I sat there tired from saving the earth. Hell everybody was tired, we had some close calls out there. I watched Diana trying to make sure if Bruce was okay but of course he was to busy doing something on his super computer. As I watched her argue with him, I wondered if Bruce every just tore into her. I know I would if she ever gave me a chance. I stared at her and watched her as she planted her fist on her hips, damn did she have nice curves. I turned my X-ray vision on. Diana had a nice narrow strip of black pubic hair just above her tight pussy, I had always thought she was one of those women that would have a forest of pussy hair but she always kept it nice and trimmed.

As I worked my way up her lustrous body to those perfect tanned Double D tits, people kept walking through. Zatanna floated by but her magic prevented me from seeing through her skimpy outfit. From previous "missions" though where we had to work through the long night together I found out that she had both her big pink nipples pierced and she knew a spell that made her a virgin again and again and again. Don't get me wrong Lois was sexy and she put out enough to keep almost any man satisfied but I was the "Man of Steel", I need a cunt I could really pound.

I was still peeping at Diana's body when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

"You'll go blind cousin if you keep that up", Whispered Kara in my ear.

I was to tired to make up an excuse and she wouldn't believe it anyways.

"What do you need Kara?" I asked

"To talk, can you meet me at the barn?"

Before I could answer she was already speeding away, she knew I wouldn't say no, she was family. I went to take one last look at Diana but she had already moved on and in her place was Barbara. I haven't had redhead in a while even if half the Bat family had her sweet ass already. She had a great pair of breast and she was one of those women that had a full head of hair around her pussy. I got up and speed away into space towards earth away from the Watchtower with dick as hard as steel. I came to a sudden stop in the loft of the barn. The sudden rush of air blew Kara's mini blue skirt up so that I could see her little pink pussy slit.

"I thought I'd save you the trouble of having to look through them", she smiled as she put one of my books on the self.

I breathed in smelling her soiled panties laying on my table. The blue fabric of her thong had a wet spot where her pussy mound would have been. Me and my cousin have been flirting with each other ever since her I accidentally saw her riding Tim Drakes boy wonder dick. I had told her after if she ever wanted a real fucking, then she should keep it in the family. It was cheesy but it got her attention. For weeks we openly checked each others body and making dirty comments. Looks like it was finally paying off.

"When you almost died out there today Clark, I knew that in our line of work its silly to play games. I think we should just go for it, if your willing to do all those dirty things to your little cousin that you've been telling me".

She walked around me feeling my mussels. She didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed her arms and kissed her hard, hard enough to break a humans jaw. After a while we pulled a away to catch our breath.

"Of course I want to fuck my cousin's dirty cunt but Lois can't know about us", I tell her.

"So who's gonna tell her."

She unbuckles her yellow belt and slowly pulls her skirt down over her hips and the lets them fall to the loft floor. Moving a super speed, I'm nude and in front of her. I grab her breast and give them a squeeze, then I rip her suit off her chest, exposing her tanned golden orbs. Her pink nipples were hard an erect. I sucked one of her tits into my mouth, licking her circles around her nipple.

Her hands found my tool and started stocking it up and down.

"Mhmm....mmmmm..... that feels so good!

I take her other breast into my mouth sucking and licking it like a sex starved horny teenager. She pulled away and floated over to couch. She sat down and opened her legs, spreading them wide for me. She used her hand and peeled her otter pussy lips back, inviting me into her soft pink cunt.

"Come and get it big boy".

I walked over to her, rubbing my cock, getting the pre-cum all over. I bent over her and she took my dick again and lined it up to her pussy. I pushed the head in.

"Don't hold back" she whimpered.

Kara was one of the very few women who could take a pussy pounding from me and I wasn't gonna waste time making love, I was fuck her, and hard! I thrust into her with all my strength. I hear my balls smacking her ass as she screams with pleasure and pain. The couch snaps into little pieces, the floor breaks and we slam into the dirt ground. Dirt, splintered pieces of wood and hay covered our bodies. She looked at me with her big blue eyes. As I kept pounding her wet, tight cunt. I pounded her ass into the dirt, pushing her deeper into the earth.

She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. Her moans were driving me crazy, I have never fucked this hard before in my life. Her hips started to rise and meet my thrust. Her pussy contracted and sucked my dick in, she was cumming.

"Yes...Clark...YESSSSS!...Ohhh....oohhh.!" She kept getting more high pitched as she reached climax.

I pounded harder as her legs wrapped around me, It was amazing how strong my cousin was. After was seemed like forever she loosened up and relaxed. She had a silly grin on her face.

"Your turn". She said as she stood up and climbed out of the creator we made.

She pushed me back through the barn wall. I was gonna have a lot of fixing tomorrow. I layed out there out side letting the night air cool my sweaty body. She flew through the wall and mounted me. She lowered her pussy down on my cock and sat all the way down. She bounced on my dick faster and faster till she was just a blond blur. I speed up my eyes and watched her titties bounce. I tried to play with them but she held my hand down.

Her pussy got tight again and she was cumming again. I couldn't take it any more three minutes into her third orgasm, I felt my balls tighten. Her warm juices made our bodies slap together. I exploded into her womb, her eyes popped open and she tried to get off me. I pumped two streams into her before she could pull out. The rest of my alien cum went all over her nude body. After she licked me clean. Then the sun was coming up, we felt energy flowing into are bodies and I was hard again.

"I have a family emergence", I tell Kara.

She smiles at me and bends over, sticking her ass in the air.

-Bat Cave-

"There going at it again"

You could see a satellite picture of Superman and Supergirl going at it doggy style on his Clark's farm. Batman watched from his chair.

"Dmmmh..auh...(mumble)", Came a voice.

"What was that baby?", asked Bruce.

Wonder woman pulled Bruce's dick out of her mouth. She wiped the cum of her lips.

"I said, Do you want to go again. I'll let you fuck me from behind".

Batman stood up.

"Sure baby but we have to keep it down, you wouldn't want to wake the kids."

Robin and Wondergirl layed naked a few feet away wrapped in each others arms ,covered in sweat and cum from there sex adventure with there mentors.

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