was breathing hard and hotly as he looked at the boy and girlfucking. Joan, at his side, was shaking. She moved her hand to the frontof his pants, brushing it over his throbbing hard cock. She felt herson's body jerk, but he made no move to turn away or push her hand fromhim. She placed her palm against his hard-on, moving it slowly incircles as he watched the young couple fuck a few blocks away.
Feeling intensely aroused, Joan stepped behind her son, pressing herbody against his back, her hands wrapped about him, one at his chest andthe other cupping his cock. "If I did it once for you, I could do itagain, baby," she whispered into his ear.
"Uhh, yeah," Ted replied, moving his hips into his mother's caressinghand.
Joan ran her tongue about her son's ear as she began to open his pants.She slipped her hand inside and felt his cock hot and hard. Bringing itout, she closed her fist around it and began to stroke back and forth,pressing her pussy against his ass cheeks.
"Do you like this, Ted?" she murmured huskily at his ear. "Do you likemy hand on you this way?"
"Yeah, Mom!" he grunted.
She cupped her hand about the swollen head of his cock, feeling thewetness smear her palm. She twisted her hand, feeling the hot, smooth,wetness of him. Her cunt was bubbling with a heat that threatened toscald the hair-lined lips. She worked on his belt, opening it, thenshoved his pants downward, his shorts with them. Cupping his balls inone hand, she jacked his prick with the other, but even this wasn'tenough for her. She lifted her dress and pressed her pantied cunt uponhis naked ass, feeling her thighs on his. Ted's young body shook withpleasure as her hand moved back and forth.
"They're finished," he said in a choking voice.
"I'm not," she whispered at his ear, darting her tongue into it. "I'mnot finished yet, darling."
She turned him, moving her son toward his bed. He sat down and shedropped to her knees before him. Spreading his legs, she grasped hiscock once more, and as Ted lay back, Joan leaned down and kissed onethigh. She jerked and pumped on his cock, sucking at his flesh, hertongue swirling about the sensitive inner surface of her son's leg. Herhusband had enjoyed this very much, and she knew her son would, too.
Squeezing his cock as she pumped it, Joan breathed hotly as her tonguemoved upward, licking and tasting his young, firm thigh flesh. Shewasn't sure just how far she would go but at the moment she was preparedto go all the way with her tongue.
"What ... what are you gonna do, Mom?" Ted asked in a voice that soundedstrangled.
"Hush," she whispered. "Just enjoy it, honey."
She jerked on his prick as her tongue moved from thigh to thigh, nowhalfway up them. Her cunt was fiery and wet as she licked and sucked atthe flesh of his legs, her hand moving up and down his beautifully hardcock. Although it was dark in the room, with only enough light to makeout indistinct details, Joan could see her son's balls a few inches fromher face. She gave a whimpering sound and stroked her tongue about hisballs, causing her son to jerk with unexpected pleasure. The sounds ofhis panting breath excited her, letting her know she was providing agreat deal of ecstasy for him.
Swirling her tongue hotly, she flicked the tip against his balls,running it around them as she jerked her fist on his prick. She waspleased to find her son's balls tasted so good! She started lickingthem, her tongue going up and down, moving them about her lips. Ted wasopening and closing his legs about her, arching his cock up and thendropping his ass. Joan shoved her hand under him and cupped a young,firm ass cheek, squeezing it as she pumped and licked at his preciouslysweet balls. She knew, by the hard throbbing of his cock and the way hisballs writhed against her tongue, she would have him coming off quickerthan she wanted.
Yet she wasn't sure how far she should go. It might be better to goslow, or it might be better to go fast. The desire to gulp his youngcock into her mouth and suck him frantically was strong, and she foughtagainst the urge.
To have his sweet, hard cock throbbing between her lips would be sogood, she thought. His cock, so young and hard, would taste heavenlyinside her mouth, and she was sure his come juice would be delicious asit flowed across her tongue and down her burning throat.
With a soft groan of delight, Joan swirled her tongue about his ballseagerly, finally taking them into her mouth, sucking hotly as her fistjerked faster on his cock. The way his balls felt in her mouth sent afiery ecstasy down to her cunt, and Joan began cumming. The waves ofsteaming orgasm shot through her one after the other, a series oforgasms like she had seldom experienced. She whimpered as she mouthedhis balls, her fist flying up and down his prick.
Ted was lifting his ass up from the bed, grunting. Joan dug her fingersinto his naked little ass hard, sucking his balls hungrily. She jerkedfrantically, mentally urging her son to come, to gush his creamy comejuice before she gave in to the burning desire to close her lips abouthis cockhead and let him come off into her mouth.
She felt his cock spurt, and the creamy heat of his come juice coatedher jerking fist. She pulled his balls, making him come with her fist,soft sounds of delight coming from deep in her throat.
"Come, baby!" she moaned. "Oh, God ... come! Come hard ... come all overthe place!"
"I am, Mom!" Ted groaned, his ass jerking wildly.
She pumped on his cock until it began going soft and small in her fist.Then she pulled her hand away and wiped it on his bedspread. She foundtissues on his night table and cleaned his cock, balls, thighs, andstomach, wishing now she had taken his jizz into her mouth.
She stood for a moment looking down at him in the darkness, barelyseeing him. The crotch of her panties was very wet, and giving in to asudden impulse, she lifted her skirt and stripped her panties off.Holding them in her hand, she moved to the door. She flicked the lightswitch, turning the room into brightness. She saw her son grinning ather, his cock and balls sweetly exposed to her.
"That's better than just watching, Mom," he said.
"I know," Joan grinned back at him. Then she tossed her cunt-wet pantiesat him. They landed on his face, and Ted giggled as he drew them down tohis neck. "Now, here's something you can dream on, darling." She turnedher back to him, and gave her skirt a saucy flip, showing her naked assto her son briefly. "Nice, huh?" she teased.
"I didn't see much, Mom," he said.
"Well, take a good look, baby," she replied in a throaty voice, liftingher skirt again and holding it up this time. She patted her naked ass asshe arched it saucily at him. "Isn't it a nice ass?"

Chapter 3

Three days had gone by, and twice a day Joan had jerked her son off,usually with his balls in her mouth. Ted, of course, was having the timeof his life.
He still sat near the pool when Fawn was there, and Joan had not toldhim what she had seen. She enjoyed watching her son and the pretty girlwithout them knowing it. At night, she and her son would peek intoFawn's room and watch the pretty girl caress herself, finger-fuck toorgasm, then lick her finger. The couple across the way apparentlydidn't fuck every night, but Joan and Ted saw the janitor jacking off onthe polished desk.
After watching with the telescopes, Joan would always leave her son withher cunt-wet panties on his face, flip her skirt upwards and wiggle hernaked ass saucily, sometimes pat it in a teasing way.
As yet she had showed him nothing but her ass, but the desire to allowhim to look at her body was becoming stronger. She wondered if he wouldbe pleased with her, if he would find her titties as pretty as Fawn's,her cunt as exciting. Not that she was jealous, just that she wanted toexcite her son as much as the lovely little creature did.
During the passing few days, Joan found herself drawn to Fawn almost asstrongly as her son seemed to be. The girl was certainly a beautifulone, and her legs were very exciting to look at. When Fawn climbed fromthe air float, the bottom of her bikini was always pulled into the crackof her ass, the creamy whiteness flashing. Joan understood Fawnconsidered her ass to be quite lovely, and in truth it was. It was acaressable ass, tight, and very shapely. Joan wondered what it would belike to feel Fawn's ass, to play with her tits and maybe, just maybe,fondle her hot, sugary cunt.
Such thoughts excited Joan tremendously, and she knew her son wasdesperate to caress the older girl, too. It was in his eyes every timehe looked at her, in the way his cock became so hard as he watched her,especially through the telescope at night.
A few days later, shortly after noon, Joan met Fawn at the entrance ofthe apartment building. She had just come home from the nearby shoppingcenter as Fawn strolled up from the opposite direction. Fawn was dressedin a short tennis skirt with a matching blouse. Her golden thighsflashed prettily in the sun, drawing Joan's eyes.
"Hello," Joan said, smiling friendly.
"Why, Joan!" Fawn said, as if she had not seen the woman in years."Here, let me help you with those bags."
Joan gave one of her bags up and followed the girl up the stairs towardher apartment. The gentle sway of Fawn's tight, shapely ass cheeks drewher eyes, along with those creamy thighs. Halfway up the stairs, Joancould see Fawn's panties under the tennis skirt. Already those pantieshad crept into the crack of Fawn's ass, and the half moons of her whiteass cheeks beckoned erotically to Joan's eyes. Feeling childish, Joanstooped lower to peer under the short skirt, feeling her tits swell anda hot throb start between her legs as she looked at that sweet, sweetass.
Inside the apartment, Joan tried to keep Fawn there for a while. "Haveyou been playing tennis?" she asked.
"Oh, no," Fawn replied. "I don't play tennis. I just think the skirtsare pretty, so I wear them every chance I get."
"Coffee?" Joan asked, hoping.
"That would be nice," Fawn smiled at the older woman.
Fawn leaned against the sink in the kitchen, crossing her feet. Therewas something appealing about this casual position that caused Joan toshiver with desire as she turned the automatic coffee maker on.
"Ted isn't home?" Fawn asked.
"I hardly ever know where he is," Joan said. "He's getting to be such abig boy, he thinks he doesn't have to tell his mother where he's going."
"I think Ted is sweet," Fawn murmured. "He's a very handsome boy."
"Yes, he is," Joan answered, looking at the thrust of Fawn's prettytits, her eyes becoming hot.
Fawn continued to lean on the sink, her eyes studying Joan's face,reading her expression and understanding what was going on inside theolder woman's mind. She slowly uncrossed her feet and stood upright, hershoulders thrown back to make her tits strain forward.
"You don't wear a bra," Joan said, not asking. She could see the twinnipples pressing against the blouse, and her eyes burned upon them.
"I don't like them," Fawn said, and Joan realized the girl's voice anddropped and become throaty.
When Joan lifted her eyes, she found Fawn gazing at her intently. Joantrembled as her cunt twitched. Fawn lifted her arms to Joan, a smallsmile on her moist, full mouth. For just a second Joan resisted, thenshe moved closer to Fawn and her arms went about the girl. They huggedeach other tightly for a long, breathless moment, feeling their titssmashing together. Then, without Joan knowing when it happened, her lipswere on those of Fawn, kissing hotly. She felt Fawn's lips openunderneath hers, and the tip of the girl's moist tongue began playingwith her tongue.
They kissed hotly, lips writhing, arms wrapped tightly around eachother. Joan felt Fawn's tits moving against hers, felt those nippleshard and firm. Fawn began to suck on Joan's tongue, pulling it deeplyinto her hot, wet mouth with a soft moan. Joan responded with an eroticgurgle of pleasure, her hands moving down Fawn's back. She cupped thesweet tightness of Fawn's ass and whimpered with pleasure when Fawnpressed her lower stomach hard against her. Somehow Fawn had worked herthigh between Joan's legs, and Joan felt the heat of Fawn's crotch. Fawngrabbed Joan's ass in her hands, and while they squeezed each other'sass cheeks, they moaned and sobbed as ecstasy swelled within theirbodies.
Fawn lifted Joan's skirt and the contact of the girl's hot, smooththighs straddling her naked leg sent a hot ripple through Joan. She feltthe moist heat coming through Fawn's panties and searing her thigh. Joanpressed her leg hard into Fawn's cunt as the girl rubbed her cunt there.Joan squeezed the tight cheeks of the girl's squirming ass, feeling Fawndig her fingers into her ass. The women looked at each other, gazinginto hot eyes as Fawn rubbed her pantied cunt against Joan's thigh.Fawn's eyes glazed over and a soft sigh came from her mouth. Joan feltthe hot throbbing on her leg and knew the girl had come.
Their lips met softly, briefly, in a short kiss. Joan took Fawn's handand led her to the bedroom. With a teasing smile, Fawn opened her blouseand shrugged it from her shoulders. Joan mewled as she gazed upon theshapely beauty of Fawn's flawless titties. The nipples stood up, pinkand swollen, and the white band of her tits contrasted with the goldencolor of her flesh. Fawn cupped her tits and, lowering her eyes inpretended shyness, offered them to Joan.
"So lovely," Joan whispered, taking both titties in her palms andcaressing them gently, her fingers squeezing just hard enough to bringgurgles of delight from Fawn.
"Kiss them, Joan," Fawn pleaded with a husky voice. "Kiss my tits ...suck on my tits."
The women were about the same height, and Joan lowered her face,wrapping her eager lips about one nipple, drawing it deeply into herhungry mouth, sucking hard, her tongue swirling and licking. She feltFawn's hands cupping her tits through her light-weight summer sweater,caressing and fondling them. She sucked in a wet, greedy way on thesucculent nipples, her hand on the other, scooting her right hand aroundto knead and fondle Fawn's lovely ass. She shoved her hand under theshort skirt and felt the heat of her flesh. She ran her finger about thenylon panties, then pressed her fingers under it to feel the nakedsmoothness of Fawn's ass. She sucked hungrily, moaning softly, goingfrom tit to tit, and Fawn finally had her sweater up, unhooked her bra,and was playing with Joan's naked tits, sobbing in pleasure.
"Let me," Fawn whispered throatily. "Joan, let me suck your titties!"
Reluctantly, Joan lifted her face, and allowed Fawn to remove hersweater and open bra. Fawn gazed with delight upon Joan's tits, thumbingher sensitive nipples into even larger hardness.
"You have beautiful tits, Joan," Fawn murmured, licking her lips. "Ilove those big, long nipples."
As Fawn dipped her head and swirled her tongue about one nipple, finallysucking it very deeply into her mouth, Joan's cunt rippled into anorgasm. She trembled with her hands on digging into Fawn's shoulders.
"Oooo, I came!" she mumbled in surprise.
Fawn giggled happily, and Joan gasped as one of Fawn's hands pressed herskirt between her thighs hard, rubbing upon her cunt.
"Oh, God!" Joan whimpered. "Ohhh, God!"
"Mmmm, nice, isn't it?" Fawn murmured with her lips brushing a swollennipple. "My, you feel so hot, Joan!"
Again their lips came together, grinding in passion, both womenwhimpering as they clutched at each other's ass again, rubbing theirlower bodies hotly together. Fawn fumbled with the zipper of Joan'sskirt and it slithered to the floor. Standing in her bikini panties, shestepped back and watched Fawn remove her short skirt, then slide herpanties down those tantalizing thighs. The cunt hair was so blonde, thepink slit of her pussy could be seen through it.
"Take your panties off, Joan," Fawn gasped, fondling her own tits, hereyes blazing in passion. "Take your panties off so I can see yourpussy!"
Joan almost ripped her flimsy panties from her body and stood proudly,her feet parted and her hips arching forward. Fawn moaned and shoved herhand between Joan's smooth thighs, cupping her cunt and rubbing back andforth on the puffy, wet lips. Joan's hand darted to Fawn's pussy,worming a finger into the tight grip of the girl's cunt.
They moved to the bed, sitting on the edge as they began to kiss hotlyand wetly, their hands moving about each other's body in steamingdesire.
Fawn slipped off the bed, going to her knees. Joan watched with burningeyes as the girl parted her knees, stroking the creamy inner surfaces ofher thighs. Fawn traced a finger about the curls of Joan's cunt hair,parting it and looking at the tip of Joan's protruding clitoris.
"Ohhh! Oh, Yes!" Joan murmured when Fawn pressed her wet, hot lips uponher thigh, kissing it, sucking the flesh between them, her tongueswirling. "Oh, yes, yes!"
Fawn began eagerly licking and kissing at the inner sweetness of Joan'slegs, licking her way up between them. She was gripping Joan's tremblinghips with strong fingers, and her hot breath seemed to sear the flesh ofJoan's legs.
Murmuring softly, Fawn nuzzled her face into the steamy bush of Joan'scunt, kissing the thick patch of hair and running her tongue up totickle the indentation of Joan's belly button.
Joan leaned back on her elbows, her eyes closed as boiling desirebubbled through her body. Fawn ran her tongue about each hairy pussylip, teasingly. The wetness of Fawn's tongue sent chills of anticipationthrough Joan and she lifted her hips, writhing her crotch in search ofthe girl's mouth. Fawn flicked the tip of her tongue over Joan'sthrobbing clitoris. Joan wailed and thrust her cunt into Fawn's face,grinding almost mindlessly. She choked when Fawn ran her tongue alongthe slit of her cunt, then shoved it into the slippery wetness.
When Fawn fucked her tongue in and out of Joan's cunt, Joan wailedagain, louder this time, and banged her overheated cunt into the girl'sface. She felt Fawn's tongue swirling and licking the sensitive lips ofher cunt, then close her lips about her clitoris, sucking on it hard.
Sitting upright, Joan grasped Fawn's tits, urging her to climb onto thebed with her. Fawn came eagerly, and they stretched out, pressingtogether. Joan licked at Fawn's wet cunt-wet lips, sucking on the girl'stongue as it darted into her mouth, tasting her own cunt and enjoying itvery much. Joan pulled Fawn on top of her naked body, wrapping her slimthighs around Fawn's hips and locking her ankles behind the girl'sknees. Fawn pressed her blonde-haired cunt hard upon that of Joan asthey kept kissing wetly, squirming tits smashing tits.
"You feel wonderful, Fawn," Joan whispered passionately as she squeezedthe girl's naked, grinding ass cheeks. "You feet so damned good againstme!"
"So do you, Joan," Fawn replied in a low voice.
Then Fawn started licking and kissing her way down Joan's naked bodyagain, swirling her tongue and licking at the sweet flesh, sucking anipple, then going farther down.
"I want to kiss you, too," Joan whispered. "Let me kiss you, too, Fawn."
Fawn turned around on her hands and knees, her lips and tonguecontinuously moving, tasting, kissing, licking. Joan spread her legswide as Fawn's tongue licked through the thick hair of her cunt, slidingher hand between Fawn's golden thighs, feeling the blonde pussy witheager fingers. As Fawn licked up and down the slit of her cunt, Joanlifted her hips and pulled at Fawn's body until she had the womanstraddling her face.
Closing her hot thighs around Fawn's head, Joan caressed Fawn's thighsand ass cheeks, gazing up at the pink sweetness of the young cunt,seeing it glisten with hot readiness. The tiny asshole seemed to wink aninvitation to Joan, and she ran her fingertip lightly about it, watchingit pucker. Fawn was cupping Joan's ass, lifting her crotch into her faceand licking hungrily, sucking on Joan's throbbing clitoris. The wetslurping sounds sent an appeal to Joan's ears.
"Eat me!"
Joan heard the muffled plea with roaring ears.
"Eat my cunt, Joan!"
"Oh, yes! I will!" Joan grunted eagerly, pulling at Fawn's naked ass,thrilled to feel the golden heat of the girl's thighs against her face.
She pulled Fawn's cunt into her mouth, kissing it with open lips. Shesucked Fawn's cunt lips into her mouth and swirled her tongue about thesugary lips, then plunged her tongue into it. Fawn's cunt was verytight, very hot, and very wet. With her hands clutching the shapelytight ass, Joan began eating and sucking and licking. The liquid tasteof Fawn's cunt sent Joan's mind into reeling ecstasy as she tried tothrust her tongue deeply. The blonde-haired lips sucked and gripped hertongue as Joan plunged into it, moaning in this sweet, erotic pleasure.
With her face in Fawn's cunt, Joan lifted her hips and twisted them,grinding her cunt into the eager girl's mouth, pumping her hips to fuckon that darting tongue. She clung to Fawn's naked, succulent ass tightlyand pressed her open mouth hard upon the sugary wetness of Fawn's cunt.Fawn's cunt dripped constantly, filling Joan's mouth. Joan swallowed thesweet juices hungrily, lapping her tongue inside the steaming slit formore. The satiny walls of Fawn's cunt against her tongue sent Joansoaring with mindless, erotic ecstasy. She was sobbing softly as shesucked Fawn's cunt, whipping her own harshly up and down, making Fawngurgle happily. The way Fawn held her naked ass, fondling the smoothcheeks as she tongue-fucked her and licked at her stormy cunt, soon hadJoan erupting into orgasm after orgasm. She squeezed her thighs aboutFawn's head, sucking as hard as she could, wanting to make Fawn's cuntconvulse as her own was doing.
The grinding motions of Fawn's cunt increased until Fawn was fuckinginto Joan's mouth as she twisted her sugary cunt upon Joan's tongue.When the spasms struck Fawn, Joan's tongue was as deep inside aspossible. The convulsions of Fawn's cunt created a squeezing sensationabout Joan's tongue, as if her pretty cunt was sucking it.
Joan and Fawn thrashed about on the bed, their mouths glued into eachother's convulsing cunt, wailing wetly as they held each other by thenaked, shaking ass cheeks with tight, hot hands. Their hungry slurpingsounds were loud in the bed room, but they didn't hear them. Time andagain they came, bringing each other to amazing orgasms with their lipsand tongues.
As they rolled apart, gasping for air, their naked bodies shaking, bothhad come so much that it was almost painful. Joan's face, especiallyaround her mouth, was glistening with the wetness of Fawn's cunt. Sheran her tongue over her lips, finding them slightly bruised. She smiledat Fawn, seeing that pretty face was wet with the juices of her cunt.Fawn was smiling with total satisfaction, her blue eyes glowing.
"My God," Joan whispered, caressing the sweetness of Fawn's tanned thighnear her cunt. "You taste so good, Fawn. I had no idea a cunt wouldtaste that sweet."
Fawn sat up, looking down at Joan. "You mean ... Joan, this is yourfirst time with a girl?"
Joan nodded, grinning with pleasure.
"Then why?" Fawn asked. "I mean, what made you want to do it?"
Joan told of watching her at the pool, of seeing her bikini bottoms pullinto the crack of her ass, of the growing desire to feel that saucy ass.She did not mention seeing the way Fawn tantalized her son, of thetelescopes and how she had jerked her son off while sucking on hisballs.
Fawn stroked Joan's tits. "I'm glad, then," Fawn said. "I've seen youaround and you want to know something? I've wanted to kiss your cuntever since I first saw you. I just didn't know if you'd let me."
"Now we both know, don't we?" Joan laughed, rubbing between Fawn'sthighs. "But this doesn't mean I'm turned off by guys. I lovethem--especially those hard cocks they have. I love to feel a hard cockin my cunt, but now I love to feel my tongue up a pussy, too."
"We're the same," Fawn laughed. "I enjoy eating pussy as much as fuckinga sweet cock, too."
"Like Ted's?" Joan asked, then wondered why she had said it.
Fawn's eyes grew warm as a smile spread over her face. "He's sogood-looking. I wouldn't mind fucking him at all.
"Why don't you do it, then?" Joan heard herself ask.
"I thought ... he's so young, Joan," Fawn replied. "Would he know whatto do with a girl? Has he had a piece of ass, do you know?"
"I'm not sure," Joan said. "But I think he's getting horny enough for itlately. Besides, there's always a first time, isn't there?"
Fawn giggled, pinching Joan's nipple.
"What's so funny?"
"I think it's hilarious, eating your cunt the way I just did and nowthinking about fucking your son," Fawn laughed. "Tongue-fuck the mother,then go fuck the son!"
"Anything wrong with it?" Joan asked, a little anxious.
"Not a thing in the world, Joan," Fawn said, squeezing one upstandingtit. "I think it's great!"

Chapter 4

That evening Joan found herself wishing her son would go down to visitFawn.
She knew Fawn would fuck Ted, she had said she would, in so many words.If he would go down to visit with her, maybe he would fuck her in theliving room, and she could watch them on the telescope! Somehow, theidea of seeing her son fuck the sweet girl sent shivers of pleasurebetween her thighs. The idea of seeing her son's precious cock thrustinginto the blonde-haired cunt she had sucked off that afternoon almostmade Joan come as she sat looking at Ted.
"Ted," she said softly, "have you ever thought about doing somethingwith any of those women you've been spying on?"
"Doing what, Mom?"
"I know you've been jacking off, watching them," she said. "You jack offwhen you see Fawn in her living room, don't you? And remember how goodit makes you feel when I suck your balls and jerk you off after we lookat her? Doesn't that make you wish you could fuck her?"
Ted's eyes became round as he looked at his mother. Joan saw the effecther words had on him by the way his cock started swelling inside hisjeans. She grinned.
"Well, don't you think it would be good to stick your cock in her blondecunt, darling?"
"Yeah, that would be great, Mom!" he said enthusiastically. "But I don'tthink Fawn would let me. I'm just a kid and she's not gonna want to fucka kid like me."
"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Joan said. "I have a hunch shemight let you."
"Really?" Ted asked, eagerness in his voice.
"I'm sure Fawn would let you fuck her," Joan said, her voice firm."Listen, why don't you go visit her now? You can find out if she will."
"Aw, I wouldn't know what to do, Mom," he said.
"Leave that up to Fawn, baby," Joan replied. "You don't have to doanything but get a hard-on. I think she'll do the rest."
"Really?" he asked again, his eyes glowing, his cock straining at hispants. "You think she'll fuck me, Mom, really?"
"Why don't you take that hard-on you're getting down there and findout?" she smiled at him. "Once she sees your hard cock, I bet she won'tbe able to keep her hands off it."
"Like you, Mom?" Ted laughed.
"Mmm, like me."
Ted got to his feet, pacing up and down the living room, excited, hiscock bulging in his pants. "I'll do it," he said. "I'll go see her.Maybe she'll let me fuck her. I hope she'll let me put it in her! Gosh,I bet she's good at it, Mom! She looks and acts like she'll love gettingfucked!"
"Go find out," Joan urged, watching his excitement and his cock swell."Go on before you come off in your fucking pants, baby!"
"Aw, you wouldn't let me come in my pants, Mom," he said, arching hiships toward her.
"Don't be so sure," she teased. "You make my panties wet all the time,don't you? It would only be fair if you cum off in your pants." She ranher hand over his hard-on. "Mmmm, you've got a nice hard cock, baby. Ifyou don't go on and see if Fawn will fuck you, I'm going to take yourcock out and play with it myself."
"I'm going!" he said.
Joan watched her son run out the door. Then she hurried to his bedroomquickly, entering the darkness. The small telescope was still trained onthe living room of Fawn's apartment. She peered through the lens, seeingFawn sitting on the couch in her robe as usual. Then she saw the girllook up and knew her son had knocked on her door.
She watched Fawn invite Ted into her apartment, taking his hand andbringing him to the couch. Joan noticed that Ted still had his hard-on.
Fawn sat down beside Ted and turned to face him, one leg up on thecouch, the robe parted to expose her golden, creamy thighs almost to hercunt. Joan saw how nervous her son was, and he kept glancing at Fawn'slegs. She saw Fawn laugh, then lean over and kiss Ted's cheek.
Already Joan's cunt was wet, throbbing with heat. It wasn't everyday amother could watch her son's first fuck, she thought, pleased. Fawn tookTed's hand as they sat talking, placing his palm on her knee. Ted waslosing some of his nervousness, Joan saw. Fawn pulled Ted's hand up herthigh a ways as she leaned over and kissed him, on his mouth this time.As Fawn leaned forward, her robe came apart, revealing her beautifultits with rigid, rubbery nipples.
She wished she could hear them talking, but since she couldn't, lookingat them was the next best thing. She saw Fawn lift her son's hand andcurl his fingers about one of her tits, and then she dropped her handright on top of Ted's raging hard cock. Joan was pleased with her son,watching him boldly stroke and fondle Fawn's titties. When she saw Fawnopening Ted's pants, taking his young cock out, Joan almost came, hercunt boiling with that sweet, deliciously wet sensation.
Fawn closed her fingers around Ted's cock, jerking up and down on it.Joan's palms itched with the feeling of jerking her son's cock off,knowing what Fawn was feeling. As she jacked on his hard cock, Fawnlicked Ted's lips. Finally she drew back, unbelting her robe and lettingit fall away. Joan watched her son look at Fawn's naked beauty, his eyesglowing with eagerness. He looked upon her blonde-haired cunt intently,then moved his hand up her thigh and stroked it, pumping one of hisfingers in and out. Fawn leaned back on the couch, spreading her slenderlegs wide and arching her cunt up to Ted's thrusting finger, grippinghis cock tightly.
Joan was hardly breathing as she saw Fawn stand her son up, open hisbelt, and shove his pants down. Ted's cock stood out straight andlovely, his balls looking very full. Joan squeezed at her own tits asshe murmured, "Fuck him, Fawn! Take his cock in your sweet cunt and fuckmy son! I want to watch this beautiful cock fuck your tight cunt!"
Whether it was because she had said those words or because she waswatching Fawn play with Ted's cock and balls, Joan felt an orgasm rumblethrough her cunt. She moaned softly, watching Fawn spread her legs andpush Ted to his knees between them.
Using two fingers, Fawn spread the pink, wet lips of her cunt, andholding Ted's cock at the base, rubbed his swollen, dripping piss holeabout the fiery slit of her pussy, smashing it against her swollenclitoris. Fawn was looking into Ted's face as she did this, her lipsparted and her tongue moving about them. Ted was staring down at whatshe was doing with his cock and her cunt, his hands holding her hips asthough she would jerk from him.
The image was sharp, and Joan sucked in a hiss of air as she saw herson's cock sliding into Fawn's cunt. She could almost hear Ted gasp withecstasy. Fawn closed her eyes as Ted's cock slithered into her pussy,and it was obvious to Joan that the girl was sighing with pleasure. Fora long moment, Fawn held Ted's cock inside her cunt, then she placed herhands on his small hips, moving him back and forth, lifting her cunt tohis prick. Joan watched her son catch the rhythm, and then he wasfucking Fawn, his cock sliding deeply and wetly. Fawn churned her hipsup and down, fucking back at Ted vigorously. Joan could almost hear thewet sounds of her son's cock penetrating that sugary cunt, and sheshoved her hand under her dress to rub at her own pussy.
Seeing her son's small ass bunch and tighten, his cock moving in and outof the gripping, blonde-haired lips of Fawn's sweet cunt sent ripples ofdesire up and down Joan's spine.
Fawn was churning her naked hips up and down, grinding into Ted'splunging cock, his balls slapping against her sweet, round ass. Joancould not see Ted's balls, but she could imagine it very well. She couldsee his cock glisten with the wetness of Fawn's cunt, could almost seethe way that tight pussy sucked at his prick. Fawn was not holding Ted'ships now, but clutching at her firm, spongy tits, twisting and pullingat her pink nipples, her head turning from side to side, her longhoney-blonde hair becoming tangled. Fawn was thrashing her naked assabout wildly, and Joan knew instinctively that the girl was eithercoming or very close to it.
Then Fawn thrust her cunt hard onto Ted's cock, pressing tightly. Joansaw her son ram his prick deeply, his young body shaking, then turningrigid.
"He's coming in her," she whispered excitedly, her eye glued to thetelescope. "Ted is shooting his precious come juice in her tight, wetcunt!"
A powerful orgasm shot through Joan as she watched Fawn and her soncoming together. Ted's cock stayed inside Fawn's cunt for a long time,with him slumping over Fawn's lovely body. Joan was glad to see Fawncaressing his back and ass while he rested, her thighs moving gentlyagainst his hips.
After watching her son pull his pants up and seeing Fawn lead him to thedoor, hugging him tightly against her naked body to kiss him good-night,Joan left the telescope and her son's room.
She was in the living room when Ted came in, his face glowing happily.
"She let me, Mom!" he said exuberantly. "Fawn let me fuck her! Ohh, itwas sure good, too! I liked it so much."
Catching his excitement, Joan grabbed him and hugged him tightly. Sheran her hand along the front of his pants, feeling his cock and balls.She kissed him wetly on his mouth, darting her tongue into it for amoment.
"Was it that good, baby?" she laughed. "Did her cunt feel real hot andwet to you? Was it a tight pussy?"
"Yeah, man!" Ted said. "Fawn fucks good, Mom! I thought she was gonnafuck my cock right off ... almost pulled my balls in it!"
"I supposed you're tired now, huh?" she teased him. "I suppose all youwant to do is go to sleep, right?"
"Not me," he said. "I want to stay awake and let the feeling stay aslong as it will."
She squeezed his cock and balls through his pants, then turned himloose. She pretended to pout. "Now I won't have any fun with you, Iguess. You're probably not interested in my hand-jobs anymore."
"I am, Mom," he said. "You can always jack me off and suck on my balls.I like that, too."
She gave a sigh of pretended negligence. "Well, I suppose I could jackoff the paper boy, or find me another fellow who will let me have somefun, too."
Ted hugged his mother tightly. "Aw, Mom. You know you can jack me off.Here ..." He opened his pants and pulled his cock out. "You can do itfor me now."
Joan looked at his cock. It was still wet from Fawn's cunt.
"You're not even hard for me," she pouted. "You've always had a nicehard-on for me to play with, honey. I guess Fawn has fucked you out,after all."
Ted stroked his cock, standing in front of his mother.
"Oh, let me do that," Joan said, her cunt steaming again. "Take yourfucking pants down and let me do that for you."
Ted shoved his pants down and Joan sat him on the couch, dropping to herknees between his legs. She licked at his flesh, watching his cock grow,swelling and pointing toward his stomach. She cupped his balls gentlyand caressed them, stroking her other hand along his pussy-wet cock. Shecould smell the arousing scent of Fawn's cunt on him.
Shoving her face between his legs, she lapped about his balls, tastingFawn's cunt there. That added to her erotic pleasure. Taking his ballsinto her mouth, she began to pump at his once more hard cock. Thepiss-hole flared and started dripping, smearing her hand and making herfist slide smoothly on his prick.
"Mmmm, you taste so good!" she moaned, drawing both his balls into hermouth, her nose brushing the base of his cock, inhaling the sweetness ofFawn's cunt on him.
Letting his balls drop from her mouth, she kissed the base of his cock."Knowing you were down there fucking her made me so hot, baby," shemurmured. "I wanted to play with myself, the way we've watched Fawn do."
"Why didn't you, Mom?"
"Because ... well, because, that's all."
"Just thinking about it, huh?"
"No," she confessed. "I watched you in the telescope. I watched itall--the way she fucked you, your cock going into her cunt, you bothcoming."
"You did?" His eyes glowed.
"You don't believe me?"
"Sure, I believe you, Mom," he said. "I'd have been watching if I wasyou."
Joan stood up, lifting her skirt slightly and shoving her hands underit. Without letting her son see her cunt, she pulled her panties off. Asshe lifted first one knee, then the other to remove her panties, Tedcaught a brief flash of her hairy cunt.
"See, I'll show you how hot I got," Joan laughed, rubbing the crotch ofher panties against his face. "Tell me if I was hot or not? Thosepanties are almost soaked!"
Ted held them off his face, looking at the lacy crotch. They weredrenched with the juices of his mother's cunt. Giggling, Joan shoved thewet crotch against his lips, rubbing it back and forth.
"Have a taste of cunt, darling. My cunt!"
Ted laughed, his hand on the back of his mother's as she rubbed herpanties at his mouth. Playfully, Joan shoved the cunt-wet crotch of herpanties between his lips. "Taste that cunt ... it's second-hand pussy,but it's better than none!"
Her finger had shoved the wet crotch of her panties into his mouth, andshe felt Ted sucking at it. "Mmmm, you like the taste, don't you, Ted?I'm surprised you didn't get down and lick Fawn's cunt."
"I sure thought about it, Mom," Ted laughed and pulled her panties outof his mouth.
She watched Ted rubbing the wet crotch of her lacy panties about hismouth, then turned to see his cock throbbing up strong and hard. With asoft mewl, she went to her knees and shoved her face into his crotch,licking and kissing his sweet balls as she began jacking him once more.His cock throbbed so sweetly in her fist, and he was dripping an awfullot. He was still rubbing her panties about his lips, and she watchedhim suck at the cunt-wet crotch as his eyes gleamed down at her.
"Tastes good, Mom," he moaned, arching his hips up into her hand,twisting his crotch at her mount. "I like it, your pussy taste."
"Mmmm," she moaned around his balls.
The taste of Fawn's cunt lingering on him gave her a much more intensesensation than before. It added to her oral pleasure, doubling it nowthat she had sucked Fawn's cunt herself. She wondered, briefly, what herson would say if he knew she had licked that blonde cunt earlier thatday. She was sure it would excite him. Maybe she would let him knowabout it later.
His balls were tightening inside her mouth as she sucked them, and thethrobbing of his cock was increasing. She ran her fist up and downfaster as Ted twisted his crotch against her face. His balls seemed tofill her mouth and a hot, burning desire to take his cock inside hermouth and suck his come juice down her throat came over her.
Before she could make up her mind, Ted gave a grunt and come juicespurted from his cock. Joan moaned around his balls as she saw her sonstuff the cunt-wet crotch of her panties into his mouth, sucking atthem, his cock spurting thick, creamy come juice into the air. Shewatched it drop down to splash onto his stomach, her hand, and even someon one of her cheeks. She clutched his cock tightly as he came.
Releasing his balls, she gazed up at him, her panties dangling from hismouth. "Nice, isn't it?" she murmured. "You can suck my wet pantiesanytime you want. But I get to do this, too."
Her tongue flicked from her mouth and into the come juice smeared on hisstomach. She lapped it up, swirling her tongue about, then lightlylapped it across the wet piss hole of his cock. As she swallowed thecome juice and her tongue touched at his piss hole, Joan squealed when apowerful orgasm sent her ass cheeks wiggling as her pussy clutched inburning ecstasy.
"Oh, God ... I came!" she whispered. "I came, baby!"
Tiredly, she rested her cheek on his cock and balls, feeling wonderful.She felt Ted's hand on her head, running his fingers through her hair.She turned to look up at him, her chin touching his balls, her lips atthe base of his cock.
"You're so sweet, Ted," she whispered, kissing the base of his cock withher moist lips. "God, I can't believe how sweet you are."
Ted smiled at her, rubbing his cock about her lips.
"That's enough," Joan said softly, getting to her feet. "If we don'tstop now, I might fuck you myself."
"I will if you will, Mom," he laughed.
She grinned at him. "You'd fuck your own mother, honey?"
"If you'll let me," he said.
Joan studied his young, good-looking face. "I believe you would."
"Try me," he laughed, arching his cock up. "Just try me and see!"
"Well, at least you can suck on my cunt-wet panties," she laughed."That's better than nothing, isn't it?"
He nodded, running his tongue along the lacy crotch, then rubbing themabout his face.
"I think you really do like to suck on my fucking panties," she said.
"Only if they're nice and wet like these, Mom."
"I'll make sure they are from now on," she said, leaning down. Shepulled her panties away from his lips and kissed him. "I'm tired andready for bed. I know you're going to have some very sweet dreamstonight, after fucking Fawn and getting me to suck your balls and jackyou off again."
Joan walked to the short hallway, starting toward her bedroom.
She stopped and turned.
"You didn't show me your ass," he said. "You've always shown me your assbefore going to bed."
It was true. Each night after they watched the others through histelescopes, and after she had sucked on his balls and jacked him off,she had flipped her skirt up over her ass and let him have a peek,whether she was wearing panties or not.
Grinning at him, she flipped her skirt up, wiggling her naked ass forhim, then started once more toward her bedroom.
"I wanna see your cunt."
Joan faced her son, a burning excitement flowing through her body, thehairy lips of her pussy starting to throb again.
"Please," Ted asked in a soft voice. "Let me see your cunt. Just once,Mom."
Chapter 5

Joan stared at her son.
He was still sitting on the couch, his pants at his ankles, stroking hischeek with her panties now.
"Please," Ted said again. "Let me see your cunt, Mom. You see my cock!It's only fair."
Ted was right. She knew she should let him look at her pussy if hewanted. There was no doubt that he was very interested in seeing her.The idea of her son looking at her, between her thighs, at her hairycunt, was exciting, exciting enough to create a fire there. She felt herclitoris throbbing and the cheeks of her ass clenching. Her eyes movedto his naked cock, and she was surprised to see it stir, starting toswell again.
"Why, honey?" she asked.
"I wanna see it, that's all," Ted said.
"If I let you see my cunt," she replied in a slow, very low voice, "whatwill you want to do next?"
"I just wanna look at your pussy, Mom, that's all."
Joan knew what he would want to do next. The thought of her son slidinghis cock into her cunt and fucking her sent chills of hot anticipationthrough her. She was facing him now, and her fingers started inching herdress up. Ted's eyes grew hot as he saw her thighs, then almost buggedout when she pulled her dress up to her waist. A shiver went throughJoan as her son looked at her pussy. She parted her feet, standing in awide-legged stance, shoving her hips forward. The thick triangle of hercunt hair was not like Fawn's. It was thick, almost concealing her cunt.Holding her dress with one hand, Joan shoved the fingers of her otherhand through the curls of her pussy and parted them, showing the pink,puffy lips of her cunt to her son.
His cock jerked into full-blown hardness before her eyes.
"Gosh!" Ted groaned as he gazed at his mother's pussy. He ran his tongueover his lips. "You're so pretty, Mom. Your cunt is so pretty and hairy!You look wet, too."
"I am wet, Ted," Joan said in a throaty, almost choking voice. "I'm verywet."
"Mom, I'd ..."
She waited, but he didn't go on. She knew, though, what he was going tosay. He was going to say he wanted to fuck her, and Joan knew that if heasked, she would give him anything, her cunt, her mouth--her body--inanyway Ted wanted. But he didn't finish saying it.
Holding her skirt at her waist, Joan gazed at his cock, imagining whatit would feel like sliding into her cunt. The cock of her son ...fucking her. The lips of her pussy throbbed with a painful desire tohave his prick inside her. She moved her fingers about her distendedclitoris, feeling his eyes on her cunt.
"You'd what?" she asked, her voice husky and filled with desire. "Whatwould you do, honey?"
Ted gripped his cock hard, making the head swell. He ran the crotch ofher panties over the head of his cock, caressing himself with the nylon,his eyes never moving from between her legs.
"Are you going to fuck my panties?" she asked, arching her eyebrow athim. "Or fuck me?"
"Gosh!" Ted groaned.
They gazed at each other. Joan wanted her son to make the first move,and Ted was waiting for his mother to do something. He kept caressingthe crotch of her panties about the head of his cock, and Joan stoodwith her skirt at her waist, slowly rubbing at her swollen, veryinflamed clitoris. Ted watched his mother's hand, and she watched herpanties move about his cock.
She was hardly aware that she was moving, stepping toward him. Shewalked with her cunt tossed forward, her eyes blazing on his prick. Tedwas hardly breathing as his mother came toward him, unable to take hiseyes off her fingers and what she was doing with her hairy pussy. Hisballs drew up at the base of his cock, his fist squeezing hard.
Joan stopped when her feet touched his. Ted was on the couch with hisass hanging over the edge, his cock standing up so hard. He pulled herpanties away from his cock and dropped them on the floor, his handsresting on his thighs, waiting as he looked up at her.
"Oh, damn!" Joan whispered, staring at Ted's cock as if seeing it forthe first time. The heat in her cunt was unbearable. She clenched thecheeks of her ass, running her tongue over her lips. "Oh, shit, Ted!"
"Mom, please," he whispered.
She knew what he wanted without the words--he wanted his cock inside hercunt, wanted to fuck her, to fuck his mother!
"Baby," she murmured softly, smiling down at him. "Baby, oh baby!"
Joan spread her legs around his, then climbed onto her knees above hisupstanding cock. Letting her skirt go, she reached behind her back andunbuttoned it, keeping her eyes on his. Lifting her arms from the dress,she let it fall to her waist, her titties free and naked against him.With her cunt only a few inches above his cock now, Joan cupped her titsin her hands, caressing them. She twisted her hips, doing an erotic andquite lewd bump and grind as her son licked his lips, his eyes burningbetween her slim thighs.
"Put it in, baby," she whispered softly.
Ted seemed mesmerized, unable to move.
"You can put your cock in me, Ted," Joan said in low voice. "Stick it inmy cunt, Ted. You can fuck me."
His hands moved, sliding up her inner thighs until he grasped his cock.Joan sighed as she settled her cunt against the swollen prickhead. Shefelt her son's cock spreading the lips of her cunt, stretching themapart as her ass moved downward slowly, very slowly. Again she sighed ashis cock moved deeper, throbbing along the sensitive lips of her fierycunt.
"Ohhh, yes!" Joan hissed, settling down on his cock. It was deep insideher pussy now and she could feel his balls pressing the cheeks of herass. "Oooo, yes, baby!"
A shiver rippled through Joan's body and her tits jiggled, her nippleshard. The sensation of her son's cock inside her cunt was amazing, trulyfantastic. It seemed to fill her cunt nicely, hotly, making it throbsweetly. The way his prick stretched the hairy lips of her cunt almostcaused Joan to cum as soon as the head had slipped into her.
Joan closed her eyes as she felt her mind spin with the sweetest of allecstasies. A faint dizzy feeling came over her as she sat astride hiships, his cock so very deep up her pussy. Her clitoris was being pressedagainst the base and into those wiry hairs, tingling deliciously. Ted'shands had been caught as she lowered her ass onto his cock, and theyfelt good, too, against her inner thighs. Another shiver shot throughher, this one making her ass shake. When the hot cheeks of her naked assbrushed about his balls, Ted groaned in pleasure.
Opening her eyes, Joan fought to focus them. She looked into her son'sface, his expression filled with awe and ecstasy. Shrugging hershoulders to make her titties jiggle, she cooed softly.
"Oh, yes, honey! Oh, my yes! Yes, yes, yes!"
Ted seemed to be trying to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. Heopened and closed his lips like a fish out of water, his eyes taking ona dazed dullness. His cock seemed to lurch inside her cunt, fiery inhardness. He managed to pull his hands from between her hot thighs andhis crotch. When he rested his palms on her thighs, his fingertips justtouching the thick hair of her cunt, Joan began to sob softly.
"Please don't cry, Mom," she heard her son say.
"I'm not crying, darling," she replied, her voice quivering.
"I heard you," Ted insisted.
"If I'm crying, it's because I'm so happy!"
She fell forward, hugging her son against her tits tightly, cupping hischin and smearing kisses about his face. His cock throbbed inside hercunt, and Joan felt her pussy respond by gripping it tightly. She lookedinto his eyes again, holding his cheeks. She saw the desperate heatthere, his hungry desire to fuck her, his mother. Smashing her lipsagainst his, Joan kissed her son fiercely, lips open, her tongue lickingabout his mouth.
She moved her ass, lifting it until she held the swollen, sweetlyrounded head between the scalding lips of her intensely hot, very wet,cunt. With a screwing motion, she ran her pussy down again, sinkingcompletely.
"Ooo, baby, baby!" she gurgled hotly, still holding his young face inher hands. "It's so good, Ted! Oh, you're so good! So hard inside me! Ican feel your cock throbbing, beating like a heart in my cunt!"
Sitting on him, his balls pressed against the creamy smoothness of herass, his cock far inside her cunt, her clitoris scraping the base, Joanwiggled her hips, a sort of sideways sliding motion with her cunt. Tedmoaned with ecstasy, his fingers digging into her flesh near her hips.Joan sat upright on her son, her shoulders back, her tits thrusting outwith impossibly hard nipples. She lifted her dress, and all Ted couldsee was the dark thick hair of her cunt pressing against him. He wasunable to see his cock inside his mother's cunt, or the pink wetness ofher pussy. All he could do was feel, and that was almost enough to makehim come.
"Like it, honey?" she asked, smiling down at him, cupping her tits inher hands, her eyes blazing with heat. "Does it feel good to you?"
"Oh, Mom!" Ted wailed with delight. "You're awfully hot and wet! Itfeels like I might come off, Mom!"
"Oh, you can't come yet, darling," she whispered. "We've just started tofuck. No, don't come off yet."
Using her thighs, Joan began to lift and lower her crotch on her son'scock, fucking him slowly. His hands had slipped up to her waist, shovingher skirt away. She watched his eyes as he gazed at the thick bush ofcunt hair that was moving on his cock, seeing the way her fiery cunt wasdevouring the hard heat of his prick, leaving it glistening wet with theseeping fluids of her succulent pussy.
Ted arched his cock up as his mother's cunt came down on him, droppinghis ass when she lifted, watching with enormous eyes. Each time Joan'spussy went down, she wiggled and rubbed before lifting again. Bothmother and son began to gasp with increasing ecstasy. Friction seemedlike steam as her cunt held his cock, sliding up and down it smoothly.
"Oh, God, it's good!" Joan moaned, leaning forward again and bracingherself with her hands on her son's shoulders. "You feel so fucking goodin my cunt, Ted! Ooooo, baby, let's fuck! Let's fuck and keep fuckingand never stop fucking!"
Her ass was moving faster now, lifting and plunging in quick dartingmotions. Each time her cunt slammed down, Joan grunted, bringing yelpsfrom her son.
"Hold my ass!" she screamed. "Hold mother's ass! Oh, Ted, grab myfucking ass!"
His hands moved past her hips and palmed a twisting, plunging ass cheekin each. His fingers dug into the tight flesh, almost inside the crackof her churning ass. Joan whimpered and hissed and wailed, thrashing upand down her son's cock in demented ecstasy. The moist sounds roared inher ears. Her cunt was blazing hot now, the hairy lips clinging to hiscock very tightly as it ran up and down. The throbbing of her son'sprick was transmitted to the sensitive lips of her cunt, shooting likeflames throughout her slender body. Her clitoris scraped the shaft ofhis hard-on with each wild plunge.
Joan sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, biting down on it, herecstasy overwhelming her. Her ass shook and plunged, twisted andwrithed. She was taking her son's cock very deep into her greedy pussy,all the way into her stomach. The hairy lips were stretched around hiscock like a tight rubber band, her tits shaking from her increasinglyviolent motions. Ted clung to his mother's wiggling, bouncing ass almostdesperately. It seemed to him that her cunt would leave his cock witheach upward jerk, and he didn't want that to happen. But Joan's cunt wasnot about to pull from his prick. She rode from the base to the veryhead, fucking him with amazing speed and wetness and heat and ecstasy.
"Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me!" Joan wailed, her nails digging into hisshoulders. "Fuck me! Fuck mother! Fuck mother's hot cunt! Fuck mother'swet, hot, hairy cunt! Fuck ... fuck ... Oooo, fuck me!"
Ted squeezed into his mother's bouncing, naked ass with strong fingers,arching his hips up as his balls became tight at the base of histhrobbing cock. His eyes focused upon her jiggling titties as he grittedhis teeth in ecstasy.
"Oh, God! I'm coming!" Joan screamed. "Your cock ... you're makingmother come, darling! Ohhhh ... oooo, I'm coming so good, so fuckinggood!"
The orgasms whipping about her cunt created even more tightness aroundhis cock. The waving sensation of her hairy cunt lips created thefeeling of being sucked. It seemed to Ted that with each upward motionof her cunt, it sucked hard on his cock, causing his balls to draw up astight as possible at her shaking ass.
"Ahhhh, fuck! Fuck!" Joan wailed in mindless pleasure. "I'm coming! Mycunt ... my pussy is on fire! Oooo, baby ... darling! Mother's cunt iscoming, really coming!"
Suddenly, with an intense scream, Joan slammed her cunt down hard on herson, his cock buried as deep as it could be. The action of her hairypussy lips at the base, sucking and flexing and squeezing, pulled thecome juice up from his tender balls, making it roar through his cock andsplash into her satiny cunt. The rapid spurtings of his come juicestriking the walls of her convulsing cunt made Joan scream again, and afinal orgasm went off in her pussy.
Her body shook violently as she screamed, her cunt being filled andflooded by his precious come juice. She sat upright on him, her hipsjerking back and forth as he came, darting her hand behind her ass tograsp his balls. She pulled hard on her son's balls, pressing them intothe crack of her ass, making them tight on her puckering asshole.
Unable to remain upright as her orgasm ended, Joan slumped forward ontoher gasping son. Her tits seemed to close about his young face as shetrembled, his cock still inside her gently pulsating cunt. She felt Tedrunning his hands up and down her flesh, from the base of her spine downover her smooth ass cheeks and then up again. The way he caressed herass gave Joan a very pleasant feeling along with the glowing delight oforgasm.
After what seemed like hours, she sat upright again, his cock stillinside her cunt. She wiggled playfully, grinning down at him. Ted'sexpression was one of wonderful satisfaction. He grinned up at her, thenlowered his eyes to the bush of her cunt again.
"God, what a fuck!" she whispered.
"Yeah, Mom," Ted murmured, feeling about her pussy hair with gentlefingers. "You're great!"
"As good as Fawn?" she teased, smoothing his hair back over hisforehead. "Am I as good a fuck as Fawn, baby?"
"Better, Mom," he replied. "She's good, but you're the best."
"Bullshit!" she laughed, lifting off him. "You never had a piece of assuntil tonight. How would you know what a good fuck was?"
"I know what feels good," he said.
Her skirt fell over her hips as she stood. "You know, you're some kindof lucky kid."
"I know," Ted grinned.
"You just got fucked twice in one night, and by two different girls,"Joan said. "For someone who never fucked before, I'd say that was damnedlucky, wouldn't you?"
He nodded, tired from the vigorous fucking.
Joan knelt and pulled his pants from his feet, then took her son's hand.She walked with him to the bathroom, where she used a cloth to wipe hiscock and balls, thinking it was a shame to waste that sweet juice thisway. She would have enjoyed licking him clean, but he was almostexhausted as it was.
"I gotta pee," he mumbled.
"Let mother help," she whispered, standing behind him and taking hiscock in her fingers.
Joan looked over his shoulder as he pissed, watching the golden streamsplashing into the toilet. She moved her fingers back and forth on hiscock as he pissed, halfway jacking him. She was surprised to find hownice it was to see her son pissing, to feel his cock and hold as thestream spurted from him. With her thumb and forefinger, she ran her handup and down his cock, her eyes starting to become hot again, a tinglegrowing between her thighs. The pleasure of watching her son piss wasnew to her, but Joan refused to deny it. It felt much too good.
She shook his cock for him, then they went to her bedroom. Joan snuggledher son under the sheets, then climbed in beside him, leaving her skirton the floor. She wrapped her arms about him, holding him close to hernaked tits, one of her warm thighs resting over his hip. She could feelthe tip of his cock touching the curls of her cunt.
"Good night, baby," she whispered, kissing his cheek lightly. "I loveyou."
"Love you, too, Mom," he mumbled, snuggling against her tits and restingan arm on her waist.
Joan shoved his arm down, curling his fingers about one naked ass cheek,then moved her hand to his ass, holding it tenderly, listening to herson as he drifted off to a well earned sleep.
Chapter 6

Joan woke up with her son's cock prodding against her.
She was on her back, her legs open. The sheet had been tossed to thefoot of the bed, and Ted was between her legs, trying to push his cockinto her cunt.
"Mmmmm, what do you want, baby?" she smiled up at him.
"Pussy, Mom," Ted laughed.
"Don't let me stop you," she gurgled, wrapping her arms around him. Shespread her legs more and lifted her ass up, giving him access to hercunt. "Don't ever let me stop you from getting pussy."
She moved her hands to his ass, finding it light and small in her palms.Drawing her knees up, keeping them wide, she arched her cunt to him, andsighed happily as the swollen head of his cock slipped into her.
"Ooooo, nice!" she whispered, digging into his ass and pulling his cockdeep. "I love to wake up with a cock in my cunt."
She pulled his face to her titties, holding the back of his head in onehand, the other still gripping his flexing ass.
"You're wet and hot already, Mom," he gasped as her pussy closed tightlyon his cock.
"I always am," she gurgled, twisting her hips and grinding against hiscock and balls. "Especially for your cock, honey."
She closed her thighs around his hips as he started thrusting into her.She squeezed his hips, scissoring her legs up and down, meeting hisdown-thrusts with upward motions of her hips. Drawing her long legs up,she locked her ankles just below his ass, humping from the waist down,fucking at him with short, quick thrusts. The sensations she enjoyed thenight before returned again this morning, in full force.
Joan threw her naked ass up and down, grunting from the strength of hisfucking cock. Her clitoris, as before, was being scraped by thethrobbing shaft of his hard-on, creating an intense heat in her pussy.As he fucked her, Ted began to kiss and lick at her swollen, upstandingtitties, taking a nipple between his lips, his tongue swirling hotly andwetly. The sliding of his hips along her squeezing thigh felt so verygood to her, almost as good as his sweet, hard cock felt inside hercunt. She made soft, choking sounds of pleasure, enjoying the way hesucked on her tits as they fucked.
She moaned in pleasure as she felt his hands slide down her body, thenunderneath to cup her ass, lifting it up to his cock. She squealedhappily when he squeezed her ass, banging his cock powerfully into herpussy. She drew her knees up his sides, bringing them to his shouldersand lifting her cunt into the air. Ted was almost on his knees fuckingher now, his cock beating rapidly upon her puffy, fiery cunt lips,driving deep. His balls began to slap against the spreading cheeks ofher ass, as though teasing her puckered asshole. Wrapping her armsbehind her knees, she pulled them as far back as she could, her crotchspread out for him.
"Mmmmm, ram it to me, Ted!" she gurgled hotly. "Ohhhh, baby, fuck itgood! Ahhhh, I love it so! Fuck mother ... fuck mother's wet cunt,darling!"
"Hot pussy," Ted groaned, slamming his cock in and out of her hairy cuntswiftly. "Your cunt is so fucking hot, Mom! You're really wet, too! Ilove to fuck you, Mom!"
"Then fuck me, baby!" she urged huskily, thrusting her cunt up and downin rhythm to his cock. "Fuck mother's hot cunt! Fuck my wet, hairypussy! Fuck my snatch, my twat! Ooooo, mother's cunt loves your hard,hard cock, darling!"
Ted was still clutching the spreading cheeks of her uplifted ass.Twisting frantically as he fucked her, Joan felt his fingers near herasshole, and began to swing her ass around in an effort to get a fingeragainst it.
"Touch my asshole!" she yelped. "Ted, rub my asshole ... fuck me and rubmy asshole!"
Without missing a beat, Ted slipped a finger to the heat of his mother'sasshole, rubbing it swiftly as his cock stabbed in and out of her cunt.
With his finger rubbing her asshole and his cock delving so deeply inher cunt, Joan began to hiss and whimper, almost strangling withecstasy. She shook her raised ass wildly, holding her knees far back,looking up with glazed eyes into her son's contorted face. She sucked onher bottom lip, moaning as the liquid heat inside her cunt began toboil.
"Ooohhh! Ahhhh, ram it, ram it!" she croaked. "Such a good way to wakeup! Mmmm, give me that sweet, hard cock! Mother's cunt wants your hardcock, darling! My wet, hairy cunt wants your cock all the time, foreverand ever! Oooo, fuck me hard! Fuck me real hard!"
Ted was looking down, watching his cock plunge into his mother's cunt.It was easy to see with her ass so high and knees drawn back. He couldsee the pink wetness of her cunt holding his cock, the wetness on hisprick and her clitoris as it burned along the shaft of his cock. Herubbed faster at her tight asshole, grunting with ecstasy.
Joan began to murmur and whimper as her passion soared, her pussyclutching his prick, sucking at it greedily. She held her ass up, crotchfully exposed to his pounding cock. He rammed into her so hard, herbreath was driven from her lungs in gasps. With each of his plunges, hertits would jiggle. She tried to draw her knees back even more, but theywere as far as they would go now. With her burning eyes, she watched thewiry hair at the base of his cock mingle with her cunt hair as he camedown hard.
"You're going to make me come, Ted!" she gasped. "I'm so close now close! Oh, God! I'm going to explode! Harder, harder! Fuck me harder,darling! Pound my cunt! Pound me, pound me, fuck me!"
A loud wail came from Joan when her orgasm started, becoming a scream ofsheer ecstasy as the power grew. The throbbing waves of her orgasm setup that sucking sensation in her cunt, and once more it seemed as if shewas sucking him off with her hairy-lipped cunt.
Ted's finger began pressing upon the tightness of his mother's asshole.The sensations there increased the power of her orgasms, and Joan yelpedand wailed and gasped as a series of steaming convulsions shook hernaked body.
"Now!" Joan screamed. "Now!"
Ted rammed deep into her spasming cunt, his body going stiff, his headthrown back and his eyes squeezed shut. With a loud grunt, he dischargedinto her pussy. Streams of gushing come juice flooded her hungry pussy,splattering the velvety walls. Joan screamed once more as she felt herson's come juice filling her cunt, and a final orgasm burned through herbody like an exploding fire.
As she finished coming, a weakness came over her. She slowly lowered herlegs to the bed, her son's cock pulling from her clutching cunt with amoist sound. Ted rolled to his side, breathing hard. Joan lay on herback, legs spread wide and her arms at her sides. Her naked tits roseand fell in her effort to suck air into her lungs.
A few minutes later she lifted herself up on an elbow, grinning at herson. "Now, that's what I call a real nice way to wake up. I wonder ifyou could wake me up every morning that way."
Ted grinned up at his mother, cupping one of her tits and giving it asqueeze. "I could sure try," he said.
Joan looked down at his cock and balls. His prick was glistening withtheir juices. She caressed her hand around his young, tender balls, andquickly darted her face downward. She kissed his wet cock with hot lips,then his balls.
"That's enough of this," she said gaily, swinging her legs over the bedand getting up. "Want to shower with me?"
"Hey, yeah!"
"Then move your lazy ass," she laughed, twisting her naked ass into thebathroom.
Joan set the stream of water to a nice comfortable temperature, thenstepped under it, soaking her hair and moaning softly with the goodfeelings still inside her. By the time she had shampoo on her hair, Tedwas in the stall with her. She shivered as he soaped her back,scratching it deliciously. She wiggled her ass while she washed herhair, and Ted began washing his mother's shapely ass, soaping her upgood. He worked his hand into the crack, and Joan gave a lewd giggle,arching her ass back into his hand, wiggling it saucily.
Suddenly Joan yelped.
"Hey, watch that shit, guy!" she said. "You're supposed to wash my ass,not stick your finger up it."
Ted laughed playfully, goosing his mother again. Joan squealed andtucked her hips forward, turning around to face him. As the water washedthe shampoo from her hair, she grabbed his cock in one hand, his ballswith the other.
"I'll show you!" she said. "Think you can stick your fucking finger upmy asshole, do you?"
She pulled her son close to her by his cock, tucking it between herthighs. Running her hand behind him, she quickly darted her finger intohis asshole.
Ted yelled and jerked away, grabbing his ass with both hands. Then, witha laugh she hugged him against her soapy tits.
"I can do that, too," she said.
"That's not fair, Mom," Ted replied.
"Oh, it's not? And why not?"
"You're a girl," he said. "Girls are supposed to like that, not guys."
"Is that right? And where did you get this bit of wisdom, darling?"
"I heard it, that's all."
"Then you heard wrong."
They finished washing each other, then stepped from the stall and driedone another off. Joan tickled his balls, causing Ted to dance about andtry to get away, laughing gleefully.
"You're gonna make me piss if you don't stop, Mom."
"So piss," she giggled, tickling his balls again.
Ted let loose a stream of piss.
"Hey, you little fart!" she giggled, jerking him to the toilet. "Who doyou think has to clean up around here? You piss in the fucking toilet! Ithought I raised you with better manners than that."
Ted laughed up at her as she held his cock, seeing his mother's glassyeyes as she watched him pissing. Her mouth was open, and she seemed tobe breathing fast, her tits rising and failing, her nipples swelling.
"That looks beautiful," Joan whispered. "I like to watch you piss,honey."
She moved his cock, trying to make the stream wavy, but when she didthat, he pissed on the floor more than in the toilet. When he finished,Joan kept holding his cock, not shaking it the way she had last night.There was a glazed expression in her eyes as she slowly went to herknees. Pushing at his hip, she turned her son around so that her eyeswere on a level with his cock. A golden drop of piss clung to hispiss-hole, and with a low sobbing sound, Joan snaked her tongue out andused the tip to flick the drop of piss from him. Closing her fist abouthis cock, she looked up at her son, her beautiful face contorted with aperverse expression of erotic desire.
Another golden drop of piss formed on his piss-hole, and she looked atit for a long, breathless moment, then her tongue sneaked out again. Sheran her tongue over the head of her son's cock, circling his piss-hole.Then, with a soft moan, flicked her tongue at the drop of piss and drewit into her mouth.
Running her tongue about inside her mouth and tasting his piss, ashudder went through her. With a cry of pleasure, she buried her faceagainst his cock and balls, wrapping her arms around his hips andclutching his young ass with tight hands.
"Oooo, you're so fucking sweet, Ted!"
She moaned against his cock and balls. Twisting her face about, sherubbed his sweetness about her cheeks and nose and chin, then began tokiss at his cock and balls hungrily.
"You feel so good against my face," she murmured, caressing her cheekalong his cock. "I love the feel of your cock against my face."
Feeling his cock swell, Joan drew back and stared at it, her eyes veryhot, moist and wide open. She sat on her heels, knees wide, holding hisballs with one hand now, her other still clutching his tight ass cheek.Moving her ass, she pressed one heel against her cunt, feeling thepressure grow into a wet heat there. Releasing his balls, she closed herfist about his cock and looked up at him, jerking her fist slowly as hisprick turned into that beautiful, desirable hardness.
Ted looked down at his mother, neither of them speaking, their breathingloud in the small bathroom. Still gazing up at her son, Joan pressed herlips to the tip of his cock, -kissing it. The tip of her tongue came outand she began to make hot, wet circles about the swollen head, flickingthe tip gently and caressing his flaring piss-hole. She placed her lipsjust over the piss-hole, kissing it as her tongue swiped slowly. Shefelt her son's body shake and she closed her fingers tighter into hisass cheek.
With a soft growl, Joan released his cock and moved her lips up and downthe shaft, her tongue barely touching it. The hard meat of his prickagainst her mouth felt wonderful to her. There was a delicious sensationabout running her burning lips up and down her son's throbbing cock. Sheswirled her tongue into the wiry hair, then flicked his balls. She usedthe flat surface of her tongue now, licking at his cock from base topiss-hole, slowly, the way a small child would savor an ice cream cone.
Ted's cock started seeping juices now, and as the juice beaded at hispiss-hole, Joan licked them away. She kept her tongue out of her mouth,running it up and down the hard shaft and circling the swollen head,beginning to pant with hungry desire. The urge to suck her son's cockwas strong, much stronger than she had ever felt before. She had enjoyedthe feel of a hard cock throbbing between her lips often, yet somehowthose urges to suck her son's cock off were especially strong.
Holding his cock at the base again, she ran her tongue about thedeliciously smooth head, letting the heat sear into her mouth. Eachbubble of fluid that seeped from his piss-hole was quickly licked awayby her darting tongue. The taste of those juices created a hungry storminside her naked body. They were more delicious than ever because thatslippery wetness came from her son's cock.
Ted stood looking down with anxious eyes, his hips arched outward. Herested one hand on top of his mother's head. The heat of her wet tonguerunning up and down his cock gave him many thrills that were differentthan fucking Fawn or his mother. Each of them had felt good, but thiswas different. His mother's mouth and tongue gave him an entirelydifferent kind of ecstasy.
Joan could no longer keep teasing herself this way.
With a moan of passion, she closed her lips around her son's cockhead,her tongue fluttering. She grasped the cheeks of his ass again, herfingers digging into his flesh, and jerked him forward, driving his cockinto the back of her throat. She gurgled as the swollen head of hisprick prodded the burning entrance of her throat, sliding over hertongue and the roof of her mouth. Her lips spread tightly on his hardcock, stretching so sweetly. She sucked the full length into her mouth,feeling the wiry hairs at the base tickle them and her nose. Holding hiscock deeply, she writhed her lips at the base and squeezed his asscheeks, her eyes blazing up at his surprised face.
Pressing her tongue against the underside of his cock, she made hermouth a wet, hot tightness for him, sucking her lips back along it untilshe was just barely pressing them over his piss-hole. She sucked hard onhis piss-hole, drawing juices from it, her tongue flicking them away.Then she jerked his ass forward again, taking his cock as deeply as itwould go, sobbing with perverse hunger.
She bobbed her lovely face back and forth a few times, sucking hot andhard on his cock. Then she slowed down, sucking from his prick andsmacking her lips. She held his ass tightly and whispered to him.
"I'm going to suck you, darling. I have to suck your cock! I need tosuck your cock, Ted!"
Again she swallowed her son's cock in her wet mouth and jerked her lipsback and forth, her tongue flying in greed. "Ohhhhh, you're so fuckingsweet!" she wailed as her tongue flicked the piss-hole. "You're sosucking sweet! Cock-sucking sweet! Your cock is delicious in my mouth,darling! Ooo, I love the way it feels between my lips! So hard and hot... and I want to suck it off!"
"You want me to come in your mouth, Mom?" Ted panted, his naked bodyshaking with pleasure.
"God, yes!" she squealed.
She swallowed his prick again, pulling at his ass until her lips werepressing into the wiry cockhair. With her lips as tight as she couldmake them, Joan started sucking on her son's cock like a starved woman.Her tongue was in constant motion, fluttering along the shaft andflicking about his piss-hole. The way his young cock stuffed her mouthwas a delight she had never known before. As her face plunged forward,she pulled at his ass. Sounds of intense ecstasy bubbled from her with awet, muffled sound, her eyes still blazing up at him.
She turned loose of his ass long enough to bring his hands to hercheeks, pressing them there to let him know what she wanted. Again sheclutched his tight ass cheeks, squeezing them as she jerked his cock inand out of her scalding wet mouth.
Once Ted understood, she stopped jerking at his ass. He was now fuckingher face the way he fucked her cunt. Joan's eyes rolled about inpleasure, thrilled that he fucked her mouth eagerly. Her lips tingled ashe beat the base of his cock against them, sending excitement down hernaked body to her cunt. Joan pressed her heel tighter yet into her wetpussy as Ted fucked her mouth, her moans an indication of her wildecstasy. Her cunt seemed to be drawing inward, steaming with impendingorgasm. Holding his ass in her palms, she felt as if her mouth was hercunt that somehow her mouth and cunt had switched places. She had neverfelt this way before.
The sounds of her son's grunts broke through her mesmerized brain, andshe felt his prick throbbing against her sucking lips. She focused hereyes on his twisting face. He plunged his cock in and out of her mouthwith frantic desperation now, and Joan knew it would not be long beforeshe had a mouthful of come juice.
She dug her fingers into his ass, urging him not to hold back, tellinghim that she wanted him to come off inside her mouth, to spurt the thicksweetness down her burning throat. Ted, much too involved in his ownecstasy to pull his cock out, fucked in a frenzy, watching his cockplunge into his mother's mouth all the way, his balls banging againsther chin.
"I gotta come, Mom!" he yelled. "I just gotta come!"
Joan gurgled and sucked hard, her tongue flying at his cock stabbed intoher gripping lips ,and at her burning throat.
As the come juice boiled out of his cock, she was gripping him hard.With the hot taste of his sugary-tasting come juice, she jerked at hisass, driving his cock into her throat. She gurgled wetly as the thickcome juice spewed into her mouth. Joan gulped in wet delight, her tonguelicking hard. Her mouth filled with the creamy sweetness from his ballstime and again. She swallowed, making dainty choking sounds. Therumbling explosion of an orgasm seared her cunt, and she moaned aroundhis gushing cock as her eyes closed in ecstasy. Swift squirts came outof his piss-hole, like a never-ending stream. Joan sucked and swallowedhungrily as she came, the fuzzy lips of her cunt contracting against herheel.
Feeling her son's body slowly shake with pleasure, she ran her hands upand down his ass, holding his cock in her mouth after he had stoppedcoming. She sucked from it slowly, then giggled lewdly as she licked herlips.
"Oh, you taste so fucking good, Ted!" she squealed, grasping his cockand drawing a bubbling bead of frothy come juice to his piss-hole. Sheflicked it up with her tongue, then kissed his cock.
Getting to her feet, she found she was weak. Leaning her naked assagainst the sink, she laughed. "I came so damned hard when you did,Ted." She looked down at his cock. "God, you really come when you come,don't you?"
"You said to cum in your mouth, Mom," he reminded her.
"Hey, I'm not complaining," she laughed huskily, licking her puffy lips."I'm glad you come so fucking much. I don't think I'll ever get enoughof it. Mmmmm, you're one guy who can shoot off in my cock-sucking mouthanytime you want!"
Ted flung his arms around her, hugging his mother tightly as they stoodlaughing with pleasure. 
Chapter 7

After lunch, Joan saw Fawn was at the pool, floating on her rubbermattress.
"Why don't we join Fawn, Ted?" she said. "I've got this new bikini I'dlove to wear for you."
Ted changed into his trunks, watching his mother wiggle her shapely assinto the tight bikini bottom. The bikini was white, with tiny red heartson her right hip. The top, almost too small to hold her straining tits,also had tiny hearts, two positioned right on her left nipple. Thebottom of her bikini was very small, and if she wasn't careful, curlingpussy hair would peek over the top. As it was, the material was quitethin, and the faint shadow of her cunt hair could be seen.
Joan was pleased to see the way her son looked at her. She twitched herass, taking his hand and leading him from the apartment. They skippedonto the decking of the pool like two happy children.
"Hi, there!" Joan waved to Fawn, who waved back.
Fawn was wearing a bright-red bikini today, and Joan noticed the lovelybulge of the girl's cunt as the float turned lazily in the sparklingwater. Glancing at her son, she saw that he noticed it, too.
"Stop staring with your tongue hanging out," she hissed, goosing him inthe ass.
Ted yelped and jerked his hips forward, losing his balance and fallinginto the pool.
"What was that all about?" Fawn asked.
"I goosed him," Joan laughed, sitting in a lawn chair and crossing herlegs at the ankles.
"In the ass?"
"Where else do you goose a guy?" Joan countered.
Ted surfaced, blowing water and laughing. "You better keep your hands toyourself, Mom!" he yelled up at her.
"Oh? What are you going to do about it?" Joan retorted playfully. "Gooseme back?"
"You never know, do you?" Ted said, swimming to the edge of the pool andsitting there, dangling his feet in the water. "I just might do that."
Fawn looked from one to the other, her blue eyes quizzical. She bent oneleg up, but keeping it wide. Joan gazed openly between those slender,golden thighs, remembering what Fawn's cunt tasted like and thetightness of those blonde-haired cunt lips around her tongue.
She was surprised at how easily and quickly she and Fawn had sucked eachother. They had licked cunts as if it were the most natural thing forthem to do, as if they had been tongue-fucking each other for some time.
Fawn, seeing that Joan was gazing between her legs, made a very slightupward motion of her hips, then licked her tongue about her lips, aslight leering smile on her beautiful face. Joan grinned at the girl,stuck her tongue out, and wiggled it suggestively. Ted watched them,wondering what was going on. Whatever it was, he was pleased at howfriendly they were.
For the first time since coming out to the pool, Joan noticed thatFawn's bikini was undone at her rounded hips. Her cunt was covered onlyby the front flap, and it looked as if a small breeze would blow it awayand expose her sugary cunt.
"Is the water cold?" Joan asked, her voice husky with emotion.
"It's perfect, Joan," Fawn replied.
Getting out of the chair, Joan dove in, swimming a few fast lengths,then climbed from the pool. With her back to Ted and Fawn, she used hertowel to dry her arms and heard the youngsters giggle. "Somethingfunny?" Joan asked, looking over her shoulder.
"You can see through your bikini," Fawn answered.
Joan twisted to look at her ass. Sure enough, the material had becometransparent! For just a moment, she felt her face grow warm withembarrassment, then realized she had nothing to be embarrassed about.She had fucked her son and sucked cunts with Fawn--what did she have tohide?
She wiggled her ass at them, then dropped the towel and, nonchalantly,faced them, one hand at the back of her neck and the other one on herjutting hip. "Take a good look, then," she said.
The dark triangle of her cunt hair stood out boldly, dark behind thewhite of her bikini. Even her nipples could be seen. Fawn darted hereyes at Ted and saw him grinning from ear to ear, then back at Joan.Understanding came to her, and she laughed softly, a tinkling sound ofdelight.
"So, that's how it is, huh?"
"Whatever that means," Joan said, sitting down in the chair. "I guessthat's how it is." She spread her legs without concern.
"Well, well," Fawn said in a throaty voice. "I can't say I blame you,Joan."
Joan looked at Fawn, daring her to make a nasty remark. But Fawn wasn'tgoing to say anything nasty. She grinned lewdly at Joan, then at Ted.Fawn and Ted both looked between Joan's knees, seeing the shape of hercunt hair through the wet bikini.
"You know there isn't anyone else home in this complex, don't you,Joan?" Fawn said in a husky voice. "No one can see you--us."
Fawn removed her top, her firm titties capped with those succulent pinknipples that stood up to the sun. Ted giggled as he looked at them.
"You sent Ted to me last night," Fawn said, making it a statement."That's what he told me. You sent him to me for a fuck, right?"
Joan nodded. "That's right. You told me to, Fawn."
"Does he know?" Fawn asked. "About us?"
"Not yet," Joan said. "You can tell him if you want. I don't mind."
"Tell me what?" Ted asked.
"Your mother and I ..." Fawn ran her tongue over her lips, "we sort of,you know, kissed each other."
Joan snorted. "What Fawn is trying to say, baby, is we sucked cunts. Wetonguefucked each other."
"Really?" Ted asked, delight obvious in his young voice. "You two reallysucked each other?"
Fawn realized there was nothing to be shy about now, and laughedgleefully, rubbing her naked tits. "Did we! We sucked each other dry,Ted!"
Joan saw her son's cock bulging in his trunks and that was all sheneeded to know. The straining of his young cock was enough evidence toher that he was excited about what was happening.
"Anyone want to skinny dip?" Fawn said, lifting her ass on the airmattress and tossing her scarlet bikini bottom into the water. Joan andTed watched as Fawn split her legs for a brief, teasing moment, thenflipped over the side of the mattress, a flash of her white ass showingbefore she went under the water.
Ted removed his trunks quickly, his cock standing out very hard. Joansucked in a gasp of pleasure as he dived into the water, watching himdart after the naked Fawn.
As Fawn and Ted surfaced, Fawn yelled, "Come on, don't be a fraidy cat,Joan. Take your bikini off, show us those goodies!"
"You can see all my goodies through this fucking suit!"
Joan laughed, pulling her top off, then standing up to remove thebottom. She posed for a moment at the edge of the pool, letting Fawn andTed look at her lovely nakedness, then she jumped in feet first.
When Joan came up sputtering, Fawn had Ted pressed up against the pooldeck in the shallow end. Her springy tits were rubbing back and forthacross Ted's chest, and his eyes glowed with delight. Moving towardthem, Joan saw the flashing whiteness of Fawn's ass below the water, herson's hands feeling it. Fawn was moving her ass, twisting and pressingit against Ted.
Now beside them, Joan grinned at her son, shoving her hand between thetwo naked bodies. She gripped her son's cock tightly as Fawn pressed herstomach against it. "Now you're what I would call a happy boy."
"Gosh, Mom," Ted laughed in delight. "I think this skinny dipping isgreat."
"You would," she snorted, tugging at his balls hard enough to bring ayelp from him. "Horny shit."
"Mmmm, he can be as horny as he likes with me," Fawn mewled huskily,parting her legs as Joan pressed Ted's cock between them. "Anytimeyou're horny, honey, you know where to find me."
Joan squeezed Fawn's pretty naked ass when the girl slipped her hotthighs back and forth. Running her hand down over the shapely cheeks ofFawn's ass, Joan felt the head of her son's cock pressing through.Erotic pleasure shot through Joan, and her other hand lifted to closeabout a beautifully shaped tit.
"Ohhh, God!" Joan moaned, squeezing Fawn's tit and trying to cup thehead of her son's cock as it came through those sleek thighs. "Ohhhh,this is nice!"
Joan pressed her bushy cunt against Fawn's hip, rubbing back and forth.Ted, holding one of Fawn's tits, slipped his other hand to his mother's.Fawn watched the small hand caress and fondle Joan's tit, his fingerstwisting her hard nipple. Her hand moved off Ted's shoulder, rushed downunder the water, and stroked Joan's bubbling cunt.
Fawn giggled, pulling from them and climbing up to sit on the pool deck,her feet dangling in the water. She spread her knees wide, balancedthere precariously on her sweet ass. Her blonde-haired cunt gleamed inthe hot sunlight, her clitoris visibly throbbing. The blonde cunt hairmade an erotic enhancement of her sugary pink cunt.
"Eat me, Ted," she murmured in a hot voice. "Eat my pussy, honey!"
Joan looked at her son, then up at the passion-laden eyes of Fawn. Abeautiful girl, Fawn was totally wanton in her desires, and gave in tothem eagerly. Ted was gazing between Fawn's slim thighs, already lickingat his lips.
"If you don't suck that hot cunt," Joan said to her son, "then I'm goingto."
Ted glanced at his mother, then moved between Fawn's spreading knees.Joan sucked in a breath of delight as she watched his lips kissing thesmoothness of Fawn's thighs, working his young face upward. His tonguecame out and licked at the sensitive inner flesh, making Fawn squealhappily.
Joan, standing at her son's side, leaned over and ran her tongue aboutFawn's thigh, too. She ran her hand along the girl's thigh, caressing itas her lips kissed the girl's hip.
Joan watched, her eyes becoming glassy when her son flicked his tongueabout Fawn's inflamed clitoris. Fawn cooed softly and leaned back,facing the sun with an ecstatic smile on her young, beautiful face.Running her hand past Fawn's ass from below, her other hand scootingthrough the silken cunt hair, Joan parted the wet lips of the fierycunt. Ted looked upon the sweetness for a moment, then opened his mouthand pressed it against Fawn's cunt. Fawn squealed, her body trembling asshe arched her hips up, grinding her hairy pussy into Ted's mouth.
Joan watched her son's lips being surrounded by the blonde fuzz, hearingthe soft, wet sucking sounds he made. The hand under Fawn's ass moveddownward quickly, grasping her son's cock and pumping hard on it.
"Oh, eat her, Ted!" Joan moaned with passion. "Eat her cunt, baby! Suckher sweet pussy! Shove your tongue up her hot cunt and fuck it!"
With her mind reeling with wanton desire, Joan dipped below the water,holding her breath. She closed her lips about her son's cock, sucking onit hard and fast. When she had to breathe again, she surfaced, runningher tongue about Fawn's shaking stomach, as if trying to taste thesucculent cunt, too. Ted had pulled back a bit, and she saw his tonguelicking those puffy, juicy lips hungrily. Joan lifted her body to thedeck of the pool, leaning over and drawing one of Fawn's creamy nipplesinto her mouth, sucking at it.
Ted, licking around Fawn's pussy, shoved his hand over his mother'sshapely ass, running his fingers into the crack, brushing them over herasshole and between her legs. He probed his mother's cunt with twofingers. Joan wiggled her ass for him, then slipped back into the water.She jerked on his throbbing cock some more, watching him suck Fawn'scunt. Once more she ducked beneath the surface and pulled his cock intoher hungry mouth. Sucking hard, she twisted his young balls. It wasdifficult to suck cock under water. She couldn't breathe at all, and hadto surface more often than she liked.
"Oh, that looks good, Ted," she mewled. "Seeing your face buried inFawn's cunt! Suck her good, honey! Tongue-fuck her tight, hot cunt!"Joan was beating as hard as she could on her son's cock. "Let me!" shesaid suddenly. "Let me have a taste of her cunt, baby! Let mother suckFawn's pussy!"
Ted pulled back, his cheeks wet with the boiling juices of Fawn's cunt.Quickly, Joan kissed her son's wet lips, then thrust her tongue intoFawn's cunt hard and deep, fucking it in and out rapidly. She keptbeating on Ted's cock. She felt Ted nudge her shoulder, and moved herface. Ted immediately shoved his mouth into Fawn's pussy again, lickingand sucking greedily, one of his hands clutching Fawn's tit.
Fawn churned her naked hips about, grinding her cunt into Ted's mouthvigorously, whimpering her ecstasy loudly. "Oooo, suck me, suck me!" shewailed. "Tongue my hot cunt, Ted! Ahh, your tongue feels like a cock ...fucking me! Eat my wet cunt, suck my pussy, lick my fucking hot cunt!"
Joan pressed her face downward, licking her tongue about her son'scheek, trying to reach his open lips as they sucked and pressed intoFawn's sugar-sweet cunt. Her fist squeezed and jerked at his prick inshort strokes. Now and then, as her son sucked, Joan found the tip ofher tongue could run about a puffy lip, too. When her son dipped hishead lower, stabbing his tongue into the fiery, wet, tightness, Joanmanaged to lick Fawn's distended clitoris. To an observer, it wouldappear that mother and son were fighting each other to suck Fawn'sboiling pussy. In fact, Joan was not interfering at all with him. Joan'stongue licked about the swirl of blonde cunt hair, streaking up to lapat Fawn's dimpled belly button, then over her hip and down her smooththigh. While jacking on her son's cock, she was fondling and squeezingone of Fawn's saucy ass cheeks, scraping her fingers into the crack torub hotly at the pucker of Fawn's asshole.
Again Joan went under water, gulping her son's cock deep into her mouth.With her eyes open, she gazed up to look at the fuzzy outline of Fawn'ssweet ass. She sucked strongly on Ted's prick, her tongue swirlingwetly. The swollen head was hot and smooth, and Joan tried to pull itinto her throat. Her lungs were bursting for air again, and reluctantlyshe released his cock and went to the surface again. Hauling in a deepbreath of air, Joan ducked back down, this time with her face at herson's ass. She licked the cheeks of his ass and darted her tongue intothe crack, pulling at his balls and pumping on his cock. The tip of hertongue probed Ted's tight little asshole, and as she tried to penetratehim up the ass with her tongue, but she found herself out of air oncemore.
She came up to hear the squeals of Fawn. Fawn was gurgling with ecstasy,twisting her cunt into Ted's mouth, humping up and down as if she werefucking him, fucking his face. Fawn was now holding Ted's head, pullinghis mouth tight into her cunt. Ted was licking and sucking wetly,slurping at Fawn's steamy pussy hungrily.
With her own cunt twitching in voyeuristic pleasure, Joan dipped again.Once more she shoved her face against her son's ass, and this time shedarted the tip upon his asshole hard, penetrating the hot tightness. Shefelt Ted clamp his asshole as her tongue entered, but it was too late.Holding his hips as she squatted underneath the water, Joan darted hertongue back and forth, tongue-fucking her son up his asshole. She couldimagine his grunts and groans of surprise when her tongue shoved up hisass.
She clawed his cheeks apart, trying to press her tongue in deep. She wasthrilled to feel his asshole gripping at her tongue, tightening andloosening around it. Ted seemed to be relaxing his asshole when sheshoved it into him. Apparently he had decided he liked this and archedhis ass into his mother's face.
Joan plunged her tongue far up his hot asshole, again taking his cock ina fist and jerking it vigorously beneath the water. She could feel hiscock throbbing, the hardness more pronounced than before. She knew hewas getting ready to come.
She surfaced again.
"Ohhh, Ted, Ted!" she heard Fawn wailing. "You're going to make me come!Ohhh, baby, suck it hard! Ahhh, ram your fucking tongue in me! Suck mycunt ... I'm about to come!"
As much as Joan wanted to watch Fawn's lovely body while Ted brought hercunt to an explosive orgasm, she wanted to make him come more. Suckingin more air, she went below the water again and drew his throbbinghard-on into her mouth. She began to suck in a frenzy, wanting to feelhis come juice bursting into her mouth before she needed more air. Sheclutched at the cheeks of his ass, jerking his cock in and out of hermouth. She felt Fawn's feet resting on her shoulders, and even thatexcited Joan. She was starting to need air badly, but kept suckingfrantically at her son's cock.
As she bobbed and darted her mouth onto his prick, she felt a wild,burning kind of orgasm about to shatter her bubbling pussy. Joan wasaware that she made a noise when she came, often screaming her ecstasy.She tried to prevent her cunt from coming, sucking furiously on herson's cock, wanting him to gush his come juice into her mouth before herown orgasm burst.
Ted rammed his cock hard into his mother's mouth, and she felt his prickpulse. A sweet squirt of come juice splashed about her tongue, andJoan's mind reeled in delight. She caught one more spurt of come juice,and her lungs were on fire. Unable to stay under water any longer, shepulled her come-filled mouth from his cock, and watched two gushingstreams of come juice boil from his piss-hole into the water before sheshoved herself swiftly to the surface.
Swallowing her son's come juice, she was just in time to see Fawnbucking her hips up and down, grinding her cunt into Ted's face, yellingout her orgasmic ecstasy.
Joan began to whip her hand between her thighs, a finger darting in andout of her cunt, then up to smash her clitoris. She yelped as she madeherself come, her eyes becoming dazed in her delight as she watched herson tongue-fuck Fawn to that shattering climax.
"Ohhh, you're good, Ted!" Fawn mewled when he pulled his smeared facefrom between her thighs. "I know men three times your age who can't suckcunt as well as you do."
"I wouldn't know," Joan said with a frown. "He's never sucked my pussy."
"Yet," Fawn giggled.
"That's what I mean, he hasn't sucked my cunt--yet," Joan laughed. "Butthat's going to be corrected very soon."
Ted stroked his hand between his mother's thighs under the water,rubbing at her gently pulsating cunt with his palm, grinning at her.
"The quicker the better," he replied.
"I learned one thing," Joan said. "It's damned hard to suck a cock underwater."
"I can imagine," Fawn laughed, the sound low and throaty. "But I'm goingto give that a try myself. It sounds like a lot of fun to me."
"It is," Ted giggled.
"Of course you'd think so," Joan said, stroking his wet cheek. "It'syour cock getting sucked."
Chapter 8

"Did you enjoy the day, darling?" Joan asked Ted.
He was rubbing at his eyes, his young face sleepy. He nodded at hismother, smiling widely.
"Fawn is really something, isn't she?" Joan said, feeling the need totalk. "I've never known anyone as ready to fuck as she is, man orwoman." She paused, then giggled. "Except you and me, that is."
Ted sat at the end of the couch, his feet up on the cushions, facing hismother. Joan turned toward him, drawing her knees up and pulling herskirt over her thighs. Ted gazed at the crotch of her panties, seeingthe bulge her cunt made inside the tight band. He was sitting in hisshorts, showered and ready for bed. His hair was still damp, his eyeslooking very sleepy.
Joan, however, was wide awake, still excited over what she and Ted haddone at the pool with Fawn. It had been excitingly dangerous there inthe open. Anyone could have come upon them. She laughed silently,thinking of the shock they would have had. Seeing three people, allnaked, in the pool, sucking cunt and cock. It was an experience shewouldn't mind repeating, she told herself. The very idea of beingwatched with her son's cock either in her cunt or her mouth sent shiversof sweet pleasure through her flesh.
She and Ted still peeked on people with his telescopes at night, butnothing much changed. Fawn knew that Ted had been watching her for sometime. "That's the reason I've never closed my curtains," she hadlaughed.
The tenant across the way, with his next-door neighbor, wasn't much funto watch since they seldom varied the things they did, usually fuckingonly with the woman on the bottom. The janitor who had been jacking offon the desk top wasn't seen anymore. He had either quit his job or beencaught at what he was doing. Even Fawn wasn't all that exciting to watchsince they were fucking with her.
Joan needed more excitement, she knew. She needed something even moreperverse than fucking and sucking at the pool in the hot sunlight, withdiscovery possible at any second. She wasn't sure what she wanted,needed, yet Joan knew her body and her cunt were craving morestimulation. At first she thought it had begun with Fawn, watching theway the beautiful young girl teased her son, but Joan knew now that ithad been inside her all the time, waiting to be released. If it had notbeen there, surely she would have not sucked Fawn's cunt so readily.
She watched her son gazing sleepily at her crotch. He may be sleepy, shethought, but he was still interested in what she was showing him. Hiscock looked almost hard inside his shorts. She ran her tongue over herlips and shoved a hand along the back of her thigh, starting to teaseher pussy with a fingertip. Pressing a finger under her panties, sherubbed up and down the slit, her eyes half-closed. She was not in theleast bit sleepy and she knew she could finger-fuck herself, but thatwas not nearly as satisfactory as having her son fuck her--or suckinghis cock or licking Fawn's cunt.
If only Ted wasn't so sleepy! She gazed at the front of his shorts, hereyes burning there. Perhaps if he pulled his cock from his shorts so shecould see it, she could finger-fuck herself to a nice orgasm. Theoutline of his lovely prick was stimulating, but not as much as shewanted. Ted wouldn't object if she sucked on his cock, sleepy as he was.Still it was his cooperation that made it good, too. The idea of suckingher son's cock as he lay still wasn't appealing. She liked it when hethrashed about, humping into her mouth as her tongue swirled wetly. Hisenthusiasm was all part of it.
She swung her legs over the edge of the couch and stood up. Walking tothe window, she saw Fawn had a light on in her living room. The girl wasstill awake, maybe as wide awake as Joan was. She thought of callingFawn and, asking her to come up, but she didn't want to disturb the girlif she was getting ready for bed. Gazing into the night, she lifted herdress in back, caressing her ass through her flimsy panties, knowing herson was watching her even if he was about to go to sleep. She flexed thecheeks of her ass as she fondled them, stroking the backs of her long,smooth thighs. Looking over her shoulder at her son, she saw his cockwas still the same, but he was gazing at her thighs and pantied ass.
"Poor baby," she whispered. "Today was too much for you, wasn't it? Allthat swimming and sucking had exhausted you."
Ted nodded, rubbing his eyes again Letting her dress fall back down overher ass, she went to him and pulled him to his feet. "Come on, you'regoing to bed before you fall over."
"I gotta piss, Mom," he mumbled.
There was an instant reaction inside Joan's body. A powerful jolt seemedto ripple through her and to her cunt. Holding both his hands, facinghim, her eyes turned hot, smoldering as the thought burned inside hermind. She remembered what had happened to her when she had licked thedrops of piss from his cock.
"Come on," she said breathlessly, leading him to the bathroom.
As Ted stood near the toilet, Joan sank to her knees at his side,pulling his shorts down to his knees. She held his cock at the base,aiming it into the toilet, her eyes blazing as she waited to see himpiss. She licked at his hip, her eyes remaining on his cock.
"Go ahead and piss, darling," she murmured throatily. "Let me see youpiss."
Ted shoved his hips forward, one hand on top of his mother's head. Thestream spurted from his piss-hole, splashing into the water. Joan mewledsoftly as she watched, holding his cock with a thumb and forefinger.Unable to resist him now, she darted her tongue out, licking it alongthe shaft of his cock as he pissed. She probed the head of his cock withher tongue, almost pushing it into the stream.
Again she licked her tongue along his prick, then moved it slowly on thetop of his cockhead, a fraction of an inch from the stream. Her cuntstarted boiling and she felt as if she might come.
Her hot tongue ran back and forth along the shaft of his cock, gettingvery close to tasting the piss with the tip.
Then Joan knew what she wanted, what that extra stimulation was she hadneeded. She turned her son toward her face, and he stopped pissing.
"Oh, don't stop!" she moaned. "Piss, baby! Don't stop. Keeping pissing!"
The warm, golden piss came out and splashed along the front of herblouse, soaking it. Joan turned his cock, making him piss upon hernipples. Her eyes glazed as a beautiful feeling flowed through her body.She lifted his cock, feeling the piss splatter along her neck, andfinally against her lips. She moaned with unexpected ecstasy.
Slowly, she let her lips open slightly. Piss came through them andcrashed against her teeth. The sensation searing her cunt grew strongerthan ever. Feeling his piss splash against the tip of her tongue causedJoan's mind to erupt with perverse, erotic pleasure. She shoved hertongue farther into the stream, tasting his piss, and with a groan,opened her mouth wide, lifting his cock so he was pissing directly intoher mouth. It filled her mouth and flowed over her lips and tongue. Herclitoris burned as if someone had put a flame to it.
She swallowed.
"Oh, God!" she wailed, and closed her lips about the head of her son'scock, letting him piss down her gulping throat. Joan sucked andswallowed greedily as he pissed, her cunt boiling over into a wildorgasm.
Ted was no longer sleepy. He was staring down at his mother with excitedeyes. She had her lips over his piss-hole and was drinking his piss. Heplaced both his hands on top of her head, trying to work his cock deeperas he kept pissing. But Joan wouldn't let him. She wanted to hold onlythe head of his cock with her lips, tasting his piss spewing over hertongue and down her gulping throat.
Joan was coming as she'd never came before. Her cunt was convulsingtightly, her clitoris pulsating hard enough to actually make her bodyshake. Her eyes closed in rapture as her lips held the head of his cockjust past his piss hole, the warm taste of her son's piss flowing intoher mouth and down her throat. She held his cock with her forefinger andthumb, her other hand stroking his balls lightly, her ass twisting asher orgasms increased with power. She was moaning in blissful orgasm,one after the other.
She moved her lips only when he'd finished, running her tongue over themand smiling in ecstasy up at her surprised son. She caressed the tip ofhis cock back and forth on her lips, then patted his ass.
"Take your shorts off and climb into bed, baby. You're out on yourfeet."
Ted's eyes had turned sleepy again and she watched him stumble into herbedroom.
Joan went back to the living room, enjoying the feel of her piss-wetblouse clinging to her tits, her face glistening with it. She walkedaround, rubbing her hands about her titties, the wetness exciting toher. She gazed down at Fawn's still-lighted living room, wishing hercurtains were still open.
Then a knock on the door startled her. It was after ten at night, andshe wasn't expecting anyone.
"I was just thinking about you," Joan smiled happily as she took Fawn'shand and pulled her into the room. "You're what I need right now, Ithink."
"Strange coincidence," Fawn said. "I was down there thinking about youand Ted. When I saw your light still on, I knew you'd be up."
"Ted's in bed," Joan said. "I think we exhausted him today."
Fawn laughed. "You must be taking extra good care of him then," shesaid. "We didn't do all that much."
She eyed Joan's soaking blouse and a sly grin spread over her face. Sheleaned toward Joan and licked her tongue about Joan's chin.  "Ah-ha! Iknow what that is, honey."
"If you know that, then you're not a stranger to it," Joan said, leeringat the beautiful young girl.
"I'm not a stranger to very much," Fawn admitted, and licked Joan'slips. "It seems we're more like each other all the time, I'd say."
Fawn wore a robe, belted at the waist. Joan untied it and smiled whenshe saw the girl was naked beneath it. "Mmmmmmmm, nice," she murmured.
"And going to get nicer," Fawn whispered. Holding Joan's hands, Fawndipped her head and began to suck on one of Joan's nipples through herpiss-wet blouse. "Much, much nicer."
Joan was elated. She had nothing to be ashamed of because she'd loved itwhen her son had pissed into her mouth. Fawn, too, it seemed, was turnedon by piss. She cupped Fawn's naked, sweet and shapely tits while thegirl sucked from nipple to nipple, tasting Ted's piss on her blouse.Squeezing Fawn's tits, Joan felt her cunt start boiling again, as hot asbefore.
"Let me," she whispered.
Fawn lifted her head, her lips wet. Joan kissed them, running her tongueback and forth and tasting the piss on them. She removed Fawn's robe,letting it fall to the floor. Cupping the tight, shapely ass in herpalms, Joan thrust her tongue into Fawn's mouth. She moaned softly asFawn sucked it, her eager hands on Joan's ass now, lifting her skirt toher waist.
But Joan wanted her mouth against Fawn's sugary cunt.
She went to her knees, holding Fawn by the naked ass and burying herface into the blonde bush. She stroked her tongue about Fawn's inflamedclitoris, sucking it with her lips as the girl spread her slender legswide, stepping forward to straddle Joan's face.
"Oooo, suck my cunt, Joan!" Fawn whimpered, grinding her pussy uponJoan's lips, bumping back and forth. "Suck me, suck me! Ahhhh, lick mypussy! I had to come here for this ... I got so hot, all alone downthere! Mmmmm, suck me ... fuck me with your tongue, Joan!"
Joan, with her face pressed into Fawn's cunt, leaned back. Fawn followedher until Joan was on her back and she was squatting above her face,looking down at Joan with glowing eyes.
With one hand cupping Fawn's ass, Joan was whipping her other handbetween her thighs, rubbing at her pulsating cunt swiftly, her hipstwisting. She thrust her tongue deep into Fawn's seeping cunt, lappingthe fiery juices hungrily, the blonde hair covering her mouth.
With a hot moan, Joan slipped her tongue from Fawn's cunt and darted itback towards Fawn's ass. She drew it across Fawn's asshole, bringing asqueal of delight from the squatting, trembling girl. Joan flicked hertongue about Fawn's flexing asshole then drew it back to the succulentcunt, delving deeply. Again she licked the fiery asshole, exerting morepressure. Fawn gurgled as Joan's tongue penetrated her tight ass.
"Let me suck, too!" Fawn groaned. "I've got to get my mouth on somethinghot and hairy, too, honey!"
Fawn twisted about, facing Joan's feet, and the women rolled onto theirsides. Fawn clawed and tore at Joan's panties, shoving her skirt abouther waist. When she laid her head on one of Joan's hot thighs, her faceburied into Joan's cunt, Joan gave a moan and wrapped her arms aboutFawn's hips, smashing her mouth back to that blondehaired, sugary cunt.She pulled at the tight, swelling cheeks of Fawn's ass, pressing hernose upon the small asshole, her tongue thrusting in and out of thehair-lined cunt swiftly.
Both women moaned in hot passion, their slurping tongues moist as theyflew about each other's cunt. Being of the same mind, when Joan lappedher tongue about Fawn's asshole, Fawn would do the same with hers. WhenJoan penetrated Fawn's asshole and fucked it with her tongue, Fawntongue-fucked Joan in the asshole. Their tongues darted from cunt toasshole, breathing hotly against smooth, delicious thigh flesh and asscheeks.
Joan licked about the steamy inner cheeks of Fawn's ass, circling hersweet asshole and squeezing the smooth cheeks against her face, dartingher tongue into the slippery pussy and then racing it back to Fawn'sasshole. She twisted her cunt hard into Fawn's mouth, whimpering softly.The way Fawn's tongue took turns fucking her cunt and asshole wascreating an enormous lust in Joan, her pussy throbbing with impendingorgasm. The way Fawn's tight cunt sucked and squeezed her tongue, sheknew Fawn was close to coming off, too.
When Fawn started to come, Joan was tongue-fucking her in the ass andFawn was sucking frantically at Joan's cunt. As the spasms came, Joanpulled her tongue out of Fawn's asshole and began to plunge it in andout of her dripping cunt in a frenzy. They banged their cunts into eachother's mouth, both shaking with the force of orgasm.
Tiredly, they pulled apart. Joan sprawled on her back as Fawn remainedon her side, caressing Joan's thighs, gently kissing them.
"God, we're good with each other," Joan whispered.
"I know," Fawn said. "I think we were drawn to each other from thebeginning."
"But I still love a hard cock," Joan said.
"Mmmm, so do I," Fawn said, running her tongue along the inside ofJoan's thigh. "Especially Ted's cock. That boy was the most deliciouscock ever!"
The shadow of an idea was starting to form inside Joan's mind, but itwas only a gleam at the moment. She turned back onto her side, kissingFawn's thigh near her cunt. She swirled her tongue through the silkyblonde cunt hair and sat up. She stroked Fawn's tits and kissed them.
"I wonder if he could handle both of us all the time," Joan murmured.
"Have you got some ideas, Joan?"
"I'm not sure yet," she said. "I've got to think about it a bit more."
"Whatever it is," Fawn said, "it's going to be a good one, I'd bet."
"I'll let you know once it's formed," Joan replied.
Needing to make one more test of Fawn first, she threw her leg overFawn's face as the girl rolled onto her back. Then Joan pulled her kneesunder her body and leaned forward, kissing at the wet, blonde-hairedcunt. She lowered her open pussy into Fawn's face, and as the girlopened her lips and thrust her tongue about her clitoris, Joan spurted adrop of piss into Fawn's mouth.
She heard Fawn squeal and then Fawn was clutching at Joan's ass cheeks,bringing her cunt down tight into her mouth, her lips wide around Joan'spussy. Joan squirted another drop of piss, letting it come out longerthis time.
Fawn pulled her mouth away, saying in a thick, passion-filled voice, "Doit, Joan! Piss ... piss in my mouth!"
A shudder of excitement went through Joan, and she began to pissquickly. As her piss flowed, she felt Fawn pressing her open mouthtightly into her cunt. She could hear the girl gulping and feel hertongue licking about her cunt lips. A shiver flowed through Joan's body,her eyes gazing into the girl's sugary pink cunt.
"Oooo, Fawn, Fawn," she moaned. "You, too! Please, Fawn, let me see youpiss!"
A squeal of ecstasy bubbled from Joan when the golden stream began tospurt from Fawn's cunt. Joan shoved her face into it, moaning withpleasure. She opened her mouth and took the piss into it. While she keptpissing into Fawn's thirsty mouth, Joan smeared her face and lips intothat blonde-haired, pissing cunt. She wrapped her hands about Fawn'suplifted hips, clutching her sweet ass, drawing her face up to watch thestreaming piss spurt from those blonde-haired cunt lips, then shepressed her mouth down, gulping and swallowing as eagerly as Fawn was.
Holding each other tightly by the ass cheeks, Fawn and Joan suckedcunts, drinking each other's piss from those hairy pussies withmindless, perverse ecstasy.
Chapter 9

Ted stood at the entrance of the hall, rubbing his balls with one handand his eyes with the other. He was not surprised by what he saw.
His mother was sleeping on the floor, curled up next to Fawn. Both werenaked. It was midmorning, and he felt great after his long night'ssleep. He moved into the living room and looked down at them. His motherwas on her side, her creamy ass jutting back against Fawn's rounded hip.Joan had one leg drawn up, the other straight out. The hair around hercunt was revealed, and she was cupping one of her firm tits in the palmof her hand.
Fawn was sprawled on her back, one arm above her head and the otherflung to one side. Her flawless titties stood up in firm roundness,tipped by pink nipples. Her chest was rising and falling evenly. Herflat stomach, with the dimple of her belly button, aroused Ted and hiscock started expanding. The becoming triangle of her cunt hair lookedlike gleaming gold in the shaft of sunlight coming through the window.Her long, slim legs were parted, and the pink puffiness of her tightcunt sent a throb of desire about Ted's balls and lifted his cock tocomplete hardness.
Each woman was enticing to Ted in a different way. Both were beautiful,both had a fantastic body, both were amazing fucks, and each enjoyedsucking on his cock with vigorous enthusiasm. What more could a youngboy want in the whole world? he thought. Most boys his age were stilljacking off out behind the barn, but he had his choice of two reallygreat cunts--Fawn and his mother.
Looking down at them, Ted began to pump his fist slowly back and forthon his cock. It was like waking up to live centerfolds, he thought withincreasing excitement. His mother and Fawn were lovely enough to graceany magazine. In fact, both of them appeared even more beautiful to himthan those unavailable centerfolds.
He scratched his balls again.
There would be no problem if he dropped down there and shoved his cockinto either of those cunts. Both cunts were hot and always very wet, heknew. Neither his mother nor Fawn would complain if he fucked one--orboth--of them right now.
His mother's clothing and Fawn's robe were scattered about the livingroom, and he knew he had missed out on some damned exciting activity thenight before. Taking a lingering look at them, Ted turned and went intothe bathroom. He showered and scrubbed his teeth, then pulled on a pairof jockey shorts and returned to gaze at the women once again. Finallyhe went to the kitchen and began making breakfast, eager to surprisethem. He prepared coffee as he'd seen his mother do, then started fryingbacon and eggs and put bread in the toaster. He set the table with chinaand silverware, making sure his mother's favorite jelly wasthere--strawberry.
When everything was ready, he started back to wake them up.
Fawn was struggling to sit already, looking at Ted as if she weredisoriented for a moment. Looking down at Joan, she grinned. "My God, wefell asleep right on the fucking floor!"
Fawn moved her hand along Join's side.
"Come on, wake up, sleepy head," she said softly. "Time to get up." Shelooked up at Ted. "Is that bacon and eggs I smell?"
He nodded proudly.
"You're a handy kid to have around, aren't you?" Fawn said, pleased.
"Who's handy?" Joan said, mumbling as she woke up.
Turning onto her back, she saw her son standing there in his jockeyshorts, smiling at them. She grinned and stretched, arching her hips up.She held her arms out to her son, who dropped down and sprawled acrosshis mother. Fawn sat and watched them hugging happily, grinning withpleasure. Finally she slapped Ted on his ass.
"Come on," she said. "None of that shit until after breakfast. Hey, youtwo! Those eggs are going to get cold ... come and let's eat!"
"Oh, I suppose we better," Joan pouted, shoving her son off her. "But asmuch as I enjoy bacon and eggs in the morning, I can think of somethingmuch better to eat right now."
Fawn laughed. "That's because you're a cock-sucker, like me."
"Cunt-licker?" Ted offered, giggling.
"Yes, that, too," Joan replied, getting to her feet. "Do we have time toclean up a little, honey?"
"Sure, Mom," Ted said. "I can keep everything nice and warm."
His mother glanced at the outline of his cock inside his tight shorts."Including that cock?"
Ted nodded. "You bet!"
Fawn, now standing, leaned behind Ted and pulled the shorts into thecrack of his ass, making sure his cheeks showed. With a soft mewl, shekissed his ass quickly. "Now you look wonderful, Ted. Leave them thatway, please."
They devoured the breakfast hungrily. While Joan and Fawn had coffee,Ted cleared the table. Joan and Fawn stared at his naked ass cheeks, hisshorts still pulled into the crack. Joan realized that her son did,indeed, look very good that way. Seeing him so unconcerned anduninhibited caused her cunt to bubble with heat. She glanced at Fawn,and saw that the young girl, too, was experiencing a growing desire.Already Fawn's nipples were standing out and pointing almost to theceiling. Ted's cock was straining inside those white shorts, too. It waselongated, arching upward, beautifully outlined his balls making amouth-watering bulge below.
"Are we thinking the same thing, Fawn?" Joan asked, her voice becominghusky.
"I would say so, Joan."
Ted turned at the sink, his cock standing firmly against his shorts. Hegrinned at them, knowing very well what they were talking about. Totease them he tossed his hips forward.
"Why, he thinks his cock is indestructible!" Joan laughed.
"It damn near is," Fawn replied.
"Let's do something about it, Fawn," Joan murmured, running her handbetween her inner thighs to rub her now burning cunt. "Let's take himon."
"Let's!" Fawn exclaimed.
"I won't fight, I promise," Ted laughed eagerly.
"You'd be a fool if you did," Fawn told him as she and Joan went to him.
They hugged his excited body between them. Feeling their tits rubbing athis flesh and two hairy cunts at his hips, sent Ted's cock into aroaring hardness. He wrapped his arms about them, fondling each rounded,smooth ass when they began kissing about his face. He opened his mouthwide and felt them both press their wet tongues into his mouth. Thesensation of having two tongues into his mouth. The sensation of havingtwo tongues in his mouth sent excitement racing about his young body.Hands shoved his shorts down and one of them was playing with his ballswhile the other caressed his cock. Each woman had a handful of his ass,too.
"Front or back?" Joan asked Fawn in a throaty voice.
"Either," Fawn replied, her voice equally husky. "It makes no differenceto me."
"What are you two talking about?" Ted wanted to know.
"Oh, hush up and enjoy this," his mother murmured, licking her tongueacross his lips. "This morning is all for you, honey."
Ted's foot was placed on a kitchen chair, his other on the floor. Theyshoved his knee wide, and Fawn dropped to her knees in front of him, hertongue flicking against his thigh like liquid heat. His mother droppedbehind him, and Ted trembled when he felt her wet, hot lips sucking atthe cheeks of his ass.
Joan clutched her son's hips, drawing his ass backwards, her tonguefluttering up and down the crack of his ass, licking at his cheeks anddelving between them. Looking down, he watched Fawn's wicked tonguemoving along his thigh toward his balls. A ripple of pleasure shotthrough him when Fawn bounced his balls with her tongue, her blue eyesboiling up at him as she squeezed his cock in her hot hand. The tip ofFawn's tongue darted from her moist lips, licking up the seeping juiceson his piss hole, then her hot mouth engulfed his cock.
Ted placed his hand on Fawn's head, more to steady himself than anythingelse. Fawn, holding the head of his cock with her lips, traced a fierypattern about the sensitive head, flapping against his piss hole. Behindhim, his mother was spreading the cheeks of his ass, her tongue runningabout the hot inner surfaces. He was feeling much too good to speak, buthis breath was coming out in ecstatic gasps.
He gritted his teeth as Fawn slowly sucked his throbbing cock into hermouth, her hot lips sliding along the shaft in almost excruciating,teasing wetness, her eyes still sparkling with steamy pleasure up athim. Fawn's mouth was as hot and wet and tight as his mother's, drawingon his cock with her tongue and cheeks and lips. He groaned when he feltthe tip of his mother's tongue probing at his tight asshole, wet and hotenough to scorch his flesh. Fawn had every inch of his cock inside hermouth now, and he could feel her throat working about his head of it,her tongue pressing it against the roof of her mouth.
Behind him, Joan was clutching her son's hips and pressing her mouthinto his asshole, her tongue licking and fluttering against the tightlypuckered hole. She was moaning softly in her perverse pleasure, herbreath hot on his ass. Joan, tasting the ring of her son's asshole, felther cunt pulsating in that delicious wet heat. She could hear the hungrysounds Fawn made as she sucked on Ted's cock, the sounds exciting her asmuch as what they were doing to and for him. She fluttered the tip ofher hot tongue about his asshole, pressing it against the resistingtightness, her lips closed about it and sucking at the same time. Tedwas arching his ass into his mother's face, but not so far that Fawnwould have any problem sucking his cock.
Fawn shoved her hands between Ted's legs and pulled at the cheeks of hisass, holding them spread for Joan. At the same time, Joan had shoved onehand underneath to fondle and twist tenderly on her son's balls whileFawn sucked his cock. Fawn's lips glided back and forth, her tongue in aconstant, wet and hot, action. Her chin brushed Joan's fingers when shewent forward, and as she held Ted's cock deep inside her burning, hungrymouth, Joan rubbed his balls about her chin.
As good as their mouths and tongues felt, Ted realized he would fall ifthey had not been pressing their faces against him this way. As it was,they were practically holding him up between them.
Fawn began twisting her lips as she sucked back on his cock, thengulping him into her mouth again. The wet heat of her mouth createdbeautiful ecstasy on his prick and in his balls. She made moist soundsas she sucked, moist and greedy sounds. Behind, his mother was strainingto shove her tongue into his asshole. When her tongue penetrated hisasshole, Ted almost came into Fawn's mouth.
A grunt of pleasure exploded from his mouth.
Joan thrust her tongue deep into her son's gripping asshole, then, withher lips closed hotly around it, she began to fuck him this way, herhand pulling at his balls. Below, Fawn kept holding the cheeks of hisass wide for Joan, her lips starting to suck faster and with more heat.He began to shake, both hands on top of Fawn's head. The sensations ofhis mother's tongue fucking into his asshole and Fawn sucking so hotlyon his cock was almost too much for Ted. The whole expanse of hiscrotch, from his cock to his asshole, seemed to have been set on firebut with such a delicious fire.
"Suck me!" he groaned. "Oh, suck my cock, Fawn! Oh, you're gonna get afucking mouthful! Mom ... Mom, don't stop! Your tongue is so fuckinggood in my ass! Eat my asshole, Mom!"
The rumbling of his discharge boiled about inside his tightening balls,and his hips jerked to-and-fro. How his mother kept tongue-fucking himup the ass and Fawn retained her hungry lip grip on his cock, Ted didn'tknow. His hips jerked between them, his cock delving into Fawn's burningthroat, then his ass pressing into his mother's face.
Fawn's tongue and mouth sucked with a fiery greed and his mother'stongue seemed to penetrate his asshole to his stomach. It was somethingTed had never felt before, but the sensations were so exquisite, hehoped they would do this again, and often.
His cock was about to burst, to send stream after stream of cum juicebubbling into Fawn's mouth. He was gritting his teeth and his eyesseemed vacant. Fawn drew powerfully on his cock, and his mother rammedher tongue in and out of his asshole. He was shaking from head to toewith ecstasy.
Both Fawn and Joan knew Ted was about to come, and they went at him withvigorous movements. Joan sucked at the ring of her son's asshole whileher tongue fucked in and out, clutching his balls in a hot hand. Fawn,feeling his cock throb and increase in size, gobbled him in a frenzy,her fingers squeezing the cheeks of his ass, keeping them wide forJoan's mouth. Ted began to groan, the sound rising and failing. He gavean ecstatic yelp when the come juice roared out of his balls and up hishard cock.
The come juice spurted from his piss-hole, flooding Fawn's mouth, makingher choke. Moaning with hunger, Fawn sucked as hard as she possiblycould, her throat burning with the sweetness boiling up from hisprecious balls. The convulsions that tore through Ted's body caused hisasshole to squeeze around his mother's tongue, and Joan had a bit of aproblem in fucking his ass with it. Fawn made wet gulping sounds as sheswallowed the thick, delicious come juice, her tongue running about hiscock furiously, her lips as tight as possible halfway down his prick.
Joan stabbed her tongue swiftly into her son's gripping asshole, feelinga little jealous that Fawn was getting his cum juice. Her own cunterupted shortly after Ted's asshole started squeezing her tongue, andshe came in shuddering waves of pleasure. Fawn, moaning hungrily atTed's gushing cock, shivered violently as her cunt convulsed.
Fawn's orgasm was so strong, she became weak, and with a wail, fellbackwards, her lips coming off Ted's cock with a moist plopping sound. Afinal spurt of come juice burst from Ted's piss-hole, splashing uponFawn's chin.
As Fawn's mouth left his cock, Ted was thrown off balance, and he wentforward to his hands and knees, his mother's tongue leaving his assholeabruptly. He was on his hands and knees, panting heavily, his cock nowdangling toward the floor.
"Ohhh, shit!" he moaned.
Fawn, sprawled on her back, writhing and twisting her ass against thefloor of the kitchen, clutching her flawless tits with both hands.Behind Ted, his mother was sitting on her heels, her head down as shegasped for air, her eyes somewhat glazed.
"Oh, shit is right," Joan moaned.
"You bet!" Fawn echoed.
"I'll never be the same again," Ted said, rolling to his side weakly.
"Want to bet on that?" Joan laughed, feeling her strength returning."Between Fawn and I, your cock won't be getting much rest, I promisethat."
"Me, too," Fawn giggled, opening and closing her slim thighs, her cunttwitching.Chapter 10

By noon, Joan had approached Fawn with the idea that had begun takingshape the night before. "We can share expenses, too," she said.
Fawn was happily receptive to the idea, and all three spent the rest ofthe afternoon moving Fawn's belongings into the upstairs apartment. Allher clothing was moved into Ted's bedroom, and his to his mother's.
"Just in case you want to have privacy sometimes, Fawn," Joan said.
"Who needs privacy here?" Fawn laughed. "Why don't we all sleep in thelarger bedroom together?"
"We will," Joan said. "That's part of this crazy arrangement, isn't it?"
"I thought that was the whole idea," Ted said. "So we could be togetherall the time."
They looked at him, laughing. "Let's just hope you don't get worn out,"his mother said. "We're going to need an awful lot of that cock, honey."
Joan helped Fawn arrange her things, with Ted prancing around andteasing them. His hands were everywhere, stroking and caressing andfeeling them. Joan and Fawn, needless to say, gave him all thecooperation they could. By the time Fawn had the closet filled with herclothing, Ted had tucked the back of her dress inside the waist of herpanties, and opened his mother's blouse to let her tits hang free. Hiscock was standing out of his cut-off jeans, jerking up and down.
Fawn and Joan, too, could not resist touching each other, as well asTed. He found it exciting to see two women running about his house thisway, knowing he could fuck either of them when ever he wanted. Heenjoyed seeing their hands touch and feel about each other, too. Hewouldn't need his telescopes any more. There was more than enough to seeand get involved with right in his own home.
Fawn was delighted with them, though. She loved to spy on people whenthey weren't aware of it.
"I've had this dream for a long time," Fawn said as they ate an earlydinner. "I'm walking around town, and I'm not wearing very much. Undermy dress I'm naked, and I see this guy wave his cock at me in somealley. Well, I wouldn't want the poor guy to be disappointed, so I flashmy cunt at him. His cock starts coming off right away, and that makes mecum, too."
"I'll wave my cock at you in an alley some day," Ted offered.
"You'll make me cum if you do," Fawn giggled.
"I've had this fantasy for years," Joan said. "I'm still in high school,and I watch a football game. I'm sitting in the bleachers, and everytime one of those hunks look at me, I open my legs and give him a peekat my cunt. Before the game is over, the whole fucking team has ahard-on. I'm waiting in the showers when they come from game, naked andready for them. I imagine how it would feel to fuck them all, one afterthe other. When they've fucked me, filling my cunt full of come juice,they make me suck them off, every last cock on the team."
"Mmmm, sounds like a great idea to me," Fawn said, hugging herself. "I'dlove to do that."
"Wait, that's not all," Joan grinned lewdly. "After they make me suckthem off and swallow all that delicious come juice, those guys stand ina circle around me and piss all over my body, on my cunt and tits andface and even my asshole."
"Then what?" Ted asked, excited to hear all this.
"Why, I start cumming off and keep cummming and don't ever stop," hismother said. "Until I finally faint with absolute ecstasy!"
"Come on, Ted," Fawn urged. "Tell us your best fantasy."
"I don't have one," he replied.
"Of course you do, honey," Joan encouraged.
"Well, to be truthful," he grinned at them, shaking his cock, "myfantasy is to live with two beautiful girls that will let me fuck themanytime I want, and who will suck me off and lick my asshole and--"
"You nut!" Fawn laughed. "That isn't a fantasy, that's reality!"
"It sure is," Joan emphasized. "Except for one thing. You've got to lickup and piss on us, too. Think you can handle all that without dyingyoung, darling?"
"I'm sure gonna try," he laughed.
"About that football team ..." Fawn said.
"Hey, we don't need any more guys around here!" Ted said quickly. "I cantake care of you two."
"You sure brag for little shit," Joan said, caressing his face lovingly.
Fawn was gazing at Ted's cock. "You know, he just might be right atthat. I've never seen a guy who could keep a hard-on so fucking much andfor so long."
"Want to start right now?" Joan asked. "We'll see if you can handle allthis hot cunt, baby."
Fawn slipped to the floor, jerking her dress to her waist and shovingher panties down. She leaned over on her hands and knees, waggling hershapely ass sweetly, lewdly.
"You can start with me, Ted!" she cooed.
"And me," Joan gurgled, dropping to her hands and knees beside Fawn.When she pulled her dress to her waist, she didn't have to jerk anypanties down--she was already naked! Ted looked excitedly at the tworounded asses being offered to him, his cock lurching with readiness.
Balancing themselves, Ted watched as they opened each other's blouse,and two fantastic pairs of tits came free. He saw his mother dip herhead and close her mouth around Fawn's tit, sucking on it. When Joandrew back, Fawn did the same thing with Joan's tit.
Behind them, Ted watched as his mother and Fawn arched their backs,their cunts pooching from their slender thighs, one dark-haired and theother a golden blonde. He gazed at their twinkling assholes, seeing thatFawn's asshole was a pinker color than his mother's. Each looked veryappetizing to him.
Going to his knees, Ted leaned his face into his mother's cunt, lickingup the wet slit and over her asshole. Joan mewled and shoved her assinto his face. Ted probed his mother's asshole and caressed his handabout Fawn's. Working a finger into Fawn's ass, he fucked back andforth, sliding his tongue up his mother's asshole.
"Oooo, fuck my ass, baby!" Joan yelped. "Fuck mother up the asshole withyour tongue!"
"Finger-fuck my asshole, Ted!" Fawn gurgled.
Ted shoved his face between the cheeks of his mother's hot ass, histongue delving. At the same time he fucked Fawn in her young, tight asswith his finger. But then he pulled his mouth away, sliding his fingerfrom Fawn's ass, and changed places. The boy tongue-fucked Fawn in hertight asshole and used his finger up his mother's ass. Joan and Fawnwere squealing in pleasure, their shoulders on the floor now, kissingeach other hungrily and squeezing tits.
Ted went from one asshole to the other for a while, sucking and lickingand fingering. After a bit he stood on his knees, gazing down at theround, smooth ass of his mother and the equally beautiful ass of Fawn.He stroked his cock as he looked at them, licking his lips. Fawn andJoan kept kissing and sucking each other's tongue, their sweet asseshigh in the air with their juicy cunts pooching out invitingly to Ted.
"Fuck us!" Ted heard her mother sob with eagerness. "Fuck us both, baby!Take turns fucking us!"
Ted plunged his cock into his mother's cunt. He rammed hard, his ballsslapping. Joan grunted in delight. "Oooo, that's how I need your cock,darling ... real hard and deep! Oh, fuck me, Ted! Fuck mother's wet cunthard!"
Thrusting his cock into his mother's cunt, Ted ran two of his fingersinto Fawn's slippery, clinging pussy. Fawn and Joan both twisted theiruplifted ass, sucking on each other's tongues again, their hands digginginto naked tits.
"Me!" Fawn groaned. "Now fuck me, honey!"
"Fuck her, Ted!" Joan wailed.
Ted's cock pulled out of his mother's gripping cunt and he rammed itinto Fawn's. Fawn groaned in delight and shoved her ass back to him. Ashe plunged his throbbing cock in and out of Fawn's tight pussy, hestarted running his finger in and out of his mother's cunt, thenbringing it to her asshole, alternating quickly.
Within a short time, Ted began to fuck both his mother and Fawn, goingfrom one to the other, his cock glistening with the juices of theircunts. Both pussies seemed to feel the same to him. Both were hot andjuicy, both were tight, slippery. The only real difference that Tedcould tell was in the color of cunt hair, nothing else. Both his motherand Fawn wiggled and twisted their asses deliciously for him.
The very thought of her son shoving his cock into her cunt after it hadbeen inside Fawn's, slippery with the young cunt juices, createdenormous ecstasy inside Joan.
"Oooo, you're so fucking good, Ted!" she wailed loudly, licking atFawn's lips. "God, your cock is so hard ... so long! Fuck my hot cunt,baby! Oh, God ... ram it to mother's hairy, wet pussy!"
"Fuck me!" Fawn screamed. "Fuck me, too!"
The wet, scalding heat of his mother's cunt seared the throbbing fleshof his prick. He was working a finger into Fawn's gripping asshole as hefucked his mother. Joan didn't have to scream for Ted to know she wascoming. Her hairy cunt squeezed at his prick with convulsive tightnessas she started screaming her ecstasy. The waving, rippling sensations ofher cunt was like a mouth sucking his cock off. He rammed swiftly, hardand almost brutally into his mother's orgasming cunt his finger buriedup Fawn's asshole, but not moving. Ted could see his mother's assholeflexing above his cock, see it tighten and become loose again.
He continued fucking his mother as she came, and slowly pulled hisachingly hard cock free when she finished. He then quickly rushed hiscock into Fawn's cunt, stabbing frantically as his mother moaned withthe glow of her bubbling orgasm, her ass still high and writhingerotically. Fawn started yipping, twisting her shapely ass franticallyas her orgasms steamed through her. She slammed her ass back againstTed, his cock buried to the very hilt. As her cunt went into spasms oforgasms, Ted watched as Fawn's asshole closed and opened.
Since his cock was still as hard as ever, his young eyes took on amischievous gleam.
While Fawn was still coming, he yanked his cock from her blonde-hairedcunt and, without warning, plunged it into her asshole.
"Ooohhhh!" Fawn screamed.
Ted grabbed Fawn's ass and started fucking her swiftly, his ballsbeating at her quivering cunt.
"That's my fucking asshole, Ted!" Fawn screamed as if he didn't knowwhere his cock was. "You've got your fucking cock in my fuckingasshole!"
"Yeah!" Ted laughed hoarsely.
"Ohhh, God! Ohhhh, God!"
Fawn wailed, but she didn't try to pull her ass off his cock. Thesudden, unexpected filling of her asshole was creating a storm of lewd,erotic ecstasy inside her slender, shaking body. She lifted her head andscreamed out her pleasure.
"Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me up the ass, baby! Ohhhh, God ... you'restretching my asshole ... burning in my fucking ass! Ohhh, I love it!Fuck me in the ass, Ted! Oooo, shit ... you're going to make me comeagain! Ram it to me, fuck me in my fucking asshole!"
Hearing Fawn scream, Joan sat back on her heels to see her son's cockflying in and out of Fawn's asshole. Her eyes glazed over and a rumblingheat went through her. She could see the stretching, pink asshole gripher son's cock as it went in and out from his balls to the swollen head.
"Oh, beautiful!" she gurgled. "Fuck her up the hot ass, Ted! Ahhh, giveit to her fucking hot asshole!"
Fawn began screeching in ecstasy, tossing her saucy ass back and forth,riding his cock with her asshole, trying to twist and grind all the sametime. She screamed over and over, throwing her head back, her beautifulblonde hair flying around her passion -contorted face.
"Oh, God! Give it to me, baby! Ahhhhhh, that sweet, sweet cock ...fucking my hot, tight asshole! I'm coming! Ohhhhh, am I ever coming!"
The puckering tightness of Fawn's delightful asshole clutched at Ted'scock, making him groan with ecstasy, yet he managed to keep from comingoff himself.
"I can't take any more!" Fawn wailed, sliding forward on the floor, herass leaving his cock as she sprawled face down, those sweet, lovable anddeliciously rounded cheeks quivering with continuous orgasms, liftingand pressing down as if she were fucking the floor with her bushy cunt.
Joan was crying eagerly. "Now me! Fuck me up the ass, Ted! Come on, Iwant to feel your cock up my asshole, too!"
She twisted about hurriedly, her creamy ass high in the air, hershoulders on the floor and her hands pulling at the rounded cheeks,exposing her twinkling asshole.
Ted rammed his throbbing cock hard into his mother's asshole. Joan gavea loud scream of surprised ecstasy as his cock stretched her asshole,thrusting all the way to his balls. The scream tearing from his mother'smouth increased, as did the shaking of her rounded ass.
Almost as soon as Ted rammed his cock up her asshole, Joan startedcumming. He had not made a complete thrust and withdrawal before hercunt boiled into an amazing orgasm. She felt the heat and the hardthrobbing sliding along the ring of her tight ass, the friction fast andhot enough to burst into flame.
"Oh, Ted!" Joan screamed in passion. "Ted, Ted ... God, Baby! So good!Mmmm, baby, give it to mother! Hump my naked ass, darling! Ahhh, ramthat sweet cock ... bang my ass ... fuck my asshole!"
Joan's words were incoherent, tumbling from her mindlessly. Her body wasflooded with sensational ecstasy, the sheer perversity of being fuckedin her ass by her son making her feel so lewd, so deliciously lewd! Shecould not believe the strength of her orgasms, nor the searing heat. Theonly thing she knew was ecstasy. Her asshole felt stretched like neverbefore, the tight elastic ring gripping her son's hard, pounding cocklike a scalding vise of flesh. It felt to her as if her cunt would meltfrom her body, that her muscles would snap and her bones shatter. Theslapping of her son's stomach against her naked ass seemed loud in theroom, creating waves of shivering pleasure to race about her creamyflesh.
Through it all, Joan felt her son's cock increasing in size, throbbingbeautifully deep inside her burning asshole. She could even feel hisballs beating upon the hairy lips of her spasming cunt and extremelyinflamed clitoris.
The orgasms steaming through her caused her asshole to tighten and gripTed's cock. It seemed to be sucking his cock, flexing with fiery heat.It couldn't be possible, her raging mind said. Her asshole couldn't sucka cock! There was no way a person's asshole sucked ... yet hers wassucking frantically on Ted's cock!
Ted was fucking in a frenzy, on his knees, gripping his mother's sweethips with his fingers, his eyes enormous as he watched his cock beingdevoured by her asshole. His balls were so tight, they felt painful. Hiscome juice was boiling, ready to spurt, yet for some reason it didn't.He kept fucking into his mother's clutching asshole with short, powerfulstrokes, driving in to his balls then pulling back with just the tip ofhis cock inside her fiery asshole.
Joan was thrusting her naked ass back at him with desperate motion. Shewanted him to cum off inside her ass, wanted to feel his sweet cum juicebursting deep up her asshole.
Fawn had rolled onto her back now, watching with still burning eyes, herlegs apart, cunt showing.
Suddenly Ted yelled.
But it was too late.
His mother had become too weak, and she flopped forward when he drovehard into her asshole. She sprawled on the floor, and her son, still onhis knees, grasped his cock frantically, jerking on it swiftly, moaningwith disappointment.
Joan turned around, stretched out beside Fawn, her eyes still hot andshowing that she, too, was disappointed.
Come juice started flying from Ted's cock, his fist pounding it in afrenzy. The come juice gushed from his piss-hole and splashed upon thethick hair of his mother's cunt, getting on her pulsating pussy lips. Heeven came on Fawn's cunt, but it was due more to the wild way he wasjerking off than by any plan.
Joan and Fawn stared at his cock, feeling the come juice splatter upontheir cunts. They both spread their legs wide, arching up to get as muchcome juice as they could on their hairy cunts.
As the spurting ended, Ted sank back on his heels, panting heavily,still clinging to his cock. "Oh, shit!" he snorted in disappointment. "Iwanted to come in your asshole, Mom!"
"I know you did, honey," Joan said.
She saw the glistening come juice on the golden hair of Fawn's cunt, hertongue running over her lips. Fawn and Joan had the same idea at thesame time.
"Let's do it!" Fawn said, eagerly.
With squeals, Joan and Fawn turned and faced each other, their longtongues licking through cunt hair and at the wet slit of each other'scunt.
Ted watched them licking up his come juice, their faces becoming smearedwith it. He kept watching until they had licked it all away, and thenbegin to tongue-fuck each other, lying on their sides.
With a giggle, he got to his feet and arched his hips forward. And then,without warning them, he began to piss.
Moans came from Fawn and his mother as he pissed all over them. As theirnaked bodies were drenched with his piss, they sucked at each other'scunt with a fury of hunger, of once again mindless passion.
Ted aimed the golden stream upon his mother's cunt and Fawn's face. Fawnturned her face up into it, opening her mouth to let him piss into it,then going back to Joan's cunt with a squeal of ecstasy. He ran hispissing stream up the two writhing bodies to his mother's face. Tedpissed into his mother's mouth and then onto Fawn's cunt. She laughedhappily when his mother rammed her face back into that honey-blondepussy, sucking and licking at his piss.
By the time it was over, Joan and Fawn had sucked each other to anorgasm again, their bodies drenched in Ted's piss, their hair matted totheir skulls. They pulled apart, both of them gazing up at Ted, theireyes smoldering in the perversity of wanton lust.
Joan lifted her arms to her son. "Come down here with us, baby," shewhispered softly. "You belong between Fawn and me."
Ted snuggled between the naked bodies of his mother and their newroommate. Joan and Fawn turned to face him, kissing his cheeks andfondling his cock and balls.
"You'll come up my asshole next time," his mother murmured against hisear, her tongue probing it.
"And mine," Fawn said, tickling his other ear with her tongue.
Ted wiggled happily between their smooth bodies, his cock starting toswell again under the stroking fingers of his mother and lovely littleFawn.

The End
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