The Girl Who Rode A Horse's Cock

Elizabeth Thomas was a beautiful 16- year-old girl. She had dark brown hair with natural dark red highlights. She was athletic and extremely artistic. She loves animals. Including horses.

She always dreamed of owning a horse. She always wanted to live in a beautiful mansion, over-looking a vineyard that her parents would someday own.

That day, unfortunately, probably would never come. Elizabeth loved nature, while her parents loved the city. Elizabeth liked to dress in simple clothes and didn't go much for the girly-type look. Her parents always dressed in fancy suits.

Elizabeth was never close to her family. Her family was rich, and owned a few apartment complexes, but they lived in a mansion in the city, away from any type of nature except for her Aunt April and Uncle John's house.

Even though her parents didn't have the mansion on the vineyard, with the in-ground pool, and the horse stables. But, her Aunt April and Uncle John did. April and John had a 16-year-old son, named Jared. Jared loved and wanted everything Elizabeth did.

Jared and Elizabeth were always very close. there birthdays were only a few months apart, Elizabeth being born in May and Jared being born in January.

Although Elizabeth was never close to her parents, she was very close to April and John. She spent every weekend at their house, and spent the whole summer there, too. They the horses, the in-ground pool, the mansion...everything she dreamed of. She even help John to make the wine, fresh from the grapes in the vineyard.

They lived only a few miles from the city. April was Elizabeth's mother's sister. Sarah, Elizabeth's mother, and April were never very close, either.

One Monday afternoon in the Summer while Jared and Elizabeth were in the pool, Elizabeth and Jared were talking.

"This may sound stupid," said Elizabeth, "but I've never ridden a horse. But, I want to ride one."

Jared's eyes started to shine brightly, the brown in his eyes commenting his light brown hair. Jared didn't understand what Elizabeth was talking about, because he had his own idea of what she was saying. "Oh, really? Well, it's great fun. The bad part is when the start to go crazy."

Elizabeth laughed. "They do not go crazy! Besides, I was being serious. I have never ridden a horse. Mom and Dad told me never to ask you or Uncle John or Aunt April if I could ride of your horses. As you know, they hate nature."

Jared sighed. "It's a shame they've been keeping you away from nature for so long. Is really fun."

Elizabeth sighed and got out of the pool. The sun started to go down. Just then, April called out the open door.

"Dinner's ready!" She said.

"We'll be there in a second, Ma!" Jared called back. He got out of the pool, smiling. He got his towel on and Elizabeth and him walked into the mansion's back door.

That night, Elizabeth had a wonderful dream. She was on a horse, sitting the saddle, the wind flowing through her hair. She was riding on Butterscotch, one of Jared's horses he took care of. Elizabeth smiled as Butterscotch neighed. Another horse came along after them. A black male named Rocket.

Rocket and Butterscotch were mates, and had several young horses together.

Elizabeth pulled on Butter Scotch's reins to stop her. Rocket slowed down and eventually stopped next to Butterscotch and nuzzled her neck. Elizabeth smiled again and got off of Butterscotch's back and walked into the vineyards.

Suddenly, Elizabeth was woken up by a rattling. She found Jared beside her, shaking her. "Get up." He said. "It's early. I'm supposed to be making breakfast, but I'm taking you to ride a horse."

Elizabeth's eyes sparkled as she sprang up out of bed in her old flannel nightgown that almost touched the floor. "R-really?! You mean it?!" She asked excitedly. She was grinning now.

"Yes. i mean it. Get dressed. I'll meet you by the stables. Okay?" Elizabeth nodded in agreement and started closed the guestroom door after Jared walked out. She put on jeans, brown leather cowboy boots, and a red white and blue flannel shirt. Everything, except the boots, was lightweight. Which meant she wouldn't sweat as much. Then she walked out of the guestroom, out the back door, and ran over to the stables to meet Jared. Jared was dressed in basically the same thing, only he was wearing a green and white flannel shirt and black cowboy boots. "Ready to ride a horse?" Jared asked. Elizabeth nodded in excitement and hopped on Butterscotch, just as Jared hopped on Rocket. They rode into the woods that was behind the vineyard where they would pick apples and berries. They went much deeper into the woods than usual and stopped. There were a few tres, and some tree stumps.

"We stopped so soon." Elizabeth said. Jared shook his head. He jumped off of Rocks back, took Rocket's saddle off, and started undressing. "What are you doing?!" She asked. "I'm teaching you how to ride a horse. Elizabeth, who barely knew the basics of sex, wondered what Jared was doing. Jared got under Rocket's belly and started playing with his balls and cock. After a while of playing around, Jared stuck his head by Rocket's cock and started licking and sucking it. Elizabeth felt a strange new sensation in her body. She automatically got dressed and sat on Butterscotch's saddle for a while longer, watching Jared with Rocket. Elizabeth's pussy started feeling hot as she got wet. Elizabeth had never masturbated before,but she started rubbing her clit.

Jared stopped sucking Rocket's cock and looked at Elizabeth, grinning t her. "Quite a pussy ya got there, cuz." Jared got off the ground and walked over to Elizabeth and Butterscotch. He fingered around the opening of Elizabeth's pussy, making her even hotter. "Now you do what I was just doing with Rocket." Elizabeth nodded and stopped playing with her clit. she walked over to Rocket and got under him. She played around with his balls and cock, just like Jared did. Then after a while she took his cock in her mouth. She moaned while sucking Rocket's cock.

"Now," Jared said. "Choose where you want him to fuck you and lay on one of the higher stumps." Elizabeth immediately chose to have Rocket fuck her in the pussy, stood up, and walked over to one of the higher stumps. "Come here, Rocket." Elizabeth called Rocket in a seductive voice. "Come here and fuck me in the pussy." The strange feeling Elizabeth had was building up inside of her as Rocket came closer. As if Rocket understood every word perfectly, he put his cock to the opening of Elizabeth's pussy. Rocket penetrated her, going in and out slowly at first, then building up speed. To Elizabeth's surprise, losing her virginity didn't her. Her hymen broke, but with very little blood. As her hymen broke, she felt a bit of discomfort, but the discomfort went away as Rocket started going faster.

To be continued....

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