My Pussy Controls you – Part 2

"So Samantha, why don't you tell me what happened after you woke up in the showers?"

"I don't know, I feel a bit uncomfortable." Samantha started to fidget in her seat as if to prove her point.

"Samantha its ok to feel uncomfortable, but you can trust me, everything we talk about here is strictly confidential."

Samantha felt as though she could trust him. "Ok, I woke up and…"

One Month ago:

Samantha slept peacefully and naked on the cold tile floor of the girl's showers. Suddenly she opened her eyes. She remembered what had happened to her, what her teacher had done, what her best friend had done and what six jocks with very average sized penis's had done. Why did they do that, what is happening to me? Courtney! I have to find Courtney, she thought.

Samantha got up and ran to her locker where she had stored her clothes. She pulled her white cotton panties and blue shorts up. She looked around her locker for her bra but couldn't find it. Then she remembered when Mr. Fredrick, her teacher had torn it off her body. She sighed as she put on her black tank top, covering her bare breasts. She pulled her black ankle boots back on and headed for the door.

She slowly crept out of the changing room, not aware of the time. She looked around, no one was there. School must not have started yet; she walked quickly out of the building. When she got outside, she started walking. She didn't know where she was going, but at this point she didn't care. She wouldn't be able to face going back there, not after she had been raped several times by several different people.

Her own best friend, who she didn't even know was a lesbian, had raped her right after just touching her back. Wait! That's it, Samantha thought to herself… That's how it works; every time someone touched me they instantly lost control of themselves. But how is this happening to me? No, why is this happening to me?

Samantha kept walking down the side walk. Cars whizzed by, and honked. The busy city of Toronto was waking up and she was at the heart of it. She felt her stomach growl, so she searched her pockets for some money and pulled out a $20 bill before walking into a convenience store. The door dinged as she walked in. It was empty except for the store clerk. She knew she had to be extra careful touching people now. She wouldn't want to be raped in public like this.

Samantha walked to the back of the store to get a drink; she picked up an orange juice. She headed to the counter, the door beeped again. An old woman and what looked like a twelve year old little boy walked in. Samantha got to the counter and put her drink down. The store clerk was a scrawny looking twenty year old man. His hands went for the bottle and she quickly pulled her hands away, just in time to avoid his touch. The old lady and the kid moved to the back of the store to get their groceries.

"$3.50 please" the store clerk spoke with a raspy voice.

"Ok, here you go." She placed the $20 bill on the counter and moved her hand away before her fingers could touch his.

The store clerk took the slightly crumpled $20’s and opened the register. He pulled out three $5 bills and two quarters. He extended his fist full of money to Samantha; she carefully held out her open hand below his. He dropped the money into her hand but a quarter bounced away. He quickly picked it up and put it in her hand. His fingertips brushed against her palm. His weasel-like expression suddenly changed into that of a ferocious beast. He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up on top of the counter. Not again! She screamed in her mind.

Samantha let her body go limp as her clothing was stripped from her and thrown all over the store. His hands moved all over her body, the next thing she knew the clerk was on top of her. He shoved his diminutive yet very hard penis into her wet slit. She moaned with every thrust into her, his dick may have been small but the speed he was ramming into her with was making up for it.

The old lady screamed as she saw the perverted act taking place in front of her very eyes. The twelve year old boy had a wide smile across his face. The store clerk speed up as Samantha spread her legs wider. They were lying on top of a counter in a public store, fucking each other while witnesses watched them intently.

Suddenly the door to the store dinged again and a police officer walked in. He was young and extremely buff looking because of his protruding muscles. He immediately ran over to the 'helpless' girl. He pulled the man out of her just as she squirted all over the counter. The cop stared at her as he snapped handcuffs around the naked man's wrists.

Samantha stumbled off of the counter and pulled her clothing back on. The cop walked back in and started asking Samantha and the old lady about what had just happened.

"Well I just saw that strange young man, raping this poor girl!" The old lady exclaimed.

Samantha and the cop gave each other a look. "He just suddenly grabbed me and pulled me up on the counter, and then he started…" Samantha blushed.

"Its ok mam, I'd like you to come down to the station with me and we'll call your parents to come get ya, ok?" He tried to assure her.

Samantha dreaded the thought of her horrid step parents coming to get her. "No. I'm ok now, thank you. I just want to go home." She spoke using her Disney princess charm.

"Well mam, seeing that you're a minor and all, you are going to have to give a statement down at the station."

With that, Samantha was lead to a second police car and as she reached for the door; she felt his hand on hers. Oh No! She cried out in her head,

Then she thought, oh well, I might as well get used to this. The policeman picked her up by the hips and slammed her on the hood of the car with a loud thud! The other police car had driven away. Her shorts and underwear were once again stripped from her body and thrown to the ground. Her wetness ran down her legs. The young police officer of twenty-three years had boyish features and strong arms. His tongue darted up and down her slit; he sucked deeply on her clit, and then began inserting his tongue in and out of her, savouring her bittersweet taste.

Samantha pushed his head away with all her force and screamed out of ecstasy, "I need your fucking dick inside me!"

The police officer complied instantly. He threw down his pants and pulled her hips to his. His six inch dick slid into her soaking wet pussy. In and out, their thighs slapped together audibly. The car began shaking from their intense thrusting. Samantha began moaning loudly. She looked around and noticed a large crowd that was beginning to form. The old woman and the boy were there too. The boy had his little dick out and was stroking it. Samantha felt freedom wash over her as the cold air blew. The crowd was cheering as they watched the young and beautiful sixteen year old girl being pounded by the police officer.

"Uh! Uh! Harder!" She screamed

The cop slammed into her, in and out, going as fast as he could. Suddenly she tensed up; her back arched and she began squirting uncontrollably all over the police officer, her cum burst out after every thrust. She was screaming in pure bliss. The cop continued to pound into her squirting pussy, Samantha's body became lifeless as she tried to recover. The cop just kept nailing her, her juices ran down the hood of the car and made a puddle at the officer's shoes. Her body suddenly came alive again.

She pushed him off and shouted, "Fuck me in the ass God dammit!"

The police officer quickly turned her around violently. She got down on all fours as the officer carefully brought his rock hard dick up to her asshole. He slowly plunged it in, the pair's juices being used as lubrication. He sighed as he expanded her tight asshole. The crowd continued to cheer, the old lady started to smile as well (Even though she looked like she might have a heart attack at any second).

Samantha began rubbing her dripping pussy as the police officer rammed her ass. The cop abruptly speed up and started sighing deeply. Their cheers got louder as Samantha started moaning again.

"Uhhhhh!" He sighed as he shot his load out, filling her ass.

He pulled out his now limp dick and fainted. Samantha laid there for a few moments before pulling her blue shorts and white panties back on. The crowd slowly dispersed after thanking her for the show. The elderly woman quickly walked away with the twelve year old boy. Samantha couldn't stop smiling, she felt empowered by what she had just done. She just fucked a police officer in front of countless witnesses; her parents would so murder her if they found out.

Samantha headed back into the store and grabbed another orange juice and a bag of pork rinds. She thought about what happened as she started walking again, munching on her pork rinds. When people touch me they are instantly compelled to fuck me senseless, but when I asked the cop to do something specific, he complied instantly. I think I should test this out, she thought.


"Officer Johnson? Where did that rape victim from earlier go?"

"Oh! Uh… Samantha Logan. Uh… She said she was going home, so we don't have to question her." The young officer said, flustered, trying to forget what he had done to poor Samantha, in front of nearly 30 witnesses.

"What are you talking about? Her parents need to be informed! She needs to be looked at by a doctor! She needs to speak to someone about what happened in the store! Th...This is common protocol in a rape case! What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Um… I’ll put out an APB on her right away sir."

"Good! Find her by morning."


Samantha felt her sexual fire ignite again and she needed somebody to quench her lust. She would test out her theory about people listening to her while they fucked her. Samantha walked into a small diner and took a seat in one of the booths near the back. The place was mainly empty except for a couple of people drinking coffee at the bar which was near the front door of the diner.

The waitress walked up to her. "What can I get for ya?"

The waitress was a brunette and had her hair in a tight ponytail. She was wearing a red plaid uniform with a skirt; she had long legs and big tits. She spoke with a soft and easy accent.

"Just a chocolate milkshake please." Samantha answered as she looked the waitress up and down.

"Coming right up."


The waitress turned back to face Samantha. Samantha's hand reached out and touched the waitress's bare leg causing her body tense up, her face became wild and she looked like she was about to pounce on Samantha, like a beast after their pray.

"Don't move!" Samantha ordered.

The waitress froze and Samantha was relieved to see that her plan was working, but she needed some sexual relief too.

"Lift up your skirt slowly." She spoke nearly as softly as the wind.

The waitress slowly lifted her skirt revealing her hot pink thong; she bit her lip as she tried desperately to contain her intense longing. The revealing thong was almost too much for Samantha to bear. She needed to fuck that waitress ASAP. Samantha reached out and rubbed her clit through the thong. A wet spot began to appear which indicated how aroused the waitress was getting, and she started to sigh. Samantha looked around and was glad to see that no one was watching.

"Take off your sexy ass underwear, but don't let anyone see you." Samantha instructed.

The waitress complied quickly and pulled her underwear down. She kicked them off her feet and under the table. The waitress stood quietly waiting for further instructions, her pussy burned with desire.

"Now come closer." Samantha held out her right index finger and motioned for the brunette to step forward.

She complied and stood right at the edge of the bench. Samantha slowly raised the waitress's skirt and dipped her head forward. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the soaking pussy lips. The waitress shuddered and sighed deeply. Sweet juices ran into Samantha's mouth and she pulled away and looked around again.

"Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes."

Samantha got up and walked swiftly to the bathroom. When she got inside she started to remove all of her clothing except her ankle boots. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. The waitress opened the door and walked inside.

"Close the door, lock it and then… Eat me!"

The waitress threw the door shut, locked it, ran forward and threw her head into Samantha's wet mound. She slurped and sucked on Samantha's tender clit. Samantha started moaning as shivers ran through her body; she weaved her fingers through the waitress's hair to indicate that she didn't want her to stop.

"Now finger me too!" Samantha pleaded.

The waitresses inserted her index finger in and out as she continued to suck on the soaking cunt. Samantha couldn't help but cry out.

"Oh yes!" She screamed.

There was a knock on the door. "Hello? Is anyone in there? Are you alright? I heard yelling."

"Stop!" Samantha whispered as she pushed the waitress away. "Who is that?"

"That's my manager." She said calmly like in a daze, still wild eyed and holding back her sexual urges.

Samantha smiled as she thought of another idea. "Unlock the door and then come over here." She motioned to her pussy.

The waitress walked over to the door and then bolted back to Samantha's burning heat. The manager knocked and cautiously opened the door, Samantha pulled the waitress's head into her pussy and sighed as she let out a whizz of hot piss. The waitress choked as she greedily drank mouthfuls. Samantha finished pissing and was surprised about how willing the brunette was to obey her every command.

"Now suck me clean!" Samantha shouted.

The waitress dove in and sucked deeply on Samantha's clit.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" The manager shouted. His dick popped up in his brown dress pants. He had a shallow beard, a beer belly and he was wearing a plain yellow button up shirt and a brown tie.

"Come over here and I'll show you." Samantha remarked seductively.

The manager walked forward, closing the door behind him.

"Kiss my hand." She stuck out her hand and he kissed it gently. His greedy and lustful face instantly changed into that of a hungry beast. "Stop!" She shouted, right before he pounced at her.

"Lift up this poor waitress's skirt and fuck her hard, while she eats me out."

The fat manager threw down his pants and underwear. He had a large eight inch penis. He lifted up the poor girls skirt and inserted himself into her soaking wet vagina. He rocked her hips back and forth onto him. He let out a deep sigh with every thrust.

Samantha needed more. "Stick your finger up my ass!" She moaned longingly as shivers ran down her spine.

The waitress trembled as she inserted her fingers up Samantha's ass. Samantha suddenly started shaking wildly as she squirted all over the poor girl, her hair soaking wet with sweat. The fat manager thrust one final time and came hard, filling the poor girl up with his cum. He suddenly collapsed with his big placid dick, the waitress still needed more and Samantha was going to give it to her.

"Lay down over there!" She shouted pointing to the wall opposite her.

The girl walked over to the wall and laid down, her body sitting opposite by the toilet that Samantha was currently sitting on. Samantha got up, walked over to the girls opening and slowly inserted two of her fingers into the loose vagina.

She then added two more. She inserted her four fingers in again and enjoyed seeing how many of her fingers she could stuff in the girl's vagina. She began finger fucking the poor waitress slowly. The waitress's orgasm built quickly, electricity coursed throughout her body. She began shaking violently as Samantha increased her rhythm. The girl's pussy became insanely wet and suddenly her back arched and she came hard. Her body erupted into an intense seizure and she fainted.

"I collected my clothing and just left."

"And then what happened next?"

"Well, the police finally caught up to me, my parents were called, and this is where I am now, mandatory therapy."

"You sound disappointed, did you want to continue your sexual adventure."

"Well, yes, I'd fuck almost anyone now. I still love food, music, and I won't take shit from anyone, but I want some dick and pussy to light my fire."

"Do you want me to light your fire?"

"Oh, baby won't you light my fire…" She said before sighing sarcastically.

Samantha expected him to have a tiny excuse for a dick, just like all the other men she'd fucked. The therapist stood up and dropped his pants. A massive cock just hung there. Samantha was speechless. She stared at it dumbfounded as her pussy started to get wet.

To Be Continued.

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