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A hitchhikers dream

enigma_314 on Taboo Stories

Some people say that life is stranger than fiction, and this, I can honestly say, is true in every aspect. It was a Saturday night and I was on my way home. I had gone down to Danville earlier in the evening to meet a blind date, but that didn't work out very well, the girl that I finally did end up meeting was nothing like the picture she had sent me; so much for online dating.

It was pretty late at night and i was coming down the interstate thinking that the night couldn't get any worse than what it had so far turned out to be; well, as my luck would have it it did. The rain started to fall slowly at first and then it became a torrential downpour, my wiper blades barely able to keep up with the downfall. I was cruising along about 65 miles per hour when I noticed that the car began to handle sort of rough, not thinking about it much I kept on driving. After about 20 minutes or so it started to pull to the right really bad, so I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. Sure enough, when I got out of the car and looked on the passenger side I had a flat tire. I walked to the back of the car and opened the trunk preparing to grab the spare and the other tools needed to change the tire. Well, as my luck would have it my spare was flat. So here I am in the middle of nowhere late at night, standing in the pouring rain with a flat tire, a flat spare and not a cellphone to use. Why me? Closing the trunk I went back and locked my car and started walking hoping that I could find a gas station that had a pay phone that was still in working condition.

After walking for about 30 minutes I saw the headlight of a vehicle approaching from behind me, I hoped that they would stop and give me a lift, but with it raining and quickly approaching midnight, I didn't figure on my luck being that good, but much to my surprise they pulled over about 30 feet in front of me and parked. I ran up to the passenger window of the mini van as the window was rolling down.

"Need a lift?" I heard a womans voice from inside call

"Sure do." I replied, and opened the door to get in. Once inside, the overhead light revealed aa attractive woman of about 34 with long dark hair and brown eyes and thin frame had come to my rescue; she had the typical "soccer mom" look about her, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the face, better to get a ride with a soccer mom than to walk for who knows how long in the rain. I explained to her my situation, that I had had a flat and didn't have a working spare tire and that I needed a phone that I could call a friend of mine and see if he could come and pick me up or bring a tire with him. She apologized that she didn't have a cell phone but that she had one at her house that I could use if that was alright, because the only gas station around here didn't have a pay phone. I told her that that would be nice, and off we headed to her house.

On the ride to her house she had told me that her name was Barbara and that she was just coming back from work at the Waffle House back in Danville. Danville. The mention of that name seems to associate nothing but bad luck. When we got to her house she handed me a cordless phone and then went into the bathroom and got me a towel so that I could dry off. I called Rickys house, but to no avail. I tried Dougs house and finally got an answer, my hope rose to new height. Lady Luck? More like Lady Bad Luck, Doug had mentioned that he had been drinking and was in no way capable of driving to pick me up or anything.

I hung up the phone and my heart sank.

"Any luck?" Barbara asked coming out of the kitchen

"Yeah, all bad", and I explained to her that I was pretty much screwed by not being able to find someone to come and get me

"Well, you're more than welcome to stay the night here, and I could take you to get your tire fixed tomorrow morning"

"I couldn't impose on you Barbara"

"It's no problem," she said, "we have plenty of room." She said the word "we" and immediately I knew that I would have to find someone to come and get me, because I didn't want her husband coming home and finding me laying on the couch

"Oh no, I couldn't. I mean your husband might night not like the idea of finding me here" And then she started laughing.

"Hahahaha. No, I'm not married, it's just me and my daughter Janice that live here." A wave of relief washed over me, after all, there's nothing worse than having another man finding you in his house with his wife.

We went to the kitchen and sit down and she explained how her husband had ran off about five years earlier and that it's just been her and her 10 year old daughter Janice. We talked for about an hour until she said that she was going to start heading to bed and that she would see me tomorrow morning at some time since she didn't have to work. After showing me to the spare bedroom she wished me good night and then went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. She'd given me a pair of shorts and a tshirt that used to belong to her exhusband, and said that i could keep them, so with that I made my way to the bathroom for a desperately needed shower.

The hot water was a much welcome relief as opposed to the cold rain that I had felt earlier out on the road. I wrapped the towel around my shoulders and grabbed the tshirt and shorts and started making my way to the bedroom, naked not worrying about anyone catching me because everyone was already asleep. The bedroom was quaint and bare. There was a twin bed, small dresser with a mirror at the foot of the bed and a small oak chest in the far corner of the room. I pulled back the sheets and laid down and enjoyed the nice cool air from the ceiling fan as it blew down on me, and within minutes I was fast asleep.

I don't know what woke me up first, the coldness or the hand, but when I opened my eyes I could barely make out the shape of someone standing by my bed running their fingertips along the length of my cock. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see that it was a young girl whom I was to assume that it was Barbaras daughter, Janice even though it was really hard to distinguish many facial features. I was at a total loss as to what to do, because if she was asleep I had once been told that it was bad to try to awaken someone while they were sleep walking; but if she was awake, then I must surely be dreaming. I tried to look to see if her eyes were open, and they were......which didn't tell me much of anything because I didn't know if your eyes were supposed to be open or closed when you walked in your sleep, so I left her to do what she wanted.

After a few minutes of her finger stroking my cock, she pulled her long hair over to one side and then lowered her mouth to my raging hard cock. I didn't know whether to be turned on by this or what, but here was a 10 year old girl sucking on my cock in the middle of the night. I decided to play like I was asleep and just lay there, hoping that she was asleep and just leave, but she didn't. I played possum and pretened to be asleep and rolled over onto my side hoping that this would deter her, but it didn't work; she walked around to the bed and knelt beside the bed and began to play with my cock some more, it was pretty obvious that she was not going to give up that easily. So I let her stroke me for a few minutes and then just as suddenly as she had started, she got up and walked out of the room.

"Well," I said, "she must have been asleep." and I rolled over onto my back with a raging hardon and the image of her small childish hands wrapped around my cock.

It wasn't long before I started to doze off again, and I was almost asleep when I heard the sound of a door opening and when I turned my head to look out the bedroom door, I could make out the outline of Barbara headed towards the bathroom. From what I could tell, she was wearing a sheer, knee-length nightgown, her firm breasts outllined against the dim light that shone through. She was only in there for a couple of minutes and when she came out she must have run into her daughter, because I could hear the sound of conversation being made. They talked for several minutes and then the next thing I knew Barbara was headed into my room. I squinted my eyes as best I could without having them closed, so that way it would appear that I was asleep but yet still see what was going on.

She walked to the left side of the bed and started like she was going to pull the blanket over my nudity, but instead, she looked up at the doorway and motioned for Janice to come closer to the bed.

"See," she whispered, "I told you that there was a man in here."

Janice came around to stand beside Barbara. She was wearing a large oversized t-shirt that said 'Property of UK' on the front of it. "Wow mom, his thing is big."

Barbara half snickered and replied "Yes, it sure is. You wanna touch it and see what it feels like?"

"I don't know, what if he wakes up?"

"Well dear, that's why you have to be very careful. See, touch it like this." And then Barbara reached down and ran her index finger along the length of my cock; from head to base. I'm not going to lie, but that felt so good I almost had to catch my breath, but luckily I was able to keep my breathing at a "sleepers pace" to let them continue thinking that I was still asleep. "See, I told you that he wouldn't wake up. Now you try." I could sense that Janice was slowly approaching closer to my body, the anticipation I was experiencing was almost too much to bear. I watched as she reached out with her index finger and slowly laid it near the head. It involuntarily jumped and she let out a slight shriek, and instead of backing off, she tried again. She ran her finger along the side of it and then went over the head and then down the other side. Barbara came over and took my cock in her hand, and lowered her mouth to the head of my cock. Her tongue slowly parted her lips and descended to my cock, gathering the precum that had accumilated. "Here you go honey," she said to Janice who came over and sucked the precum off of her mothers tongue. Barbara reached back and pulled Janices' head towards her and embraced her in a deep kiss.

"There's more where that came from." I said, both of them nearly jumped out of their skin. The both watched me sitting up in bed as if they were looking at a dead person sitting up in the casket.

"Oh, I'm so sorry" Barbara said, trying to hide the embarassment in her voice, but failing to do so. "I-I thought you were asleep"

"Well, I was, but I think I like what I've waken up to. You know, you don't have to stop on my account"

"We shouldn't" she said and looked at my still raging hard cock. A look crossed her face like that of a person who had gone too long without a good solid meal. Before she could say a single word I reached out and grabbed her hand and laid it back on my cock. A deep sigh of relief escaped her mouth, and she started to stroke my cock nice and slowly. Without saying a word, Janice walked to the other side of the bed and reached out and started to rub my nuts, her small hand barely able to hold both at the same time. After a few minutes, Barbara stopped stroking and then started to take her nitie off, Janice continued to rub my nuts and seeing her mothers hand absent, she started to emulate her mothers actions on my cock. By this time Barbara had already taken her nightie off and was climbing on the bed, a look of hungry desperation on her face. Janice saw what her mom was going to do and she stopped stroking and stepped aside. Barbara moved up and grabbed my cock in her hand and pointed it upwards towards her pussy then she lowered herself onto my rigid shaft, sighing as the head of my dick started to part her moistened lips. It must have been a while since she had been with a man because never before had I ever met a woman who was as wet as she was. When my dick was all the way in, she started to up and down, and the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her just seem to get her juices flowing more and more.

"Oh shit, that feels good. "she said, "it's been so fucking long.......I need this so bad!!" She was at this time almost bouncing up and down on my dick, each time coming down to impale herself, and within minutes I felt her vaginal muscles begin to tighten around my cock and I knew that she was on the verge of a very intense orgasm. "OOHH GOD, I'M CUMMING!!!!" she screamed and proceeded to fuck my cock at an almost unbelieveable pace. She was riding and bucking like crazy and I could tell by the look on her face that wave after wave orgasm was washing over her body.

Finally after she could take it no longer, she collapsed on my chest, her breathing was quick and heavy. I could feel the warmth of her juices covering my cock and flowing over my nuts. By now I was good and worked up.

"Are you ok mom?" Janice asked

"I'm...I'm fine baby." she said, "Just fine. Wooh!" she started to climb off my cock and off the bed when she noticed that I was still rock hard. "Damn, that was a good ride." She looked over at Janice who had copied her mothers actions again and was now sitting in the chair completely stark naked, her small breasts sporting hard nipples, whether it was from the ceiling fan blowing on her or from the sex, I couldn't tell.

"Are you going to have all the fun?" I looked at Barbara and asked, motioning towards Janice

"HHmmm, you don't mind?"

"I'm willing to try" I told her.

"Go ahead baby" Barbara said to Janice. Jancice got up, walked over to the bed, wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it. It slid easily back and forth in her hands, her mothers juices making sure of that. She lowered her head to try to suck my cock, her small mouth barely able to accept the head. I threw my head back in amazement, here I was laying here in bed letting a 10 year old girl suck on my cock while her mother watches on; I thought I was dreaming. She was having a little trouble and Barbara spotted this right away and came over to assist.

"Honey, if you're going to do it let me show you a better way. Now climb up on the bed, now turn around..........yes, like that........perfect. That should help" Barbara had helped Janice up onto the bed and put her in the classic 69 position and from this position she had no problem trying to take as much of me in her mouth as she could, and at the same time here was a nice virginal pussy in front of me. I buried my face eagerly between her legs, and I could tell that she definitely took after her mother, because her young pussy was dripping with juices. I let my tongue play around and licked at her underdeveloped clit, each time it made her jump a little and moan. I licked around a little bit and then slowly started to stick my tongue up her hole. She let out a small, muffled moan as it parted her lips and this seemed to encourage her as she started to suck on my cock more feverishly. I worked my tongue in and out of her pussy slowly at first, tasting her young juices as they flowed like sweet nectar onto my tongue and lips.

I heard Barbara in the background moan, obviously she was taking care of some renewed business on her end.

Surprisingly, I was enjoying the hell out this and didn't want to stop, but without warning Janice let loose of my cock and started to move away from me. I thought that maybe I had hurt her or something, but what she did next really surprised me. She moved herself down and, like her mother, began to straddle my cock. No one said anything as me and Barbara both watched in amazement as Janice lowered herself onto my cock. I could feel her tight pussy lips wrap around me and relax enough to allow me passage into her virgin love canal. She managed to take about half of my cock before she stopped, then she took a deep breath and then continued to lower herself down until my dick was completely engulfed.

She started to move up and down like Barbara had done earlier, but with shorter strokes, each time I could feel her muscles contract around me. I reached out and put my hands on her waist, changing her rhythm in order to meet my thrusts. I looked over at Barbara who was now sittin in the chair by the bed frantically finger fucking herself. Janices' pace quickened and within minutes her muscles clenched around my cock and she screamed out in orgasmic bliss "OOOHHHHhhhh.............". I could feel her juices starting to flow out and this drove me over the edge as well as I felt an impending orgasm start to over-take me.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming" I said, and before I knew it a tidal wave of hot cum came bursting out of my cock, filling Janice up. She started slamming herself down harder on my cock to meet more of my frantic upward thrusts as she again reached orgasm. I don't remember ever having cum so much or so hard in my entire life, but it seemed that I was never going to stop. I could hear Barbara beside me almost moaning in unison with me as she reached orgasm herself.

I nearly passed out from cumming so hard, and I don't remember Janice crawling off of me, but I do know that the next thing I saw when I looked down was both of them down by my cock lick and sucking the menagerie of juices off of my cock and nuts. This felt incredibly good, almost too good, because a few minutes later I was already hard again. They both continued to lick and suck, occasionally kissing eachother with the head of my cock in between them, each one had a hand on my cock stroking it up and down in unison. Stroking, licking, sucking, kissing, tongueing.

"I'm cumming again1" I said and watched as a hot jet of cum came shooting out of the head of my cock, splattering both of them on the face. At this point their tongues seemed to be fighting over which one was going to get most of the cum. One would quickly lower their mouth onto my cock to get some and then come up and then the other would do the same. I started to feel slightly lightheaded and the room started to spin....I looked down at them again and that was the last thing i saw.

~~~~~~====={To be continued???}====~~~~~

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