Friday night I caught the bus across town to spend with two of my really good gay friends. We went to school together and all, and its just something we like to do. No sex intended, just hang out to have a good time since they're in school and gone most of the time.

I got to their apartment and they introduced me to their friend Joseph, who I was expecting to meet that night. But to give you an idea, he's about 5'6", skinny, and native american/white looking. Very cute, shy guy, and every one loves him. Thinking about him got me kind of turned on but I ignored it most of the night, even though he was on my mind the whole time. He was my complete type.

All we really had planned was to hang out at home and watch a movie or two. We watched The Hangover with Joseph since he hadn't seen it. He didn't find it as funny as we did the first time, but we were pretty sick of it too. Once the movie was over, we had to figure out the sleeping arrangement. My friends had their own rooms and beds, but there was only the sleeper-sofa and then a sleeping bag and blankets. I usually sleep on the couch, no bed, no big deal.
Tonight was different though because of the extra guest. I insisted that, since I was getting along great with Joseph and itd be rude to not share the bed, I'd share the bed if he was alright with it. And he was.

So we set it all up, got in pajamas and whatnot, and stayed up maybe 45 minutes or more just talking, procrastinating going to bed. But then we finally got around to laying down, him to my right side. Lights off, TV on and we finally fell in to place. I insisted he could decide what to watch, I don't really watch TV so I have no preference. We were laying there, I was half under a blanket and absent-mindedly following something on SyFy, mainly because I was paying attention to him and we had very minor small talk going on. A few minutes in to the silence of a conversation ending, Joseph was dozing off. He wasn't under any cover, it was only to his side, and was in blue mesh shorts and a brown t-shirt. But what kept happening was Joseph kept waking up, and dozing off, and waking up, because he was laying on his back and was sort of propped up to watch TV so I assume he wasn't completely ready for bed. But I'm guessing this gave him the same affect as morning wood, since it happens to me when I wake up after falling asleep. So, I laid next to him, about two feet away, as he was clearly getting hard because of the sleepiness, or he was horny.

At first, I saw the 'bounce' of his limp dick get a bit bigger, as it moved in his shorts. I literally mouthed 'Oh my god..' and was instantly turned on and blushing. It seemed as if it took about 5 minutes for it to become fully hard, and by then my heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and I was having a hard time staying still. I was staring intently at what seemed to be about seven inches of hard cock fully erect in the shorts, completely noticeable. But I began to get uncomfortable, in a good way but awkward. At this point he was resting his head back on the couch and had his left hand on his chest, right arm to his side. So I reached over and nudged him awake and said, "Hey no worries but you're getting a hard on...." He looked down, gave a small laugh (more of a hard exhale with a smile), and reached down his pants with his right hand and held it, but moved it so he was holding it like he was jacking off, but not moving his shorts. I couldn't breathe, he just whipped it out and held it while he laid there, relaxing. I was thinking to myself that I should let him know I'm totally in to what he's doing so in my best calm voice, despite nearly cumming without having to stroke, I said "......that is so hot." He smiled, let go, and put his hand back to his side, leaving his smooth thick cock laying flat up his chest, under the waistband of his shorts. Which was then that I noticed he didn't wear any underwear.

I was throbbing by then, and I said "You'd probably want to put that away..." "Um, I can't." with a smirk. "How come..?" "Because its hard." I was thinking to myself 'Yeah, you're boyfriend material!' I believe I said "Well.. I'm not sure I can stand just seeing it there.. Its so hot" to which he replied "Then help me..."

Very, very, very hesitantly I moved closer to him, which wasnt much distance to begin with. He promptly pulled his shorts down to just below his balls and laid there, exposing one of the hottest perfectly thickest and cut cocks I've seen. And his dark skin didn't help. My mouth was watering. I took it in my left hand and stroked it experimentally. I'm pretty sure it was around seven inches, and about five inches thick. I laid there in the darkness next to him stroking for what I would say seemed like just a minute when I realized the TV was still on and was interruptive, so I just muted it. He goes "Uhm..... You can suck it if you want.... But uhm, I've only done this once and dont be mad if I cum fast.." I didnt say anything. It took me about 20 seconds to muster up the courage to go down on him. When I had about 5 inches of him in my mouth after going down, his body felt like it melted and he completely relaxed and he breathed out very long and satisfied. But I decided I didn't like the position of sucking him from in front, so I let go and pulled his cock out of my mouth. The way his heavy hard cock just fell and hit his stomach would have made me cum if I was jacking off. I got on all fours above him so his cock was below me, and grabbed it, and went back to sucking it. He only lasted about a minute. He whispered "Oh God! Okay.." quietly (since it was all very secretive anyhow) and I continued to stroke while stopping sucking, and keeping his head all in my mouth while I waited for the cum. It came slowly for about a second, and then two thick gushes hit the top of my mouth and then more cum. It was a throbbing mess, and he kept cumming, hard. His cock got harder and throbbed in my hand with every cum shot. I wanted to swallow it all but my mouth was filling up so I had to come off, and watch the last bit come out. I stopped stroking and squeezed so any cum would come out but none did, and swallowed a very big warm mouth full. I went to go back down and suck the rest off, and he jumped from my mouth touching his head after the orgasm. I came back up, said "Sorry" and kept stroking. I couldnt get enough of his penis. After a few seconds of relaxing, I asked "Can you keep it out so I can jack off?" He laid there with his eyes closed and said "Sure."
I laid back down next to him, and came all over my shirt after about a minute of just watching his cock, half hard, resting on the bottom of his stomach. After that, I took off the shirt, put it in my bag, took out another shirt I'd brought, and laid back down and went to sleep.

Hopefully you enjoyed the great detail I went in to. I could have easily described friday night as "I met a very shy guy at a friends sleepover, he got an erection in bed, and I sucked him off." but this great night needed to be told well. If it means any thing at all, I've sucked him off again since and I see it as friendship with some great benefits.
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