It was another day in the summer, but I wasn’t too particularly happy about it. I haven’t had a real summer vacation since the 11th grade. These days its either work or school, and school has been a real pain in the ass for me. My sis doesn’t realize what she’s in for, and she just graduated from high school. And to celebrate before the big grad party, she invited her friends over to swim in our pool, on the ONE day I was supposed to have the pool to myself. I would gladly swim with them, but there is a rule in our house do to our culture. If girls you’re NOT related to are over using the pool, you keep your ass out of site. So I did… never said I wouldn’t look out the window though.

Three of her friends starting coming, one after the other. First to come to the backyard was Amia. Amia was the shortest, about 5 foot 2 inches. She had an oversized shirt on, but when she took it off, I must say, I was quite impressed. Especially with her light blue bikini, I would have pegged her for a one-piece type of girl. She was cute, had brown eyes and her brown wavy hair went down to the middle of her back. She had a very slender, tan body but her ass looked really firm and gave her legs a good shape, and as a guy who has a thing for legs, hers were exquisite. Her breasts were probably a higher A, maybe a low B… maybe a mid B (couldn’t tell since this was from a second story window) but they were perky, and didn’t appear to have tan lines.

While Amia and my sister jumper in the pool, the second arrival came, Cathy. Cathy had dirty blonde shoulder length hair, with hazel eyes. Her skin looked like it used to be olive, but she tanned it over, which was alright. She definitely worked out the most. She had the whole “2 pack abs” thing going. Her boobs were DEFINITELY a high C to maybe almost a D, held up with a black bikini. And her lower body mad a great shape with her ass curving right into reasonably toned thighs… Her ass wasn’t as round Amia’s, but it definitely had a bounce to it, something you want to put a hand on…

Then came the third girl of importance to the story.  Faye. Faye had shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes that were brilliant, and was sporting a red bikini. She wasn’t as thin as the other girls, but she was definitely a bit thicker, more curve than the other two girls. She had a small waist, with a bust of maybe a C cup.. but her ass… her ass was definitely the finest… I’ve spoken to her before, and I could tell her ass was amazing just from her wearing tight jeans, but I think the red bikini bottom accentuated it a bit. Definitely one you’d want to grab on impulse. You know, if given permission of course.

After the rest of her friends came, I started doing homework, but after I finished, I needed to take a nap. I could still hear them splashing about in the pool. I took off my pants to be comfortable, laid back, put on some soft music, closed my eyes, and tried to take a nap. I started to day dream about the girls… I wouldn’t deliberately go and hit on them, but I started thinking about their bodies, and how each one of them would be an amazing fuck. I started to get really hard too…What can I say, I get perverted when I have time to think of other things… what else is there to do?

I think Amia would be pretty light to carry… love to pin her against something….

Cathy… always wanted to be with a blonde… my sister doesn’t like her much anyway, would she care if I fucked her brains out?

Faye looks like she likes it rough… she was always the more outgoing one… maybe a screamer? Hmm…

My best guess on what happened next could be that I was so deep in thought that I forgot the door was open and didn’t hear anyone walking, because I felt a hand messaging my crotch. I jumped, and there was Amia, still wet from the pool, and her towel dropped at my door.

“CHRIST! Amia, what are you doing here??” I snapped.

“I…I was looking for a bathroom…” she said uneasily. Apparantly she didn’t expect to be caught.

“Theres one downstairs! You scared the shit outta me…”

“I know and I’m sorry but I wanted a place to shower and you sis said I can use… hers….”

She was still stairing at my boner, but didn’t want to look like she did… I guess she thought I was sleeping.

“Her room is the one next to mine.”

“Right… I’m sorry…”

She started to awkwardly go to my door…

“Wait!” I said. She slowly turned around, smiling, but still kinda pink in the face. “You wanna explain why you tried to jerk me just now?”

“What? NO! I wasn’t trying to… I mean, yeah I touched you but… you see… its just..” She was getting really flustered. “Its just, well, high school is done with, and I said I would have fun for once this summer… and… well, I saw you, and you were just… stiff…. And you are my friends older brother… and I was only curious…”

“Curious eh?” I inched toward her. She walked back a little, but the wall stopped her. “I understand, you’re practically and adult now.” I was now so close to her, I can feel her breath on my chest. Her back was against the wall. “Well, you could have just asked… Are you still curious?”

She grinned and looked down at my dick, still in my underwear, but clearly pointing right at her. She nodded her head, only so slightly..

“…Go ahead. I wont tell.”

She put her hand on the outside of my boxers, just slightly groping the head of it.

“no no no…” I guieded her hand to the ­inside­ of my boxers. “…here. This is what you were looking for…” and she slowly grasped my shaft. Her hand felt cool at first, then warm.

She started to fondle and stroke… I put my hand to her lower back, and guided her closer… “come here…” She was looking straight into my eyes at this point, still stroking and squeezing my dick.

Then we kissed. Hard. We started to get very familiar with our mouths. She wasted no time exploring. I matched her tongue movements against hers. Her stroking became more aggressive.

I massaged her tits under her bikini top with one hand and untied it with the other. She threw them off, with her mouth still holding on to my lips. I guided my hand down her abdomen, then under her bikini bottom, just to reach her pussy. It was really wet, and I know it wasn’t from the pool. It felt moist, and warm, and gathered all the wetness I can get on my fingers so I could work on the clit.

So there we were. Making out, with her hand on my shaft and my fingers on her pussy. I hear her moan in my mouth as I rub her clit. She stops the kiss---“Oh my god…Oh my god…OH MY GOD--”

She came all over my hand as she shook, her back against the wall to keep standing... I licked the juices from my hand… then she brought my hand to her lips. Apparently she was curious about how she tasted too… as she tasted her cum, I brushed the hair away from her face, looked at he in the eyes…

She still looked disoriented from her orgasm, but she slowly came back to earth, her gaze going back to my cock. She went down to her knees, as if she knew what I wanted next.

“I never given head before… I’ve played with a toy before, so I have no cheryy… and given a hand job, but never this… I’ve seen porno of it..”

“well, maybe its time to learn...”

With one hand behind her head, I whipped out my hard dick and held it to her face. She looked up at me, gave a little smile, and then slowly engulfed the head.

I would have said she lied, because her head started bobbing up and down like a pro. Her warm mouth just kept making more saliva, make it easier for her to take it all. She took her head off it, leaving a strand of spit from her mouth to the tip of my dick. She started to stroke my cock as she played with my balls, with her tongue. It felt amazing… then gave a quick spit and stroked a bit more

“oh fuck… you’re a liar.. you suck dick like a pro…”

She grinned, with spit and precum on her lips. “I told you, ive only seen in porn. And I watch A LOT” Then, she licked me from base to the tip, then deep throated me. Her tongue licked the base of my cock as I felt the back of her throat.

“You devious little…. Oh FUCK”

I knew I was close. I took control. I held her head by the hair and started to skull fuck her. She gagged everytime I thrusted, but she welcomed it. She put both hands on my hips and tried to get deeper and deeper. Amia kept eye contact with me the entire time, smiling at me with those brown eyes of her’s...

“Stop. Get up.” I guided her up, still holding onto her hair. I made her face my bed, and leaned her forward a bit. I pulled down her bikini bottoms and got up against her so my cock was resting between her cheeks. I pulled her face close to mine by the neck, so I could kiss her again, while my other hand played with her pussy again. She moaned in my mouth, filling it with spit…

“Ready or not…” I said…

I positioned myself at her entrance and thrusted. She was soaked. Warm. My body felt hers… her ass was smooth…


I thrusted again. She moaned.

“Hurry and fuck me,” she said. “They expect me back downstairs.” At that, I played with her clit. “Aaahhh…. Ohhhh…”


“Say it again. Beg.”


“Fuck me.”


“Again.” I rub her more.



And so I do. I old her arms together behind her back and I keep fucking her. Her juices made the noise our pelvises made even louder.

I turned her round, and picked her up, still fucking her. My daydreams were right, she was very light. We kissed as I bounced her up and down, with her legs wrapped around me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” she said. Then she sqeezed me with her entire body, pulling me deep, as she orgasmed.. her O face was brilliant… her expression made it look like she felt agony, but her pussy, squeezing my cock like a vice, told a different story. I pinned her against the wall, and kept fucking her. This time she was girating against my body, moving all by herself.

“Oh fuck… im gunna cum… where do you want me to-“

Before I could finish my question, she got down, knelt to the grown, and started sucking me hard, practically milking my cock with everything she had.


“Ohhh fuck… FUCK…”

I pressed her head against the wall as I came in her mouth. I would have gone deeper, but she kept me at a distance so that she can actually feel the cum in her mouth. She didn’t anticipate that it was gunna be a huge load though. She swallowed and swallowed, and kept a bit in her cheeks to know exactly what it tasted like. She kept eye contact the entire time.

“Damn… what kind of porn you watch Amia?”

Then there was a shout coming from downstairs. It was my sister. “AMIA! You find the bathroom ok?? We finally decided what music to play!”

“Be right there!” She yelled back. She put her bikini back on, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and ran off.


I sat at my bed, wrapping my head around what happened. I toweled off, I smiled, laid back, and turned on my iPod. I didn’t even bother to put my underwear back on.


And boy, I’m glad I didn’t, because there was more to come…..


Part 2? 

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[#15] Boner534 ( 622 days ago )
Boner534 avatar Varunpal, I feel your pain. My best friends sister made me drool. Hot blonde, blue ocean eyes, Huge breasts, cute pouty lips, long legs and a ass that would put most pornstars to shame. Hope im not torturing anyone. Wouldn't want anyone to drool like a slobbery dog, Or scream like a monkey.
[#20] varunpal89 ( 623 days ago )
varunpal89 avatar Awesome story! I want a gangbang with all of them and the sister!!! I have many times dreamed of fucking my sister's Girlfriends! They were mouth watering!
[#109] DesertWriter ( 630 days ago )
DesertWriter avatar um... wow... i just posted this and didnt even look back. thanks for the love! and yes, I am working on part 2 as of now :]
[#52] ScorpioStud ( 634 days ago )
ScorpioStud avatar Definitely more. Thank you.
[#2033] dhdarkelf ( 637 days ago )
dhdarkelf avatar very good story

and a yes plz on the part 2 from me
[#138] kingwolf ( 638 days ago )
kingwolf avatar excellent story my friend! part 2 please =D
[#15] Boner534 ( 639 days ago )
Boner534 avatar Really good story! I thought it was hot! Now im not sure if you know or not, but I give away cool swords in the comments. So here is your cool sword!

[#109] DesertWriter ( 630 days ago )
DesertWriter avatar Awesome! thanks! I shall smite many templars with it and fuck many italian women on the way.
[#6] goofy ( 641 days ago )
goofy avatar great story! MOAR!
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