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A girl and her tentacle monster 3

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By now, it was about 1 in the afternoon. Daddy wouldn’t be home till after 6, my little sis was going to a friend’s house for studying, and my big sis had cheerleading practice. The thought of my big sis in her tight uniform had me bothered again. Mommy placed me back in my bed, but I knew something was different. She had a slightly glazed look in her eyes, and it made me excited for some reason.

Then, a crazy icky idea hit me. I had no idea where it came from or why, but once it popped in my head, I couldn’t get rid of it. I just HAD to do it. I reached over and pulled Mommy in for what she probably thought was a hug, but I moved a bit and kissed her full on the lips. I felt her tense for a moment, but she didn’t pull back and yell like I was sure she would. When I felt her tongue pushing on my lips, I let it in and stuck my own into her mouth. She was mine now.

Wait…mine? Where did that come from? I didn’t own Mommy.

At least…I thought I didn’t. I absentmindedly began stroking her hair, and I felt her relax. I swore I could feel her mind, telling me I could do what I wanted.

What did I want? I wasn’t even sure anymore. The fire seemed to have stopped being uncomfortable, almost like it was flowing from me into Mommy.

I pulled back for a moment to really look at Mommy. She was panting pretty hard and looking at me as if she was hurt that I stopped. I shared her fire red hair and emerald eyes, and Daddy always told me I might even be her twin when I grew up. I couldn’t really see how, but I just wanted to admire everything that made Mommy so pretty. Her skin was like silk with a tan that just made her glow, her boobies were really big but didn’t sag, her tummy was flat (though I felt the urge to change that), and her whole body was toned from gardening and yoga. Most people would have guessed she was closer to her mid to late twenties rather than thirties.

I noticed she was squirming now, her hands down the band of her skirt and probably playing with her kitty. I felt a rush of anger at this and grabbed her hands, yanking them out to a yelp of protest from her. I couldn’t help but feel I was just watching what happened next rather than made it happen. I heard myself order her to take her clothes off, which she did in short order. I should have been embarrassed to see my Mommy naked like this, but the excitement of it all overloaded that feeling.

I told her to lie down next to me, which she did, and I started suckling and kissing her boobies. She tasted like strawberries. I started hearing myself say things I wasn’t even sure what they meant, but that seemed to get Mommy hot. While I worked on one of her pretty nipples, I pinched the other, making her yelp. I went between both, massaging them over and over again, till I tasted something other than strawberries.

Pulling back, I saw a drop of white coming from the nipple. She was making milk again! I dove for it before I even finished that thought and started sucking hard. Mommy squealed as I fed, her requests getting more and more incoherent. The milk finally quenched my thirst as I spent the next half hour draining her dry. When Mommy tensed up, a sweet scent filled the air that reminded me of when I squirted. She’d squirted too! I heard myself use the word “cum” for it. Is that what that word meant?

As I watched, I pulled Mommy’s hands to my tummy and set them there. She seemed mesmerized as she rubbed it, and it seemed she’d finally noticed. I heard myself tell her all about how it’d happened, how I was now pregnant with hundreds (hundreds!) of mutant spawn, and she soon would be too.

Say what?

My kitty started to feel funny again, but in a very different way as I moved between Mommy’s open legs. I felt something growing from it, rubbing along side the under part of my tummy. When I reached down, I felt something very much like my lover’s penis. It was shocking to say the least! Mommy seemed to cum again when she saw it and heard I was gonna use it on her.

I could see the head of my new penis past my belly, and it was HUGE! Way bigger than Daddy’s, and I’m pretty sure it was bigger than my lover’s. He’d made that one for me, so maybe this one was sized to fit Mommy snugly? I rubbed the top across her kitty, the juice leaking from both making her slippery. Mommy started making mewing noises like a kitten, using words like “fuck” and “pussy” that I’d never heard from her before. The strange feelings from my penis got even more intense when I heard her say that.

The tip of the penis was so big, it wouldn’t fit easily. I felt myself pushing and pushing, Mommy wrapping her legs around me to try and help. I stopped and grabbed her legs, pushing them up till her ankles were next to her ears. I ordered her to hold them there, and she obeyed. With a few more presses, the tip slid in, and I felt myself trying to shove it in as far as I could.

It was ecstasy. Feelings I never knew I could have filled me to the brim. It made me happy to think that this was how my lover felt when he entered me. I seemed to wonder aloud about how tight she was even after three children and nightly sessions with Daddy, and it made her kitty clench on my penis really hard. I’d only gotten about half way in, something like nine inches, when I hit the back of her kitty. Mommy stared at my penis and screamed as she came, knowing she’d be getting all of it whether she wanted to or not.

I started pumping in and out very fast, not sure how I could go at that pace, pounding into the back of Mommy’s kitty with each thrust. She tried to reach down to get me to slow down, but I ordered her to remain where she was. Reluctantly but obediently, she did, her face screwed up in both unbearable pain and incredible pleasure.

Finally it went in. The tip forced its way into her uterus, and I slid in almost to the base with little effort. I felt the back of her womb just as I felt our privates meet, flexing my penis and ordering her to watch as the outline of it could be seen through her skin just past where my belly sat on her. She screamed again, shaking lots harder this time than any of the other ones, and it felt INCREDIBLE when her kitty gripped me.

I watched this whole spectacle from my little perch, not having any control of what I did. I should have been scared, but it felt…right somehow. Even the fact that I was here watching myself have sex with my own mother and enjoying the whole thing didn’t bother me. She was probably twice my size at least, but she was helpless beneath me. The feeling of power made me feel giddy.

What happened next shocked me. I grabbed Mommy’s waist and lifted her up, standing up to the side of the bed while carrying her. I had no idea I was that strong! I lay Mommy’s head and shoulders on the edge of the bed, her ankles over my shoulders as I held tightly to her full hips. She gripped the bed sheets tightly as I hammered into her, making her scream over and over again. My belly jiggled along with Mommy’s boobies with every thrust, and I could swear my penis got even bigger.

I heard myself telling Mommy to beg for my cum. To beg me to “knock her up”. She screamed the words and more, asking me to “impregnate” her. She seemed so happy, saying that we could be pregnant together, just mother and daughter. I laughed and told her she’d have to make room for my sisters. When she screamed me she’d help me get them pregnant too, I felt almost a dam breaking inside me. It was a lot like when I squirted with my kitty, but it was distinctly different with my penis. When I felt something hot and heavy shooting down it, I saw stars.

Once, twice, three times, four times…I lost count of how many times I shot into Mommy. I didn’t care either. It was the most wonderful feeling since my lover had made me pregnant. Through the bliss, I could see Mommy’s tummy start to rise, and I knew the job was done. I scooted her back into the bed, still filling her, and realized I was back in control. I wasn’t just watching as something made me do all those things, I was actually doing them. I could feel stuff shooting out of my penis into Mommy, and I was the one deciding to keep it in there.

Finally I stopped shooting and pulled out. Nothing escaped when I heard the POP of pulling my penis from her womb, or when I pulled out of her kitty with a PLOP. I crawled up onto the bed next to her, rubbing my hand across her swollen tummy as she did the same to me. Much like last night, I saw as my sperm flooded Mommy’s eggs, both of us squirting hard at the image.

Looking at the clock, I saw it was only about 3 PM. With a wicked grin, the other “me” was back and kissing Mommy deeply as I watched.

 We still had lots of alone time left…


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