I had an idea that my wife was wild when I meet her but it didn't come out till our 5th year of marriage.We where in bed talking and got on the subject of sharing each other for sex when she told me she wanted a really big cock in her again.I'm only 6 inches and kind of slim.I told her that I had heard that a child hood friend of mine was hung like a horse and asked if she would like to try it on for size. She said she did so I set it up for later that week.What I hadn't told her was that this friend and I used to jack each other off in an old tree fort when we where kids,And his cock was twice the size of mine. I all so didn't tell her that he had sucked me off more than once and all ways wanted me to suck him,but I would just let him rub off between my legs or ass cheeks cumming all over my legs and ass whole.That knight  Bob showed up after we had been drinking a while.It didn't take long to get my wife hot and bothered so I told Bob to show her his dick. It was as big as I remembered it to be and all most that quick she was down on her knees sucking on that monster. I was eating her pussy to get her wound up even more when she told me to lie down on my back. Then she got in a 69 position with me and started to suck my cock while I licked her pussy. Before I knew it Bob was rubbing his dick head up and down her slit.His pre cum was leaking all over the place and as I liked her slit I got a taste of it.Then Bob started to push into her and I have never seen her stretched out so far before. I was licking her clit and his big balls where riding on my forehead,while she sucked on my cock for all she was worth. It didn't take long and as I watched him pull out I could see her cum all over his cock. She was moaning and groaning Like I have never heard he do before.Bob was really going for it when he slowed way down saying he was close to the end. She looked back and told him not to cum inside her as she was not on the pill.I was licking her clit and my tongue slide up to far and hit the bottom of his cock. The taste of her cum on his dick was more than I could stand,I started to like his cock and balls as he slide in and out of her pussy.Before I knew what happened he said he was going to cum and pulled his cock out of her,I was liking the bottom of it when he di and he just changed his angle and shoved that huge piece of meat down in side my mouth.He cock has so fat it stretched my mouth wide open.As he hit the back of my throat he started to shoot his load. It filled my throat and as he pulled back out so that just his head was in my mouth he shot another wad filling my mouth.I was shocked and over joyed swallowing all I could. I kept sucking on his cock in till he went soft.My wife was out of it be cause she had cum so much from the fucking,but after she said I had cum so hard in her mouth that I had choked he. She didn't know where Bob had cum and I didn't tell her ether. That was not the last time I saw her fuck or suck another mans dick,Nor was it the last time I sucked Bobs cock.

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[#10] nmsteve ( 648 days ago )
nmsteve avatar Dam what fun sucking your friends large cock with your wife.She must have known that you were sucking on him while they were fucking.Just go for it all the next time you three play,she liked it!
[#19] janey1113 ( 683 days ago )
janey1113 avatar Made me cum thinking about a big cock.....Janey
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