by Marq Satyr

Beautiful young Leah Nunn hung suspended from the barn rafters by her 36D tits and her wrists. The rope holding her breasts was tied tightly around them squeezing them together and cutting off circulation. Her long pick nipples each had alligator clamps fastened to one pound weights pulling them painfully downward. A ball gag was in her mouth and a pitchfork had been stuck in a wooden post and shoved into her inverted navel pushing it painfully into her flat young belly. Her legs were pulled wide apart and each tied to wooden posts in the floor of the barn. She knew she was going to be raped and tortured by her captors.

The two cops who had arrested her for possession of marijuana (they had stashed it in her car as a pretext for kidnapping and raping her) had themselves stripped naked and were stroking their hard erect cocks looking their prize over.

"She's just 16, newly licensed. She shouldn't be driving through red lights and she shouldn't be fooling with that pot shit," said the black officer.

" Leah, you young bitch, we are going to fuck you senseless. You've got great jugs and a fine ripe young pussy that you got all nicely shaved for us to fuck. You must wear a bikini on that fine young body of yours, but you look so much finer totally naked," said the white cop.

"Let's whip her nice hard ass cheeks,"said the black cop taking a switch. "I'll lash her with this cane switch and you get her pussy ready to fuck with that little electrical tool of yours that looks like a god dammed tooth brush."

Leah felt the terrible sting of the cane across her bare round ass cheeks and the gentle pressure and hum of the dildo that was inserted into her cunt. She was not a virgin. She had been fucked by three or four guys she dated, but they had not had cocks nearly as big as these two cops. She feared for her life, and she moaned with pain and pleasure as the black cock lashed her ass with the cane switch and the white cop pushed the dildo with its pulsating rod into her cunt. She felt her pussy began to respond to the gentle strokes, moistening.

"She's ready to be fucked," the white cop said removing the pulsating dildo.

The white cop got behind her and pulled on the clamps on her nipples and rammed his hard 8 inch cock up into her moist spread pussy. He went into her hard and began to hump her violently. The pitchfork handle pushed into her belly and knocked her breath out of her as he fucked her with hard deep rapid strokes. He was banging her cervix with each deep hard thrust. She screamed through the ball gag as he fucked her roughly. He pounded at her pussy and she could feel his cock head thumping into her almost enwombing her with each deep thrust. She felt like she was being impaled in her ripe young pussy and that the pitchfork handle would push through her belly button as he reached a climax.

When the black man took the white man's place and shoved his 9 inch bull sized cock into her vagina she felt she would be torn in two by the immense black rod. He fucked her even harder and deeper, pushing his cock up into her cervix to his balls. His ball sack lashed against her sort butt cheeks as he rammed her cunt wildly. She now felt that they would rape and destroy her young body, so intent were they on torturing her. But to her surprise she grew so aroused by the black man's huge cock stretching her insides that she began to respond against her will. She wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked by this man's big black organ. He came deep in her grasping her tortured tits and squeezing them as he came in deep spasms in her cunt.

Not satisfied that they were hurting her enough, the white cop replaced the human cock with his riot club. He pushed the 18 inch club deep in her pussy and fucked her with hard strokes.

"See how deep she can take it in her tight pussy," the black cop suggested.

"It ain't so tight no more since you fucked it with that big dick of yours," the white cop responded.

The cop pushed the shaft of the club a good 10 inches into the struggling young girl who still was aroused and began to thrust back as the club sank deep into her tortured hole.

"12 inches and counting," the white cop said thrusting the weapon deep into her.

She felt the hard shaft of the instrument going past her cervix and into her tube as he impaled her lovely body even deeper in her love pasage. She reached a climax and screamed through the ball gag and the two cops watched as her body convulsed in pleasure. The white cop left the riot club in her dripping pussy and pushed his cock into her tight brown eye.

"I'm going to take her ass hole. It is real tight," he said.

He pushed his cock through her tight sphincter feeling it close around his rock hard shaft. She screamed as he rammed deeper into her anus until he had buried the full 8 inches of his rod in her. Filled with his cock in her ass and the riot club in her cunt the girl went wild with pain and pleasure.

Look at the young minx. She loves being fucked and hurt."

Leah was mad with pleasure and pain. With the white man's cock ramming her up the ass as the black man held the riot club deep in her tortured pussy and the pressure of the wooden pole pushing into her belly she was being taken as she would never be taken again.

When the white cop climaxed in her anus, he pulled out and the black cop took over her rear hole and expanded her anal passage even further. He fucked her so hard that her belly was being pushed against her back bone by the pitchfork handle. She was tortured beyond her wildest dream and being fucked senseless. She climaxed again and again as the black man pounded his hard shaft up her ass as he held the riot club with both hands pushing it deep into her and up her fallopian tubes into her womb. The black cop spewed his cum deep in her bowels and held her with the riot club pushed into her at least 14 inches as he came. He pulled his cock out of her.

They kept the young beauty there for two days, fucking her in both holes and torturing her tits mercilessly. When they released her they warned her to tell no one about her captivity and rape.

"If you tell anyone. We will see that you never see the light of another day, bitch." they warned.

Leah checked herself into a clinic and two weeks later she was released completely healed. The story she told was that she did not have any idea who had raped her. She graduated from high school and went to an eastern college. She became a lesbian after her experience with men.
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