His next door neighbor lay down on a towel in the back yard as Sanders mowed his lawn. She wore a very small string bikini that showed her beautiful round ass cheeks and barely covered her small lemon sized breasts. The petite girl stood just under 5 feet tall and weighed less than a hundred pounds. Her lithe tight little body with its flat stomach and very nice legs had been tempting him for years. In short, Caroline was an 18 year old tease. He knew that she would be entering college in the fall, and she seemed to do everything she could to drive him mad with her round little butt cheeks and slender body. She smiled at him as she noticed him pushing the lawn mower; not just any ordinary smile, but one daring him to make a move. Her Lolita like face with its slightly turned up nose and beautiful pouty lips had more than charmed him many times. She wore her light brown hair cut short and kept her petite body in shape for high school cheer leading. She was the one that got tossed high in the air and caught by guys. Sanders had noticed that more than one of the guys who were the catchers had allowed his hand to sneak up under her tight panties as he caught her. As he watched her oil her lovely legs and arms with sun tan lotion, he felt his lust growing. His wife was out of town, and the little minx knew it. Both her parents worked, and he knew that. She was clearly wanting to be fucked, and she had tempted him once too often. He shut off the mower and moved to the chain link fence that separated the two yards.

"Hello, Mr. Jenkins. Want to join me? Looks like you're getting some sun too."

Jenkins, clad only in jean shorts and tennis shoes, perspired freely. He realized she had spotted his erection in the shorts. He stared at her as he responded wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand. He was in good shape for a man of 40, and fairly good looking. He had nice facial features and wore a well trimmed mustache. His hair was still fairly copious though it had begun to recede a bit.

"You know, Caroline, you shouldn't come out here in such a skimpy bikini," he said.

"Come on, Mr. Jenkins, I see you staring at me. You know you enjoy seeing me this way," she said in a teasing manner.

"Any man would enjoy that, even a married man."

She gave her elfin smile and undid her bra top and he caught a glimpse of her firm little lemon shaped breasts and their over sized pink nipples before she rolled over on her stomach. She carefully rubbed oil on her round firm butt almost totally bare butt cheeks. And the way she rubbed them with her string bikini deep in the butt crack made his dick almost pop out of his shorts. She was lying there almost totally naked, and he felt she wanted him to take her petite little 18 year old body. He could stand it no more. He walked to the end of the fence and entered the gate in her yard. He knew she heard him approach her although she lay on her stomach with her eyes closed, an innocent little bitch she was not. He believed she had been fucked by more than one guy at her school, and he was going to find out right now.

She was breathing slowly as he knelt and pulled her bikini swim suit off her beautiful ripe ass. He slowly lowered it to half mast around her knees.

"Mr. Jenkins, whatever are you doing?" she teased.

"I am going to fuck your tight little cunt, Caroline. You've been wanting it for a long time, and now I"m going to give it to you," he said gently pulling her thighs apart and spreading her ass cheeks. She had a mostly bare pussy that she kept shaved except for a patch of light brown hair just above her crescent slit. He pushed his middle finger into her cunt noting that it was already moist and ready. He began to work on her pussy by sliding his finger deeper into her slit carefully avoiding direct contact with her erect clitoris. He noticed that her pussy was delightfully tight and still had a fresh pink glow to it. He pushed two fingers into her and she began to move her ass feeling herself probed pleasurably. He knew she had gotten herself aroused by rubbing oil on her little tits. Continuing to finger fuck her young tight cunt he unzipped his pants with his other hand and pulled them down and then pulled his jockey shorts free of his 7" inch hard erection. His cock was fully engorged and he pulled her legs wider apart knowing that she probably had not had a cock of this size in her young tight hole. She reached back and raised up to take his huge erection in her small hand.

"Mr. Jenkins, you are so big. Maybe we'd better not. You'll split me in two with that thing," she said.

Nevertheless, he knew she clearly wanted his large staff pushed into her tight hole.

"Too late, now, Caroline. You should have thought of that before you came out here and egged me on. I'm going to fuck you and it's going to fill your sweet young pussy up."

He pulled her ass up and took her doggy style. He pushed his cock into her tight vagina forcefully, holding her by her hips as he thrust into her. It took some effort to penetrate her tight entrance, but as he suspected she had been fucked before although not with a penis the size of his. Feeling her vagina being stretched, she was filled to the maximum for the first time in her limited experience. She was fully aroused and she thrust her ass back into his deep penetrating thrusts as he took her in a full nelson with arms under her arm pits and hands on the back of her head forcing her beautiful lissome body to thrust her flat belly forward her small breasts up. He was fucking her with hard deep upward thrusts from the back. She opened her mouth and moaned as he impaled her young vagina with deep firm thrusts with his manhood. He had trained himself to go for long periods without climaxing and he fucked her sweet tight young body with a vengeance. He wanted to fuck her so deep that he would go completely through her young belly. He released her from the half nelson and grabbed her small firm tits and pinched her large sized nipples as he continued to ram into her tight young hole. He put his left hand on her belly and could feel his cock driving into her cervix as he fucked her petite little body. He was giving her the hardest and deepest fuck she had ever had and forcing her to a peak. He stopped for a moment and raised her ass higher so that he could change the angle of his deep penetration. He crouched over her with his legs on either side of her upraised ass and pushed his hard rod down into her as she knelt on her hands and knees. He began to fuck her down in this manner as she moaned and purred. He slammed her cunt from different angles and she went wild as he plowed her fertile young body. She had more than one climax before he finally came in her wet cunt with great amounts of white gooey cum. He pulled out and forced her on her back and entered her gaping pussy in the Missionary position with her legs pulled up around her waist so that he could reach the deepest part of her beautiful young wide open vagina. He squeezed her little tits as he plowed her hard driving his cock deep in her and she thought it would go completely through her. He was nailing her to the ground.

"I"m fucking you now like the young slut you are, Caroline. I'm going to nail you like you never have been nailed before," he panted as he impaled her sweet hole to the core. She had two orgasms before he came a second time. He left her body lying fully satisfied, her bikini bottom on one ankle totally naked and stretched out wide and pussy dripping his cum and her juices. She had a beatific smile on her tiny elfin like face. She had never expected a fucking like that.

She and Mr. Jenkins fucked every chance they got after that during that summer. It was a summer that neither of them ever forgot. His wife never learned of his adulterous summer long affair with the girl next door, and when she left for college she remarked to him,

"My isn't there a glow about Caroline? She looks bewitchingly beautiful, doesn't she?"

He smiled and said simply, "She'll do alright in college. She's a bright girl."
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