I walked into my parents beed room one day when I was about 13. My mom was laying on the bed bare ass naked spread wide open. My Dad had taken advantage of the fact that she took strong drugs for migraines that completely knocked her out for hours. He had laid the pipe to her and left her like that when he went to the bar.There she laid all wide open with a big load of his cum puddled in her lips. I went in to the front room and got my friend Bob,We had been playing around with each other for a couple years.  As he walked in to the bedroom I thought he was going to cum in his pants. I asked him if he would like to try her on for size and he said he would if I did.I had never seen a full grown hairy pussy in real life so I got close for a good look.As I did Bob said I should lick it,I said it had my dads cum in there. Bob said so what We had eaten each others cum and he knew that my dad had cum in my mouth a time or to in the past.I started slow and licked from the bottom all the way up to her clit. Soon  I had licked up all I could get to so I got between her legs and pushed my cock in to her as far as it would go. I had never been with a women before and the feeling was  real good. I fucked as hard as I could and built up to a great orgasm,shooting shot after shot deep in my mothers pussy.After I pulled out Bob started to fuck her. His dick is twice the size as mine and my dads so I got to watch her get stretched out big time.While he pumped mom I alternated between fucking his mouth and sucking her big floppy tits. Just as he came in her pussy I shoved my dick in her mouth and left a load there. After words later when he came home my dad asked my if I had seen my mom,I said yes . He said that he thought I needed some pussy so he set it up that way.In the end all it cost me was giving him a blow job from time to time and letting him and a friend of his fuck my ass. He had started fucking me in th mouth and ass when I was 7,But that is a nother story for later.I kept an eye out for mom taking her med's. her pussy was to good not to fuck and share with my friends. 

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[#15] Boner534 ( 410 days ago )
Boner534 avatar I also agree with minion. It's as if your trying to tell a story, and it comes out jambled up.

Few tips for beginning writers:

1) Most of the writer's here are descriptive, and give detailed stories. Try to prolong your story, but don't use words like, um, uh, etc. Makes you actually look like the narrator lost his train of thought :P

2) Most authors here, (or some, not all) either are dyslexic, or lose their place easily while reading. Try not to make it a giant wall o' text. Also, make sure you use spell check, and not all caps your story.

Here is a cool sword for actually trying to make somewhat of an attempt at writing a story.


Your assassin-like friend,

[#27] LuckyCharm ( 411 days ago )
LuckyCharm avatar I agree with Minion, great concept that was just realized too quickly. I would have loved to see more details. Going at mom, going at friend, dad going at boy, boy sharing mom, lotsa of storylines in there. Expand on each one individually and you may have a little series on your hands.
[#436] Minion ( 471 days ago )
Minion avatar This was not a bad concept but it was far too short and too rushed. Take your time and stretch it out a bit, give more details or at least more than one scene.
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