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Dirty talk

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I had just recently moved out of my parents house, and even though I had a job working at a local grocery store, I was constantly short of money. I had an awful spending habit, and my roomemate, William, was starting to get on my ass about it. William, or "Bill", as he tells me to call him, is a 53 year old nagging prick, at least thats what I thought the minute I moved in with him. He was always bringing home some rich, skanky, middle-aged woman, some of whom screamed like banshees when he was making them cum at ungodly hours of the morning while I was still awake studying. He "dates" were always shameless women, and not all of them were single.

"You were short last month, too, Keri!" he said as I tried to explain myself come bill payments.

"I know, I\'ll pay you back, I promise, Bill" I gave him an innocent but sexy look. I knew his weaknesses, and I wanted to play up to it. Bill had caught me several times on my computer watching porn instead of doing homework, so our sexualities were fairly open to each other, although we\'d never discussed sex. Besides, I was all-too-aware of his midnight romps with his little whores, so things evened out.

"I\'ll have it for you by the end of next month," I said. Bill sighed and left the room.

The next day, he came to me with a very interesting proposition.

"Have you ever had phone sex, Keri?" This was the first time he had brought up any type of sex since I\'d known him. But I wasn\'t phased.

"Yeah, a few times. It took some getting used to, you know, with the other person not really there and all."

"But talking dirty. Did you like that?" I got the feeling he was coming on to me, but I decided to play along anyway. Hey, older men are more experienced, right? I admit, I was curious as to what exactly he was doing to those women he fucked.

"Yeah. Yeah, I like talking dirty."

"How about this, Keri: if you give me some lessons on \'dirty talk\', I will take care of the rent you owe me."

I didn\'t hesitate. "Alright, sounds like a deal. When do we start?"

"Have you got time right now?"

"Sure thing."

I got up and followed him to his bedroom. Psyched to flirt a bit, and be doing it for rent money. The age difference was a bit strange, but I got over it quickly.

"How do you pick the women you fuck, Bill?" I asked as I laid across his bed.

He sat down next to me. "Hmm, well I usually like pretty young girls, but they\'re hard to catch at my age. I pick the ones who look younger and seem like they\'d be a good fuck."

I put on my sexiest voice and most seductive expression and asked, "How do you like to fuck?"

"I like when a girl wants to suck on my hard cock, and when she begs for me to stick it in her little wet cunt, I love it when she wants my hot cum." said Bill. I smirked. He needed no lessons from me, he just wanted to have a little fun. I was certainly up for this game.

"Mmmm I LOVE cum. I love to swallow it, I love it on my face, in my pussy, or anywhere on my body. I get so horny when I think about that white, warm jizz all over me, on me or inside of me." Bill\'s cock came to life.

"Are you horny now, baby?"

"Oooh I\'m so horny. All I want is a nice thick cock up my little wet pussy. I want to suck your dick and then let you pump my cunt full of your hot cum! Do you want to fill my tight pussy, Bill? You wanna pound that hard cock into my little cunt?" By now I had my hand over the bulge in his crotch, knowing things were going to go farther than I had planned.

"I\'m gonna fuck you so hard, Keri," he whispered in my ear with a rough voice,"Suck my dick," he said when I unbuttoned his pants. I took all of him into my mouth at once, swallowing the head, tasting his precum. "Look at me, Keri. Yeah, you look so hot when I fuck your face. Take it!" I moaned in pleasure. I really do love sucking cock.

He withdrew from my mouth and started rubbing his dick on my face. I was on all fours and he was looking down at me saying."Your pretty face looks so dirty with my cock rubbing up against it. You look like a slut. You dirty little cock-lovin slut! Who\'s my little slut?"

"I\'m your little slut, Bill. I love your thick cock mmm you taste so good!" I removed all of my clothing and finished undressing him.

"You want more cock, Keri? Does my little slut want some hot man-meat shoved up her cunt?"

"Ohh, yes Bill, please! Pound my little pussy! I want to feel your dick rammed into me! I want your cock, I want your cum, fuck me, fuck me Bill!"

He bent me over his bed and started rubbing my very wet pussy. He rubbed the spongy head of his cock around the folds of my sex. Finally, he jabbed his cock into me and I moaned as he fucked me, hard.

"You like that baby? You like it when I fuck your little teen cunt?"

"Oh yes, Bill, pound my little pussy, pump me full of your hot cum!"

He started pounding faster in and out of my pussy and rubbing my clit at the same time, and I screamed. My scream was what did it for him. He was cumming. Bill was gonna shoot his jizz in my pussy.

"Cum," I said," cuuuummmm!!!" And Bill pumped his hot load right into my little cunt.

Needless, to say, I never have to pay rent again ;)



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