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Big Brother-in-law

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I have been enjoying a fantasy about my brother-in-law lately.  Dean is my boyfriend's younger brother and he and his wife recently moved to our city. I had the morning to myself and decided to begin my day with a delicious orgasm. My boyfriend, James and I have been on opposite shifts and haven't had sex in weeks! I showered and decided to head over to see Tara, Dean's wife. I parked my car in the driveway and as I approached the door I was surprised when Dean opened it. Tara and Dean have a 3 year old daughter, Sally and a new house which along with the 'new' mortgage which has kept them busy. Tara is usually off on Mondays but she was called to work and wouldn't be home until dinner.  Dean explained he had left work early and was having a sandwich before heading back to the garage to work on his car.   The car. It's a vintage muscle car and it's hot! It's also in my fantasy and I drift off for a moment....Dean looks unusually sexy today with a little stubble and I decide the stubble will be great addition to my fantasy.  I turn to leave and Dean asks me if I want to sit and chat while he eats his lunch. We've had some great conversations and I enjoy his boyish charm and although we've never flirted I do catch the times Dean sneaks a peek or tells Tara she should go shopping with me...hint. I am in love with James and we enjoy our freedom and the nightlife. Once in a while we get together with Dean and Tara before a concert or party and as we head out, they get ready for bed. Dean's wife Tara has gotten slightly plump and in the last few years she often complains of their boring sex life. I try to advise her and I also wonder how a guy with a supposed huge cock be a boring lover!? James has mentioned the fact that Dean's cock is much bigger than his and although it's been as part of a story or innocently mentioned it's got me curious. As we sit at the table I notice that Dean shifts uncomfortably in his chair. I have put my fantasy and dirty thoughts aside and I try to initiate some conversation as Dean munches away. I tell him about the recent concerts I've seen with James and the trip we'd taken to Hawaii a few weeks back. Dean offers me a beer and we raise our cans in a toast. I notice his eyes focused on my rather large breasts. My girls..they're big and I'm used to them being stared at. He looks up and blushes slightly. I smile and wonder if it would be mean to tease him but he's so shy I shrug it off and resist the urge to comment. I ask about Tara and if she's enjoying her new home. He sighs heavily and tells me she's been depressed and really lazy lately and he's hoping I would call her and get her out of the house more. I promise to call more and suggest we head outside to enjoy the summer day. Dean hesitates and waits for me to lead the way. As I turn to open the patio door I notice the bulge in his pants! It's impossible to hide and he is obviously embarrased and sits back down. I try to reassure him and joke that I've seen it before. The thought of such a big cock and my curiosity over how big it really is prompt me to blurt out, "you must be really uncomfortable. He blushes more and I try to ease the moment by asking if I should leave and he begins to relax and asks me to sit back down with him. He tells me he's been stressed and he and Tara haven't been 'connecting' in the bedroom lately. He's relieved when I explain that James and I are busy lately and haven't had much sex either. He looks surprised. "You?" The two of you seem like...well.." He stops and pauses.."you seem like a sexy couple" he trails off eager to change the subject. "Yes, we do like sex. I love James and he's a great lover..except", should I go further I ask myself. "Except what?" Deans asks eagerly. "Well, James doesn't like to give me oral sex" I explain sadly. Dean looks shocked as he shakes his head and then laughs. "What? You find it funny?" I joke as I pretend to pout. "Well, Tara and I have the opposite problem. She hates it and I love it." Now I think he's just trying to be funny and joke with me. "Yeah right" I say. "No, REALLY. " Now I'm just as stunned and unusually quiet. Dean is shy and we should probably change the subject I think to myself. Suddenly Mr. Shy Guy blurts out "I'm sure you have a great one!" I look up and what can I say but "well, yeah I do!" We both laugh and I tell him I chose the wrong brother. He stops laughing and I wonder if I've offended him. "I was only kidding" I say. "Oh, it's okay I just..." he starts again, "I've never told you this, but I do have thoughts about you. I would never act on them and Tara and I are happily married. are so sexy! There, I said it" he proclaims bravely. I'm blushing now and I look at his sexy stubble and think of the car. The one in the garage, the one in my fantasy. "I've had a fantasy or two about you too." He looks pleased before asking "Really?" I tell him I love his brother and I know he loves his wife and we would never do anything, so it's okay. We both agree and enjoy the last of our beer before I start to get up and leave. "What is your fantasy?" he asks. I am already in the hall so I can't see him and I can't decide if I should answer. Thoughts of his monster cock flash before me and suddenly I feel hands on my ass and Dean is ready to go. He kneels down behind me and pushes up my skirt as he guides me to the couch nearby. I bend over the back of it and Dean is licking me everywhere. The pleasure is enough to drive the thoughts of mini-vans and 3-year olds away. We are both faithful and I've never cheated and I am sure Dean never has. Tara was his 1st and they married a few years ago. We are caught in a moment of pure lust and there's no stopping. He is amazing and I spread my legs further to give him access to me. I try to turn back to check out his cock. Gotta see it. Dean has his pants down and his hand wrapped tightly around the biggest dick I've seen. It's beautiful and his smooth skin and slender legs compliment it nicely. He catches my eye and the look of passion in his eyes makes me even wetter. This quiet guy who I've spent many Easter and Christmas dinners with was giving me the best head of my life! He buried his head in my pussy as he vigorously pumped his cock. I settled back into my 'face-down, ass-up' position and enjoyed his tongue. Ooh and then his fingers started to wander. Before long he had one hand working my ass and my pussy and the other around his cock. I was ready to cum and he grabbed my ass hard and kept me right where he wanted me..on his face. He licked and slurped until I was as clean as when he started. I turned to face him and he was awkwardly stroking his cock and I asked "did you cum?" He nervously got up and tried to pull his jeans up. "Whoa!" I said. "I haven't even told you my fantasy yet." I got down and took his huge cock in my hands. I guided it to my mouth and tried to get as much of it as I could in but I could only manage about half. He put his head back and groaned. His cock was enormous. Always the skinny guys I thought. He came suddenly and I hate swallowing so I tried to let him enjoy the moment before I headed to the bathroom. He stopped me and said he liked it and one girl he'd been with had put it into his mouth from hers after she'd given him a blowjob. Hmmm.  James likes the taste of it too. Neither of them have ever done anything with other guys, that I know of. I continue to be surprised by the kinky side of Dean and I oblige him. He eagerly swallows his semen and I can tell he really does like it. I find it repulsive so this suits me fine. Runs in the family I think to myself. Better not tell Dean about his brother's fondness for the cream. I look at the clock and we both clean up and say goodbye before we have to explain anything to Tara. I head home to greet James and later on I'll have my fantasy with a little reality thrown in. I might have to ask Dean to check my engine sometime soon. Maybe he'll let me drive his car!Â

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