Was in the bathroom one leg up on the vanity shaving my pussy, when my husband walk in, he seen me shaving a hundreds of times he was pretty horny as I watch his cock grow in his shorts. I put a little lotion on for sweet smell the way Tom was looking at me I new he was just ready to eat my pussy.I wanted him to suffer just a little longer as I put one finger up in my cunt and move it in and out he had his shorts off and started beating his meat if I didn't stop him he was going to cum and I didn't want that yet. I let my finger out and on to my breast an said you want this ,there was no ask twice with my leg still on the vanity his tongue working on my cl it and forcing his tongue in me I just had an orgasm and was about to have another one, when he put a finger up into my ass, I could of died and went to heaven. Tom knows how to please me with his tongue his face was cover in my cum if he had a long tongue he would be clean his face with it.We went to the bed and I went down on him with just a few stroke up and down his shelf he exploded my mouth,when he gets excited like that it which I can do that to him makes me no I still got it ,But I love to suck cock and eat his cum or any one far as that goes. I felt his cock trying to find the passage way into my waiting pussy for I was well lubricator with my own cum he went in easy and started moving slow.He pick up the pace and I started to moan an telling him to fuck me harder I had his ass cheek in my hand and was spreading his cheek to get a finger in not the whole way just enough to went he was about to cum, I was going to jab it in the rest of the way to send him and me into a great orgasm which I did. I thank him for a great fuck and blow job ,,when he went back down on me an put me into another orgasm, I'm having a orgasm right now oh fuckkk.

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