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I awoke and stretched my body in the king size bed.

Looking out through my bedroom window, I saw that it was going to be yet another beautiful hot sunny day.

Because it was a Saturday, I didn’t have to get up for work and wondered what I’d do till I was due to hit the town, looking for a fuck.

I’d not long moved into my unit and as yet didn’t know anyone else who lived here.

The fact that there was a swimming pool with the units helped as I liked swimming.

Because this was a new town for me, I’d yet to hook up with a girl for sex and it’d been quite some time since I’d last had a fuck.

I got up and walked towards the bathroom, sporting a piss horn.

I wondered why most guys woke up with a horn, when in fact all they really wanted to do was to take a piss.

Once you’d had a piss, your erection soon collapsed.

Mind you, waking up with a piss horn had worked for me quite a few times in the pass.

Because I was now 55 years of age, I had what every man my age had.

A problem getting and maintaining an erection.

Walking up with an piss horn saved me the bother of trying to become erect.

Until you had your piss, you had an erection.

I used Calis mostly now.

It worked great, once you took the magic pill, you were able to get several erections over a 24 hour period.

This business of growing older wasn’t much fun.

Your bones ached; you always needed to piss plus the women you met, tended to be over weight and down right ugly most times.

As I stood in front of the toilet bowl making sure my aim was right, I thought back to the times when I was younger.

I’d not had any trouble about meeting and fucking young girls.

When I say young, I’m talking 18-19 years of age.

Even in my 40’s, I sometimes surprised myself when I’d manage to pick up someone half my age.

I remember once when I’d gone to an internet party, I got to fuck the 45 year old woman I’d taken to the party plus I’d also managed to fuck a 16 year old who’d walked into the bedroom as I was about to fuck the older woman.

(That’s a true story by the way people, one I’ll write about soon.)

I gave the shaft of my cock a couple of shakes to remove any remaining droplets of urine and flushed the toilet and headed back into my bedroom.

I slipped on a pair of swimmers and grabbed a towel and walked out into the early morning sunlight.

The warmth of the sun hit my body and somehow I just knew that this day was going to be a good one.

As I walked towards where the pool was situated, I heard someone splashing in the water.

I opened the gate leading to the pool and saw a young girl who was swimming on her own in the water.


“Hello.” I said to her as I dropped my towel on one of the deckchairs beside the pool.

“Oh…hello.” She replied looking up at me standing beside the pool.


“My name is Brian.” I told her.


“I’m Becky.” She replied with a smile that lit up her whole face.


I looked her over as I prepared to dive into the water.

She looked about 13-14 years of age and had a good looking body on her.

I felt my cock twitch inside my togs and was a bit surprised about that, as it’d been an awful long time since anyone had been able to get my cock’s attention like that.

I dived into the water and came up out of the water on the other side of the pool from where Becky was standing.


“Where are your parents?” I asked Becky as I slowly swam towards her.


“They’re still in bed fast asleep.” Becky answered.


“Do you often come down here while they’re asleep?” I asked standing maybe a couple of feet away from her.


“Every morning when the weather is good.” She answered with a grin. “They don’t mind because they know its safe enough for me to be in here alone.” She added.


“Oh…okay.” I said, looking at this beautiful young girl standing close by.


If she was my daughter, I sure as hell wouldn’t let her swim alone like this, after all, some dirty old perv might take it into his head to kidnap her and have his way with her.


“I wouldn’t mind having my way with you.” I thought to myself as I stared at her pre-teen breasts.


We exchanged small chit chat for a while as we enjoyed the sun’s warmth on our bodies.

Becky must have decided that I was safe enough because the next thing I knew, she’d climbed out of the water and dived bombed me, splashing water all over my face.

That started a dive bombing contest between us.

She was laughing and splashing me as I made my way out of the pool and I picked up my towel to wipe the water from my eyes.

Becky stopped then and was swimming slowly in the water waiting for me to dive bomb her again.

I took my time wiping myself waiting for Becky’s attention to be diverted for a few seconds before dive bombing her again.

Finally, her attention was diverted just long enough for me to take a long running jump into the water.


But instead of landing close to her head, I felt my feet hit her skull heavily as I landed in the water.

She’d moved sideways just as I’d jumped into the air and there was no way I could avoid hitting her.

I quickly surfaced and swam towards her.

Her face was face down in the water and I quickly picked her head up out of the water making sure she didn’t drown on me.

The last thing I’d wanted to do was to hurt this young child.

Her breathing was steady, but she appeared to be knocked out by the force of the blow to her head.

I carried her to the side of the pool and with difficultly managed to carry her up the steps out of the pool.

I laid her down on one of the deckchairs beside the pool and tried to bring her back to consciousness but to no avail. Â


I looked around trying to work out which was her parents unit, cursing myself for not asking her where she lived before this happened.

Having no idea where she lived, I wondered what in hell I was supposed to do now.

I then looked at her lying there in front of me and couldn’t stop myself from perving on her while she was unconscious.

I could clearly see her tiny nipples sticking upwards against the wet material of her swimmers.

They looked like two tiny little currants pressing upwards and I wondered what her small breasts would look like uncovered.

Then I let my eyes wander down along her small frame.

The bulge of her vagina was clearly showing against her togs and again I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what a 13-14 year old vagina looked like naked.


Feeling a little sick and embarrassed about what I was thinking, I torn my eyes away from her crotch and picked her up in my arms.

I looked around at the units facing me, wondering which was hers.

I knew that I’d better do something soon; she may have concussion or something and may need hospital treatment.

I decided to take her back to my unit and then ask around and see if anyone knew where she came from so they could let her parents know she’d been involved in an accident.

I didn’t need this.

I’d only been here for a week or so and yet here I was, carrying an unconscious young teen in my arms.

It’d look real great if someone saw me carrying her around like that.

They’d jump to the wrong conclusion and think that I’d knocked her out and was carrying her away to have my way with her.

I managed to open my front door and carried her into my lounge room and laid her gently onto my lounge.

I went back and closed my front door and walked back to where Becky lay still unconscious.


She looked as though she was just asleep, not unconscious.

Again, my thoughts turned towards her unconscious body.

I studied her small body and felt my 55 year old cock twitch inside my togs.

An image of her naked vagina swam inside my head and I just knew that while she was unconscious, I’d have to sneak a peek at her vagina.

I moved to her side and placed my hand on her left arm and gently shook her to see if she was coming around at all




There was no response, I tried again, but she was well out to it.

I wondered how long she’d stay unconscious.

I then sank to my knees beside the lounge and with trembling fingers lightly brushed my fingertips against her tiny nipples.

They felt hard against my fingertips and again brushed them against her.

At the same time as I was touching her nipples through her togs, I was also watching her face for any sign that she was becoming conscious again.

Satisfied that she was still unconscious, I then moved my fingertips down the front of her young body until they now rested just above her mons.


I could feel sweat forming on my top lip as I moved my fingertips towards her crotch.

I knew that what I was about to do to this unconscious and very young girl would sent me either straight to hell or to Jail if she woke up and found me molesting her, but my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own.

I felt the wet material of her togs beneath my fingertips and lightly traced the outline of her vagina with them.

I was shaking both with fear of discovery and also with sexual pleasure as I cupped the whole of her young and innocent vagina in the palm of my hand.

The warmth coming from inside of her through her togs was incredible against the skin of my palm.

I gently rubbed my fingers up and down the outside of her togs and to my surprise, found that my cock was fully awake from the sexual pleasure I was getting from molesting this unconscious young girl in front of me.

I knew that I had to see her naked vagina before she woke up.

I didn’t want to die wondering what if?

So I then moved my fingers to the side of her togs and keeping a watchful eye of her face, I slipped my fingers just under the elastic of her togs and lifted upwards, revealing her magnificent naked vagina to my view.

There was not one single pubic hair to be seen.

I then turned my hand the other way so that my fingertips were now touching her naked flesh.

Her flesh was very smooth to the touch and I felt a sexual thrill rush through my entire body as I slowly ran my fingertips across her nakedness.


I traced her flat outer lips with my fingertips until they found the groove between them.

I was a bit surprised to feel that she was quite moist.

That only increased my own pleasure as I ran my fingertips slowly up and down her wetness.

My cock was trying to let me know in no uncertain fashion that it wanted out of my togs and to be let loose inside her swimmers.

I reached down with my free hand and slipped it out of my togs.

It stood out from my body, rearing its thick head, wanting to sink deep inside this innocent young girl.

But I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to actually fuck her while she was unconscious.

What if she woke up while I was halfway inside her?

Would I be strong enough to pull out of her vagina…or would I actually finish up raping her until I’d finished what I’d started?


I ran my fingers up and down her wet groove, at the same time slowly masturbating my thick cock.

I’m only average length (6 and a half inches) but am quite thick.

Each time my hand reached the head of my cock, I’d give it a tight squeeze, using a mental image of my cock sinking deeper and deeper inside Becky to stimulate myself further.

Within seconds I’d come all over the floor beside the lounge.

I withdrew my wet fingers from her crotch and got up and went into the kitchen to get some kitchen roll to clean the mess with.

After cleaning my waste from the floor, I again lifted her swimmers from her crotch, allowing me to see her treasure.

I then moved my face close enough to her vagina to be able to smell her vaginal odor.

She even smelt innocent to my senses.

I ran one finger along her moist groove and then placed the tip of my finger inside my wet mouth and sucked her juices inside my mouth.

I was in Heaven.

Holding her swimmers to one side, I then lowered my tongue down to her small vagina and licked the tip of it along her entire length.

Her juices were like nectar to my tongue; I’d swear that I’d never tasted anyone’s juices that tasted so sweet before in my life.


I then slowly began to shove my tongue inside her as far as I could get it to go.

The warmth of her vagina closing around my hot, wet tongue nearly caused me to come again but somehow I managed to control myself in time, thereby saving myself another clean up job.

I licked at her tiny vagina like a man that had been starving for a week and who’d just found a well done steak and veggies in front of him.

I knew that I’d never get another chance like this in my lifetime.

Suddenly my blood ran cold with fear.

Becky moaned.

I quickly tore my face away from her abused vagina and looked up towards her face, expecting her to be staring at me with fear and loathing in her eyes.

But to my immense relief, she appeared to still be unconscious.


What had caused her to moan like that?

I quickly used a kitchen towel to dry her vagina with and covered her vagina with her swimmers again.

I sat down on the lounge next to Becky and waited and watched to see if she was becoming conscious again.

My cock which had surprised me today by becoming erect so easily and then becoming erect so soon after cumming was still rockhard.

I went into the kitchen and got some cold water onto it to make it soften.

It worked and I then went into my bedroom and changed into a pair of trousers.

When I went back into the lounge room, I found Becky sitting up on the lounge looking around the strange room she’d found herself in.


“What am I doing here?” she asked looking at me with wondering eyes.


“I’m so sorry, Becky. I jumped into the water and hit you in the head, knocking you unconscious.” I told her truthfully.


“I wondered why my head was sore.” She said with a half giggle.


“I didn’t know where else to bring you as I didn’t know where you live.” I also informed her, hoping that she’d not been able to feel that someone had been sexually abusing her while she’d been unconscious.


“I live in Number 6.” Becky informed me.


That was right next door.

I felt sweat break out across my forehead.

I’d been sexually abusing her while her parents were right next door.


“Do you want me to go next door and let your parents know you’re here?” I asked, hating the whole idea even as I asked.


“God no, my mum would kill me if she knew that I was inside some strange person’s unit.” Becky exclaimed hurriedly.


“Hey…I’m not so strange.” I replied in a half hearted manner.


“I know you’re not…in fact you’re one of the nicest men around here.” Becky replied with a warm smile.


“Thank you.” I replied with a smile of my own.


“Well…I suppose I’d better be getting back home before mum and dad wake up.” Becky said, swinging her feet to the floor and standing upright.


“Come over anytime, Becky.” I said opening the door for her.


“I might just do that.” She replied stepping out onto the landing in front of my door.


I felt so relieved because she apparently didn’t realize that she’d been sexually molestered while she’d been unconscious.

But then Becky did something that shook me to the core.

She placed a hand over her crotch and looked at me in a funny manner.

She didn’t say anything but I just knew that I’d been wrong and that she did realize something had happened to her while she was out to it.

Becky opened her front door and again gave me a rather funny look before stepping inside her door and closing it behind her.


I went inside my own unit and sat at my kitchen table and started to worry.

What if she told her parents that she thought that I’d sexually abused her while she was  unconscious?

All I could see were four big broad-shouldered coppers standing on my doorstep with an arrest warrant in their hands.

I swear I could even hear the loud banging of a Jail door closing behind me as I was locked away with even bigger guys who’d been sex starved for years just waiting for new meat to fuck.

To be continued if requested….

Then I considered packing everything up and heading for the hills.

But I knew also that if the police were called in, they’d find me sooner or later no matter where I hid out.

“So much for my day being good.” I said to myself.


I made myself a cup of coffee and sat there wondering when there’d be a loud knock on my front door with the coppers waiting outside.

An hour went by and still no knock on my front door and I began to feel a little bit easier about Becky and my molestation of her.

Thinking about Becky again made my cock swell inside my trousers.


“God…what I’d give to fuck that young girl.” I said to myself as I adjusted my swollen cock inside my pants.


I didn’t see or hear anything from next door and wondered if they were even out of bed yet.

I had no idea of what their sleeping habits were.

Maybe they slept in late on weekends.

I know dam well that I should have done so this morning, then I’d not be sitting here with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach, waiting for cops to arrive.

Suddenly there was a knock on my front door and I very nearly shit myself with fear.

With dragging feet and my brain desperately trying to thing up some excuse good enough to get me out of a Jail sentence, I walked towards the front door.

I opened the door preparing to lie my head off and instead of burly coppers standing there in my door way, there stood Becky.

“Hello Becky.” I said turning sideways to see either side of my doorway in case the coppers were hiding there waiting for me to incriminate myself even further.

But she stood there quite alone.


“Mum and dad are still in bed asleep.” Becky said to me as she brushed pass me and walked into my unit.


“Are they?” was all I could think of saying because waves of relief were flowing through my body right then.


“Yes.” She replied, sitting herself down on the very same lounge that I’d molestered her a couple of hours ago.


She’d changed into a pair of white shorts and a light pink top.

I wondered why she’d invited herself into my place.

I wasn’t long in finding out.


“When I was passed out, did you touch me down there?” she asked indicating her crotch area.


My blood ran cold once more.

The waves of fear then relief, then fear again were starting to take their toll on me by this time.


“What makes you say that?” I asked, not denying that I’d touched her.


“Because it sure felt like you did. I was all wet down there and it felt as though something had been shoved inside of me.” She replied with a straight face.


I was having trouble facing her and she knew that she’d hit the nail on the head so to speak.


“You did touch me, didn’t you?” she asked, sounding a bit shocked by her discovery.


“I did, but it was an accident Becky, I swear it was.” I quickly replied


“Sure…how can you shove your tongue inside a young girl’s vagina by accident?” I thought to myself as I tried to make up a lie that she’d believe.


“What did you do to me?” she asked and this time, then appeared to be a hint of amusement in her tone.


“I…Um…I um…” I tried to think quickly, but it seemed that my brain was being overwhelmed by all that had happened and I couldn’t think straight.


“Don’t worry, I have no intention of telling either mum or dad about what you did to me, I just want to know what you did to me while I was passed out in here.” She said, further confusing me, but also throwing me a lifeline of sorts.


I decided to come clean with her, if she wanted to tell her parents, then so be it.


“I made oral love to you.” I said, not looking at her and feeling as though my whole life had just come to a halt.


“Oh wow.” She replied with a smile on her face. “I thought that was what you’d done to me.” She added.

When she didn’t appear to be outraged by what I’d disclosed, I didn’t feel like I was lying sideways on a bed waiting for some hairy-arsed crim to arse fuck me for abusing a child.

I waited to see what else she was going to say.


“What did you think of my body?” she asked.


Now this I wasn’t expecting.


“You have the best looking body I’ve ever seen.” I told her…well, seeing how hers was the only naked preteen body I’d seen, I wasn’t lying.


“Do you really think so?” she asked, sounding quite pleased by my answer.


“I sure do.” I replied, wondering just where in hell this was leading too.


“Thank you.” She replied with a big grin on her face.


Surely someone who’d just been told that she’d been sexually abused while unconscious, would be angry, not pleased and yet here she was, in front of me looking quite pleased with herself.

I knew kids these days were growing up a lot quicker than was the case when I was younger.



 Becky asked for something to drink and I got her a can of coke and made myself a cup of coffee.

I needed something to help me get my thoughts in order.


“Have you touched other young girls?” Becky asked when I joined her back in the lounge room.


“No…to be honest, I’d never given it much thought, but when I saw how beautiful you looked lying there on my lounge, I just had to touch you and to taste you.” I replied.


Again, she looked pleased that I’d said that she was beautiful.

Every teenager likes to think of themselves as beautiful, even if they’re not.

I was still unsure where this was headed, but even my poor shell shocked brain had started to grasp the possibly of somehow retrieving the day that’d started out so well.


“Will you be telling your parents about this morning?” I asked, half holding my breath waiting for her reply.


She thought to herself for a few seconds before answering, “No, I won’t be telling them about this morning.”


I slowly let out my pent-up breath after hearing this.

I wouldn’t be going to Jail after all.

Becky and I chit chatted about nothing really for maybe 15 minutes before I’d built up enough courage to ask her, “Have you ever played around sexually?”


“I’ve kissed a couple of the boys at school and I even let one of them shove his hand inside my blouse, but he hurt me by pinching my titties.” She answered with a grin.


“Have you ever let anyone see you naked?” I asked, making sure these questions were leading in the direction I wanted them to go.


“My parents have see me naked before, but until today (she looked at me knowingly) no one else has ever seen me naked.”


“Does it bother you that I’ve seen you naked?” I asked.


“No, it doesn’t bother me at all…But…I’d have liked to have been conscious at the time.” She replied with a smile.


Things were even better than I could possibly have hoped for.

I looked at my watch and saw that time was getting on a bit, I was worried the parents would be up and about and would be worried about where Becky was.

I didn’t want them to find her in her.

If they did and they called the cops, I wasn’t all that sure that Becky would be able to fool any cops who questioned her.


“Don’t you think you’d better be getting back home in case your parents wake up?” I       said to her.


“Yes…you’re right, I’d better go.” She replied, there seemed to be just a hint of regret in her tone.


As I opened the door for her, she got up from the lounge and walked towards the door, but instead of walking pass me, she stopped in front of me and leaned up and kissed me on the lips quickly before giggling and skipping away to her door next door.


“Becky” I whispered loudly.


She looked back at me.


“Will I see you again today?” I whispered.


“Maybe.” She replied and with a grin she opened the front door to her unit and went inside.


I grinned to myself as I shut my front door and walked towards the kitchen to make myself another cup of coffee.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself right then.

After all of the fear that’d coursed through my body earlier,

I’d gotten away with sexually abusing a minor and the way things were shaping up, there was a real possibly that we’d soon be having some more fun.


I went into the toilet and stood above the bowl as I unzipped my pants, taking my cock in my fist, I looked down at it and said, “If you’re lucky, you just might get to taste some tender underage flesh shortly.”

The very thought of being able to fuck a 13 year old made my cock twitch with desire.


I didn’t see Becky again until just before lunch time.

I’d decided to go for another swim and I’d been in the water for less than 10 minutes when I heard her sweet voice call to me. “Hi there.” She said, walking into the pool area.


“Hi yourself.” I replied with a grin.


I had to be careful as there were other kids and parents in the pool also.

Becky dived into the water and finished up beside me.

I hoped she wasn’t going to be silly and try to kiss me in front of all these witnesses.

But thankfully she didn’t.

She swam away and chatted to a couple of other girls who were in the pool and I kept on sneaking peeks at her, all the while trying to make sure that the other parents didn’t catch me perving on her.


The last thing I needed was for some old busybody watching me watch Becky and then for her/him to alert Becky’s parents that some dirty old perv was watching their daughter.

After about 25 minutes, the pool started to empty as kids and their parents got out to head back to their units for some lunch.

Another 5 minutes later, Becky and I were the last two still in the pool.


“Don’t you have to go back to your parents for lunch?” I asked Becky as I slid up behind her.


“No, we don’t eat until around 1pm.” She replied.


I then quickly looked around the pool area and made sure that no one was close enough to see what I was about to do next.

Satisfied that it was safe enough, I reached forward with both arms and grabbed Becky gently around the waist and pulled her back into my body.

Becky didn’t say anything, but she did give out a nervous giggle as she felt herself being cuddled by me.


I leaned forward and gently kissed her on the back of the neck and was rewarded with a soft gasp of pleasure from Becky.

I then brought my hands up the front of her body until my fingertips rested on her tiny breasts.

I gently squeezed her hardened nipples with my thumbs and fore fingers and again, Becky groaned softly in front of me.


My cock had woken up again at the feel of her pre-teen arse resting back up against it and I slowly rubbed my erection across her arse cheeks.

To my surprise, Becky pulled away from me and I thought that I’d gone too far, too fast and had scared her off.

But no, Becky stayed in my arms and reached around with her left hand and shoved it in the space between our two bodies until I felt her small fingers wrap around the thick shaft of my cock outlined against my togs.


Having this pre-teen play with my cock, knowing that she wasn’t about to tell on me, only made the situation even more erotic for me.

My cock ached to be released from its confinement, but I figured that out here in the pool might just be a bit too risky.


“So, when will I get some time alone with you, Becky?” I asked, enjoying the feel of her young hand slowly stroking the entire length of my cock.


At the same time, my right hand slipped down to her crotch and I rubbed my middle finger along the groove between her outer lips through her swimmers.


“Oh god.” Becky moaned softly. “What about tonight?” she added.


“Tonight?” I asked, not believing that it’d be possible for her to sneak out of her parents unit to come visit with me.


“Yes, mum and dad are going out for dinner and I begged off. They’re quite happy for me to stay home and play (she gave my cock a squeeze) video games.” She finished with a giggle.


“That’s great, Becky.” I said, slipping my fingers under the elastic of her swimmers until I was again cupping her entire, sweet, young vagina in my hand.


“God.” She exclaimed as she felt my fingers cupping her nakedness.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone’s hand reaching out to unlock the safety lock on the pool gate.

I quickly withdrew my hand from within her swimmers and started swimming away from her.

Becky looked around at me in confusion until she too saw an old man enter the pool area.

It seemed that we’d gotten away with it.


“Hi.” The old guy called out to both of us as he put his towel down on one of the poolside deckchairs.


We both answered him.

Becky then decided that she’d have to go and started climbing out of the pool.

She turned towards me after making sure the old man wasn’t watching and blew me a kiss.

I blew her a kiss too and watched her young and sexy arse walk away from me.


“She’s pretty, isn’t she?” I heard the old guy say behind me.


Fuck, he’d caught me perving on Becky.


“Yes, she is.” I agreed, hoping he’d stop talking to me, but he wasn’t finished yet.


“Give her a couple more years and she’ll have all the boys chasing her.” He said with a laugh.


“Yes.” I replied.


“I only wish I was a lot younger, I’d be chasing her right now.” He said


“That’d make you a pedophile, wouldn’t it?” I asked, angry that he was interested in Becky.


“Only if you’re caught.” He replied with another laugh.


I was totally shocked that he was discussing pedophilia with me, after all, in this day and age; pedophilia was a very hot subject.

Everyone and his dog had jumped onto the band wagon and anyone caught playing around with under aged kids copped a very heavy sentence in Jail.

Mind you, before this morning little sex games with Becky, I too would have been condemning pedophiles.


It’s amazing how much your thinking changes, when it’s you who is doing the abusing.

I still didn’t consider myself to be a pedophile, what’d happened between Becky and I wasn’t wrong in my eyes.

After all, all I wanted to do with her was to teach her the finer points in lovemaking.

Pedophiles usually only wanted to fuck these children, whereas I wanted to make love to Becky in the sweetest way possible, not to hurt her.

I think deep down, I knew I was also a pedophile, but I was making up excuses for my behavior.

The normal image of a pedophile was of some dirty old pervert, who preyed on young kids for their own sick gratification.

Whereas I was different, or so I wanted to believe anyway.


I decided to get away from this old perv.


Have fun.” I said to him, cutting off any further attempt to converse with me and climbing out of the pool.

Within minutes, I was safely back inside my unit having a cool drink.

That old guy had bothered me with his interest in Becky.

She was mine, not his to ogle.


I then sat down and tried to picture how things were going to work out tonight between Becky and myself.

But the old guy’s words kept on sneaking into my mind.

“You’re only a pedophile if you get caught.”


He was right, even though I was jealous about his attention of Becky.

I looked at my clock and saw that I still had at least 5-6 hours to go before Becky and I were together again.

I decided to go and lie down for a bit.

Who knew, maybe I’d need all of my energy later on tonight…if I was lucky that is.

Anything could come along and stuff the meeting u

It was about 7pm that I heard the soft knocking on my front door and I opened it to find Becky standing outside in a dressing gown.

Becky quickly walked inside and I checked outside to make sure no one had seen her enter my unit.

I closed the door and turned to look at Becky who was standing near the lounge chair.

She looked even younger than she had this morning dressed in her dressing gown.


“What time are your parents due home?” I asked her.


“About 11pm.” She replied.


I sat down on the lounge and beckon Becky to come to me.

She took the couple of steps towards me and I took her into my open arms.

Her arms went around my shoulders and we cuddled for maybe 40 seconds.

I could smell the shampoo she’d used in her hair, it smelt like strawberries.

My hands were resting on her hips and I lowered them until they reached under the hem of her dressing gown.

Then I cupped both calves in my hands and slowly began to move my hands upwards under her gown.

I could feel her silky flesh beneath my fingers and enjoyed the feel of her naked flesh against my hands.

I’d reached the backs of her knees and realized that I hadn’t felt her nightie yet, and when my hands reached her backside, I realized that she was totally naked under her dressing gown.

That surprised and excited me.

This was a young girl who I’d thought was innocent, but to go into a strange man’s unit at this time of night, wearing only a dressing gown showed me that Becky was far from innocent.


“Very nice, Becky.” I said to her as my finger’s gently dug into the soft flesh of her arse cheeks.


“Thank you.” She replied shyly.


I wanted to take her dressing gown off her but at the same time, I didn’t want to rush things and after all we had about 3 hours of playtime ahead of us.

Keeping my left hand on her right cheek, I brought my other hand around to the front of her young body and rubbed my fingers inside her inner thighs.

Becky moved her feet apart just enough for my fingers to slowly move towards her naked crotch.


As soon as my fingers touched her naked vagina, Becky gave a low groan of pleasure, but I think I also detected a little note of nervousness in her groan as well.

This would be normal for a 13 year old to express.

I ran my forefinger along the slightly moist groove between her outer lips and could feel the heat coming from within her along my finger.

I didn’t try to shove my finger inside her just yet.

I liked to watch the facial expressions on her face as I gently started to tease her tiny clitoris with my fingertip.


I moved the hand that was holding her arse cheek until my index finger was now touching her little rosebud.

As soon as she felt my finger touching her anus, Becky groaned anew.

I ran the tip of my finger gently around her tiny hole, at the same time my other fingers were busy teasing her clitoris.

Becky stood there in front of me with her eyes closed, a smile on her lips.

I could feel her whole body trembling slightly as I continued to sexually arouse her.


Suddenly, her body stiffened and she gasped with pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm with me.

Her body seemed to collapse into my arms and I held her to me until she’d stopped cumming.


At last, she opened her eyes and said, “Wow that was incredible.” Â


I smiled at her and withdrew my hands from beneath her dressing gown.

Now come the part where I got to see her totally naked.

We held each other’s eyes as I started to undo the buttons of her dressing gown.

She displayed no fear as I slowly undressed her.

Soon she stood totally naked in front of me as I slipped the gown from her shoulders.


She didn’t have big breasts of course, but they were cute anyway.

As I already knew, she had no pubic hair at all.

Her almost boyish hips would one day develop as they should do and I knew without doubt that one day, she’d have a body that heaps of women would kill for.


I took my time perving on her naked, young body and ran my fingers over every square inch of her naked flesh.

My lips were kissing and teasing her tiny nipples, while my fingers teased her clitoris once more.

When I had sexually aroused her again, I stood up from the lounge where I’d been sitting and took her by the hand and lead her towards my bedroom.


Becky must have known what I had in mind, but again, she showed no fear or hesitation as she let me guild her into my bedroom.

I lead her to my bed and she sat down on the side of the bed without having to be told to do so.

Standing about one foot away from her, I then undid the buttons of my shirt and threw it onto a chair beside the door.

Then I undid the belt holding my trousers up and pulled the zipper down and my trousers fell to my feet, leaving me standing there in just my underwear.

I step away from my trousers and picked them up and threw them onto the chair as well.

Becky’s eyes were fastened onto my erection which was straining to get out of my underwear.


“Would you like to take my underpants off for me, Becky?” I asked.


“Okay.” She answered with a grin.


She reached both with both hands and gripped either side of my underpants.

She slipped them down off my hips and as she did so, my cock sprang up into the space between us, nearly hitting her in the face.

She giggled at that and continued to pull my underpants down to my feet.

I stepped out of them and stood there in front of Becky, letting her look to her hearts content at my erection in front of her.


Becky raised her left hand and touched the thick head of my cock.

Then she ran her small fingers along its length, touching the veins along its sides.

Watching her explore my cock with her fingers, I ram my own fingers through her long blonde hair.

Then, Becky surprised me again, without being asked too, she kissed the head of my cock with her lips.

Feeling her lips on the head of my cock, I wanted to push myself in between her lips, but decided to let Becky go at her own pace, thereby not doing anything to scare her off.

She pulled away from my cock and I decided that I wanted to taste her juices again, so I got up onto the bed with her and in doing so, I’d positioned myself so that we’d end up in the 69 position.


I reached out and gently pulled Becky up onto the bed from where she had been sitting and positioned my head in between her thighs.

As soon as Becky felt my lips touch her vagina, she signed with pleasure.

I opened my mouth and let my tongue slip out and gently caress her outer lips with the tip of my tongue.

I felt her thighs part even more to allow me free access to her treasure.

By doing so, her vagina parted enough for me to run the tip of my tongue up and down the moist groove between her lips.


Because we were lying side by side facing each other, her face was positioned close to my erection and I felt her hand gripped the shaft of my cock and then felt her lips once more kissing the head of my cock.

It was exactly what I’d planned to happen.

As I started to gently shove my hot, wet tongue inside her wet hole, I felt her mouth close around the whole head of my cock.


While she may not have been experienced about giving headjobs, just the simple fact that I had a 13 year old’s mouth wrapped around my cock was more than good enough to please me.

I kept on plunging my tongue as deep inside her as it’d go and at the same time, I teased her tiny anus with my fingers.


I knew by the soft groans and moans she was making around the head of my cock that she was getting fairly close to having her 2nd orgasm of the night.

I too wasn’t all that far from having mine.

I wondered if I should tell her that I was getting close to cumming or just cum inside her mouth and say sorry afterwards.

What if she didn’t like the taste of it?

I decided to take my chances.


I felt my cum starting to shoot up the tube of my shaft, and I gently bit on her clitoris at the same time.

Just as she orgasmed, she started to take her mouth away from my cock, but not nearly quick enough to stop some of my cum from shooting inside her mouth.

I heard her gag as hot cum slid down her throat and            I lifted my head up from between her thighs and saw the rest of my cum shooting all over her young face.

“Oh God. I wasn’t expecting that.” She said with a giggle as she wiped her face clean with her hands and then wiped the mess along her naked thigh.


“Sorry about that.” I said lying.


“So that’s what it tastes like. Not too bad. I’ve heard some of the older girls talking about swallowing that stuff and wasn’t too sure if I’d be game enough to do the same thing.” She said staring at my by now soft cock in front of her.


She reached over and picked up my limp cock and placed it inside her warm, wet mouth.

As she sucked at my cock, I could feel it starting to respond once more.

Becky giggled around my cock as she felt it starting to become erect once more inside her mouth.

She couldn’t fit more than a couple of inches inside her mouth, but never the less, it still felt wonderful to me.

After a few minutes she took my cock from her mouth and said, “My jaw is starting to become sore.”


‘That’s okay, Becky. I don’t expect to suck on my cock all night, though the idea is nice.” I said with a grin.


I moved my body around until we were facing one another.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips.

She returned my kiss but it wasn’t anywhere near a sexual kiss, more like kissing your mother goodnight.

She had a lot to learn and hopefully I’d be the one to teach her.

I then lowered my mouth down to her small breasts and took one of her nipples inside my mouth.

Becky held my head from behind as I teased her nipple with my teeth and lips.


“God, that feels so nice.” She exclaimed happily.


Even though I wanted to ram my cock deep inside of her right then, again, I decided to take my time.

If she’d allowed me to go this far with her, I didn’t for one minute doubt that she’d let me fuck her, but I wanted her to enjoy the feeling of being totally naked in my present before we fucked.

It wasn’t easy for me not to try to fuck her there and then, but I felt that it was the best thing to do right then.


As if she had been reading my mind, she said, “Do you mind if we don’t go all the way tonight?”


“Not at all Becky. We’ll only go all the way, when and if you’re ready to do so.” I informed her.


Just looking at her lying beside me made me happy and after all, I’d got to come partly inside her mouth already, so I didn’t mind all that much about not fucking her yet.


“What say we have a shower together and clean that mess up off your thigh?” I asked her.


“Okay.’ She replied, getting up from the bed.


She giggled as I walked towards her with my stiff cock wagging side to side.

I walked with her to my shower and turned the water on, once I was satisfied about the temperature, I allowed her to enter the shower stall first and then followed her.

I reached behind her and picked up the cake of soap and started to wash her smooth back.


“Mmm…No one has washed me for years, it feels nice.” She said as my soapy hand guided over her skin.


I moved my hands down to her backside and as I washed her cheeks, I ran the tip of my index finger up and down the crack of her arse.

As my fingertip teased her anus, Becky said to me, “Mmm, I do like you touching me there; it’s sending tiny little thrills right through my body.”


I wondered if she’d like to try anal sex one day with me.

Some women like my ex-wife hated being touched on her anus, while many other women I’d found out, loved it.

Clearly Becky was one of these women who did enjoy having their anus’s played with.

Most times, I found if a woman liked her anus being played with, they also liked anal sex.


A lot of women had told me that they’d tried having anal sex, only to find out that it was far too painful for them, so they never had it again.

That’s the man’s fault, because he didn’t take enough time to get the woman ready for having anal.

It’s the same with just having straight sex, if the woman isn’t prepared first by being brought to a sexual peak, then she’s dry down there and having sex with a dry vagina can also be quite painful for the woman.


I made sure that my finger was soapy and then, gently and slowly, I began to ease the tip of my finger inside her tiny anus.

At the same time, my other fingers on my free hand had begun teasing her clitoris, so that she was being sexually stimulated in both holes.

Becky responded as I’d hoped, by slowly pushing her backside back against the finger poking just inside her anus.

I then stopped teasing her clitoris and began to run my finger just inside her wet vagina.


‘Mmm…this is lovely.” Becky mumbled as my fingers worked on her.


I slowly pushed my finger deeper inside her backside, pleased that Becky seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

At the same time, I slowly began to shove my finger up inside of her vagina.

To my surprise, I found that there was no hymen blocking my way up inside of her.

Maybe she’d broken it playing on the swings or something.

I’d ask her later about that.


Becky wasn’t sure which way to push herself, either forward onto my finger going up inside her vagina, or backwards onto my finger entering her arse.

So she did the next best thing, she lowered her body downwards, taking both fingers deep inside of her young body.


Having my fingers trapped inside this young girl’s vagina and arse only made my decision not to try to fuck her tonight, harder than I thought it’d be.

My cock was aching for release by this time.

After a few minutes of finger fucking both of her holes, I withdrew them and stood up behind her in the shower stall.


My knees were killing me anyway and pain and I had an agreement…we didn’t like each other.

Standing behind her with my stiff cock poking into her backside, I reached down and made sure there was soap all over my cock.

Then I placed the head of my cock in between her thighs and started to push myself in and out of her thighs.

While not as good as the real thing, it was still better than nothing.


I reached around her body and again started teasing her clitoris with my fingertips.

That caused her to rock her hips back and forth along the shaft of my cock, which felt good to the both of us.

What with her juices and the soap, my cock was very slippery between her thighs and Becky bend over slightly in front of me, opening her vagina more than it had been.

I pulled my cock back a bit so that not only was the head of my cock rubbing directly over the entrance to her vagina; it was also rubbing over her anus.


I was tempted to ram myself into her vagina, but I’d promised not to go all the way with her tonight at least.

But I’d said nothing about trying to get a bit of anal…had I?

I reached down and gripped the shaft of my cock with my free hand and rubbed the head of it up against her anus.


Becky neither said nor did anything to stop me from rubbing my cockhead against her anus, so I took that as permission to go a little further with her.

I placed the head of my cock directly against the entrance to her anus and gently shoved myself forward.

Because of the slime from her juices and the soap, the head of my cock was very greasy and because of this, the head of my cock slipped just inside her anus.


“Oh god.” Becky cried out in front of me.

Afraid that I’d hurt her, I was preparing to withdraw my cockhead from her arse.


“No…please don’t take it out, it feels lovely having you inside me like this.” She said, half turning to look back at me with a smile on her face.


I’d stopped playing with her clitoris by this time, because I wanted my hands either side of her hips.

Becky however, took over from where I’d left off, by rubbing her clitoris herself.

I felt my cock slowly traveling down her anal tunnel as I pressed myself deeper and deeper inside of her anus.


Too my surprise, I found that I could get almost all of my thick cock inside of her arse without causing her too much pain.

Becky seemed to enjoy this as much as I was.

She began rocking her hips in time with my forward motion, taking me even deeper inside of her.

She was grunting softly each time she shoved herself backwards onto the shaft of my thick cock.

I could now feel her cheeks bumping up against my groin and knew that she’d been able to take all of my cock up inside of her anus.

I wondered if I’d be able to get all of my cock up inside of her vagina as easily.

To be continued…


I then reached up with both hands and took hold of Becky’s small titties, softly squeezing them in my fists.

Becky groaned with pleasure as I slowly fucked her arse and played with her tits.


“So much for not going all the way” I thought to myself with a big grin on my face.


I shoved myself as deep as I could into her, enjoying the tightness of her anal ring around the shaft of my cock.

I could feel cum starting to boil in my balls and knew that I was about to climax into her anus.

I rammed myself deep inside her and groaned loudly as I shot my hot cum into her.

Becky must have felt my cum entering her backside, because she seemed to squeeze her anal ring even tighter around my shaft and she groaned nearly as loud as I did as shot after shot of cum entered her anus.

I stood there in the afterglow of my climax and waited for my cock to soften inside her backside.

All too soon, my cock slipped out of her arse and I turned Becky around to face me in the shower stall.

I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.


“Thank you so much for that Becky. I needed that badly.” I told her with a grin.


“Even though my bum is mighty sore right now, I enjoyed it heaps.” She replied with a grin to match my own.


We kissed and cuddled until the water started to turn cold and then we stepped out of the shower and helped dry each other off.

When we walked back into the bedroom, I got her to lie down on the bed again and positioned myself in between her thighs.


“Oh goody.” Becky said, knowing that I was going to be doing oral to her again.


I looked at her bald vagina in front of me.

I’d always liked having women bald because that gave me free access to their vaginas without having to go to a dentist for a haircut.

Becky groaned with pleasure as I began teasing her tiny clitoris with my teeth and lips.

As I slowly brought her towards orgasm, I began to ease the tip of my middle finger inside her wetness.

As her passion increased, so did the fucking motions of my finger.

I partly withdrew my finger from within her and eased the tip of another finger inside her.


As I again shoved my fingers inside her, Becky moaned softly but I was pleased to see that she didn’t really have all that much trouble accepting both fingers inside her.

My lips and tongue had nearly brought her to her 3rd orgasm of the evening when I stopped teasing her and withdrew my face from her crotch and also pulled my wet fingers from her vagina.


“Shit.” Becky groaned in frustration as the need for orgasm started to ease.


I didn’t reply but instead moved up the bed and lay on my back.

Then I pulled her on top of me.

Becky could feel my stiff cock poking her in the stomach.

I gripped both cheeks of her backside in my hands and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

As Becky kissed me in her childish way, I started to poke my tongue at her closed lips.

She must have gotten the idea of what I wanted to do to her, because she opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue partly inside her warm, wet mouth.


I took the next 10 minutes to show Becky how to French kiss and after that period of time, she had begun kissing me with her mouth opened and her tongue was darting into my own mouth each time I withdrew my tongue from within her mouth.

My fingers had been teasing the wet groove between the outer folds of her vagina the whole time, building her passion all the time.

But each time she appeared to be getting close to an orgasm, I’d stop playing with her.

I wanted her to want to fuck me badly and it appeared to be working.


She was now rubbing her crotch against my stiff cock that lay between our bodies.

I moved my hands from her cute arse and told her to sit on my crotch.

Becky must have known what I was planning on doing next, but because I’d been teasing her for the pass 20 minutes or so, she must have decided that she wanted satisfaction one way or the other.

She was now sitting on my stiff cock, her knees either side of my hips.

She’d begun rubbing her opened vagina along the shaft of my cock.


Watching her trying to bring herself off on the shaft of my cock was enjoyable to say the least, but I had other plans for that tight little hole.

I reached down and lifted her by shoving upwards under her arse cheeks with my hands.

Then I gripped the shaft of my cock with my fist and positioned it at the entrance to her moistness.

Without saying a word, Becky begun to lower herself down onto the head of my cock.


“Oh god.” She cried out as the thick head of my cock penetrated her vagina.


Slowly, inch by inch, she lowered herself down onto my cock.

The warmth and tightness of her moist vagina enclosed itself around my cock.

I’d never been so horny in all of my life.

I think it was partly because of her age and the fact that this would be the very first cock she’d even taken inside her arse and vagina.


Becky had taken over half of my cock inside her, when she started to raise and lower herself on my thickness.

I didn’t try to pull her down all the way onto my cock even though that’s what I wanted to do.

I knew that she’d take me fully inside her when she was ready.


Becky’s eyes were closed as she slowly raised and lowered herself on me.

I knew I’d last a lot longer now that I’d already cum inside her backside, so was prepared to just lay there and enjoy myself.

Letting a woman do the work from above, works two ways.

First off the woman gets to be in total control, she gets to set the pace of their lovemaking, the depth of the strokes, and usually if a man can control himself long enough, the woman will have an orgasm.


I’d always been happiest when I’ve brought a woman to orgasm, either orally or with my cock.

I’ve found that when the guy takes the time to bring his woman to orgasm first, she’ll go out of her way to please her guy.

And this was working much the same way with Becky.

True, I’d not given her the satisfaction of an orgasm this time, but that had been part of my sneaky plan to fuck her before she went home.

But she had been brought to the brink of an orgasm a few times before we started fucking.


I could feel her slowly lowering herself further and further down onto my cock.

Because she was on top, I had the perfect view of watching my thick cock disappearing inside of her tight vagina.

She still had her eyes closed; she was biting her lower lip as she slowly fucked herself on top of me.

I watched as her vagina neared the base of my cock, each time she’d pull herself upwards, her outer lips gripped the shaft of my cock so tightly that it looked as though my cock was trying to pull her vagina right out of her body.

Finally, I was all the way inside of her.


“Shit, I made it.” Becky said with a grin at me.


She’d opened her eyes and stared at me happily.

She sat still atop of me; I could feel the warmth of her entire vaginal tunnel tightly squeezing itself around the thickness of my cock.

Then she started to raise and lower herself on my cock.

She’d raise just enough to keep just the head of my cock inside of her, and then she’d impale herself fully on my cock.

She was unbelievably tight.


It wasn’t as long as I’d have liked, but soon I felt myself nearing my own climax.

I tried to hold back, but the sheer tightness of her vagina around my cock was a bit too much for me.

I knew she was close to her own orgasm too by the way she was grunting and groaning above me, but I wasn’t sure I could hold on any longer.

I rammed myself as deep inside her as I could and felt the first spurt of cum leave the tube of my cock and enter her.

The feeling of my hot cum hitting her womb must have been just enough to trigger Becky’s own orgasm.


“Oh god, oh shit.” She cried out in enjoyment as wave after wave of pleasure rode through her entire body.


Her vagina now felt like a vice around my cock, locking it in place as she rode her orgasm to its final ending.

Becky collapsed onto my chest; her small body was covered in sweat from her efforts to orgasm.

I wondered just how long I’d be able to get away with Becky before she either stopped wanting to have sex with me or somebody found out about us.

I just hoped that it was the former.

I kissed her on top of her head and then she started to withdraw her abused vagina from my cock and I looked at the bedside clock and knew it was time for her to head home and get into bed before her parents arrived home.


“Will I see you again soon?” I asked.


“You sure will, you lovely man.” Becky replied with a grin.

I let her out of my unit and went back to bed, knowing that I’d be dreaming about what had just transpired between us.Â

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