Since I had taken my daughter virginity last night I had not seen her. Slowly creeping up stairs I entered her room. She was sitting on her bed holding her knees wearing ripped jean shots and a tight white t-shirt. I sat near her and ran my hand down her back. She looked at me with her huge, beautiful blue eyes.

"Daddy, why did you do that last night?" she demanded to know
"I'm sorry I just couldn't control myself" I replied "But it did feel good didn't it?"
"It hurt, your so big I felt like you were going to rip my insides apart"
"Hahaha" I laughed "That's how ever girl's first time feels like"

I brought her in for a deep kiss, I slide my tongue into her mouth and she readily sucked on it. Cassie was 5' 2" milky white skin, long red hair and ample breasts. I slid my hand down underneath her ripped jean shorts and felt her her wet panties, yanking her shorts off, she smiled.

"Not going to put up a fight this time are you?"
"No Daddy I want it this time" She said nervously

"Eager are we tonight?" She said with a sexy smile. I responded by tearing off her tight white shirt. She wore a black push-up bra that made my dick so hard I thought it would burst through my pants. Slipping it off, I laid her down and kneeled in between her legs slowly placing my tongue onto her nipple I ran it across and hear her give a slight moan of pleasure. I ran my tongue back and forth faster and faster.

Cassie reached up and ran her long finger nails deep into my back, I knew how bad she wanted it now. Sliding both my thumbs underneath her panties I slid them off, and undressed myself, my thick 8 inch cock was pulsing ready to slide deep into her. She licked her lips and spread her legs, slowly nodding her head as if begging for my cock. Kneeling in between I inserted the tip slowly between her legs, she let out a soft moan. I eased the first couple of inches in slowing down as I saw the pain in her eyes, she tied to push me away as if doing so would ease the pain as I kept sliding my dick inside of her. "Don't worry baby I'm almost in" I a gave a quick thrust as I slammed my dick deep inside her. Her eyes opened wide with shocked from the force of entry.

"OMG Daddy, It hurts but It feels so GOOD" She moaned

Cassie screamed with pleasure shutting her eyes as my dick pleasured her. Her pussy was like a tight glove gripping my dick it slide in and out of her pulsing with ecstasy, I moved faster and faster slowing down only to lean down and lick her nipples or give her a deep kiss. As I continued I felt myself reaching my cumming point, slowing down I slide out of her and laid down, dick still hard as a rock. She got up her juices sliding down her leg and mounted me.

She bounced up and down taking more of dick with ever thrust till it was buried deep inside of her. Moving faster and faster, I heard her moans get more extreme and finally she arched back and clenched her hands into fist as she unleashed and incredible orgasm. I felt her juices sliding over my dick lubricating it even more as I kept pounding into her now sensitive pussy as she bite her lip to cry out, from the extreme pleasure.

"Baby you gonna cum soon?" She whispered
"Not yet" I lied, I was going to soon but I didn't want her to dismount me so soon her pussy was the best I felt in a long time since I had married her mother.
"I'll fix that: she said with a smile

She renew her thrusting sliding up and down on my dick faster than before. She had stopped trying to hide her moans and just yelled with pleasure each time she slide up and down my dick. Suddenly as she slide down I felt my dick burst and shoot load after load from my dick I had never cum so much in my life at that moment. My daughter's eyes grew wide as she felt the sensation of my cum shooting deep inside of her and realizing that we were having unprotected sex. Shocked she slide down my dick taking it deep inside of her and stayed still for a moment. I felt her and my cum sliding out of her pussy and down my semi-hard dick.

Silently she dis mounted me and laid down. I turned and saw tears coming out of her eyes.

"Daddy you came inside of me, I-I-I could be pregnant" She stuttered

I looked down and saw that my dick was hard again and I was still horny. Without warning I was between her legs and pushing my dick inside of her. The pleasure was incredible and I it took all my focus to not cum right then. Sliding my hands under her shoulders I yanked her down and shoved my dick deep inside of her. Using our cum as lubrication I fucked her harder than. Cassie shut her eyes and tried act like it was a bad dream, but I knew some part of her was loving having her daddy fuck her. I felt the tip of dick grow hot and before I could think about pulling out I had shot an even bigger load than the first time inside of her.

Pulling my dick out. Cassie curled up, sweaty, covered with cum and crying she closed her eyes and tried to forget what I had done. Laughing I got up and as I started to leave I looked back and seeing her like that I knew I just had to have her again. Getting back on the bed, I pulled her close to me but this time she pushed me away.

"NO Daddy please please please" She begged. But I was deaf to her cries her pussy was just to nice to pass up. As I pushed her legs apart she screamed and forced my hand over her mouth. I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy then slammed it inside of her. She was crying and trying to not moan even though it my dick was pleasuring her in ways she had never felt.

"Stop Daddy this is rape" She pleaded
"You want this I know you do" I replied

She was quiet as I slammed my dick inside of her deeper and deeper. Before I came I deiced to try something new and with one hand I flipped her over so she was on all fours. pushing her head down and her ass up. I slowly found her asshole and started to slide my dick in, it was a fit fit and she screamed as I went, but finally my dick was inside. Pumping her tight little ass hole, I felt it clench around my dick pulling on it harder and harder. I loved the sensation. My hands sweated and gripped her around her stomach pumping her harder. She had given up screaming and was just whimpering as I plowed her ass more. Finally I slide my still hard dick out of her and flipped her over again. Reinserting it inside of her pussy I felt the familiar sensation and trusted several more time before I sent another load deep inside of her womb.

Finally satisfied I pulled out and let my juices flow out of her. She was too shocked by what happened to even move.

"Get up and go clean yourself up" I ordered her

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