One night, i went to go bum a smoke from my older sister Ashleigh. She was passed out so i thought i would grab it and skate out with no problem. Except when i crept in her door i noticed her blanket had been tossed of the bed, my sister does NOT sleep without a blanket, but when i went to cover her up i also noticed her short skirt i had seen her wearing a couple hours before was off and her red and black thong was pulled down to her ankles. So here i was in the middle of my 20 year old sisters room, with her 5 ft 3 in body half naked just laying there i immediately could see her nipples were hard from lack of a bra she has a 36 C cup-size and a stunning body to go with it. Her skin is lightly tanned and her ass is nice and round, almost perfect in my opinion. Ive always wanted to fuck my sister and Ive even jacked off to the thought of it once or twice. But my chance was now and i wasn't going to let it go to waste. I started by sitting down next to her on the bed admiring her all around sexiness, when my dick started getting stiff from the thought i knew it was time to strike. I quickly but gently slipped my hand up her tiny shirt and almost like a reflex started groping her. That's when my dick took over, I had all this built up lust that i just exploded, I mounted my older sister and tore off her shirt. She woke up right away but i made sure to force her head to the side so i was out of site. My tongue went straight in her mouth then after a couple of minutes of fiercely tonguing her throat i began to move down i stopped at her wonderful breasts and took care of them just right i started out licking around her nipple getting it nice and hard then i flicked my tongue against it a good 20 times till i heard her start to take deeper breaths and let out sighs of pleasure. {she still doesn't know who this is FYI} I then quickly went down her stomach onto her upper thighs, I ignored my urges and started to tease her, licking and sucking down her thighs, then switching up and breath right over her beautiful clean shaven pussy. Her hips grew minds of there own and started bucking towards me, as i felt her hand grab the back of my head and shove me down there I quickly enjoyed the pleasure of licking and sucking up all her juices, she was extremely wet and i took 2 of my fingers and stuck it in her mouth. when i pulled it out i immediately spread her pussy lips and found her nice tasty swollen clit, I replaced my fingers with my tongue and slowly started rotating my tongue around it. I quickened my pace and before i knew it i was tongue fucking her and she was having a screaming orgasm. Her walls clamped down on me and she seemed like she was going to pass out... After she climaxed i revealed who had just gaven her the most intense orgasm of her life. She looked in complete astonishment, well that's what i got out of it because i didn't give her no time to recover from her orgasm. My cock was throbbing and i wanted to cum in my older sister. I flipped her over on to her belly and raised her ass high in the air. She knew what was coming so she grabbed the nearest pillow and buried her face deep in it. I positioned my fully erect 7 1/2 in cock at the entrance of her pussy. I slowly pushed the whole length of my dick inside her already twitching pussy. She yelped at the initial pain but as i continued pumping she was starting to moan louder then Ive ever heard her moan. It felt so good to finally be in my sister. As i started to quicken my pace she started to meet me with her hips and her ass would jiggle on every impact. It turned me on so much i spanked her a few times. As i started to drill her hard, and i mean hard! She had her 2ND orgasm. I was fucking her full force doggy style when her voice got really high and she started moaning my name "oh Blake fuck me, keep that dick in my fucking pussy! Oh fuck I'm going to cum!" This time her vaginal walls clamped around my dick and i felt lines of cum streaming from her beautiful pussy. it felt SOO fucking good! I started to slowly calm down my strokes as her second orgasm was nearing end. I was really close to busting after that so i picked her exhausted head up and shoved my dick in her mouth. She could barely breath choking and gasping for air but i was to wrapped up in my own pleasure, after all i think she owes me one.. after about 5 minutes i could feel my the cum starting to travel through my shaft. I shoved my dick the deepest i could and unloaded which seemed like a gallon down her throat. She licked my dick clean(washed her mouth out) and we kissed passionately for about ten minutes, "I'm ready for your dick again brother", she whispered in my ear and that's all it took. My dick stood at attention as she stood up grabbed my hand and led me into her closet. She then leaned up against one of her walls and stuck her beautiful ass out as far as she could. I slipped my dick in between her butt cheeks hot dog style as my hands embraced her entire body, exploring every inch of my sisters silky smooth skin, I could of nutted right then but i decided i was going to give her one more orgasm before this night is up. I started nibbling at her neck as my fingers glided there way past her pussy lips to soak up some of her delectable juices to coat her tiny asshole with. When she was lubricated i started to slowly push my way into her tight little asshole. She was in major pain at first but once we got the rhythm down i was nonstop. I quickened my thrusts into her butt and it was PURE pleasure. She was now screaming my name "OH GOD BROTHER YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS! OH FUCK BLAKE FUCK MY ASSHOLE HARDER!" her verbal encouragement was all i needed i spread her butt cheeks wide and fit all my dick into her ass. I started pounding her like that until she reached her 3rd orgasm. (I was for sure the neighbors heard her) I picked up my pumping to maximum capacity until i felt that tingle in my sack. As fast as i could i pulled out and emptied my load all over her face. After that we took a shower and went to bed and never talked about it since then.

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Your story is horrible to read because there are no breaks.
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