The tall, muscular boy got out of the car and stood in the
light from the open door. The girl leaned heavily against the
opposite door and watched him slowly unzip, ceremoniously take
out his cock, and start to piss. She saw the stream arch into the
darkness and heard it splash in the dirt. She didn't know why but
the sight always excited her.
The boy finished and gave his prick several healthy shakes and
climbed back into the car, leaving the door standing open. He
looked at the girl huddled in the seat and palmed himself. His
prick looked white and delicate against his big hand.
"Tonight, Eva?" he asked, "You said we would do it tonight."
"I said, maybe." Eva answered softly.
"Come on, honey, you promised." He looked at her longingly. "I
have a strange feeling that if we don't do it tonight, we never
Eva felt a pang of fear at his subtle threat. "Play with it a
little and get it hard while I think." she said.
With growing excitement, she watched his cock swell in his
slowly moving hand. Many times before she had watched him
masturbate, but tonight, it somehow seemed different. For many
months she had implied, without actually saying so, that when he
graduated, she would give him a present that he would never
forget. Less than an hour ago, he had become a high school
Eva Goodwin and Ted Baxter had been going steady since she was
a sophomore and Ted a junior. Their love play had progressed from
necking to groping each other through their clothes until one
night Ted got a little tight and showed his prick to her. She was
both shocked and excited. After this, he always exposed himself
to her on their dates, and finally jacked off in front of her.
Her eyes had widened with amazement when the cum had spurted from
the end of his cock. It became ritual for him to stand where she
could watch while he pissed, and then get back in the car and
jerk off.
For a long time Eva wouldn't reciprocate. She let him feel her
up through her clothing, and would lay her hand on his hard-on
when it was inside his pants, but was afraid to go any further.
Then one night when she was particularly passionate, she let him
take her hand and put it around his bare prick. She grew very
excited and was soon moving her hand up and down, continuing
until he poured out over her shaking hand.
Things picked up after that, and on their next date she let
him feel inside her panties. She guided his fingers with her hand
and it felt so much better than when she played with herself that
she let him continue until she climaxed. From then on, she would
remove her panties, and as he moved his hand under her skirt, she
would reach over and grasp his cock. The mutual orgasms were
Still, Eva had refused to let him fuck her, or even to look at
her pussy. She let him open her blouse and remove her bra and
gaze at and even kiss her titties, but below the waist was feel
Eva had intended to let him raise her skirt and remove her
panties himself and gaze to his heart's content at her pussy;
that was the present she had hinted at, but now she was afraid
that it wouldn't stop there. Immediately after graduation they
had driven to their secret hiding place and started drinking
beer. Eva wasn't used to so much beer and she got drunk quickly.
She stared longingly at Ted's prick, now standing tall and
hard in his hand. She felt giddy and lightheaded, her panties
were wet. She knew what she wanted and fought against it.
"Do you want me to hold it?" she said, reaching towards him.
"I want you to kiss it." he said.
"You know I won't do that ... ever. Not even when I'm drunk."
"You're not drunk."
"I am a little, but I won't do that."
Ted went into an immediate sulk, slouching down in the seat,
his hand leaving his cock. "Shit." he said.
Eva felt a panic in her breast. She could see their beautiful
evening going down the drain. "Would you like to take off my
Ted straightened up a little. "You mean me take them off?"
"Yes." she said, "and my skirt, too."
"Boy, would I."
Eva stretched her legs out towards him and let her head fall
back against the seat. "Then do it." she said softly. "Take all
my clothes off if you want."
Ted's fingers trembled as he fumbled at the catch on her
skirt; he was all thumbs, but he got it undone. She raised up and
let him push it over her thighs and down to the floor. Her pussy
bulged under her tiny panties, wisps of brown hair curling out
around the edges.
She opened her legs wide for him.
"Take them off, Ted, and get a good look at my cunt-you've
wanted to for a long time."
She raised up again and let him pull them down her legs. When
they were off, she settled back onto the seat and opened her
thighs. "Do you like me?" she said.
"Oh, God, honey, you're beautiful!" he gasped.
It didn't embarrass her like she thought it would; it thrilled
her. She liked having him look at her, and while he struggled
with the buttons on her blouse, she took his cock in her hand.
When she was completely naked, he started kissing her. First
on the mouth, then her neck and down over her tits. She had large
breasts for a seventeen year old, and the nipples grew hard under
his mouth. When both nipples were standing at rigid attention, he
moved his lips to the undersides of her tits, and after a short
stay, slipped wetly down her belly to her deep navel.
Eva was moaning softly, her desire growing heavy in her belly.
"Oh, Ted, you're making me so hot!" she cried.
He resumed his course downward until he was at the fringe of
her soft pubic curls. She twisted and jerked at the feel of his
warm breath so close to her cunt. He moved into the hair and his
tongue snaked out, probing warily at the puffy beginning of her
cunt lips.
"No, Ted, no ... you mustn't." she moaned. Still, her legs
opened and her hands dropped softly to the back of his neck,
gently urging his face deeper into her crotch. "Stop honey, stop
before it's too late."
It was too late. His mouth was over her cunt and his tongue
dipped into the sweltering hole. She grunted like a bitch in
heat, hunching her crotch roughly against his face. His tongue
found her clit and laved it.
"Lick it, lick it!" she screamed. "It's good, honey, it's so
damn good ... don't stop!" She jerked her head from side to side
and rolled her hips in an effort to increase the stimulation.
"I'm going to come ... darlingggg!"
She fell limp after the orgasm subsided, one hand still
stroking the back of his head. "Oh, honey, I love you for that."
she said. She knew she couldn't refuse him now, and besides, what
she had just had seemed like only a taste of better things to
come, and she wanted more. "Do you have a blanket in the car?"
she asked softly.
"Yes." he said, raising his face from her moist cunt.
"Take your clothes off first, and-and I'll let you fuck me."
She blushed in spite of her lust and opened the door and got out.
It was a warm spring night, brightly moonlit with not a breath
of stirring air. She stood and watched him frantically tearing
off his clothes, and then reach over the seat to retrieve the
blanket in the back. She felt a familiar urge and moved out a few
feet and squatted. When she finished and looked up, Ted had the
blanket spread and was sitting watching her.
"That's a beautiful sight." he said, "sitting there with a
hard-on watching a girl take a piss."
"I'll bet." she retorted, her skin still wanting to
blush."Come over here and lay down. I want you, baby."
"I want you, too." Eva said. She lay down on the blanket on
her back and opened her legs wide. "Do you really want to fuck
me, Ted?"
"Oh, God, do I ever!" he snorted, rolling over on top of her.
She pulled him down onto her, the insides of her thighs
snuggling softly against his hip. "Be gentle, honey. I'm a
Ted jabbed awkwardly at the wet slit between her legs and
cursed softly. "I can't get it in." he said.
"Oh, you boys are so helpless." she sighed, her hand sliding
down between their bodies. She grasped his cock and guided the
throbbing gristle into her cunt. The head went in easily and then
stopped. "Unghhh!" she cried, "easy, honey, easy." The virginal
membrane was a thin one and broke easily. She let out a sharp
little cry of pain and felt him sliding smoothly into her pussy.
It was done; she was no longer a virgin. She was being fucked-
-only seventeen and being fucked.
The discomfort passed quickly and she pulled him closer, his
cock sliding in deeper. It felt better than anything she had
imagined, and she wondered why she had held him off so long. When
he was completely imbedded, she wanted more, but there wasn't
"Fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch!" she cried lustily, "fuck me
He fucked her ruthlessly, knowing he could only last minutes,
anyway. The minutes went all too quickly and he felt himself
emptying gobs of jizz inside her. He had a lot stored up, and he
gave her all of it, milking himself sensuously against the
slick-tight walls of her grasping pussy.
Eva knew that girls weren't supposed to come their first time
out, but she came anyway, grunting and groaning and jerking. She
was glad she wasn't a compulsive masturbator like some of her
girl friends, because it made fucking so much better. She was
glad, too, that she had held him off until tonight, because
everything had its right moment, and this just had to be the
exact right moment for her to lose her cherry. The subsiding
ecstasy in her belly told her that.
Ted finally let his cock fall free and rolled off her onto her
back. "Jesus, that was good." he said.
"Yes, I loved it." Eva said.
"You shouldn't have held out so long, honey. We could have
been fucking all this time."
"I enjoyed it enough tonight to make up for all the times we
didn't." she said. She sat up and drew her knees to her chest,
hugging her legs. "Why don't you get us a cigarette."
Ted grumbled good-naturedly and went to the car. He returned
with two lighted cigarettes. Eva took one and sat puffing
"My folks aren't expecting me home early tonight, do you think
we could do it again?" she said.
"You really liked it, didn't you, baby?"
"Yes, I really liked it." She rolled over against him and took
his cock in her hand. "You're all sticky." she said.
"I'm all sticky from you." Ted grinned.
"And you'll be even stickier before I finish with you,
mister." she said with a giggle, her hand pumping at his flaccid
They drank the rest of the beer and smoked another cigarette
before Ted decided that he could do it again. He stood on the
edge of the blanket and took a much needed piss. Eva came up and
slipped her arms around him and held his cock while his piss
arched out into the darkness. When he finished, she pressed her
pussy against his back and caressed his cock until he was hard.
"I want that hard cock in my cunt." she said.
They fell back onto the blanket and he moved between her open
legs, getting inside her without any help. His hard cock sailed
easily into her depths. She was a little sore at first, but the
deep, gut feeling of a cock in her cunt soon made her forget any
pain. She moaned and undulated with his eager thrusts.
"Take it easy, honey." she said, "make it last the rest of the
night." Her legs went up around his back. "Oooooh, that's good
... don't stop ... do it, do it ... fuck me, baby, fuck me and
make me squeal. I love it, I love it!"
Ted lasted longer this time, and they were both covered with
sweat when he began to come. Eva had already made it and lay
grunting and panting when his jizz started squirting. She came
again when she felt his cum filling her and somehow knew that her
desires would not be easy to fulfill. Her pussy was beginning to
sting, and yet she didn't want him to stop.
"I'm a wanton." she moaned unintelligibly, "and I'll never get
enough. Fuck me, Ted, and never stop!"
But he did stop. He stopped and pulled out. "God, Eva, I'm all
fucked out." he groaned, falling limply onto the blanket beside
Eva lay back and let the tingly feeling seep out through her
pores. She knew her mother would scream and rant and rave if she
ever found out and probably get hysterical, but she had liked it,
more than liked it, and knew that she could no longer control
herself now that she had screwed. They would fuck again, and she
knew it. But so what, she thought, we're in love, we'll be
getting married in a year or so.
But they didn't get married in a year or so. Ted went to
college in the fall and when he returned for Christmas vacation
it was over. Eva didn't know it but Ted did. She had remained
faithful, a high school girl in love with her first boy friend,
while Ted had moved on. He had outgrown her.
Eva was heartbroken. She nursed her heartbreak with a
vengeance, avoiding dates with boys like the plague. Her senior
year in high school was a misery. She didn't date and she didn't
get fucked. She wanted very much to get fucked, but it took a boy
to fuck her, and she hated boys. Ted had taken her cherry and
spent three idyllic months fucking her almost nightly. She wished
now she hadn't taken the pill and had gotten pregnant; he'd have
had to marry her then.
She never admitted that during that wonderful summer she had
looked at other boys and wondered what their cocks looked like
and how they would feel rammed inside her tight, cock-loving
cunt. No, that was a memory erased by the thought of how Ted had
stolen her virginity and then cheated her, dumped her on the ash
heap of love after he had gotten what he wanted. Of course what
he had wanted was also what she had wanted. She dreamed all day
of when it would get dark and she could engulf his cock, suck it
up into her cunt and devour it with greed and lust. Of course,
she conveniently forgot all this when the rotten bastard jilted
Her mother worried but her father was relieved when she
wouldn't go out. He knew what young men were after, and his
daughter was a beautiful, over-developed girl. Even he could see
that, and if she didn't go out with boys, it stood to reason that
they couldn't get in her pants. Her mother was sure she would be
an old maid, a miserable old maid.
And then during the summer vacation after she graduated, while
trying to decide on a college, she met John. He was just right
for her: ten years her senior, a, solid citizen, already
established, and ready to settle down. Her parents were
And when she married, she never admitted she was still on the
rebound. more to come if you like...................
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