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Girl Next Door

Jim Moore on Taboo Stories

My wife and I moved into a house in a rather small town. The people next door which was an older couple (mid 40's) had a daughter who was 14 and very beautiful. The girl started coming over and talking with my wife and soon the conversation turned to sex. She wanted to know if it hurt the first time and what it felt like to get her pussy ate. She said her girl friend told her that her boy friend ate her pussy and it felt great.

My wife shared these conversations with me and I think she could tell they got me a little worked up. One Saturday the girl (call her Sally) came over and she was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a t-shirt. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra even though her tits were just starting to fill out. I started teasing her and she came and started trying to wrestle with me. I managed to get a feel if her tits and once the t-shirt slipped up and exposed one of her young tits. It was beautiful. After she had gone my wife came and sat down beside me and felt of my cock which was about half hard from romping with the 14 year old.

"You'd like to suck on those little tits wouldn't you?" She ask.

I smilled and told her that of course what man wouldn't. She ask me if she could arrange it so I might get a feel and ever a suck of them would I be willing to? By this time my cock was at it's full length and hard as nails. We talked a little more about her and before I knew it my wife had my cock in her mouth sucking me off. I stripped her naked and we had a great fuck right there on the sofa.

The next Friday night when I came home from work my wife meet me with a smile and said "guess what?" I answered her with a "What"

"Sally is going to spend the night with us while her parents are out of town" My cock twiched in my pants. That evening when she came over we ate and watched some TV then my wife suggested we get ready for bed. She took Sally to her room and helped her change into a very short nighty that I could see through. I had stripped and was in bed waiting for my expecting to get a good fuck from her. Then to my supprise my wife and Sally walked into the bedroom. I could see the little brown nipples and a small patch of brown at her pussy. They come over and crawled up on the bed.

"Honey" My wife said, "Sally wants you to show her your cock, she has never seen a real one".

"Are you sure we want to do this"

"Sure I think its time she saw a real cock and you have a nice one to show her."

"I won't tell anyone Mr. M. if you let me see it"

Needless to say I was fully hard. I slowly lowered the sheet and my cock sprang up and bounced.

"WOW I didn't know they got that big and hard, can I touch it?"

"Sure" My wife said. She reached out and put her hand around it. "Pump it up and down" my wife said. She slowly pumped up and down and I thought I was going to cum right there.

"Well Sally now that he has shown you his don't you think you should show him what you have?" She pulled her night up and over her head and exposed the most beautiful body I think I have ever seen. Her tits were not large but nice with small nipples. She had a small patch of dark hair on her pussy. I ask her if I could touch her and she looked at my wife who nodded the ok and she pushed her tits out. I cupped them both and squezed them. The little girl sucked her breath in. With out asking I leaned over and started sucking them one at a time. She didn't resist but offer them to me. I put my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it slowly. To my supprise she opened up her legs to give me more access to her little pussy. By this time my wife was naked and had started fingering her clit. I put my finger in the little pussy and she was wet. I pushed her back so she was laying down and pulled her legs further apart and started kissing her pussy. She put her hands on my head but didn't try to pull me away. I started licking up and down her slit and flicking her clit at the top each time. She started to moan and push her ass up to my mouth. I put my tongue in her pussy and tongue fucked her she was moaning and pulling at the sheet on the bed. She started shaking and pulled my head into her pussy and I knew she was having her first orgasm. My cock was so hard it hurt and I needed some relief.

"Fuck her" my wife said.

"Yes fuck me, please."

I crawled up between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit coating it with pre cum. The with a little push the head found her tiny fuck hole and entered. I pushed until the head was completely in and she was hot and wet. I slowly started to push more of my cock into her tiny cunt and was supprised at how wet she really was.

"More, more please give me more Mr. M."

"Jim fuck her can't you see she wants it and is ready for it so get on with it and shove that cock in her".

I ask her if she had ever been fucked and she said no so I was looking for her hyman but to my supprise there was none, so I continued pushing my cock into her. I finally had myself burried up to my balls in her 14 year old pussy and it was great. I started fucking her slowly at first taking a full stroke each time. Sally was moaning and growning with each stroke. My wife let our a small screem and said "Oh shit i'm cumming". With that I started pumping Sally hard and fast. Her cunt was increatable I had never felt anything so wonderful on my cock. She had her legs wrapped around my ass and was pushing back each time I rammed the dick to her. She started to shake again and started with a low scream that got lowder each stroke.

"She is about to cum all over your big cock" My wife said. I put my mouth on her young lips and made a couple of more lunges and I felt my balls errupt and shoot her full of cum.

"Fuck her baby fuck her little pussy and pump it full of your man juice" which I did. We both came down from our high and I rolled off her. I half limp cock still seeping cum.

"Did you like it Sally" My wife ask.

"OH YES it was wonderful. I didn't know fucking was so wonderful. Can we do it again?" Laying there looking at that beautiful 14 year old body that I had just fucked and unloaded my balls in I assured her that we could do it again. My wife said don't forget about my. I told her I could never forget or thank her enough for making this night possable.

This is fiction but if you enjoyed it let me know.


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