My Pussy Controls You – By Jeffrey Freemont

"Samantha, could you tell me a bit about why you are here today?" His voice was smooth and comforting.

"It all started about a month ago, I was still a virgin and…"


One Month ago:

Winter had just ended in Toronto and the warming sun of spring had caused all of the flowers to start blooming. Samantha always felt very calm and peaceful in the spring; but all that was about to change, forever.

Samantha was late for school again. She walked into her class with her head bent down, trying to avoid eye contact with the teacher, Mr. Fredrick. She sat by the windows, her hair illuminated with sunlight. It was hot today and she had stopped to get some ice cream on her way to school. She ate a lot of junk food, but never seemed to get fat.

Samantha was a shy but kind girl; she almost always had an ecstatic and warming smile. She was smart and pretty, but she always stayed away from the popular groups, because she didn't believe in labelling people like that. She is 16 years old, has shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and her tits are DD. Today she was wearing her favourite black tank top, blue shorts and black leather ankle boots.

Samantha's favourite thing in the entire world is eating and playing the electric guitar. She loved every type of music, from Led Zeppelin to Adele. She had been trying hard for many years to start a band, but there weren't many kids that were the least bit 'cool' at her school. Her school was in downtown Toronto, filled with lame posers who didn't understand anything past Green Day.

But Samantha Logan has a secret, she is still a virgin. Boys always stared at her when she walked down the school halls, but they never actually talked to her. She is an outsider, she belongs to no groups and the rich girls want to keep it that way. She had a void in her heart that could only be filled by the dick of a kind boy. She wanted love in the form of sexual relief. She was incredibly shy when it came to asking boys out as well as being incredibly shy when she spoke to anybody. She was tough though, she didn't take shit from anyone and the Jocks and rich girls knew it, they just kept their distance.

"Samantha Logan! You're late, again!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Fredrick."

"Well sorry isn't good enough; you will have to come back here after school for detention."

"But Mr. Fredrick, I had plans to see a movie after school." She whined.

"No but's young lady, you've been late every day this week and I've had enough of it!" Mr. Fredrick was a man in his late 40's. He had a thick moustache, wore bottle bottom glasses and he spoke with a dry rasp.

Samantha sighed as she gave into the idea of her perfect warm spring day ending before it even began. She sat through her morning class filled with disappointment. What would she say to Courtney?

Samantha had only one friend at the school and that was her best friend, Courtney. Courtney was also an outsider; she was the only girl on the baseball team and one of the best players at that. The boys on the baseball team were your standard jocks and were pretty jealous of her talent. They couldn't do anything about her though, because coach had soft spot for her. She was a strong willed person and Samantha's only role model (besides Joan Jett).

Lunch finally came and Samantha was dreading that she would have to tell her dear friend the disappointing news. She walked into the crowded lunch room and saw Courtney sitting at an empty table. They both smiled as they saw each other, Courtney waved her over.

Courtney was beautiful, although a little bit larger than your average teenage girl and always seemed to be a little bit depressed. She had muscles and she knew how to use them, the look in her eyes told horny jocks to back off, or else. They sat and talked while sharing a disgusting plate of cafeteria poutine. It was a sloppy mess of gravy and melted cheese sitting on top of greasy french fries. Poutine was Samantha's favourite food and she could eat it at anytime, anywhere; no matter how bad the quality.

"Hey Courtney, I have some bad news." Samantha announced as she swirled some melted cheese with her fork, not looking at Courtney directly.

"Me too, I can't see the movie today, I have baseball practice until 4:15." Courtney answered in a disappointed tone.

Samantha suddenly lit up with joy as the light bulb turned on in her head. Ding! "That's great! I have detention until 4:00, we can just meet afterwards!"

"Well, ok then," Courtney said. Her spirits lifted. "meet me outside the girls changing room at 4:30."

They finished their fries and went off to their next classes. Samantha's next class was Maths and it was filled with jocks and super geeks. She walked in and headed to her favourite seat, it was at the back where not too many people sat.

"Hey Samantha! Could you pick up my pencil for me?" Asked a handsome Jock, pointing at a small pencil on the floor, a desk away from where she was standing.

Samantha was caught off guard because somebody as handsome as him was suddenly talking to her! She sighed as she went to retrieve it. She walked over to it and started to kneel down, when she suddenly felt two hands on her hips. She screamed as she saw her shorts were pulled down her legs. She turned around and saw the handsome jock; he had an evil grin on his face. The class burst out laughing. She just stood there, more embarrassed than she ever had been before. She stood there, vulnerable in her white cotton panties with a small wet spot in the middle. She quickly pulled up her shorts and gave the jock an evil glare. Bam! She socked him right in the side of his head, which caused him to fall to the ground. Samantha ran from the room, desperately holding in her tears until she got inside the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet crying softly. Anger, lust and confusion overcame her. She couldn't help but imagine the evil jock screwing her right here in this bathroom. She couldn't help her fingers slip into her shorts and start to rub her wet pussy. She felt a fire in her that she had never felt before. She pulled her shorts and panties down. She spread her legs and threw her head back as she continued to rub herself. Tears ran down her face while cum ran down her open legs. She moaned softly but suddenly stopped. This wasn't enough to fill her void. Her sexual desire needed a dick to enter her deep inside, to strip her of her virginity. She stayed in the bathroom until the final bell rang. She cleaned herself up and headed for detention.

The day could still be salvaged; all she had to do was sit in detention for an hour before meeting Courtney for the movie. She felt strange though, an unusual feeling of emptiness was inside her, a small fire deep in her vagina had been set and she wouldn't be able to contain it forever. Anyone in the world could fuck her right now and she would let them.

Samantha nervously walked into her class for detention. She looked around the room. One other student was in detention with her, the Jock from before. She was shocked to see that he had a large bruise on the right side of his face from when she had hit him. He glared at her with an evil intent in his eyes. She felt him digging into her soul. Her stomach hurt as she remembered what he had done to her, in front of everyone. She was also incredibly horny; the whole class had seen her sexuality, and her vulnerability. The side of her she kept hidden. They stared at each other, each feeling a different thing; she couldn't keep her eyes off of his. She was startled as the teacher walked in.

"Hello students. Samantha why don't you take a seat over there?" Mr. Fredrick pointed to an empty seat next to the Jock.

The Jock was tall, dark and handsome. He had dark hair, and he seemed perfect in every way but his expression. He was fit but not too big. Samantha sat down next to the Jock, desperately trying to avoid eye contact.

"You two trouble makers know why you are here today! Mr Fredrick exclaimed.

"I don't know shit!" The Jock shouted.

"That's true, you are very dumb, but that's not why you are here today, you are here today because you, Mr. Daniels, embarrassed this young lady. A young lady who happens to be one of my favourite students!"

"What! Did you just call me stupid?"

"Yes I did."

With that the Jock shut his mouth. "…And you Ms. Logan are here because you simply won't show up on time for class. Mr. Daniels, you will have to write a six page essay on why you are stupid and shouldn't embarrass young ladies in front of your fellow class mates. Ms. Logan will write a two page essay on the same subject, but please don't show up late anymore."

Samantha Logan felt empowered, the Jocks piercing stare had no effect anymore.

"Thanks Mr. Fredrick, I'll always be on time!"

She felt oddly attracted to Mr. Fredrick. He had saved her from a villain, this old teacher who she never gave a second thought, he had protected her. She felt the warmth that was inside her began bursting uncontrollably. She could barely think because she wanted him so badly, inside of her. She felt strangely happy and even stranger feelings of lust. Mr. Fredrick walked over to them with some paper.

"Here's a pencil, don't drop it." Samantha smiled, enjoying the power over him.

The Jock just sneered as he violently snatched the pencil from her. She laughed as Mr. Fredrick handed her a paper. His hand brushed against hers, she blushed and his touch sent currents of lust to her wet pussy. He suddenly grabbed her arm; a crazy look overcame his face. He pulled her from her desk and threw onto the ground. The Jock just stared at the pair, his jaw about to hit the floor.

Samantha screamed as she hit the ground "Mr. Fredrick what are you doing?"

"Take off your fucking clothes!" He shouted violently.

She whimpered with fear and confusion. He was being so nice to her a moment ago. He ripped open his button shirt and threw it the ground. He threw his pants off, tripping a bit as he walked briskly to Samantha. She tried crawling away as he suddenly grabbed her. His big dick pressed against her ass. She fell to the ground, and fell flat on her face. He pulled off her shorts and panties, throwing them across the room.

"Yeah! You go Mr. Fredrick, teach her a lesson she won't ever forget!" The Jock cheered as his boner pressed against his pants.

Samantha was thrown onto her back. He pulled her black tank top over her head violently. Her big double D tits bounced, still encased by her black satin bra. He grabbed her bra between her breasts and tugged with all his might. The bra snapped at the back. Her large tits fell free, her nipples hard and ready. His tongue ran up her body, until it reached one of her nipples. He made circles and sucked deeply. Samantha desperately to push him away, but she wasn't strong enough. She was beginning to lose her senses; his big dick was pressed against her soaking wet opening, daring and teasing to enter her.

He suddenly thrust into her all the way, her virginity torn from her. Samantha passed out momentarily as the blinding pain passed through her body. He thrust into her hard filling and stretching her to the brink. Her pussy became wetter and wetter. The electric vibrations of her building orgasm overcame her. She began moaning uncontrollably. Her body opened up wide allowing him free range over her body. Her arms and legs extended as far as they would go, making an x. His hands explored her body as he continued to thrust into her.

She didn't even care that the one person she hated most was watching her being fucked hard on the classroom floor. He began panting as he was reaching his limit. He pulled out, grabbed her head and rammed his dick down her throat. He slid his dick in and out as he sighed deeply. Suddenly she felt another body at her entrance. It was the Jock.

"Noooo! Not You!" She screamed, muffled by the dick in her mouth.

The Jock thrust into her. She couldn't help but sigh as her nerves were tickled some more. Mr. Fredrick speed up and began moaning loudly. He shot his load deep inside her throat. She gagged and tried to swallow everything last drop. She suddenly felt the dick in her tense up. She felt the jocks hot jizz deep inside her. Her teacher pulled his dick out of her and collapsed. The jock collapsed too. They just both fell asleep suddenly. She laid there, breathing heavily as she processed what had just happened. The Jocks dick was still inside of her. She never even got the satisfaction of an orgasm.

She got up, pushing the Jock off of her, his dick slid out of her and he fell to floor. She wiped her vagina clean to the best of her ability before she could before putting on her clothes again. She left the room and the two men who had just raped her, were lying unconscious. She couldn't understand what had come over Mr. Fredrick all of a sudden. All she could think of was that she had to keep it a secret. It was only 3:45, so she had time to take a shower before Courtney came back from basketball practice.

She walked into the large, chilly changing room. She started to remove her clothing and left them on a bench by the lockers as she head to the showers. She walked into the large shower area and turned on the water; it was cold and made her yelp for a second until it quickly heated up. She stood there in the moment of peace. She cleaned her pussy carefully, trying to remove all of the cum she could. She also washed her mouth to remove her teacher's musty scent.

"Samantha? What are you doing here?" asked the naked Courtney.

Samantha screamed as she saw her best friend walk in, naked. Courtney had perky little B-cup tits and a light patch of hair covering her pussy. Courtney had a muscular body, yet it wasn't too muscular, she had abs but it made her strangely attractive to Samantha.

"I'm just taking a shower." Samantha answered, while blushing. "What are you doing here?"

"Coach had an emergency and let us leave early."

Samantha had the same heat from before, building deep inside her. She never got an orgasm.

"Hey could you wash my back?" Samantha asked casually as she extended a bar of soap to her friend.


Courtney took the bar of soap and started lathering up Samantha's back. Her eyes were drawn to Samantha's perfectly round ass. She placed her hand on Samantha's back and sighed softly as she felt her soft skin. Suddenly Courtney grabbed Samantha and pulled her to the ground. She threw the bar of soap against the wall.

Courtney's strong hands that were slickened by the soap, slid up and down Samantha's perfect and delicate body. Samantha moaned and gyrated wildly as her tits were squeezed firmly. Her deep black hair spread across the cold tile floor. Courtney brought her hand to Samantha's firm butt, and gently slid her finger inside the tight hole. Samantha gasped as she felt her ass being penetrated.

Courtney pulled her finger out and turned her around before bringing two fingers to her asshole and forced them in. She suddenly lunged at Samantha, her tongue going deep into her silky and soaking opening. Samantha grunted crudely as the pain and pleasure circulated through her body. Samantha suddenly felt the fire inside her ignite, her back contorted, sending the fingers in her ass deeper. Courtney pulled away her head away, Samantha screamed as she squirted all over Courtney's face. Courtney swallowed mouthfuls of Samantha's sweet juices.

Courtney pulled her fingers free from Samantha's soft ass. She got up and brought her dripping pussy over to Samantha's opened mouth. Samantha extended her tongue and Courtney's wetness ran into her mouth. Samantha's lips gently tugged on Courtney's tender clit. Courtney moaned loudly as her orgasm built. She suddenly pulled away; Courtney picked up Samantha and began carrying her out of the showers.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Samantha cried, as she was carried out the change room doors.

They went right around the corner and started heading for the boys change room.

"Noooo!" Samantha screamed.

Samantha's pussy rubbed gently against Courtney's body and her tits bounced as she was carried. Pussy juices trickled down Courtney's abs; they suddenly burst through the doors. There were six jocks still changing and drying off from the showers. They just stared at the two naked women in front of them. One by one their boners sprang up; hungry eyes pierced through Samantha.

"Nooooo!" Samantha screamed as she tried to push away.

The six boys circled around them as Courtney laid Samantha down onto the bench. They six boys cautiously extended their hands to touch the beautiful and delicate girl before them. This was their one chance to get with Samantha who was normally off limits to them. Samantha had lived her whole high school life being ignored by the boys, who were under the control of the rich girls and cheerleader's pussy's.

As soon as their hands met her soft skin, they changed, their curious expressions became wild. Their hands grabbed and rubbed Samantha's skin, hard. She needed to come again, she needed relief. The fire was burning within her again. The six boys brought their rock hard dicks to her, penises and hands covered her body. She fell into a sexual daze. Courtney was suddenly standing over her head; she lowered herself down onto her Samantha again. Samantha wildly ran her tongue up and down, savouring the taste that filled her mouth.

One of the Jocks sat down on the bench by her soaking wet pussy. He brought his hard five inch shaft up to her ass hole and inserted it deep. Suddenly she felt another set of thighs touch hers. Another jock had sat down on his friend; he brought his six and a ½ inch dick up to her pussy and shoved it in. She cried out as all three of her holes were occupied. The other four jocks masturbated ferociously as they watched. The two jocks continued to nail her in unison, sitting on top of each other. Samantha's moans were drowned out by the seven voices around her. Suddenly she felt the two dicks inside her tense up. Courtney's back arched too and the rest of the naked boys around her were silent, Courtney suddenly screamed and began she began shaking violently from her intense and sudden orgasm. The six boys gasped loudly as they began to shoot their loads. Samantha's pussy and asshole was filled as their dicks shrank and pulled out. Cum shot all over Courtney and Samantha. Suddenly they all fainted and fell asleep. Courtney collapsed next to her on the ground and fell asleep. What the Fuck, Samantha asked herself.

Samantha's back suddenly arched as she hit her orgasm, she squirted all over two of the boys sleeping in front of her. Samantha began to feel the weight of her two intense orgasms, fade away.


A few hours later Courtney awoke, her face covered in sweat, cum and the look of dread. What did I do? She asked herself as she remembered raping her best friend. She stood up and stared at Samantha as she slept peacefully. Courtney carried her friend to the showers in the girl’s change room and cleaned the cum off of her. Courtney got dressed and left, she didn't understand what she had done, or why, but she wouldn't be able to face Samantha again. She left that night and knew that she could never return.

To Be Continued.

A Special Thank You to Echo Phoenix from fictionpress for editing my story.

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conh246 ( 688 days ago )
conh246 avatar I love all your stories! Please keep writing!
[#2216] Rother ( 688 days ago )
Rother avatar I really enjoy your stories, but there shouldn't be so many grammatical errors if you have someone editing for you. Just about every issue in the story could be fixed in minutes.
[#46] JeffreyFreemont ( 688 days ago )
JeffreyFreemont avatar Honestly, she is at a similar writing level to me in both grammar and story structure, but she get's my style and that is something I think is more important. I am glad that people can see past the grammar mistakes and see the story and the sex scenes for what they are, crazy, sorta original, fun lustful fantasies.
[#2216] quincy275 ( 688 days ago )
quincy275 avatar i love this story it is just as good as all the others. cant wait to read next one.
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