Ok this is my first story, mine are real 100% no matter what you think to be honest If I wasn't there I wouldnt believe it either all I can say is I'm the luckiest man in the world. Here goes my first encounter it might start out slow but keep reading it gets better

I will describe my wife first, she is 5'4'' 127 pound 20 years old auburn red hair and emerald green eyes 38 c tits and an ass to kill for. Her best friend Heather is 5'7'' 141 pounds 22 years old with brown hair and blue eyes and 44dd tits GOD YOU COULD DROWN IN THEM WONDERFUL MELONS. I'm 6'2'' 245 pounds 20 years old

We had been married for about a year and her friend was always coming over or calling and I was always flirting with her my wife didnt mind as I did this with all her friends playfully of course it's just how I am except Heather, my wife knew i wanted to fuck the shit out of her and would do anything to get to fuck her. For several months now i would always ask Heather when we were gonna fuck and we would both exchange cheap feels here and there. Then one night my wife was on the phone with Heather and I picked up the other phone and said "So you ready to fuck yet?" my wife said "you know he isn't gonna stop till you do it right?" So Heather says "well hell sure I'll be there in an hour." I took it as a joke and I hung up the phone ready for my wife to start screaming and yelling because i wouldnt stop bugging her friend but she came in the room with a smile on her face and said "well you asked for it" I said "she's really coming up here and let me fuck her" my responded with when she says shes gonna do something she does it
Well about 25 minutes had gone by and the phone rang it was Heather asking for directions to our new house My wife (amanda) gave me the phone and said she needs directions It hit me shit this was gonna happen, I couldn't believe it so I gave her directions and my wife went to take a shower.
10 minutes there was a knock at the door I answered it and there she was her hair down to the middle of her back, tight black dress on and high heels my cock sprang up hard.
She walked in and I said so you really gonna let me fuck you?
"Yes, why did you change your mind?" she said
"No I just cant believe were gonna do it, is Amanda gonna be there too or just us?"
"Only if Amanda is there too the only way i will do it" she said
Now Amanda has never done anything bi or even close to it, she wouldnt even watch lesbo porn if it came on.
"wheres amanda" she asked
"In the shower" i said
She walked down the hallway and went into the bathroom after about 5 minutes i went back there and knocked on the door and went in Amanda was still in the shower and Heather was standing there looking at her makeup in the mirror.
I started idle chit chat nervous you know. Amanda sticks her head out and says well you ready?
Yes I said
I leaned into Heather and kissed her full on the lips and she kissed back "hold on you two im still in here" amanda said "Go in the living room and sit down we will be in in a few minutes" she said
I went in and sat down a few minutes passed and I heard them giggling and they told me to close my eyes music came on (to this day i can hear melissa ethridge with out getting a hard on) Amanda yelled you ready?
They walk in in the same nighties shear lace black things you could see right threw.
"We're gonna put on a show for you" said Amanda and they started dancing around real slow senseual dancing. the first time in knowing my wife she reached her hands out and rubbed Heathers huge tits
They motioned for me to come to them and I did now im in the middle of a gorgeous sandwich I LOVED IT. Amanda was in front of me and Heather behind me mashing her tits into my back while amanda started kissing me. I felt lips on the back of my neck giving me slow passionate kisses.
Amanda takes my shirt off while heather reaches around and undoes my pants and pulls them down she reaches around and starts strokeing my stiffing cock while amanda starts kissing up and down my neck and my lips. I was getting into it hard and heavy and lifted Amanda's nighty off over her head real slow she graved my head and pulled me into her gorgeous tits. I started circleing my tongue around one nipple then the next. She pulls my head up and starts kissing me and looks in my eyes and says "Dont forget our guest" I was still shocked she was ok with it i thought it was another one of her gags she has pulled on me before but she kept pushing me to do it.
I turned around and started kissing Heather she slid her tongue into my mouth an vie versa. I pulled her nighty up and off the whole time amanda is now mashing her glorious breasts into my back and kissing my neck while strokeing my cock. Heather pulled my head down to her tits and i about drown i mean her tits are freaking huge, anyway she pulls my head back up and starts kissing me some more while Amanda is kissing me from behind and strokeing me off they keep spinning me around to face each other while they have fun with me and then it happened "Ok lets see whats on tv" amanda said
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, NO WAY IN HELL" I SAID they started to laugh "only kidding stud" heather said "So what do you want us to do, this has been your dream for a while so lets do what you want" Heather said
I said "ok i want to see you 2 kiss" they peck each other on the cheek "No on the lips" i said so they peck each other on the lips
"NO like this" I said and grabed heather and started kissing her tongue and all then i went to amanda and did the same
"Oh you mean like this" my wife said and ran her fingers up through Heathers hair and pulled her in for a kiss. HOLY SHIT my wife was kissing another girl I loved it. It was slow kisses at first and then heather opened her mouth and slid her tongue in amanda's mouth and vice versa. My wife's hands started moving up to Heathers tits and started squeesing and playing with her nipples and Heather doing the same to my wife. I moved closer and put my hands on either ones ass and started kissing as well.
After about 10 minutes of makeing out kissing, hand everywhere my wife grabed my hand and moved me over to the couch
"Ok now what" amanda said
"You sit down here amanda and Heather and I will sit on either side of you" i said
we got sat down and I slid my hand down to her shaved pussy and started rubbing it in the ways I know she loves moving my fingers in little circles over the top drives her crazy. I slid my mouth down to her tit and started sucking and licking her nipples. I looked up and her and Heather were in a lip lock (you just got to understand how hot this is as she never has done anything like this before) There kissing and Heather has her hands running through amanda's hair while i slide my mouth up to her neck and start kissing my fingers still doing magic on her pussy and amanda has now started moving her hips in unison to my fingers.
Heather slides her tongue down amanda's neck and starts kissing her neck while i take over kissing her sexy lips she lets out a squell of pleasure and i look Heather now has her mouth on my wife's tits. Kissing i was shocked at now shes letting her best friend suck her tits. another ten minutes go by of me and heather switching places with our mouths the whole time my fingers have brought her to 4 orgasms. Amanda says "ok lets swich it up" As she stand up i pull heather into the middle and amanda falls back on the couch. My fingers went straight for her pussy and my mouth on hers. Amanda is looking at us going at it and says "im not sure if i can do anything else, i did the kissing and i let her put her mouth on me but im not sure about putting my mouth on her"
I slid my tongue down to heathers tits and she turns her head and grabs amanda and plants a sexy kiss on her and pulls up and says "you can do it mandy i promise you'll love it" and amanda starts kissing heather back and down her neck. Heather is now pushing amanda's head down to her tits and im watching as my wife sucks in a nipple and starts licking and kissing heathers tits. My wife starts moaning and moveing around and at first i didnt know why i looked down and Heather has her hand between amanda legs and is rubbing her pussy while she sucks on her tits. I bring Heather to another orgasm right as she brings Amanda to another and amanda jerks her head up and plants a kiss on heather (now in my mind im wondering did i just lose my wife to another lady )
"Our turn" said my wife as the both stand up and throw me in the middle the start kissing down my neck and sucking on my nipples while there hands are strokeing my cock and balls and then they slide down and amanda says "watch this heather" as she slides my cock down her throat up and down circleing her tongue around the head on each pass. She pulls me out of her mouth and offers me to heather Heather drops her mouth on my cock and starts sucking like a hoover vacume while amanda slides down and starts sucking and licking my balls. Passing me back and forth like a papertowel but dam i loved it.
20 minute later they pull me to my feet and start kissing me again and shove me down on my back on the couch. Amanda smiles and says "Now im in charge bitch" WHOA where did this come from?
She grabs my cock and slides me into her pussy all 7 1/2 inches while heather is kneeling down watching rubbing her pussy and licking her lips. "Go ahead" amanda said and Heather stood up and stradled my face slowly lowering her pussy to my eager waiting lips. I started kissing slowly and licking slowly she starts rubbing her pussy on me while amanda is rideing my hard cock deep in her pussy. Moaning and groaning its a wonder the neighbors didnt call the cops for the noise. I start hearing muffled moans and i look out from that glorious tasty pussy and see heather and my wife kissing heathers hand rubbing amanda's pussy while i fuck her deep. I slide 3 fingers into heather and start fingering while i watch the show. They start sucking each others tits and kissing and i go back to eating pussy. Heather lets out another load moan "OH GOD IM CUMMING, DONT STOP IM CUMMING. EAT MY PUSSY BABY, OH AMANDA YOU WERE NOT LIEING WHEN YOU SAID HE HAS A MAGICAL TONGUE"Amanda starts screaming from her own orgasms and im loveing it.
They stand up and i think okay now what and i start to get up only to be pushed back down. "Were not done yet baby" amanda said and i look down to see heather getting up on the couch and sliding my cock in her pussy she starts bouncing the second she bottoms out on me she must have still been tingling because she went right into another orgasm. Amanda says "How bout you eat my little pussy like you did hers baby? You ready for mandy's pussy now" Ye..... is all i got out before she shoved that glorious pussy on my mouth. Now i know probably kind of boreing to some but if you were the guy there you would not think so but... they did pretty much the same thing as when they were in the other possition only this time i seen amanda's hand go down between heathers legs as i fucked her. My wife is doing some new shit and i love it i thought
About 20 minutes went by and they got up and pulled me to my feet amanda went and laid down on her back on the floor and pulled me down to her i entered her in the missionary possition while heather leaned down and started kissing her and sucking on her tits again. we did this for a while when amanda wanted to go back to the couch so she gets back up on the couch and i start fucking her again. Heather is now over laying on the floor watching us as she slides her fingers into her pussy licking her lips watching as if she was a tiger starveing and i was the steak.
"I think your ignoreing our guest" amanda said. "Is it ok with you" i said, "what do you think " amanda said.
So i pull out and go over to heather I look down "you want me baby" i asked she moans and grabs up and pulls me down on top of her. I slide in her and start slow and gently she starts bucking back on my cock, i pick up the pace she slides her hands up my back and digs her nails in, i love when a girl does that. I look over to my wife while im fucking her best friend and shes now playing with herself watching.
I look down at heather and smile and nod my head to amanda
"Get over here" heather said to amanda
Amanda gets up and comes over and neals down and she thinks heather wants to make out some more while i fuck her hard."sit on my face mandy" heather said. Amanda just looks down at her in total shock now everything else they had done together was mind blowing but now heather is asking amanda to let her eat her puss. Amanda starts to shake her head no and starts mumbling reasons she cant do that. Heather hits another orgasm with my cock buried deep in her. Heather reaches up and grabs amanda by the hair and pulls her down for another kiss "that wasnt a sugestion baby i said do it now" heather says
Amanda stands up and slowly lowers her body down on heathers face amanda has a look of shock on her face as if she cant believe shes doing this and then it hits her well heathers tongue hits her to be exact and she jerks a little. Im drilling heather while she is now eating my wifes pussy Amanda leans in and starts kissing me while her body starts shakeing uncontrolably with orgasms one right after the other now amanda has never really been outspoken during sex i get the moans and squeels and thos basic things but somethingwoke up in her tonight as she starts screamin
that was all i could take and i knew i was gonna cum. Heather starts screaming into amanda pussy that she was coming and i said oh yeah baby im gonna cum you want me to spray you?
"no cum in me she says"
Amanda looks at me and i look at her and she says "do it cum in my friend while she eats my pussy"
I start cumming and cumming and cumming i didnt think it would ever end i must have cum for 3 minute straight.
Amanda slides off heathers face and i pull out of her i lean down and kiss heather on the lips and amanda leans in as well we all smile and and i say thank you.
Thank you they both said....then heather says "iv never been fucked doggy style" "and iv never eaten pussy" said amanda
We ordered some pizza while we rested for a little bit.
Let me know what you think and i will write the rest not to mention our incestous encounters, mmf encounters and more GOD AM I LUCKY OR WHAT
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[#326] xkilla ( 838 days ago )
xkilla avatar damn am horny as fuck, my fantasy right there, xkilla
[#600] goldy00 ( 1154 days ago )
goldy00 avatar how are all your stories true if this is your first threesome when you supposedly had sex in detention that time
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