one day while my mom was at work, I was on her computer watching porn movies. Soon I got very horny. I was so wet my pussy juice was dripping through my panties. I ran to myy room and got in my bed. I pulled down my soaking panties off my horny pussy and opened my legs to punish my slut pussy. I shoved my fingers in and thrust them in and out. soon I was moaning with pleasure. By then my hand was covered in pussy juice so I licked my hand and massaged by hard breasts. I became tired but mi body wanted more so I took a five minute break. Before I knew it I was opening my pussy again and I couldn't control myself. I screamed out yelling "fuck fuck fuck shit! oh fuck yes! Fuck that wet pussy!" then I felt my body go numb and my legs
and sheets became very wet. I smiled at the thought
ofpleasuring my pussy. I fingered myself and cummed one more
time. then I closed my legs and turned over to sleep on my cum covered sheets and made my whole bed covered
with pussy juices that night dreaming about pleasuring my
open pussy.

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[#5571] hillbillyredneck88 ( 1413 days ago )
hillbillyredneck88 avatar Mmm good little teaser
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